Accessing you value call Part 5

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Accessing you value call Part 5

acessing your value part 5

















Bob Wright states that there is no current operating authority on this planet. There is no hierarchical structure other than each beings free will. There is only the ‘colour of law’ & that’s all that exists – All of it was an illusion. “Color of law” refers to an appearance of legal power to act that may operate in violation of law. For example, if a police officer acts with the “color of law” authority to arrest someone, the arrest, if it is made without probable cause, may actually be in violation of law. – Google definition


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  1. Cody says : Reply

    How do we go about writing checks? Do we order business or personal checks? Do we use the FRB routing numbers or the universal #’s? Which billing address do we use?


  2. Rokenyeran says : Reply

    Hi! My friends , brothers and sisters,
    These are trrying times. They are testing us. I feel that they are trying their only weapon they have and that is to put fear into us.
    My application started last July arounf the 17 or 18 Somethings were down wrong rejected. I paid for my two cars. One of the banks accepted the full amount. (PNC) Each day after that it showed zero balance. After one week, The account was no longer there. So I waited to see what will happen next three weeks past, still showing no signs of an account. Then last week first week of August, I received a letter stating that the debt was paid in full. At the same time I opened another letter stating that I’d over paid and in that letter was a check with the amount that over paid by me. Then there was a third letter stating that if the title was not included with in the envelope, then it is sent by digital means. At the back of that letter, it stated that the department of motor vehicles would issue the title. At the DMV my address had not yet been changed so the title was sent back to the DMV.
    On Tuesday I went to the DMV and forgot something needed to verify the new address.
    Today I collected my mails and in it there was a letter from PNC. In it is a bill for payment with the due date around the same time that the previous bills were paid. When I called them the auto personel stated that my next payment is due August 19 and that I had a balance of what it was before minus the 522.80 that was paid for the month of Jul.y
    With the Wells Fargo I could not pay off the full amount in one go so I paid in the maximum in the amount of $4999.99 then the following week or perhaps some time later I paid the second amount of $4999.99 That left me with a balance of $396.00 dollars and my next payment of 400.34 was due in November. However I went ahead and paid that balance and the very next day the full amount was returnd to the account. When called to find out why, I was told that I paid it off too quickly. I also noted that when the statement showed that the final balance was only 396.00 and that the payment due was 400.34, the routing number and the account coresponding to that routing was placed that should the bank automatically take payment out of my checking account, they would have used the FRB account.
    It seems that the business places are being given a narrative on what to do with so many bill payments.
    Another incident that I had was with two other accounts a credit card which sent me a letter on Monday stating that my ability to used the card has been suspended. I called to ask why and the the clerk placed me on hold to speek with her supervisor. When she got back to me she stated that the amount was not paid and that I must contact my bank about it. I asked her how could it have not been paid when their representative who took care of the transaction told me that day that it did not go through. She said she would have some one contact me the fololowing day. How ever her supervisor call me right after I hung up and had an atitude. And told
    me that it was a fraud. I told her I know it was not a fraud because the first time I paid it the same amount via the net it went through and there was a zero balance for almosts two week before your institute took the money and reversed the amount back to the account. I told her that either the company had that money or it is in ciber space at that time because they coould not have sent the money back which meant that they owe me. At that point she, the supervisor was getting rude and kept on demanding the same thingh over and over to which I stated that I had nothing more to say, and wished her a good night.
    What I think is hapenning, is that they are all synchronising based upon some direction on how to deal with a situation like this and the are giving the heaviest punishment they can deliver. Since it is not a crime because if it was the would have persecuted with a vengence.
    Like someone stated the other day. I will rest my trials for now, and waith for further annouuncements.
    Together we forged together we win
    Thank you
    Listeniung toi the brother really purged the fear, and I thank you sincerely.

  3. DARLINE BAZILE says : Reply

    I just listen to the audio and I think it has wonderful information and I appreciate every bit of time you guys put into this.

    My question is, how and where would you create a trust account to order checks. Or do I order checks with my FRB routing number and my ss# for account number

    I completed my factualize form today and I will be going to kinkos today to print and going to the bank to get it notarized.

  4. Rokenyeran says : Reply

    where do I get the fracturalize trust form?

    • Dan Carpenter says : Reply

      Rokenyeran, go back up to the top of this page. On the right under “Updates” click on the link for Documents for proof of ownership.

    • Allison says : Reply

      Look on the side bar under updates. Select documents for proof of ownership. It’s there.

  5. Kennyboy says : Reply

    Although what Heather Tucci and associates have been doing to help mankind be FREE from the “Bankoholics” and its working!…There WILL become a moment (The Event) when ALL the “Obsticlal Beings” will be removed from power, so that ALL transactions will become REAL and working MUCH easier, and WE are just moments away from that
    Just be patient for a LITTLE while longer…Its ALL cover in “Prepare for Change” latest article!
    Namaste Everyone!!!

  6. Morgan says : Reply

    Do I need to add my address under my name on the check or the banking institutions address under my name? Should I also add the banking institutions address under its name on the check?

    Also great video!

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