Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts

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As people do things, find out things, run across glitches… I post them here. Sometimes I will do that on the fly and just take their note and put it in the blog post, hopefully near/in the section where it makes the most sense. So that you have the info in as near to real time as I can make it and you can then connect the new dots from there :-)



1.27.18  “I would like to ask the moderator of this forum to rally all our brothers and sisters tonight @ 10PM EST to release our synchronized energy wave to Heather and Randy.
Love is a Divine Currency. Let’s exchange it freely toward another another for the deliverance of humanity. And don’t leave home without it.”

7.27.17 Australia

Hi guys, I don’t know whether this is important, but I will share any way. I am in Australia, and I successfully add my TDA account to my Amazon account using Richmond Routing No. 0517-3615-8 (which handle “TREASURYDIRECT” and “BUREAU OF THE PUBLIC DEBT” and my Social Welfare No. (which is “Centrelink No.” = SSN of America) , then I order an item worth $A28 just to try out on 17 July 2017, so far I haven’t got Reversal, and the item is on the way here, here is a few Screen shot of this Doing.

see images : http://i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/scrn1.jpg



7.25.17    Current Status of Events Now Unfold : HATJ Washington DC




I have created a page “Documents for proof of ownership for funds” you can find it by Clicking Here  it needs to be finished but will give you a start.

its busting loose- http://i-uv.com/the-wizard-behind-the-curtain-awareness-of-control-structure-on-earth/   you pushed it over to critical mass.!!!


If you are clean and clear, 100% responsible and liable and Know Who You Are then there is flow and fun in these Doings and elation that the time Has Arrived! for us to access our factualized trusts. :-)

This is an unfolding Creation by All Enbodyments! Please use the comment section to share/document your : Blocks, declines, reversals… And your Successes. This will help the Energy expand and flow it throughout ALL systems. BZ


A brief description of what these Treasury Direct Accounts (TDA) are: They are repositories of property being held IN trust, for You. A Factualized trust self secured created on the day of birth for each Being on the planet. The ones that are being accessed right now are called US Treasury Direct Accounts. There are so many accounts all around the planet with your name on it, you would be staggered, not all of them are ever seen. There is state level, federal level, international level.. all these districts…

In the old days, someone might find one of these accounts, like a state level one and there would be like 300-400 million in it and the PTW bankers, would say take it and go, sign this and never come back… the bankers would laugh because there would be Billions of dollars left behind and that person would never know about their Billions…

Everything on the planet was put into one big trust. This is all “the property” held in the trust. This “property” is a conversion of You. Your Value, converted into property and held in these accounts. It used to all be held in one large account, all Enbodyments’ conversion of value on the planet being held in one large trust. Everything got moved out of that trust and into each and everyone’s own Factualized trust which was pr-existing to the actual large trust the PTW used to hold everything in. They are actually called factualized trusts, they are factualized, created on the day of birth. They are Yours! You just did not know it.

The PTW have been using them all of this time, Now they cannot. Actually they Have not been able to use since The OPPT closed the one big trust. For those who want to refresh your memory or look into the OPPT for the first time click on the OPPT Absolute link at the header of this blog, you will find original findings and tons of info there. These Treasury Direct Accounts are tied to your social security account- your factualized trust account. The social security card is basically an ATM card, Your ATM card, without the magnetic strip. (expect it is connected to an unlimited account ;-) The word picture I would paint to describe the amount of money in Your Treasury Direct account- is to think of it as a Non depletion account. example- You draw out $500,000 and if you checked the balance it would be $500,000.

HATJ- Heather is working on getting all of the blocks, reversals… etc worked out so the flow to access and Utilize your representation of value out of your TDA’s is smooth. Keeping in the flow of the process, in joy and warp speed is important for all, documenting everything with screen shots and saving emails etc for successes and blocks, cancels, reversals … allows Heather to work with the bakers, family’s, dragons… to stop and resolve those tricks/issues….


The comments section is a great place for you to share your documentation process. The comments can be easily scanned to see where there is flow and blocks and to open up the river of abundance. I will scan the comment section, most of the time I will add what answers I can in the main post under that area it connects with. Please look there for update info.


We are all together in coordinated cooperation, and collective energy creation to open the flow- I will be adding a link section to other blogs, Facebook sites etc where people are working in these collective energies. Please send me links that fit there.

Tip: As you are working through the different steps to access and utilize your TDA accounts, remember, like in my paypal recipe, the same protocols and procedures that apply in accounts, bank and other wise apply in this case. Length of days to transfer, time for account to update, min/max amounts and many others. So when you are connecting your TDA to something to utilize it, ask yourself, what is the usual way this is transacted, that sort of question. Then you will have a frame of reference for what to expect.


Spreadsheet of TDA Testing:

This form has been created so that people can fill in the Doings that they have created so far. The data can then be exported to a spread sheet so the success and fails can be worked through. Clean up the block with the fails and create recipes and best practices from the successes. Here is a shortened link to use for the google doc form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxnofrWHQZF8IqUCG9EUj0feeCjXi5pdWUPEgsHkFH3WpyBw/viewform

You can see the results so far at this page http://i-uv.com/hatj-trust-all-on/documents-for-proof-of-ownership-for-funds/testing-spread-sheet/
Direct download excel by clicking here

7.19.17- proof of success from a very happy pup!

Purchase from Amazon. http://i-uv.com/tda-success-7-19-17-proof-of-success-from-a-very-happy-pup/


Have a look at this scenario-   http://i-uv.com/testing-the-new-financial-system-by-fireswan-7-14-17/

now have a look at these supporting pieces of data:

1. “For ACH, check, or adjustment support, please contact 877-372-2457″ -

2. http://i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/060717-same-day-ach-debit-reporting.pdf


Saying that each one of You is having a MAJOR Impact in Changing things is a HUGE Understatement!!

Most financial institutions are feeling what you are doing and know the impact you are having. You, I mean, They are employing lots of new people, lol to fill in for all their seasoned employees they are having to move, to specially created new departments to ball things up so your efforts are delayed, distrupted, diverted. Excellent, :-)

Paypall, is hopping up and down and pulling their hair out! with all the beautiful beings in the Millions who are flowing this expansive energy into their system and working through steps to use paypal as a portal for letting their TDA’s flow.

One perspective might be to hold that you are not having success, or its not working… in a small narrow linear perspective for many that is fact. In a broader, larger linear perspective that is not fact. In a multidimensional perspective on all levels that is False.

Things are changing very fast and some pieces of the information below do not always work the way they first did and are described below. Everything on This blog post is being watched very carefully by the PTW. – Hi guys, thanks for letting us show you we know how to stand in our power.-  Everything in that small working skype room, that HATJ mentioned on Wednesday Nights unfuckersunite call is watched and reacted to. Everything. They also have minions who watch and scan all other blogs, FB, etc that are having discussions and doings there. Excellent,  :-)

Things at this moment are changing so fast, with routing numbers working, then not working, then working again, and variations on that, its hard for me to pin it down long enough to write a new recipe or make intelligent coherent updates to the info in the post. One tip is that in each section of this post, like countries, resources… the information at the top of each individual section is the newest information I have to post for that area/focus. When I get a moment to do it and some data I can pin down at least for a few minutes, lol, I will update the post totally, keeping all original information at bottom for refference. And recreate a clearer, as up to date as that moment allows new version of the info in an organized way.

Right now HATJ’s focus is on extracting Randy form his kidnapping situation/cell. She is also working on steps and calls and meetings and docs/details to push things through, when I get it you will see it here. See message update from HATJ on that, on the post for randy HERE  , and see reference to it in comment section of this post.

One of the things I am working on is taking details and specific language that HATJ has given me to create a recipe that you can all use along with Your factualized trust docs, to show proof, origin and ownership of your accounts and funds. This would be used for any bank/institution/business… that needs it for verification the property in the TDA accounts are yours under your sole control. I will have the emails you would send out, complete with the contents you leave as is and where you put your pertinent information along with what docs, pdf’s get attached to what email and the order in which you send them.



If you are worried, afraid, stressed, confused, _________,  __________, … Then Stop!

Take a breath, go outside in Gaia. Tune into the waves of Love washing the planet. Then if you feel connected again to who you are, tune into what would be a next step for you to take?



Update: 7.12.17- My personal recommendation is that everyone pause for a little while. The reason for that is there seem to be some people who do not understand who they really are, that they are the value, and these accounts are Your accounts, created because You were created to come to this planet to complete this whole cycle. To End The Enslavement of Humanity.

You are warriors of Love. Your Love, Your Light, Your Limitless Creator abilities are your sword which cleaves through all the last vestiges of deception fear and oppression. In you, there is a deep Knowing this is so, and this is what you came here to do. So the pause is prudent for You when you do not stand in this knowing. You are a creator being, as I said at the beginning of the this post when first posted. “If you are clean and clear, 100% responsible and liable and Know Who You Are then there is flow and fun in these Doings…” This accessing and utilizing of your accounts is about “money”, yes. (Don’t let the old energy of money suck you back into a place of fear, worry, uncertainty and They Said I can’t Do It so I must Obey.) But the truest abundance and power of this is accessing and utilizing YOU, and creating the End of the Old sytem and the Birth of the New. 

