2017-09-03 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes QA

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2017-09-03 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes QA

2017-09-03 Connecting Consciousness - Simon Parkes QA









5 Responses to “2017-09-03 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes QA”

  1. Oceanno says : Reply

    I feel that the nature balance is coming into view, when the negative is fighting the balance, but that iwell not produce fruit.

  2. Chianka says : Reply

    Very informative..I look forward to the next one. Thank you.

  3. Belinda Frank says : Reply

    I don’t know this man very well but when he said shape shifters are Reptilians it made me wonder who he is because Shamans, medicine men and women, can do this. Are you saying they are all Reptilians? I’m asking because I can shape shift in my Shamanic journeys and am sure I am not Reptilian. Thanks

  4. Good report Here.I hold a 10T zim Bond.How many are all so part of the,,Global Currency Reset!

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  5. 1of 2 phone calls with political prisoner randall keith beane on 9/9/17


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