A Conversation with A Being Struggling with being a Creator Being- In Short Segments

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A Conversation with A Being Struggling with being a Creator Being- In Short Segments

published by Sheila Corona on Conscious Conversation Central, Youtube channel

This series is one conversation recorded on December 29, 2017, divided into 8 segments. Each segment’s title gives you the focus and the experience of different tools in that segment.

Come play in the conversation!






A Being’s Struggle With Being a Creator pt 1 of 8



Skill Sharpening – Allowing The Heart To Lead Pt 2 of 8




  Choose Your Vibrational Frequency Neighborhood Pt 3 pf 8



Surfing The Anger Wave As a Tool Pt 4 of 8




How Much Struggle Is Acceptable? Pt 5 of 8




Acknowledging The Ah Ha’s Pt 6 of 8


Singularity & One Simultaneously Pt 7 of 8




Translating From Quantum To Linear & Vice Versa Pt 8 of 8


4 Responses to “A Conversation with A Being Struggling with being a Creator Being- In Short Segments”

  1. Jeanie says : Reply

    Thank you! I listened to all 8 clips. The thing that was most helpful to me was the illumination of the conversing–linear or quantum. Frequently I seem to struggle when I’m looking for the best way to say something. The thought of communicating in quantum makes sense to me!

    Thanks again!

    LOVE and LIGHT!

  2. Tallison says : Reply

    Sheila, BZ and Trip. I just completed watching all 8 of the video’s Very interesting journey from my perspective. I love to read the energy flow in real time. It was fun to watch it….not barely moving to starting to flow to really gushing! I appreciate Mom and Son working through the seemingly big blocks to actually coming to peace with our self’s.
    BZ you are an inspiration to all! You have an amazing ability to read energy and intuitively know where the blockages are and what to do to assist movement. Big Hug!
    Trip I think it was in 5 or 6 but your energy really shifted and your wonderful smile revealed your wonderful big heart!
    Great fun and Play! Thanks for sharing your process!

  3. Oti says : Reply

    from the first part of VIDEO PART 2, Trip says he believes the ‘Ancients’ knew how to wield both parts of the brain (presumably effectively), and the thought came to me (partly from teachings I’ve encountered), that perhaps the Ancients did not have their brain “split” to begin with. Perhaps those who mucked around with the genetics of developing bodies for Creator Beings here on this planet intentionally manipulated those genetics in order to subjugate and CONTROL the Creator Beings who would inhabit those genetically modified bodies, which included a “split” brain with the intention that it would be very difficult for the Beings expressing through those bodies to access their full potential and remember who they really are, and not be controlled or controllable. Dominating and controlling Unlimited Creator Beings appears to be the ultimate prize in the addiction to power and control game…GAME OVER! Here’s to true freedom and liberty…

  4. I completely enjoyed and got so much upliftment and inpiration and encouragement from these 8 conversations…8 is the number for infinity… How perfect… Thankyou you 3 Infinite Beings!

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