I know people have had success that has not been reversed, I know first hand on that as I’m one of them. I know people have had problems with reversals, refusals, glitches…, I know first hand on that as I’m one of them. I know some people have had some freezes etc. As soon as I get some details about the meeting, the paperwork etc. I will post here, thank you each, for all of the beautiful beings that you are and for standing in your power to free All Beings in Sources Multiverse from the tyranny of the old system. bz


Opening post- 7.9.17 This will be a working post. Things are moving at hyper-speed so I will do my best to keep it updated and organized. You do your part to Start Doing, try different things, learn, play, flow where you want and need to … Dip your toe in or dive into the deep all at once. I live in the US, so I have done things with the US routing numbers etc. This is an international blog and post so as people dig into the particulars for each country I will post those details. Use the recipes as a guide and modify for your location. I will keep updating the information as new resources get uncovered. I will try to help put together a step by step recipe of how to go into different institutions/banks… ie: paypal, large banks, credit unions, bill pay, car dealerships, real estate co… as I sort through all the Doings all you Beautiful Beings are doing so we can refine and define each one with specific steps…

What people are doing, and there are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many of us doing Beautiful Doings. People are taking steps to access and utilize our TDA’s. Just start, play, come from your heart, KNOW the TRUTH of Who YOU Are!. Be 100% responsible and Reliable and get started. They are paying off utility bills, credit cards, buying CD’s from their bank and cashing them in early, buying cars, RV’s, helping others pay off a bill, buying something they want. One person put in a skype room 2 days ago, that so far he had accessed 29 Million and spent 2 Million. Limitless possibilities.


Has everyone had success with everything they have tried, the first time they have tried it? No. Do they keep going, keep digging, keep taking the next step? YES!


Recipe Section: I will be creating different recipes of of to step by step do things. You provide the joy and energy and then share what you did. Sometimes I will post an outline of a recipe and then refine…

There was a 3 hour call Friday night 7.7.17 with 62 people on it. HATJ gave some background and answered some questions. There were other questions answered by Bob and others. the call is split into 3 files as it was so large and long.

Call 1 part 1 click here to play or download.

Call 1 part 2 click here to play or download.

Call 1 part 3 click here to play or download.

Getting started Recipe-

1. Get your social security card. 2. look on the back for red letter and number or black… (mine was red). The red letter is what you want (in US, may be different internationally) The letter corresponds to the district branch for the Federal Reserve Branch, FRB, your TDA is linked through. look up branch on the charts below.

Tip- When submitting a question or sharing a block with a routing number. Please write the number in question like this F-0640001010 . The capitol letter will let everyone know which district of FRB.

**** Note- For USA- If your social security card does not have a red letter/black letter and number on the back you will need to get a new one. Usually if it was issued before the 70′s it does not. If you do not have a social security card request a replacement. Information Click HERE

****people outside of USA, I don’t have any recipes yet. There are many people all over the world working on the banking protocols used in different jurisdictions. The links below by country are the ones that seem to connect the most dots, I left out the other reams of data being waded through. If your country is not listed Yet, its because someone has not brought forward info. You can and I will add to this post.


Return Codes:

7.22.17  Treasury :: Bureau of the Fiscal Service. Enterprise Data Architecture. Data Dictionary/Change Log


- ACH Return Code R34 – Limited participation DFI
Description: The RDFI participation has been limited by a federal or state supervisor.RDFI – Receiving Depository Financial InstitutionSo the receiving entities participation in the ACH system has been limited by a federal or state supervisor.So this – ‘A Financial Institution received an Entry to an account that was sold to another financial Instituti’sa on. Your Customer account was sold to another bank but the Customer Record in PaySimple was not updated with the new bank information, the the payment you processed was sent to the old bank and cannot be honored.’ – sounds like a misinterpretation combined with an excuse, or an obfuscation. Possibly one that was also given to the Landlord. If an account is sold to another bank the new bank notifies you of the change … or somebody does.
We’re looking at the end of ‘money’, once and for ALL. How that plays out, may not require a description. or even a language. But it will BE FUN. Beyond our wildest dreams. So what’s your wildest dream for this now? Bring it! ALL CREATORS WELCOME. :D (heart)

*** Any one having trouble accessing or been blocked in anyway, ask your bank for the reason code. Here’s a link to them;


7.22.17  Treasury :: Bureau of the Fiscal Service. Enterprise Data Architecture. Data Dictionary/Change Log



7.22.17 a post from Skype

“from David Arnold: JUST SAW THIS LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys good news! We’ve been using our SS routing numbers wrong!

My best friend has discovered this as well and here’s what we’ve uncovered: The FRB is just the funding source to a Central bank where our real accounts are held. Each persons bank location will be different. The bank must be a full service bank that accepts ACH and Fedwire.

But wait there’s more, any bank with a name that has the words America, Citizen, Federal, Trust, or United are where the accounts are actually held. And it’s those routing numbers in conjunction with the SS with a “0″ added to the front as the account number is how you access your money. The reversals happen often times because the bill collectors we are trying to pay our debts off with, are really not equipped to take the FRB routing directly. This explains why everyone is getting the code R34 when the payment is rejected.

That code means limited participation and it’s telling the cable company for example that their VIP access to the FRB directly is being denied. So the cable company needs the routing number from that bank with the word “America” in it to then activate the FRB to send funds through. Now the FRB may turn their routing numbers on and off but to do that with a lower bank would draw too much attention and further validate what everyone is learning; they’re LIARS.

We also noticed another pattern, the letter on the back of the SS is not as important as the first number of the SS. This is a more organized plan than what we thought. It seems that everyone who’s SS begins with a 2 really belongs to the FRB with the 02 that bank then funds a lesser bank with the word America in it and that routing also starts with 02 the letter on the back of the SS shows what FRB services that one.

Now we haven’t figured out what it means for one FRB to service another but what we did find is that my friends account is with the bank with the word America in it! It really took just paying attention to the patterns but it appears we may have cracked the code. I’ll keep everyone posted… oh btw.. I found out that the very bank I already have an account with also has my secret account there… smh! It has the word Trust as part of the banks name and just as I said their routing number is also the same as the first digit of my social and the matches the FRB branch that funds it.

Anyone with a gmail.com can set up google wallet to plug in the routing number and the SS with the “0″ in front of it’s the correct routing it’ll say thank you and tell you to wait to verify 2 small deposits. Of course you can’t verify the deposits but what you will be able to verify is what your correct routing number is of the lesser bank the FRB is actually funding. I’ll try and find the link we used to get the list of all the lower banks that use Fedwire and Fed ACH because those are the routing numbers everyone needs.

Side note: These people are Luciferians and they do things in reverse. We found the answer by working in reverse which led us to the beginning if that makes sense. And before anyone ask, no, my friend and I are not luciferians, but you have to know your enemy to beat him at his game! God bless”


Current Routing Numbers of Federal Reserve district branches- These routing numbers have 7.14.17 as their update date


011000015 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
021001208 Federal Reserve Bank, 100 Orchard Street, East Rutherford NJ 07073
031000040 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St, N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
041000014 Federal Reserve Bank, Ach Department, Atlanta GA 30309
051000033 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St, N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
052000278 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St, N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
053000206 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St, N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
061000146 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St, N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
064000101 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St, N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
071000301 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
081000045 Federal Reserve Bank, Po Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
082000138 Federal Reserve Bank-lr, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
091000080 Federal Reserve Bank Of Minneapolis, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
101000048 Federal Reserve Bank, Po Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
101050001 The Vault Federal Reserve Bank Kc, 1 Memorial Drive, Kansas City MO 64198
102000199 Denver Federal Reserve Bank-ach Unit, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
103000240 Federal Reserve Bank Oklahoma Branch, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
111000038 Federal Reserve Bank, Po Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
112000011 Federal Reserve Bank El Paso, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
113000049 Fed Reserve Bk, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
114000721 Federal Reserve Bank San Antonio, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
121000374 Federal Reserve Bank, Po Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480


Updates to Routing numbers-

The capitol letter refers to the district FRB and will match the letter on back of your ss card. B- Just successfully used 021001208 to pay my car insurance. The only time that number has not worked was for my purported student loan. In that instance I used 021050466.

E- The Richmond ACH Routing number that worked for me for a Wells Fargo CC : Routing Number 051050339. When I plugged that in, the bank and address autofilled.

E- FRB Richmond routing number 051050009 if you are NOT having success with 051000033


Guys, sometimes there are “branch Federal Reserves” like the one in Denver. It’s mother is the Federal Reserve in Kansas City. Always use the main Reserve routing number, not the branch, as the main holds your accounts.


2. Find the section that corresponds to your letter. go to this site http://www.usbanklocations.com/check-routing-number.php you can either type in the routing number or the bank name or FRB and the main city. It will look something like this when you click on the routing number that gets returned in a broader search.


fed routing example




This is an example of A FRB routing number screen.

Notice the 1st highlight with a T. This should say FedACH if it is a valid routing number for setting up a funds transfer. Like when you link an outside bank account to an existing bank account of yours to transfer money back and forth etc. or if you go to a vendor like a utility and want to pay your bill using a bank account of yours as the funding source. If it does not say that then you will need to suss out a different routing number for your Letter region.

Notice the 2nd highlight with a W. If you want to wire funds to pay for something, like a car, real estate, or anything else that you would wire funds to… the routing number you have selected needs to provide this information.

Notice- its different then the ACH. This is the additional information you will need to supply when completing a wire transfer to complete a transaction. The third highlight is the date the record was updated.


3. Now you are ready to start to utilize your TDA account.

4. pick a place to start and use the routing number that is correct for you and correct for the kind of transaction you want to complete, your social security number no dashes is your account number. ** note- when filling in a routing number, some forms cap you at 9 digits, if you have to many drop the zero from the end of the routing number.

5. You would select Checking from the drop down menu. When entering information about the account you use your name that is on your social security card as the account holders name. You use the FRB branch address as the “billing address”. Use your phone # as the phone.




Resources Links:

Documents from HATJ- Click here to see the Page-                  Trust ~ ALL ON!!!

