A potential landmark banking case in Perth next week. Actual TRIAL is happening

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A potential landmark banking case in Perth next week. Actual TRIAL is happening



A potential landmark banking case in Perth next week. Actual TRIAL is happening




Hi there truth and justice supporters.

If you are in Perth next week and feel the resonance to participate in a potential landmark case in “The People vs The Banks”, then here are the details I received from Chris and Anita.

They are a very special couple who have done some amazing work in spreading truth and holding the system to account.

Here is Chris message, unaltered:

Hi All,

Firstly, my apologies for the recent lack of communication; things have been overwhelming since we were granted funding through the Commonwealth Attorney General’s office in order to run our case as a ‘public interest test case’. Since retaining lawyers, instead of the workload diminishing, it dramatically increased and has caused all sorts of trouble in getting our lawyers to see the problems we had identified and the application of the law in that respect. Slowly, I think we are getting there though. Still a few issues to sort out with them however.

But, what I wanted to say is, after 6 long years the case is finally heading to trial.

TRIAL DATES: The trial dates have been set down between the 4th and 8th of December 2017.

VENUE: The venue is the Supreme Court of Western Australia. While we have not yet been advised of the actual courtroom as yet, it is a simple matter of checking the notice boards in the foyer of the Court. Also, there should be enough people there on the day to ensure that everyone knows where to go and nobody gets left behind. Please note that the Supreme Court has a new building on Barrack St, Perth and it is possible that the trial may be heard there rather than in the old Supreme Court House. I’ll try and let you all know as soon as we have a better idea.

The defendants by counter-claim include: Permanent Custodians, GEL Custodians, AMS, AFIG, and, Pepper.

We would be highly appreciative if as many people as can possible could attend to witness what still should be a landmark consumer protection case.

The Court is being asked to determine the operation of a wide range of consumer protection legislation, particularly in respect to the National Credit Code and the ASIC Act.

For those interested in seeing an improvement in the operation of consumer protection law around the subject of mortgage lending, this hearing should be of great interest and your attendance will be much appreciated. As you already know, a full public gallery can make a considerable difference to the manner in which the Court conducts itself and the outcome of this case should prove highly beneficial to other people in similar situations with their lender / mortgagees.

Time for a change!

Thanks for all your support over the last 6 years and we look forward to seeing you all during the 4 day trial. Of course, we would appreciate it if you would forward this on to your own email lists and post this information on your Facebook pages and other social media. The more people attending on those days, the better!

CONTACT: Finally, if you want to contact me for any reason, please DO NOT reply to this email but rather send an email to chris.shannon.australia@gmail.com – as I do not receive email at this address any longer due to uncontrollable SPAM problems.

Our very best to you all,

Chris and Anita Shannon

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