A Chat with Our Cosmic Cousins in the “Oneness Space” 7.11.13

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friends in high places


Oneness Space Session 11 July 2013


The first in a series of chats with the Pleiadians that Julien is close with, they invite a couple people together to answer questions and basically open up lines of communication as our two worlds come closer together. Julien’s role with them becomes more clear and we find that he is willing to share their culture with us and help iron out misconceptions they have of ours. This and more calls to come where initiated by the Pleiadians saying that they wished to expand the lines of communication and begin to develop mutual agreements and understandings as the day of their arrival draws nearer. Enjoy!

Part one of the conversation .

Part two of the conversation  .


20 Responses to “A Chat with Our Cosmic Cousins in the “Oneness Space” 7.11.13”

  1. Aidan says : Reply

    That was amazing. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to hear more. I was lying down with a smile from ear to ear…body tingling all the way through. Wow!

  2. Oliver says : Reply

    Hi guy,
    Wonderfull call….



  3. Diane says : Reply

    Hi, I can’t listen to any of these recordings. Is there a software program I need to install to listen? THANK YOU!

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Diane, you don’t need any special software. You can either click the blue player button and listen right from this page or click the grey download button to the right and download the audio file to your device. Cheers

  4. Eternal Hearts says : Reply

    JULIEN – I would love to offer the higher energies of my border collies – SKY and MADDIE – as etheric camera subjects. Please let me know if you need other information – Love, Holly

  5. We would like to nominate our feline companion Merlina as an animal for an etheric camera. Much love, Tomas and Alia

  6. Charlotte Fromme says : Reply

    Hello Julien I would like to offer my horse Achilles as an etheric camera subject. I know from animal communicators he loves to chat. He is large but very very playful. I’m quite certain all will have a good time.

  7. aDaM says : Reply

    What do we do with time?

  8. Julien,
    i just want to thank you for volunteering to step forward in the liaison roll for our star family…

    My Pets are Carmel, a dog, Ripley, a dog, Pan, a cat and Bela, a cat!
    Much Love and Gratitude, Azera

  9. Lars-Goran Fredriksson says : Reply

    I can’t listen to ANY of the files…I’ve tried both ways described… I used VLC-mediaPlayer as well as Windows Media Player…I’ve also the same problem with the “Round Table Discussions”!….The file start to play but I can ONLY hear ONE Person saying some words occasionally… It’s like hearing a Discussion and you are left out from what OTHERS are saying….Does anyone else have the same problem?

  10. Caroline says : Reply

    Words can not express how grateful I am for this communication that you are providing. I had a very strong, heart felt
    connection with all that you said as tears welled up in my eyes.

    With an open heart, thank you Julien.

  11. JOHN says : Reply

    I have a male dog that passed on that was my best friend ever. His name is BUBBA, and will answer to HUBBA BUBBA RUBBA DUBBA.
    thanks pal

  12. willothewisp says : Reply

    You know…..there have always been some people with loving hearts who have given their lives to support “unclean” brothers and sister who have such illnesses as Leprosy. I wonder if there are any Pleiadians who have enough compassion to sully themselves with the company of we filthy beings? Really…if this vision of ET’s is all we are offered I would prefer to keep hanging out with cats and dogs who know the meaning of unconditional love.♥

  13. cris says : Reply

    Cortesemente si può avere scritto ? grazie mille :::::)))))

  14. My cat is called Kitty 🙂

  15. Raquel says : Reply

    Hi Julien

    Please set up the food exchange! please please!! This is all so exciting!

  16. Kathrine says : Reply

    Hi Julien, thank you so much for this call. Can you tell them that my cat Pepsi is up for this? 🙂
    Thanks. 🙂

  17. Diane says : Reply

    Already see my maltese in a bubble. Her name is Sunshine.

  18. Lars-Goran Fredriksson says : Reply

    22 of July 2013
    TODAY, I was able to listen to the show….WOW!
    I don’t Know HOW this happened today…BUT…
    The Information was needed RIGHT NOW…at precisely the right time!
    In other words… It would NOT had the same impact at any time earlier… WOOOOHOOOO!
    LIFE starts to be EXCITING Again!
    Much Love to ALL… 🙂


  19. Andrea says : Reply

    I just found you TODAY ! I am thrilled and excited to know you are there and guiding all of us light seekers . I hope I can access all of the conversations you have had to catch up with all the info and concepts you have gifted us with . Even tho I am not on the live recording I am going to share many meals with the 13 and thoroughly enjoy their company with every thought . My pup’s name is Quinn . I am honored to share this with you Julien. I have heard that the Pleiadians are wonderous healers and am offering my love whether or not a healing for Quinn’s right eye occurs but I do believe it is possible so it is a surrender . I did get two stuffies to open communication portals . I am over joyed to be in such loving company . I adore my galactic brothers, sisters and cousins . Thank you w full heart <3.

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