Post of Randy’s Experience-







link to some of Harvy’s videos http://i-uv.com/pay-bills-now-using-your-secret-account/



Research Directions:

(f)  DOCUMENTATION AS EVIDENCE.–In any action involving a consumer, any documentation required by this section to be given to the consumer which indicates that an electronic fund transfer was made to another person shall be admissible as evidence of such transfer and shall constitute prima facie proof that such transfer was made.” from https://www.fdic.gov/regulations/laws/rules/6000-1350.html

(e)  TREBLE DAMAGES.–If in any action under section 915, the court finds that–
(1)  the financial institution did not provisionally recredit a consumer’s account within the ten-day period specified in subsection (c), and the financial institution (A) did not make a good faith investigation of the alleged error, or (B) did not have a reasonable basis for believing that the consumer’s account was not in error; or
(2)  the financial institution knowingly and willfully concluded that the consumer’s account was not in error when such conclusion could not reasonably have been drawn from the evidence available to the financial institution at the time of its investigation,
then the consumer shall be entitled to treble damages determined under section 915(a)(1).
(b)  BURDEN OF PROOF.–In any action which involves a consumer’s liability for an unauthorized electronic fund transfer, the burden of proof is upon the financial institution to show that the electronic fund transfer was authorized or, if the electronic fund transfer was unauthorized, then the burden of proof is upon the financial institution to establish that the conditions of liability set forth in subsection (a) have been met, and, if the transfer was initiated after the effective date of section 905, that the disclosures required to be made to the consumer under section 905(a)(1) and (2) were in fact made in accordance with such section.

Hmmm…no. 6 under ‘Strategy’ is  i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g :^) http://www.internallydisplacedpeople.org/joomla30/index.php/articles/35-the-1776-agenda-of-the-new-world-order-ordered-by-a-rothschild-designed-by-a-jesuit
“6) The power of their resources must remain invisible until the very moment that they have gained the strength so that no group or force can undermine it.”

7.19.17  Paypal: BZ- even though my TDA, account was verified by phone with a paypal representative and then linked to my account on July 8, then once the transfer of funds process from that TDA account to my paypal business account was initiated, and then returned by paypal. and no other routing numbers were tried to link to my paypal. On July 18th, they limmited my account. Paypal informed me, via email,  I needed to upload a bank statement. So I called them directly. (they were closed last night, 18th)

7.19.17 – just had a nice long chat with Jake, at paypal. And I now have “hidden” link, to direct upload url to be able to upload all my “proof of ownership docs” for my tda account in question.

I told him I was happy to submit the proof of ownership with specificity and particularity. But did not want to have that information lost in the que, of someone just processing formation with no understanding of a lawfull, legal, fiduciary document stating the proof of ownership, the origin of funds and the account being under my sole controll.  I stated that this proof of ownership document was Complete in its detail, and included all the commercial code references, the law of the land in financial maters, documents that are in the proof of ownership document Paypal was requesting. So that when their corporate security back office reviewed the proof of ownership document they would have the complete documentation and evidence before them.

I pointed out that their interface for uploading a bank statement was not set up to take the legal document of proof of funds I have to comply with their request. I was happy to do it, with full details but their system would not comply with my upload.

He finally said he would give me this specific url for handling a case like mine.


‘U.S. Treasury securities’ 


Treasury Services-
Consumers can buy and redeem marketable U.S. Treasury securities and savings bonds directly from the U.S. Department of the Treasury in paperless electronic form through TreasuryDirect.
The Minneapolis bank is the only electronic site in the Federal Reserve System that provides purchase and account maintenance services to the public on behalf of the U.S. Treasury. The bank also processes the redemption of paper savings bonds.    https://www.minneapolisfed.org/about/what-we-do/treasury    1-612-204-5000


Clearing Codes:






Dots that have been researched for countries around the world:



Look up US Bank routing numbers http://www.usbanklocations.com/check-routing-number.php

National Insurance number format https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/national_insurance_number_format_2

Money without borders- transfer money online https://transferwise.com/register#/

Search your ssn with dashes on this site to see who is trading on your acct… https://www.gmeiutility.org/search.jsp


International (mostly for outside of USA, but not all)

FRB- International Payments Resource Center   https://www.frbservices.org/eventseducation/education/international_payments.html

Some useful information on BIC, IBAN and SWIFT for Europeans : http://auctionfeecalculator.com/iban-transfers.html

International bank codes list    https://www.tgbr.com/tgbr/help/RTN.html

Look up SWIFT codes https://www.swiftcodes.info/united-kingdom/page/41/ https://www2.swift.com/bsl/facelets/bicsearch.faces

Oracle Payments Implementation Guide https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26401_01/doc.122/e48768/T387353T469339.htm

International Securities Identification Number – https://www.isin.org/isin/
ISO Maintenance Agencies - https://www.iso.org/maintenance_agencies.html


this PDF document has interesting info on credit card encodings and cards used as a document …..
Download it to this link   https://www.regexbuddy.com/manual/RegexBuddy.pdf
For example on page 327 of doc. It is about coding the various credit cards and just after those used as documents ….. it is not easy to read, but it can be useful to decode the SSNs of other countries ..

Thanx T… I’ve checked https://www.frbservices.org/files/serviceofferings/pdf/fedach_global_service_orig_manual.pdf and as it seems we in Europe have to go through DZ Bank in Germany in order to reach the FED at the other end.. “The Federal Reserve Bank, Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank (DZ Bank) and Equens work together to serve as conduits for bidirectional payments into and out of the United States and the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

DZ Bank acts as the foreign gateway operator, while Equens acts as the processing service provider and agent for all cross-border items into these countries. This service supports forward ACH 1-day and 2-day credits originated in the U.S. and destined to any receiver’s account at a commercial bank in participating European countries.  Items originating in Europe are delivered to the Federal Reserve Bank and are then edited and distributed to U.S. RDFIs.”
Over here we have to add a OCR (Optical Character Recognition) number when paying bills.. which has to be done from within a local bank, this number links who’s paying to who’s getting paid.. i.e. individuals/companies..


United Nations Directories for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport

http://www.unece.org/trade/untdid/d10b/tred/tred3055.htm https://www.unece.org/trade/untdid/d00a/tred/tred3055.htm


Hi guys, I don’t know whether this is important, but I will share any way. I am in Australia, and I successfully add my TDA account to my Amazon account using Richmond Routing No. 0517-3615-8 (which handle “TREASURYDIRECT” and “BUREAU OF THE PUBLIC DEBT” and my Social Welfare No. (which is “Centrelink No.” = SSN of America) , then I order an item worth $A28 just to try out on 17 July 2017, so far I haven’t got Reversal, and the item is on the way here, here is a few Screen shot of this Doing.

see images : http://i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/scrn1.jpg




ok this is what i have done so far: 00006 or 000000 are bank of canada transit numbers. (we don’t have regionals like in the us, as far as i can tell.) 010 is the bank of canada code.

for the account number: nine digit SIN (Social Insurance Number) i have “added” this account successfully with the 00006 transit number using the PAYPAL account. don’t know how to do that with a regular bank.

next is to call paypal using the method above. the oracle [i ching] is on our side : 787677


Wondering how this may work for someone like myself from Canada, who used to work in the US. I was given a SSN even though we have SINs here on Canada.

I plugged my SSN into https://www.gmeiutility.org/search.jsp that I remembered out of the blue when I saw Roberts message above and see that in fact many are trading on the account tied to my SSN from years ago that I worked in Michigan.



Info on payment clearing in Europe https://www.ecb.europa.eu/pub/pdf/other/glossaryrelatedtopaymentclearingandsettlementsystemsen.pdf

For those in the EURO https://www.bis.org/cpmi/publ/d105_eu.pdf Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

http://www.lseg.com/LEI http://www.lei-lookup.com/#!search




Here’s an overview of SEPA, which is the ‘framework’ which covers ‘credit transfers’, ‘direct debits’ and ‘card payments’ in europe. This is posted to complement the link posted above in relation to SEPA and written in italian –http://www.ecb.europa.eu/paym/retpaym/shared/pdf/SEPA_e-brochure_2013.pdf

Bank transfers in Europe involve a BIC (Bank Identifier Code) and an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) Here’s the former ECB’s blurb about that –


An interesting list of abbreviations in relation to euro area transfers – https://www.iban.com/whatis.html

Found this link which demonstrates a wire transfer from the US to an international destination amongst other things. Shows the use of the IBAN in such a transfer – https://www.key.com/kttu/pdf/ugWireTransfer.pdf



http://expertinalllegalmatters.com/hmrc-fraud This may help in investigations by UK researchers and also give insight to everywhere else. Evidence that everyone in the UK that pays income tax thinking it’s for the betterment of the UK then check this out I don’t think you will be very happy happy with what they found. I discovered that my BC has been traded 833 times so far and most are still active. All the evidence is here.

