A Gift to You on RKB’s Happy Birthday Call 9.29.17

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A Gift to You on RKB’s Happy Birthday Call 9.29.17




I had some phone conversations with Randy this morning. I recorded one of them, and Randy gave us all an expansive gift as the call unfolded.



8 Responses to “A Gift to You on RKB’s Happy Birthday Call 9.29.17”

  1. Jay J says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Randy! You are in my prayers, buddy!

  2. rhoda says : Reply

    Happy Birthday Randy! Amazing! This week I have been pondering/imagining Abundance and no death – Immortality. Not surprised that me and Randy and others are pondering/imagining the same wonderful new creation. Thank you BZ great work as always.

  3. susan says : Reply

    What a wonder Randy, salute Namaste to all love to all

  4. Carol says : Reply

    Hi Randy, I was thinking of you on your birthday and hoping that you received your cards that we sent. You are such an inspiration and I love you!

  5. myaraine says : Reply

    happy birthday and lots of love Randal, from Australia,xoxoxo

  6. Tallison says : Reply

    This is wonderful to hear Randy sound so full of Love and clarity. He just gave me more incentive for another post card going his way! Gratitude Dear BZ for sharing. A gem you are!

  7. Jennifer says : Reply

    Dearest Randy,

    I AM IN LOVE AND IN JOY with your brilliant LIGHT! You gave ALL of us the most amazing gift and I/We will be playing with you in I Magi Nation!

  8. Wow, on your birthday Randall we get the gift. Thank you for being here. You are the best gift of all.


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