1.7 .17 Co-creating a Variety of Ways Each is Investing in The New Earth

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1.7 .17 Co-creating a Variety of Ways  Each is Investing in The New Earth





Join us for this Quantum Playground Conversation where people are sharing how they are holding their Attention and Intention on bringing the Old to a close, bringing it ALL down and simultaneously creating the new.

To see more details on the focus of the call and to join us for the upcoming call on the 11:11 gateway visit the blog post –

Are You Investing IN The New Earth?

YOUR Physical Reality is a Response to YOU! The frequencies you hold, your energy field and vibration creates your realities.

Are YOU Ready! Are YOU Awake! Are YOU Choosing to INvest in New Earth!

Much Love, BZ


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  1. Doreen says : Reply

    The more cells in a battery the more power. The more humans united around a common intention with focused attention simultaneously, the more energy to generate desired outcome.

    Were you aware of this? https://www.timeout.com/israel/blog/the-largest-experiment-for-peace-in-the-middle-east-takes-place-this-thursday-110717

    Are you aware of this? https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2017/11/07/11-11-planetary-meditation-elevate-the-collective-consciousness-and-you/

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