NZ has what is called IRD ( inland revenue department) IRD=8 digit, this # is for ‘tax’ & receiving any ‘government benefits’ no letters I know of yet, this is after speaking too IRD direct, Nz’ds routing # is RBNZNZ22 xxx xx, NZ reserve is a Reverse Billing facility ( URL to follow)
And yet the way NZ’ds SS works is anyone who’s port pass, passes through NZ customs are covered by SS with no application or payment towards?
UK routing similar as is the BIS, there is much to the coding, especially internationally as this is where elites 2nd & 3rd Gen attempts are being Made to lock us in subvertantly e.g 2015 taking away new registrants non-citizen entities? Things are very different down, down under
Have located acc in Aus ACNC’s attached to American Res’s, as well as new letters such as V, seems to attach to AuRes, to which routing #’s are similar to US, however it seems all in house ( Aus & NZ) commerce is coded internally, and extra codes are needed, as #22 & #32 = chequeing & savings respectively, the 22 code for RBNZ denotes a reverse billing RESERVE BANK ‘status’, BIS & UK similar STATUS’S, as it would seem the different types of RESERVES in the US e.g Treasury Dirrect vs Public Debt vs Treasury Reserve etc
Lots more fishing to do, remembering also this crap is still apparently attached to Cest que vie 1666, which contains how a claim /proof of life, for the estate+ interest to be returned for administration
Thoughts?? Still fishing


This is for people from the UK

Pls join this FB group so that we can work together https://facebook.com/groups/776660549180928?_rdr
I was able to locate an account that had account number in this format: YYXXXXXX – AAAAAA
YY – year NINO was issued
XXXXXX – numerical part of your NINO
AAAAAA – sort code of the royal bank of Scotland in the city / town where NINO was issued.
Find different sort codes for your city here:
http://bank-code.net/uk-sort-code/bank/the-royal-bank-of-scotland-plc (or use another website that might have more codes – do Google search)

Then start inputing your account number and soft code combinations here and see if anything pops up:

If the account exists, it’ll show up which payment options are available. The one I found doesn’t have direct payments or faster payments allowed so PayPal won’t link it.

Can you pls join me in that FB group so that we can figure it out?



Hello UK

This is where we are at the moment, we are thinking that our National security number is working like this ( maybe!). The first 2 letters relate to a year, ether the year of issue…. 16 years after your birth, or your birth.
Also if you move, the year you received the new one…( not sure?).
This maybe helpful

Not sure if any of this is of any use for the UK. anyone? https://www.thomsonreuters.com/content/dam/openweb/documents/pdf/tr-com-financial/white-paper/legal-entity-data.pdf

https://www.fca.org.uk/markets/mifid-ii/legal-entity-identifier-lei-update https://www.gleif.org/en/about-lei/questions-and-answers Not sure if it’s any good, just trying to find some kind of information that would help.








NZ has what is called IRD ( inland revenue department) IRD=8 digit, this # is for ‘tax’ & receiving any ‘government benefits’ no letters I know of yet, this is after speaking too IRD direct, Nz’ds routing # is RBNZNZ22 xxx xx, NZ reserve is a Reverse Billing facility ( URL to follow)
And yet the way NZ’ds SS works is anyone who’s port pass, passes through NZ customs are covered by SS with no application or payment towards?
UK routing similar as is the BIS, there is much to the coding, especially internationally as this is where elites 2nd & 3rd Gen attempts are being Made to lock us in subvertantly e.g 2015 taking away new registrants non-citizen entities? Things are very different down, down under
Have located acc in Aus ACNC’s attached to American Res’s, as well as new letters such as V, seems to attach to AuRes, to which routing #’s are similar to US, however it seems all in house ( Aus & NZ) commerce is coded internally, and extra codes are needed, as #22 & #32 = chequeing & savings respectively, the 22 code for RBNZ denotes a reverse billing RESERVE BANK ‘status’, BIS & UK similar STATUS’S, as it would seem the different types of RESERVES in the US e.g Treasury Dirrect vs Public Debt vs Treasury Reserve etc
Lots more fishing to do, remembering also this crap is still apparently attached to Cest que vie 1666, which contains how a claim /proof of life, for the estate+ interest to be returned for administration
Thoughts?? Still fishing




For France :
You need 5 digits for the bank + 5 digits for the branch
Then 11 digits for the account + 2 for security key …
The french SS N° is 13 digits + 2 for security key …
Could it possibly be to use just the 13 digits of the SS N° only  ?
Now need to find how and where to link them ?
How many digits does the usa routing number have ?


Hi BZ !
FRANCE : I do not think that Frances made a mistake, as I had a closer look at the example you gave and I found that our fictitious woman born in Paris in February 1966 without distinction as to her position in birth (000) has an IBAN #FR7630001007940266027500013, whereas another fictitious woman born in Paris on the same day with the position of birth 15 (015) has an IBAN #FR7630001007940026627501576… So it cannot be the same account (as a matter of fact, these accounts DO exist!!! so these women are not fictitious!!!).
However, after reading you, I got uncomfortable and deleted my Treasury account from Paypal. This might surprise them and they may now think I was onto something dubious… It was then that I had the idea of checking the IBANs as per your example and found that it may have been be OK afterall… But I still am uncomfortable because it is ESSENTIAL that I give the RIGHT account number to remain in honor and in my right. I do not want the police to come and blow my door away at 5 am tomorrow (that’s how they do in France!).


As per France again :D
One cannot diminish the number of digits and stop and the town number as Frances in iUV ststaed for one and simple reason : the number after defines your birth position in a specific town … so lets say you live in Paris are a female and you are born in feb 1966 your SS number will be
2 66 02 75 000 then you get 3 digit for your position in birth in paris fro that specific month …  then 2 digits for the control key …
In specific month maybe a 100 girls are born … so all 100 would be linked to the same account : NO … you might have 100 accounts/subaccounts in your name they are trading on … but 100 can not be linked to the same account …
So what Frances did seems not to be the right path …


Ok so this is how french bank accounts go :

RIB Relevé d’Identité Bancaire Bank branch Account number key 5 digits 5 digits 11 digits 2 digits

And this is how french SS numbers go : 1 digit for sex 2 digits : year of birth 2 digits :

month of birth 2 digits : french department of birth 3 digits : N° of town birth 3 digits : rank N° of birth in the town that month 2 digits :

control key so french bank accounts have 11 digits + 2 digits contraol key

When SS N° has 13 dgits + 2 control key the routing numbers are 10 digits ( 5 for the bank + 5 for the branch)

Then you have the IBAN which is : FR +76 if account has only numbers in it (if there is a letter in account N°, these 2 digits will be different)+ RIB above And the BIC :

Business Identifier Code 8 to 11 Letters : 4 letters for bank code 2 for france FR 2 for where the bank is in france 3 digits can be added for the bank branch

The french FR is the banque de france = french central bank …


Apparently I managed to find my TDA account, it is located at Banque de France.

I could also add it as a new account on my paypal account. The problem is, they are going to send me some cents and I have to tell them how many in order to verify that I am the owner of the account. How can I look into my TDA account?
To get the TDA account in France, go to https://fr.iban.com/calcul-iban.html, choose France as country and fill in 30001 for bank and 00794 for branch, then your SS number up to the city, include these 3 digits, then you have 10 digits, then calculate. And go to:
https://fr.iban.com to verify, then you get IBAN, RIB, BIC, Bank, Country, SEPA CREDIT TRANSFER-YES, SEPA DIRECT DEBIT-YES, SEPA SDD CORE-YES, SEPA B2B-YES;
The TDA account has
5 digits for the bank
5 digits for the branch
1 digit, a 0 was inserted before the SS
11 digits out of my usual 15 digits for the social security
2 digits as control key
This is what I found out so far.




Only hits I get on Sweden.. or hang on a sec will check on the name Sverige which is our domestic name for Sweden.

*The following is the bank/financial institute that have “Sverige” in the name. The routing number of this bank/financial institute is 021081448.
FedACH Routing
Routing Number 021081448 doesn’t process FedACH Payments.

Fedwire Routing
Name: Sveriges Riksbank-oper Account 1
Telegraphic Name: SVERIGES OPS ACCT1
New York, NY
Funds Transfer Status: Eligible
Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status: Eligible
Revision Date: 08/10/2011

The information for this routing number was updated on Jul. 12, 2017. Check the date of the update!!
















Anyone in Ireland who is trying but been refused here are the reason codes; https://www.bankofireland.com/fs/doc/wysiwyg/bxxxxx-mss130386-sepa-reason-codes-july-2013.pdf

https://www.iso20022.org/standardsrepository/public/wqt/Description/mx/dico/codesets/_YsS_xdp-Ed-ak6NoX_4Aeg_-819075130 This link is a good one, lots of data.

Irish Social Security Numbers

This number has 7 digits and one alphabetic character and can have 2 alphabetic characters, which can include a space! (see the wikipedia link below). These are known as a Personal Public Service Number, otherwise PPS No. and more commonly PPSN. Specific details can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_Public_Service_Number and here: http://www.welfare.ie/en/Pages/PPSN.aspx

Irish Social Security Cards

There are 2 versions. The earlier one, is believed to have been issued since 1998 and the current one first issued in 2012. The former has a magnetic stripe. It has a PAN (Primary Account Number) embossed on the front which includes an ISO issuer number and a card issue number (see the above link). The card issuer in one particular case is Discovery. It seems to be a Discovery Debit Card of some form. It may be a custom issue for the Department.

The latter, the PSC (Public Service Card) has a magnetic stripe on the back, a photographic image (laser embossed and all that). It also has ‘Chip and PIN’ technology (blink) and has applications for assorted government services. It also has a PPS number and a 12 digit card identification number – http://www.welfare.ie/en/Pages/Public-Services-Card_holder.aspx

Routing Codes

In relation to routing and Bank Routing Numbers the link you provided ( https://www.tgbr.com/tgbr/help/RTN.html ) mentions Ireland and the example is a 6 digit code with dashes every 2 digits. It will be recognisable as a “sort code” in Ireland and is used to identify a bank branch internally (as in domicil) and is used in conjunction with your bank account number, BIC and IBAN

Central Bank of Ireland  (wave) :Dhttps://www.centralbank.ie/ Hey you, “insiders” (that’s a very big word) at the former central bank of ireland, get your act intact now lovies because we’re comin’ in.

