12 12 Portal~ Conference Call The Grace Period Has Closed.. Now in Knowing ~Trust ~ Compassion Flow

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12 12 Portal~ Conference Call The Grace Period Has Closed.. Now in Knowing ~Trust ~ Compassion Flow



 BZ: An  email note from Nicholas~

Dear BZ and ALL (on the call)

I just wanted to send you and the fantastic folks on the call an enormous Thank You, along with a side of LOVE and a HUGE COSMIC hug ;).

You are all so inspiring, and I want you ALL to know that this Light in NYC feels you, and is ready and willing to create the new and play in these wonderful energies.

Full transparency-I dialed in on the call (I’ve envisioned all I wanted to SHARE and speak with all of you about a million times, and just have so much LOVE for all you are and DO)….and froze when I actually had the chance to share, learn and Love, lol. Work in progress but then again time is non-linear

I will say this: The energy that I felt as I joined, even for that brief amount of time, was truly special. You are ALL such beautiful individuals, and I AM just so grateful to be creating in these times with you.

Just a lil bit about ‘me’:

“Hi everyone. I’m Nick, though these days it seems like Nicholas is a much better fit 😉 I work in the field of Special Education, with so many amazing kids and families from all backgrounds in this amazing City. I’ve also been Blessed to work with Veterans, as a Vocational Rehab Counselor, and as a Coach/Mentor for new teachers. Service to others has always resonated with me since a young age, from the lessons passed down from my parents, and it’s clear that this is where we are NOW.

I’m a huge fan of any and all things Music, which is what helps keep the Vibe up and flow through the day. Also Loving how these energies can lift the spirits of all, anytime. Though working in many places around the Borough of Queens, the Heart of the City, I LOVE nature, which can be found everywhere, and is such a source of limitless energy. As AM I….and YOU. It’s hard to explain in words, but I can feel and send energies in a certain way, with LOVE as my battery. And today I send it to YOU”.

Happy Friday, and let’s LOVE our way to a new paradigm NOW .


-Nicholas, aka VICTORY OF THE PEOPLE (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart)



12 – 12 Portal: Quantum Playground Conference Call- 4 PM Pacific time Tuesday 12.12.17

The 12 12 portal is an expansive Up Jump influx of energies, flowing, surrounding, engulfing ALL.

The grace period of ignoring/denying/sleeping/rebuffing the full encoding of light and love streaming through everyone and everything has come to a close.

We are now in the moment of ~ Knowing ~ Trust ~ Compassion

Come PLAY, in these amazing energies, with other Beautiful Creator Beings!

RKB – can now receive small postcards white or colored and with pictures, No large postcards 8×11 ant more.

He can now receive letters!!!

If you feel moved, send him a mountain of love energy and a mountain of mail.

to: Rodger D Wilson Detention Facility Randall Keith Beane ID# 1363357 5001 Maloneyville Rd Knoxville, TN 37918






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