Admiralty Law on Trial – Federal Reserve TDA Accounts – Heather Jarraf Trial

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Admiralty Law on Trial – Federal Reserve TDA Accounts – Heather Jarraf Trial









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  1. sergei vanderwiel says : Reply

    I put this on Titus Frost y.t. channel copy and paste pretty cool
    Thanks Loads….TDA accounts….What a gas….no comments yet? People must be totally blown away One of the reasons , alone, …..that they have unlimited funds to do ALL the things they would like to do, and, it`s attached to their #SS number…the funds wating for the body YOY to show up and claim your trust …and when the people make the connections to the phony arrest warrants, the MAFIA, their funds? ETC…………….WHEW……pretty heavy , folks
    time to meditate in your way brothers and sisters This is it peace and abundant for all ALL OF US YOU

  2. AJ Witken says : Reply

    Hey Neil, As a person who has been following Heather’s work since the OPPT UCC filings in 2012 and has read those filings and the subsequent foreclosure and collection filings…..I think Heather saw this arrest coming and went to D.C. intentionally to be arrested there as D.C. is the highest court in the land…..D.C. is it’s own jurisdiction and sets the largest precedent of any court in the country, so it was no mistake she got herself arrested in D.C. in order to get the UCC filings on record in that court system…..when she first left Tennessee so abruptly I wondered why, but it now makes total sense…..D.C. is the head of the snake in the U.S…..good job laying the groundwork for newbies unfamiliar with the deeper details……

  3. Jaime B says : Reply

    ….every gravestone is in all caps… oh man…i just noticed the other day…

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      when you have eyes to see and ears to hear- you will notice Everything that was hidden in plain sight ;- )

    • Tess says : Reply

      Let us remember, in the world of work, people take short cuts – it is easier to arrange all caps than to mess with twice as many letters. Also, the admiralty courts think your dead at the time your “birth” is recorded, so it is a bit of a moot point.

      • Tess says : Reply

        I mean “you’re dead”.. I don’t like to leave grammatical errors unnoticed if I can help it. Of course, the language isn’t necessarily in our best interest in the first place now is it? Lol.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      Let me add to the headstone thing. That CORPORATE entity you thought was you your whole life is simply a dead thing. My family has some extra grave sites. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a headstone made with my CORPORATE name on it and birth/death date the same.

      Get this – I read someone else did something similar and they were charged with murder!


      I’ll tell you this, the past week I have zero tolerance for playing the DEAD thing game. When bill collectors call, I’ve been asking them if they are looking for the Corporate Entity or the Living Soul. Poor hourly workers have no clue, but I’m getting the concept into the ethers.

  4. Jermaine W. says : Reply


  5. Tess says : Reply

    I read something earlier today about a dude who attempted to pull out of BEing the ss entity and couldn’t get a passport. Much the same sort of possible repercussions of attempting to disentangle from the “system”. I reasoned early on that when it comes the the courts, interestingly, as pointed out here, more so the lower courts specifically, that you enter in at considerable risk. It is set up so that all lawyers or attorneys are with the BAR designation – that’s designation with the word “design” in it – to ALL benefit in some way from the proceedings – as in “proceeds” – Lol. I almost choked to hear that Heather was requesting UCC-trained attorneys and as I would have predicted, they wouldn’t want to touch this with a 10-foot pole – easy to believe. It surprised me somewhat that she would think that would help at all, but I’m thinking that since she was a rebel that she could find like-wise rebellious attorneys/lawyers to help her that were – which is really a stretch – UCC attorneys to boot. The whole thing made me go “hmmm” in the first place, but I guess in that situation, a tough one at best, she saw it as a worthwhile exercise since this is such a noble cause.

    • Clay says : Reply

      The whole point of a “1st” trial is to set things up to “win” on appeal. It is always wise to request ‘stand-by’ counsel, if denied it is grounds for appeal. Also, most layers are only trained in ‘procedure’ and not the law (they have para-legals for that), so having the help of a bar fly to tell you how to do something you want to do and not what to do is a good thing….

  6. Tony says : Reply

    Just want to add that somehow Tenn must be the anchor of corruption for the States, i say this cuz not even the State government can get in to see if there is gold in Fort Knox, I know its a fed installation, but no one has been in there to check if there is gold in many , many years, so somehow Tenn, bows to the Fed power, But who would have thought that their own secret code, UCC used to screw us little folks over, is the sling shot that will take Goliath down. PPl Pray that this is our moment in time we have all waited for and some never knew they were slaves, Good morning sunshine, awake yet !

    • Mark S says : Reply

      TN may be a center of corruption as Nashville is crawling with pedophilia but Fort Know is in Kentucky. Also Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin ( Israeli-Jew) visited Ft Knox around the time of the solar eclipse and supposedly had pics that showed gold bullion there. My understanding was that back during the JFK years, he had all the gold shipped to the Vatican banks.