And you, ‘Bank of Scotland PLC’, I’ve got my beady eye on you. As for your good self Lord Blackwell you know we know the score over here. Yes, the little people, as you are no doubt aware. So let’s get on with this now in a responsible fashion, because, ya know, “we’ve got things to do man”! and we’re pissed off with running around after you. I’ll sit down at any table with you anytime, no assumptions or presumptions, just the cold hard facts; and the Notice of Declaration of Facts, lol!. I know you know what i’m talking about … yes, I AM THE ONE

with love, without prejudice … and no more prejudice; ever! (kiss) (heart)



Czech Republic

hello there. i’m from the czech republic. i would like to work out how the czech accounts are composed.

czech birth or identification number has 9 or 10 digits and you can find out the date of birth of the person and their gender (at birth) in this format: xxxxxx / xxx (with either 3 or 4 digits behind the /) first 6 numbers are the date of birth:

yymmdd. i’m a girl, so i add number 50 to their month. i’m a girl and i was born march 30, 1984, therefore my first 6 digits are 845330. if i was a boy, these numbers would be 840330.

the next part is so called “control part” and identifies different people of the same gender born on the same day (since they have the first part identical).

it can have 3 or 4 digits. i don’t know if any of this helps but i read similar analyses of french number so thought i’d add this one.

how do i go about finding out the accoutn numbers? we are in the EU, but do not use EUR. we still use our own currency CZK, Czech crowns. we do use SWIFT. any help please.. where to begin? thanks, Petra Quirke


South Africa

Hi All

The routing number for South Africa is 630232. A full document on various countries’ route numbers are at:

Various Swift codes for the South African Reserve Bank:

SARBZAJ4XXX (J4 -J8) e.g. five codes-replace J4 with J5 etc.

I hope this help.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica Central Bank info:  http://bankroutingnumbers.biz/banco-internacional-de-costa-rica



Hello BZ. Here is some info I’ve found for Barbados.

Routng Number 021083213
Telegraphic name BARBADOS
State NY
Funds transfer status eligible
Funds settlement-only status
Book-Entry Securities transfer status eligible
Date of last revision (YYYYMMDD) 20080131



Thank you for all the info provided here, however I seem to find very little about how to use your method in other countries, ie in Europe.
I am interested in Poland – and using your information and steps, here is what I found here http://www.usbanklocations.com/routing-number-021082667.html:

Bank Routing Number 021082667, Narodowy Bank Polski Designated Acct
FedACH Routing
Routing Number 021082667 doesn’t process FedACH Payments.
Fedwire Routing
Name: Narodowy Bank Polski Designated Acct
Telegraphic Name: POLAND DES ACCT
New York, NY
Funds Transfer Status: Eligible
Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status: Eligible
Revision Date: 03/24/2010

So it proves that the National Bank of Poland is also linked to the Federal Reserve. Is that the routing number to use with my ss number ??

Then the ss number, which for Poland is most probably the PESEL number, info found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PESEL
It is an 11-digit number.

Do I assume that the above routing no. + the own PESEL number are the ones that constitute my TDA account number ? Or am I wrong ? If not, what then does make it up for Poland ?

Please help my train of thought here:
- I first need to establish WHAT is my TDA account number – do I do it the way I described above, or how ?
- Having done that, I follow your Pay Pal procedure and add that account to my PP
- Then have it verified using the method described by others – that it is a private trust fund account which I do not get bank statements from, so PP representative will have to verify that with me over the phone
- When all goes well, I first use it to pay off smaller bill amounts to get PP used to the
idea of my client profile
- Once a few smaller bills have been paid, I can try to ie pay of my mortgage, maybe in installments

I would greatly appreciate your help with this procedure for Poland, mainly on how to find out what is my TDA number. I cannot move further without first finding this information out.
Thank you.


I also found some other links and info which might help you connect the dots quicker:

PolishNationalClearingCodeIdentifier link:

NBP Bank Sort Code and SWIFT (BIC) Code
Bank Sort Code

Narodowy Bank Polski

BTW – please note 2 different SWIFT codes for the National Bank of Poland (NBP). Interesting.

Global Clearing System Codes__for Poland link:
15 PL 8!n Polish National Clearing Code (KNR) PLKNR Polish National Clearing Code Bank Branch code used in Poland Poland [0-9]{8,8} PLKNR12345678 (example only)

NBP_Bank codes explanation_and on IBAN acct link:


Data Resources:

Links to look up of Routing numbers and banking documentation etc:
Payment, clearing and settlement systems in the CPSS countries

Volume 1 http://www.bis.org/cpmi/publ/d97.pdf

Volume 2 http://www.bis.org/cpmi/publ/d105.pdf


Master Account

A Master Account is the record of financial rights and obligations of an Account Holder and the Administrative Reserve Bank (or any other Reserve Bank maintaining a Master Account identified in Operating Circular 1) with respect to each other, where opening, intraday, and closing balances are determined. A Master Account is identified by a Primary nine-digit Routing Transit Number (RTN).

Foreign-related institutions. U.S. branches and agencies of the same foreign bank and Edge and Agreement Corporations will have a single Master Account for each group of offices located in the same state and same Federal Reserve District. However, the U.S. branches and agencies of a foreign bank and the offices of an Edge or Agreement corporation can simulate a single Master Account nationwide by passing required reserve balances through a single Correspondent.

If your organization holds the Master Account, you are eligible to establish additional services by completing the following forms in Step 7 -Complete Forms/Agreements.

Form 1 – Daily Statement of Account and Monthly Statement of Service Charges Delivery Options
Form 4B – Delivery Profile for Intra-Day Premium Services
Form 6 – Affiliate Access for Account Management Information (AMI) Service
Form 7 – Request for Fedwire Details via the Search Feature in the Account Management Information (AMI) Application



For UK






*** Note this table was made with information pulled on 7.5.17, see date stamp at top of each screen shot. The codes may have been changed… Go here http://www.usbanklocations.com/check-routing-number.php and do a search on: FRB Boston for example, do Federal Reserve Bank Boston etc this should bring up all routing #s for the A- Boston FRB. Depending on your district branch do the same, putting in your branch area from chart. then follow the tips and recipes and routing updates in this post.

FED-Letter1 FED-Letter2



Bob Wright hosts this call.. 7.14.17 Lots of juicy TDA intel on avenues being used successfully and many discussions helping to clear up and make sense of what has taken place so far. This is about freeing and empowering Humanity. We are on the verge of shutting down the old 3D faulty system.

Re-Member, Accessing your Value begins withIN ~~~~ IN JOY~~~ IN LOVE!!!

A live stream that took place today, 7.12.17 to talk about Utilizing your TDA accounts and where we are with the PTW. There is a strong language warning on this video. (mostly for D)



Messages from HATJ-


7.22.17  End of Old- Beginning of NEW- Send Them Love- Energy to Recharge and Clarity



7.22.17   Unfettered Access to Your TDA’s, Treasury Direct Accounts. Will begin and be announced, by “official” Government channels, for ALL Planet Wide, beginning of Next week.

This is the audio of the phone conversation just recorded with HATJ- Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf.

Click link to play



Comment from skype and HATJ, reply- Update-
[Roger- native language Norwegian-] “As I have said before related to the Routing being and doing so called resolving that matrix, was moe part of an awareness jump doing as it made sooo much data became visible for sooo many that even did not know about the strawman and the trading With teh birth certificate, which was the bigger part of this reason for that beautiful doing, but as said…

I did feel that the solution was not this as of every being had to resolve this Matrix by this Routing tracking and trying numbers mixed With thei SSCard in order to get Access, cause that is tooo complext and would have taken tooo long and it also because of different system in Norway Sweden and Europe and some other Places then the way it Works in US it would be a to energy harvesting way of being and doing that would be taken away a lot of the enjoying the limitless Access of ours as THESE BOOTS ON THE GROUND MECHANISM has been tottaly foreclosed on.

You will be amazed what is about to be revealed and what so called soloution it will be for all to enjoy INJOY (inlove) (Penguin) (inlove)”

[ HATJ ]
HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .

honey our trip to wa dc and all the doing by all, means all will not have to worry about that anymore…all are to be given unfettered access and facilitation to their respective accounts…everyone…regardless of location
(whew) brilliant beings all be!  ”


7.20.17       via skype relayed by – lisa shannon
Good Morning Everyone (sun)

Quick update from Heather – just now:  Heather’s flight was delayed yesterday and she took a later flight.  Alex and Val drove to DC and they all 3 met up in D.C. and decided to get a room and go to the Whitehouse this morning.

This morning, they left and Heather intuited a different path to take for their walk to the Whitehouse – which took them just past the US Treasury Dept.  As they began to approach the Whitehouse – and many tourists were present – Secret Service began ‘roping off’ and pushing the tourists back to expand the area being ‘roped off’.  Local police came in with guns, several helicopters were flying above and Navy personnel quickly moved to the area being ‘secured’.  Television crews showed up on the ‘scene’ and it was not certain the particular ‘reason’ for this action – although it appears it may be someone was being brought to the Whitehouse.  ATM, Heather and Val and Alex are still outside the ‘roped off’ area (along with tourists) awaiting completion of this particular action.

As Heather stated above, since the appearance in court – Randy has been moved from 23 hour lockdown to a different area where he has access to email and phone and is much more comfortable.

End of update.

