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I UV | Waking Up From The Matrix with Dr. Bruce Lipton

Waking Up From The Matrix with Dr. Bruce Lipton

by / Monday, 04 September 2017 / Published in Abilities

Waking Up From The Matrix with Dr. Bruce Lipton


Waking Up From The Matrix with Dr. Bruce Lipton









11 Responses to “Waking Up From The Matrix with Dr. Bruce Lipton”

  1. Oceanno says : Reply

    Love this Vid! Some times I get mad, then I think change it!

  2. David Brown says : Reply

    I am watching a good documentary on PBS (believe it or not). It is called ‘Plutocracy: Political Repression in the USA”. It gives the historical account since the founding of this country (USA) of how the powerful and corrupt corporate interests and banking elites have exploited this country and its citizens. Interesting that I am suddenly aware of and watching this for the first time right at this moment.

    • Cindy says : Reply

      Please become acquainted with Common Law judge Anna Von Reitz. Her writings will help to awaken you into a reality beyond the illusion we have been fed as “truth”. It is time for everyone to awaken…and this amazing woman seems to be leading the way from Alaska.
      Best wishes David Brown-amazing awareness awaits you, which includes a way to step outside of the matrix.
      Cindy Lathrop

      • jonathan says : Reply

        Anna knows a lot of history. She is “on board” with the Vaticans planned “debt forgiveness”. She speaks of the vast funds “the secret accounts” and the tonnes of gold to back them up as fictional.

        Anna ignores the 2013 UCC filings by the OPPT (which foreclosed on all the CORPORATE governments of the world, as well as the Vatican, the Crown corp “royals” etc. Foreclosed because the claims of fraudulent money schemes, slavery systems etc. that the corpo rats perpetrated have NEVER been rebutted, so all corporate assests/funds are to be given to all on earth equally) and suggests ppl not subscribe to such “nonsense”.

        The OPPT filings are not “nonsense”. The UCC is the “bible” of commerce, and IF Anna is able to rebut the claims made, then she is the FIRST one to do so in 4 years!

        Anna reports on how sleazy the Vatican corp and USA inc. has been, but neglects the reality that their dark ways have been seen, reported and arrests will occur.

        • sue says : Reply

          Anna knows about the UCC filings and never said they were not legitimate. She’s been focusing on the reclamation of the identities and assets of over 7 billion people on this planet while educating the people of the USA as to what’s been going on while we were sleeping, and how the USA “government” has been instrumental in the fraud. I’d like to see any article she’s posted where she claims that those filings are “nonsense” — in fact, she says the work was impressive and done well. She is not on board with “debt forgiveness” — rather, she’s been working on asserting the claim of the people of the world’s assets as living people who never abandoned their claims in the first place. Please show me where she has stated otherwise because that is not in any of the public information she’s put out.

  3. Oceanno says : Reply

    David I will ck it out thanks.

  4. Carol says : Reply

    I love this video. Am sharing on Facebook.

  5. Oh what a GREAT MESSAGE in this video, and so succinctly put…

    I love Bruce Lipton’s work and the way he presents it
    Thanks for postinh Bz xxxx

  6. Belinda Frank says : Reply

    This is a positive and reassuring message. I get tired of reading all that is wrong with our past. I get tired of hearing about being enslaved and hijacked from our true reality. I even just read we are not creators, that creation isn’t real. I don’t believe everything I read and I choose to believe I can change my reality with the creations process that created me. No creation??? Why do so many get into the good guys/bad guys loop? It’s not for me. Not saying I don’t believe it’s in some peoples realities, I just choose not to have it in mine.

  7. Daeshell says : Reply

    I want know what is going on with Heather and why the silence? That’s not fair considering all the support she received from prison. Even you guys are silent like there’s some type of gag order. someone needs to address this. BZ Riger,Bob,Judy Jandora,Jelaila starr…one of you needs to make a public statement because this movement is being discredited by your actions or the lack thereof

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