      United States Bullion Depository – Wikipedia
      The United States Bullion Depository, often known as Fort Knox, is a fortified vault building located within the United States Army post of Fort Knox, Kentucky.
      Clintons and Federal Reserve stole Fort Knox gold | PRESS Core › Corruption
      The standard gold bar for bank-to-bank trade, known as a “London good … Today Fort Knox still holds these Clinton Fake Gold Bars and even today they are
      “HISTORY BEING MADE RIGHT NOW” – the original jurisdiction ……/history-being-made-right-now-the-original-juri…
      May 29, 2016 – These funds of sovereign countries were mainly backed by gold … World Trade Organization, Bank of International Settlements, North … US gold reserves to where none existed in Fort Knox and eventually created the Petro Dollar. …. Cabal monies were commonly laundered through the Vatican Bank. 10.
      + President Kennedy Resists His Masters, the Jesuits
      May 14, 2014 – Lastly, President Kennedy began to end the Vatican’s hoax known as “the … the international drug trade would explode, American patriotism and liberty …. Beter, was used to rob Fort Knox of Fourteenth Amendment America’s gold, … “Kennedy did fail in his attempt to gain full control of the CIA and its major …

  7. SAM says : Reply


  8. Chrstine says : Reply

    What you are describing re admiralty law is alive and well in federal courts Australia. Been on the receiving end in the fredral family law court. The Family Law Court is a joke.
    We are also with you guys on this as the outcome will effect us also. Thank you Heather and friends. We are in meditation with you.

  9. Avau says : Reply

    Hi,Melissa, BZ, Terran, Neil and all, Check out Gordon Leroy Hall’s court-appearance transcripts, may help Heather. Similar case. His arrest was in April 28, 2014, not sure of the actual court case date. Suggesting, we need to find a like minded attorney for Heather and Randy. Someone(s) that is knowledgeable about the strawman ordeal and the federal court system. We are fighting with blind bat humanoids(not awakened yet) in the same slavery obsolete system we are trying to break and shut down. Be aware this is the old system 3-D matrix, majority of these humanoids are programmed to the old system including lawyers and attorneys. The best solution is to find one or two attorneys that are us and know the federal system, to beat them to their own game. These people we’re facing are puppets to the same monsters we already knew about, and they are monitoring everything we are doing. Suggesting some privacy documents and searches best not to reveal, discuss or disclose to the public until this is over. Let’s put on our thinking caps and come up with solution and ask our Guides to direct us to the right person or persons assist Heather.
    If there is any truth to the old proverb “one who is his/her own lawyer has a fool for a client”, then, the Court by its opinion today bestows a constitutional right on one to make a fool of himself/herself.” We want NOT to be fools nor is Heather. We are conscious beings, essence of the Creator, and we are not fools. We want to win and beat them to their game.We want NOT to have them appoint their attorney to represent Heather, that is dragging her in their favor. That probably the next step they will do, however, read this Summary of Hall’s case to get some idea: Feds stack the deck on Hall. Although Hall had the right idea in moving to litigate his own case; unfortunately, he couldn’t avoid the federal attorneys, nor their trap, nor the fact that the judge was one of them. The Judge’s decision was base on Faretta vs California case. Under the ruse of a Faretta Hearing, the Federal Court ruled that Hall “failed to demonstrate a knowing and intelligent waiver of his right to counsel” and compelled him to be represented by a court-appointed attorney. In other words, they INTENTIONALLY stacked the deck against him. During the next six months, Hall made several attempts to have his court-appointed counsel removed so that he could proceed on his own. But each effort was denied by the court. Burdened with the weight of his federally-appointed attorney, Hall proceeded into a jury trial and was found guilty. So, we must put on our thinking caps and focus on finding our own “kind” to represent Heather. No offense intended to Heather, but one or two like minded attorneys plus Heather in the same unison build momentum and strength to empower her, them and all of us about this. God in us God in all will provide a lamb(s) for the burning offering. Much love and light, sorry for the long post.

  10. Kennyboy says : Reply

    Heather is GENIUS! in the WAY she is attacking this fraudulent System! Bless You “Divine Be-Ing” of much needed “Feminine Energies”!!!

  11. Kennyboy says : Reply

    I wonder if anyone knows about the “Origins” of what court systems like to use with their so-called “Legalese” language…which actually was created via the Vatican/Rome a very long time ago.There is an expert on this material written extensively by Santos Banocci…His material can be found on YouTube, via search.
    Check this material out because it fully exposes the FRAUD in their court system.

  12. troy says : Reply

    Treasury direct put a hardlock on my account and for the reason of using a federal reserve routing number, they been sending me emails of twisted fraud and presumptions and threatened me twice now with charges, i wrote back demanding my original instruments back with my signatures, of which they probably sold,

  13. lisa says : Reply

    i was at her trial … it was fantastic.. by the end the judge was slurring and forgetting names.. just a mess :-p brilliantly done Heather… and all who helped, and bothered to learn and be interested.. all our energy brought this to a head with her and all who came before us … the path was laid out to unfold just this way… what radny did is absolutely outrageous, hahahaha who does that? hahaha what balls… omg.. it was brilliant.. he got his butt kicked yeah, but he will be fine… men get roughed up all the time, they are made for it.. hahaha heather did;t get beat up <3 randy though omg heather did not do what he did hahahaha but she played her part in concert with him and all is done beautifully so awesome… obviously i have watched neil’s update which is awesome!

  14. noel says : Reply

    Guy’s why are we fighting in their…..Admiralty Courts……this is….. LAW OF THE SEA JURISDICTION…..They do not recognize Human Beings in Admiralty Courts……only in the LAW OF THE LAND JURISDICTION. Judge Anna Von Reitz ……..on her site shows you how Americans can return to { THE LAW OF THE LAND } and remove yourselves from the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and go back to the….. Peoples Original Continental Government…… where they then have no power over you. YOU have to renounce your CITIZENSHIP FROM THE CORPORATE UNITED STATES. see,

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