In Gratitude to these Ones and ALL of you everywhere for assistance being Done NOW – and ALL are assisting – whether it is recognized or not.  (heart)(bow)(heart) LOVE YOU ALL


7.18.17- late evning, posted 7.19.17 early morning-

“All who may inquire about Randall, sharing a conversation that took place in another Skype room where Alex and Valerie share their experiences with yesterday’s events. I was in this room at the start but very quickly felt an overwhelming need to laydown and read the rest this morning.  Alex and Valerie’s perspective is very important as these moments unfold and I am grateful (heart)

[7/18/2017 8:36:54 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: she is not exaggerating…understating, maybe…but not exaggerating
[7/18/2017 8:37:33 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: val and alex…please, give your observations…because i am officially speechless
[7/18/2017 8:37:41 PM] Terran: What exactly took place?
[7/18/2017 8:38:08 PM] Alex and Valerie: Asking for grace, as we are new to the formal protocols…
[7/18/2017 8:38:58 PM | Edited 8:39:10 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: none…as you feeeel to do…because we basically pulverized any protocols and formality that still existed today
[7/18/2017 8:39:18 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: all did
[7/18/2017 8:40:09 PM] Alex and Valerie: the morning began with a short walk to the office of Forrest Wallace.  He agreed to meet us at 8 a;nd was 20 minutes late.  We walked into the reception area and FW came down the stairs with a ohpuk energy.
[7/18/2017 8:41:38 PM] Alex and Valerie: We went to the conference room and HATJ owned hin LOL and all he worried about was getting paid
[7/18/2017 8:42:44 PM] Alex and Valerie: From MY (Valerie) perspective, I scanned FW, for blocks, or stuck places, snags, shall we say
[7/18/2017 8:43:34 PM] Terran: Ohpuk?
[7/18/2017 8:43:44 PM] Alex and Valerie: I wanted to inspect his energy body along with his physical body.  Good energy flow Heaven to Earth, not so good Earth to Heaven so I made the correction
[7/18/2017 8:44:12 PM] Alex and Valerie: Ohpuk = OhhhhhFFFFFFuuuuuuuuuu……….k
[7/18/2017 8:44:35 PM] Alex and Valerie: Trying to keep it G rated, I’m not sure if there are kids on the ship…
[7/18/2017 8:44:38 PM] Denice D: lol
[7/18/2017 8:44:40 PM] Terran: (cwl)
[7/18/2017 8:45:40 PM] Alex and Valerie: The agreement was made, price set.  I wondered if this is what it feels like to buy a hooker LOL
[7/18/2017 8:47:33 PM] Alex and Valerie: THen we made our way to the courthouse, but needed an ATM for cash.  Journey to cash machine was FILLED wil cop vehicles along the route.  K9, motorcycle, cars, suv.  WAY too many based on the time of day
[7/18/2017 8:49:35 PM] Alex and Valerie: NOTE:  Courthouse is surrounded by a parameter of holly bushes!
[7/18/2017 8:50:00 PM] Terran: Ouch
[7/18/2017 8:50:43 PM] Alex and Valerie: Holly is a classic magicians word.  It carries a frequency that helps hold a cast spell
[7/18/2017 8:51:00 PM] Alex and Valerie: ooops WOOD
[7/18/2017 8:51:39 PM] Terran: It’s also spiked and sticks you
[7/18/2017 8:52:40 PM] Alex and Valerie: The room is packed!  Close to standing room only.
[7/18/2017 8:53:04 PM] Alex and Valerie: We make eye contact with Randy, and he gets scolded
[7/18/2017 8:53:43 PM] Alex and Valerie: Apparently, the uniformed officers also have their superpowers turned on as they KNEW we were communicating just by looking ay each other
[7/18/2017 8:54:14 PM] Skye Macleod: On 19/07/2017, at 02:52, Alex and Valerie wrote:
> The room is packed!  Close to standing room only.

who were all these people?
[7/18/2017 8:55:15 PM] Alex and Valerie: great question, my apologies.  the judge hears probably 50 cases just in the morning.  They were spectators, victims, witnesses for the other cases
[7/18/2017 8:55:37 PM] Skye Macleod: ok right thanks Valerie
[7/18/2017 8:55:38 PM] Terran: Templars have been in Tennessee prior to Columbus
[7/18/2017 8:55:41 PM] Alex and Valerie: Marshalls, uniforms, a gaggle of attorneys
[7/18/2017 8:58:11 PM] Alex and Valerie: so body language is pretty easy to read, there were MANY stares at HATJ and they projected an energy of invincibility….until FW relayed all the information to the prosecuters – wow, cant spell tonight
[7/18/2017 8:59:42 PM] Alex and Valerie: now, the Asst Attorney General for RKBs case is named Judd Davis.  he began the morning pretty pompous and arrogant.  after his discussion with FW, his face went totally red blotchy and he had that film of sweat on his face
[7/18/2017 9:00:04 PM] Alex and Valerie: The room began to really shift
[7/18/2017 9:01:26 PM] Alex and Valerie: For me, one of the things I do is clean spaces energetically.  That way, only the truth can shine through.  I started cleaning at this time.  I use some reiki and other symbols that are tried and true in my world
[7/18/2017 9:01:58 PM] Alex and Valerie: is this kind of what you wanted?
[7/18/2017 9:02:28 PM] Denice D: yes :)
[7/18/2017 9:02:46 PM] Skye Macleod: perfect Valerie
[7/18/2017 9:05:05 PM] Alex and Valerie: as we watched the other cases, my personal compassion grew and I send out radiant love and healing to all the defendants and their families.  The cases we heard were all the same theme, horrible experiences with an authority figure whether is be police, judge or lawyer.  Drugs are a huge factor in the judicial system.  Its really heart wrenching, so I stayed busy
[7/18/2017 9:07:17 PM] Alex and Valerie: So I also worked on the uniforms.  as the DIstortion became visible, I enhanced it with the intention the barriers were broken.  too many times it subsides and the being just goes back to the program.  not today.  the distortion was potent enough to shift the lives of everyone in the courtroom
[7/18/2017 9:07:27 PM] Alex and Valerie: Probably courthouse
[7/18/2017 9:10:10 PM] Alex and Valerie: Finally, at about 12:50, FW went before the judge to enter Randy’s …..request to be transferred to SC.  The room was nearly empty.  About 3 defendants, maybe 6 or so spectators, the judge, a couple attorneys and us.
[7/18/2017 9:10:48 PM] Alex and Valerie: And then a literal herd of Marshalls and uniforms entered the room.
[7/18/2017 9:11:15 PM] Alex and Valerie: All standing in the rear of the room, we had to pass them all as we left.
[7/18/2017 9:11:41 PM] Alex and Valerie: ……ok I’m getting some kind of transmission right now….
[7/18/2017 9:12:20 PM] Alex and Valerie: my physical being has shifted into a very refined shimmy???
[7/18/2017 9:12:25 PM] Alex and Valerie: give me a minute
[7/18/2017 9:12:39 PM] Denice D: (inlove)
[7/18/2017 9:12:50 PM] Alex and Valerie: I need to walk away for just a sec
[7/18/2017 9:30:34 PM] Terran: (Borrowing Bevs laptop for trip to Wyoming)
[7/18/2017 9:34:10 PM] Terran: Did everyone flip a circuit breaker? Don’t leave us hanging on the story! (cwl)
[7/18/2017 9:34:25 PM] Denice D: I hope Val is ok. . .
[7/18/2017 9:35:06 PM] Denice D: Is H still going to DC tomorrow?
[7/18/2017 9:38:34 PM] Denice D: I can get up early if you all want to work in the morning :)
[7/18/2017 9:48:40 PM] Terran: I must leave here around 3am. So I’ll have to catch some sleep and catch the story later. Amazing doing! Can’t wait to hear the rest! Love you all! ❤️
[7/18/2017 9:58:47 PM] Skye Macleod: keep falling asleep here too…. Love to all (heart)
[7/18/2017 10:44:36 PM] Alex and Valerie: to be continued……. (like)
FYI – Forrest Wallace is a private attorney who Heather hired to speak in the courtroom by her instruction.  Only an attorney licensed in Tennessee can speak ;)

7.17.17 HATJ  Update via Skype

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .
Randy update:  Colorado “case”, with attempts to extradite on “FFJ” charge was dismissed on the basis it was an mistake.

Now, there is purportedly a warrant, with issue date of July 13, 2017, for SC (yet was not showing in any systems) as of morning, July 14, 2017, and today was first any of us had heard of it.

I am flying to Knox this evening to coordinate further with the locals and DOJ.  Intending to get the last purported case dismissed tomorrow in the a.m.

Following is a message regarding emails I received, starting at approximately 4:44 p.m. cst.  It is also ties in with Anna Von Reitz’s flury regarding a purported bankruptcy/creditor and debtor status/position, etc…and it is also the beliefs that caused the unlawful, unauthorized, and non-consensual assault, abduction, and dentention of Randall Keith Beane….my response in regards to purported bankruptcy, etc. will follow that message:
a woman, identifying herself as Nancy O’Shea, in federal law in forcement, wa d.c. (former fbi 28+yrs, now special agent with fed housing agency…google for cv) contacted me, approximately at 4:44pm cst on July 14, 2017, and offered help with key agencies in d.c.

july 15, 2017, i wrote her that i would contact them after my arrival in d.c.

this morning, July 16, 2017, she communicated a shared concern (shared with whom not stated) which I asked for one clarification, before i duly respond…and the communications can then flow.

concern expressed:  “I share a concern the process creates the legal presumption that one is subject to the bankruptcy and at the mercy of Secondary Creditors.  I am certainly open to discussion.”

clarification requested:  “Nancy, Please identify “the process” you are referring to.  There are infinite utilized in these moments.  You have my attention. hatj”
hatj response to all:  “Original, being due sole owner, title-holder, and authority, did duly make, issue, secure, perfect, and notice the full performance and satisfaction, with order to reconcile, in existence, known and not known, inclusive of full performance and satisfaction of all positions, status, contracts, agreements, obligations, and all property, value, and currency, therein, thereof, therefrom, thereto, and thereby, inclusive of all bankruptcies, creditor and debtor positions, and obligations thereby, thereto, therefrom, and thereof, nunc pro tunc, praeterea preterea,  Original Issue, restated, specially Article V.B., AFFIDAVIT OF FULL PERFORMANCE, DECLARATION OF CERTIFICATE OF SATISFACTION, AND DECLARATION OF ORDER, dated December 10, 2012, with UCC record number, 2012132883, and The Perpetuity, restated”
there is no bankruptcy, no creditors, no debtors…never was, never will be…hence, the AFFIDAVIT OF FULL PERFORMANCE, DECLARATION OF CERTIFICATE OF SATISFACTION, AND DECLARATION OF ORDER, was duly factualized, issued, secured, and noticed…to duly closeout (gently, compassionately) all beliefs given to believe  were truth that bankruptcy, creditors, debtors, etc., had existed.

message from HATJ- from Skype- 7.1617

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .

all reported and not reported systems “glitches” around the world, 2012-2016, were the systems being recalibrated, re-coded, and re-programmed for the correct ownership, title, and authority…specifically, for this moment of all doings.

in joy

and enjoy

[7:00:41 AM] Heather / Libby Guy / Paris /Angel Voice: meaning they are all connected to 1 unique place

[7:01:40 AM | Edited 7:02:06 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: yes, and that “1 unique place”, as you put it, was recoded and reprogramed with original source code on December 10, 2013, per March 18, 2013 order.

