A Helpful Recap Video

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A Helpful Recap Video

by Denise Le Fay, published on High Heart Life, on August 30, 2017




I’ve said many times over the decade-plus I’ve been writing/teaching/sharing Ascension information—”Light”—online that one of the hardest things for me has been writing about Ascension related things, energies, changes, symptoms, awareness’ and experiences that NOT everyone reading my articles has experienced. Not yet that is. One size does NOT fit all because everyone has not been and still are not existing within the same frequency range as everyone else, which literally means that everyone is not existing on and perceiving and experiencing the same Ascending Earth world and experiences. The whys of this are directly related to how much personal Inner Work each of us has done so far, how much more of it we’ll do throughout today, tomorrow, the next day, next month and so on.

I can’t remember the decade I first read this, 1970s or 80s, but it was information through Jane Roberts channeling Seth. Seth talked about primary and secondary realities and Lisa Transcendence Brown talks about this in this video too. Seth explained that if you are personally, directly and physically experiencing something, then it is a “primary” reality for you. Seth went on to explain that when we watch some physical event taking place in another part of the country or world on the TV News and/or read about it etc., then that is a “secondary” reality for you. In other words, “secondary” realities are NOT your personal, direct “primary” reality because you are NOT experiencing it directly. Certain other people are meaning it’s a “primary” reality for them.

Add to this the Ascension Process having created multiple ascending Earth worlds, each of a different frequency for all the people that are currently a frequency match to it and still need it for the time-being, and just this specific information is now so much more complex than most can hold in their consciousness for very long.

In this 26 minute-long August 29, 2017 video, Lisa T. also talks about disrespect and other lower consciousness actions done by certain people and how those of us existing at higher frequencies in different ascending Earth worlds simply won’t allow that type of stuff in our hard earned higher states and places of being and reality. We’re no longer willing to enable other people and their lower consciousness and frequencies actions that aren’t a match to where we currently are. I and my readers went through this (again) here at HHL recently and it was, as always, an opportunity to grow more, know more, see/See more, understand more and evolve more for us. Hopefully so too for the person/people who instigate these situations.

There’s more but I’ll refrain here. More from me once we’ve shifted into September. I still have cartoon like stars circling over my head from all that July and August 2017 brought, but I’ll get back in the ascension writing saddle again soon stars or no stars!

Thank You Lisa Transcendence Brown for this helpful and timely video.    http://www.awakeningtoremembering.com/daily-writings


August 30, 2017




2 Responses to “A Helpful Recap Video”

  1. Oceanno says : Reply

    Great Vid! These would explain whey so many do not see me!

  2. linda donahue says : Reply

    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you! I have seen these flashes of Light as of late, and I just observed them …….
    this is awesome! I just wish I wasn’t being attacked so much. I guess for that to happen I just have to not speak up
    for / about what is going on. Just let people be. Not try to unravel the games played for them. It just doesn’t make
    any difference I guess. Either people are available to it, or not, right now. Maybe it is time just for my own entrance into the New Earth …. maybe it is time for only my own Light focus now to shine? My work is what is important, and you are right it is a JOB …. but dude, or dudette, I have military guys camped out nearby, and messing with stuff and us. Yet, I just keep going ….. I will never give up, I will never give in …..
    Anyway, my dear Lisa, really loved listening right now, I don’t feel quite so alone.
    Thank you so much!
    Love Linda

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