[6:59:49 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: all reported and not reported systems “glitches” around the world, 2012-2016, were the systems being recalibrated, re-coded, and re-programmed for the correct ownership, title, and authority…specifically, for this moment of all doings.

[7:00:06 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: in joy

[7:00:13 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: and enjoy

[7:02:15 AM] Heather / Libby Guy / Paris /Angel Voice: would that be the unique routing number that was put out ?

[7:02:21 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: no

[7:04:11 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: all codes recognize original source code, and original source code controls all code…since December 10, 2013.  May 18, 2013 to December 10, 2013 was the “grace period” to let go of all beliefs at the former “top levels”.

[7:05:04 AM] Heather / Libby Guy / Paris /Angel Voice: ok so you guys have 9 digit routing + 9 digits SS N° … so that’s 18 digits all together …

France has a 13 digit SS N° + 2 digit key security .. so we have either 13 or 15 … so that’s a miss out of  3 to 5 digits to connect to a FR place

[7:05:30 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: 2014-2016 was the “complete context/complete transparency” period for the former “top levels” to let go of all beliefs.

[7:06:00 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: Now, is the completion of all original enforcement

Follow Up by Lisa S.

[8:08:00 AM] lisa shannon
quoted —- “”[Saturday, July 15, 2017 8:10 PM] Reuben Emmanuel of the Bailey family Ⓘ:
<<< “it bums me out to be so predictable…and being used for data crunching most likely for their AI…”The problem (for “them”) is that they didn’t anticipate how the info would get “latched onto”, how hard the push would be, or that their “AI” would recognize the people when it wasn’t “supposed to”.   They forgot that their “AI” is also a part of Original.”"

lisa shannon: Yes, Reuben (like) and this is the remembering process.  (lovegift)

lisa shannon:

We were never going to throw the baby out with the bath water.  All ‘systems and structures” were designed, from their origination, to be used for for the highest good of all – this is happening now. We simply had to remember, recognize and reconcile (hug) The paradigm/support systems/foundations of Power Over Others (aka POO) are now in an accelerated process of transmutation and transformation, eliminating any and all confusion, dis-ease and -dis-tortions of the frequencies used (all designed for this amazing and now FULLY and COMPLETELY experienced model of seeming separation) and now unbound to the Original Design for play, Prepaid PreAuthorized and Pre Approved (aka PPP or for short – P) ;) DONE – this is unstoppable and we do now with the pure intentions of a graceful and easy transition for every role played.  All that was bound is NOW unbound in the same way in which it was bound – and it ALL takes place in the PHYSICAL. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. There are no reference points – ALL NEW CREATION.

This is already KNOWN in HEART by ALL – we move forward now with pure love and compassion and gratitude for the completion/closure.  WE – IS ALL OF US – EVERY BEING PLAYS and chooses how graceful and easy it is for their particular experience.

No words to express the gratitude I am feeling for everyone – even and especially the ones who assist now, with Randy, in the roles of commandeering by force, to expose and ‘connect the dots’ within the financial/military/government structures used for eons. (lovegift)  Quite amazing!!!

Oh – and AI – really it is Assimilation and Integration/Innergration – be steadfast, clear and have fun as we do only that which brings the greatest joy and is for the highest good of EVERY ONE EVERY WHERE, in pure love. (hearteyes)


Msg from HATJ-            ” thank you all and everyone for all your being and doing…it has changed all of existence forevermore…brilliant all be!”

“danni i have read anna’s piece…

in all my experience, it is a very transformative moment for all involved, when you come to the precipice of source of all that is…to make a choice to let go of all you have been to be all you are…and the choice to tenaciously hold on to all you have been i am grateful for anna and the catalyst she is and does…for her and all….she is loved completely, and nothing can change that fact”

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: This blog post and all of the comments written to the blog post  are only personal  opinions, held by the individuals who typed the blog post and blog comments. Any and all documents or graphics that is shown with each individual opinion cannot be construed as legal/lawful advice in any manner, but for entertainment purposes only. Any actions you take from the information given is your responsibility and to research the proper laws pertaining to your jurisdiction. This NOTICE is from a private non-citizen national pursuant to 8 U.S.C. § 1101(a)(21) under Common Law Jurisdiction. “U.S. adopted common laws of England with the constitution.” See Caldwell v. Hill, 178 SE 383 (1934).


2,004 Responses to “Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts”

  1. Denice says : Reply

    The Richmond ACH Routing number that worked for me for a Wells Fargo CC : Routing Number 051050339

    When I plugged that in, the bank and address autofilled.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Denice, what FRB letter are you in? that way I can file all notes on routing numbers under their corresponding letter.

      • My payment to my gas company was returned. It said No Account/Unable to Verify . I used letter G Bank of Chicago 073000338 then the red numbers on my ss. I also tried to set up with paypal and this is the response I got from them:

        Dear Kathryn Mancarella,

        To confirm your bank account, we tried to make 2 deposits into your FRB- DES MOINES ACH X-0451 account on Jul 3, 2017.
        The money was returned, however, because your bank does not recognize this bank account number. And I was trying to connect it to Nutmeg or TD, dam I can’t remember because I just opened them both.

        • Shawn says :

          Use 071000301 for letter G. That is the routing number for the MAIN branch

        • Bri says :

          Your SS # is the bank account number

        • Equan says :

          When it gets returned what happends

        • Kim H says :

          I just received an email from Paypal that says this:

          Dear Kimberly H,
          To confirm your bank account, we tried to make 2 deposits into your FEDERAL RESERVE BANK X-6164 account on Dec 31, 1969.
          The money was returned, however, because your bank does not recognize this bank account number.
          To fix this problem:
          • Contact your bank to double-check the account number
          • Log in to PayPal and click Link bank account.
          • Enter your bank account number and follow the instructions.

          I entered Cleveland Routing: 041000014 and my SS. It attached to Paypal ok on Sunday. I waited 2 days and called Paypal, received the code to my phone yesterday and all was verified.

          What do I do?

        • I M Power says :

          You have paypal employees going back to the future too! on your account.

          I had the same email- account on Dec 31, 1969.

          paypal did not exist on this planet on that date. ;-)

        • Kim H says :

          What do I do? Just try something other than Paypal?

          Use the account to pay an ACH?

        • Kim H says :

          So Paypal disabled my account and I had to remove the bank.

          They asked for a bank statement and a photo id.

        • Mr. J says :

          I got the 1969 message as well. They removed the fed from my paypal account but none of the purchases have showed up on to my actual checking account that’s been linked for years. I’m curious what will they try next. Sounds like the Fed threatened paypal and made them sever ties with all the accounts that they are holding hostage.

        • Lyn says :

          Kathryn… u did it incorrectly. CAPS for vital… important. WE MUST READ STEPS 3-4 TIMES AND DO THIS CORRECTLY EACH OF US OR WE R MAKING THEM AWARE OF PROBLEMS.
          Kathryn… yr acct # is the ss# on the front of yr card without dashes. It’s in the recipee given on this site. May I suggest everyone go read the recipee again.

          My experience… I put in G and chicago with my ss# into paypal. it was not accepted, so I did des moines as i was born closer to des moines and it put the FRB DES MOINES acct into my paypal account. (p.s. … I chose ‘other’ when list of banks to add… then chose ‘checking’ becuz I CHOSE TO USE THE MONEY!)
          Then I called when acct open on my screen, received a one tie code, called and said i need help to verify bank as i just added a trust account and dont have access to ledger. I was sent a code to my cell phone so make certain all yr info is updated before u add the bank. THIS IS ON THIS SITE! PLS STOP DOING ACTIONS WHEN U R NOT DOING THEM CORRECTLY AS THE MORE ERRORS CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS FOR EVERYONE!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE. TAKE BETTER RESPONSILBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY FOR YR ACTIONS. IF U R CHILDISH AND IMMATURE IN YR ACTIONS U CLD GET PAYPAL CLOSED FOR EVERYONE.
          I’m striving to save my life and that of my Daughter so this is vital for me to get working asap. I wont share but that we have spent 11 yrs healing from being rear ended and now have nothing…no home, car, laptop, etc. Blessings.

        • Anastasia says :

          Guys, the 1969 is the backdating happening behind the scenes. It’s a way for financial institutions, and especially mortgages, to capture much more $$$ than you think is on the table. For mortgages, it’s at least 4.98x the principal amount. At least. And “they” are banking on the fact, you all will never catch on to the algorithm.

        • Kim H says :

          I need some help urgently.

          Paypal just froze my account telling me if I am unable to verify ownership of this bank account, my account will be permanently froze.

          Right now, that’s all the money I have and people have been helping me financially using that account because I’ve been in a car accident and am unable to work.

          Please help.

      • But I didn’t verify my paypal like you said to above. I must go back and read above again, was very long and I’ve been studying for 5 years, seems like I am reading same stuff over and over, I will re-read later, I’m drained and overwhelmed with bills and legal matters, ugh…. no patience right now, but I know there are jewels here, thank you for all you do. l!!

        • Lynda Gaston says :

          I soo feel you on that Kathryn! I just want to be debt free! Something’s got to work!

        • Rebecca says :

          @ Kathryn Mancarella…You used the WRONG number on your SS card as the account number (as was also indicated by Bri)! You are to use YOUR social security number NOT the red or black number on the BACK of your SS card! The red or black number on the back was ONLY for the purpose of you getting the capital letter at the beginning so you could identify which of the Federal Reserve Banks in the country holds YOUR trust account. Hope you get this figured out! :-)

        • Eric dube says :

          I just trie to link my pay pal account and its saying the federal reserve bank has been disabled when i try to verify the 2 small transactions? 6:30pm july 12

        • Peter Wu says :

          From the recorded chat, you cannot verify with paypal thru the 2 deposits to verify your account. They recommend calling Paypal and asking to verify the account over the phone by answering some questions about yourself. Plan on 30 minutes to do this including time on hold with them.

      • Jtt says : Reply

        My utilities company said insufficient funds to my direct payment,after 10 days.They said it cleared then changed mind.Any advice?

      • Laurel says : Reply

        Do you actually have to wait the 1-2 days for PayPal to send the deposits before calling them?

        • Lyn says :


        • Lyn says :

          read the top of this site… its there in the recipee.

          949.878.7100 leave yr name and cell if in America with American cell. we can talk.

      • shemsu says : Reply

        Just finished the “RECIPE”!!! They went and did the two deposit, 24 to 48 hour thing!!! EVERYTHING went EXACTLY like you said it would!!! I’ll make the call tomorrow and give them the Family Trust spill because it HAS the Fed Bank listed as an OPTIONAL bank… MOST Appreciated!!! I M Power if you have any suggestions I would be Grateful… I’ll let you know how this goes…

        • ElaB says :

          Shemsu-please let us know how your Pay Pal confirmation went …I want to do it, but felt not sure , about it :)

          Thank you
          Blessings to all
          Power to the People
          Love and light

        • vidal says :

          Does the same work for credit unions ?

        • Blaze2Glory says :

          Well….after many many years & jillion’s of rabbit holes, I figured this was just too easy. But, in the interest of fair play and curiosity, I attempted to link the Fed acct 2 PP and I got an immediate and direct message from PP at the top of the bank linking page: “Denied due to risk” all encased in a red box!

        • Aireal says :

          How did it go? Did you link to paypal?

        • shemsu says :

          ElaB everything is on schedule. the frb is linked to my Paypal. Haven’t been allowed to make any purchases or make any transfers as of yet, but I made a withdrawal from frb and deposited to Paypal . 3-5 day wait. i’ll see what I can find out tomorrow. Oh yeah I also tried to link frb to fidelity acc. I had been conversing with a rep from fidelity b4 the recipe and tried to get him to link the frb but he left the phone on an emergency call, and he has NEVER called back or answered my calls after giving my routing no. and bank acc. (ssn). I did try Barclays and they want to see cert. of live birth, ssn card and proof of residence. This IS real deal. I have linked the PayPal and Barclays accts. i’ll be going thru the latest posts…

        • Alan says :

          Shemsu: You submitted all ucc/ trust papers to bank right?

        • Blaze2Glory says :

          Update: am on “ignore” with PP right now after having spoken with a young female rep who told me flat out that PP will NOT add a Trust to my acct because “Trusts are not allowed”….I insisted on starting up the food chain and now have been on hold for 37 minutes….

      • Carnell says : Reply

        I tried to add my account to paypal and it said denied due to risk

      • John Ramos says : Reply


        Since 67.8% of the visitors to this site are from the US, it would be a great idea to have a moderator on this side of the pond, things change at a fast pace, sometimes in only 1 day or even less…

        Just throwing it out there!


      • John Ramos says : Reply

        Check this, proves the FRB has debit cards


      • swa says : Reply

        this shit dosent even work ive tried this shit the exact way the recipe tells me and i still ended up getting fucked in the end

        • Harold says :

          If you are trying Amazon, or Paypal. It will not work. They refuse to use FED routing numbers.

    • autofilled what does that mean automatically filled up to what?

      • I M Power says : Reply

        the online system recognizes the data input and auto fills the corresponding information.

        • mike obrien says :

          hey i tried looking up my social on that site to see what its trading for and it did not show why is that ? also i am trying to understand exactly how i can start filing the paper work i have set up a treasury direct acct i have been helping spread the word via videos on my you tube which are quickly picking up momentum everybody deserves what has been stolen from them can you please help me and fill me in my email is stopthechaosnow07@gmail.com maybe is there any way to google hang out or something?

        • Armando says :

          What do you make of this warning by Judge Anna?

          Judge Anna von Reitz

          You are the heir of a vast fortune, but you were never told about it.

          Instead, your own employees kidnapped you to a foreign land and sold you into slavery. All your life you have worked and paid taxes and mortgages and utility bills you never owed.

          The perpetrators of this scheme flourished and multiplied and grew fat from their misuse of your credit and your assets.

          Billions of people have labored under their yoke. They are all owed remedy and recompense.

          Now, the perps have tried to enter you and your assets into a giant worldwide bankruptcy. They have pretended not to know who you are.

          They have pretended that instead of being a Priority Creditor, you are a chattel property backing their own debts.

          They have offered to have “YOUR” debts — which you never owed in the first place — discharged in the giant bankruptcy.

          Taking advantage of that “Treasury Direct Account” at this point leaves you listed as a bankrupt indentured servant, and it leaves them still in control, still acting as your Creditors, still siphoning off all the benefit of your labor and your land and everything else.

          It’s time to change that.

          There is another way to have all those debts discharged. When you “return home” to the land and soil of the state where you were born, they have to give you back your estate free and clear and fully restored.

          You are the actual landlord.

          You are the Priority Creditor of their bankruptcy.

          You are the Paramount Security Interest Holder.

          And they are disloyal, crooked employees who have drunk your wine, paid themselves your rents, and enslaved you under color of law.


          (1) Get the bogus debts discharged in bankruptcy using the offered “Treasury Direct Accounts” and give up your claim to your birthright and be a bankrupt indentured servant the rest of your days…… and your children after you.

          (2) Or, get the bogus debts discharged AND reclaim back your land and labor and name and everything else, too. Stand up now or there will never be another chance to reclaim your birthright and force the rats to run like cockroaches in a bright light.

          Your choice.

          The Living Law Firm needs help to do this. We made the initial claim in behalf of the American states and people on June 29, 2017 and we are prosecuting it.

          The PayPal is: avannavon@gmail.com.

          The mailing address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.

          Just as I told you about the “M1 Prosperity Bonds” being another trick, the Treasury Direct Account is also another trick at this point, because it creates the legal presumption that you are subject to their bankruptcy and leaves you at the mercy of Secondary Creditors, when you are in fact the Priority Creditor.

          Until we negotiate this and get it straightened out, boycott the Treasury Direct Account offer and tell all your friends and neighbors what it means and what is going on.

        • Deb says :

          Armando i am gonna wait and not do anything yet….I dont know if she is right but am thinking if she is then will be glad i waited…..Wouldn’t surprise me if she was tho.

        • Angie says :

          FRB in Philadelphia 031000040 keeps coming back as not valid. I was told to use the treasury #051736158 0n a different forum but I’m not sure if I should

        • Jeff says :

          -Armando July 15, 2017 at 2:15 pm
          (Judge Anna von Reitz)

          That is what I have been saying. However about waiting, I do not know. This could be part of the plan to halt us while they maneuver. Honestly I think it all comes down to status correction. We are all dead and lost at sea in the eyes of the world. We need our green passport, and UCC1(SPC) completed I believe. We must become alive and competent. Everyone trying PayPal, and amazon, are showing they are incompetent, and acting childish. They do not see the bigger picture here. They are kids in a candy store with unlimited credit. Even if they succeed. They will end up like the jackpot lottery winners, and any or all of the following: bankrupt, drug addicted, depressed, suicidal, mentally ill, ect. Personally I think if you dont know how to live without money, or on the verge of homelessness, you will have no understanding or respect for the one eye, mono-eye, the thing we call money. It can be a great tool, or a great evil.
          Personally I plan on giving away 1-2x equal value in what ever I buy for myself. This is my way of not being greedy and living in balance between pure greed(evil) and pure love.

          If anyone wishes to share knowledge with me, i return substance for substance.

    • Laurel says : Reply

      Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have the letter F on my SScard. there are five routing numbers for that letter. When trying to set it up as a ban on my paypal account none of the numbers would work. So I decided to see if any of the other numbers from the list would work and low and behold the very first number from group A worked. I was so tickled to see the information come up just like this article said it would. Now I am waiting for the two small deposits to go through then we will see what happens. I will keep you posted.

      I used the actual routing for my letter to pay some bills online they went through the first time, Im waiting to see if they will stick or if they will come back as payment rejected, fingers crossed.

      • Laurel says : Reply

        Ok, so the numbers that I was referring to are: To pay some bills I used for the letter F 061000146, I just did that today, hopefully it doesn’t take ten days for them to reject the payment.

        Paypal would not accept this number, or any of the other numbers listed to the letter F. That is when I decided to start from the top of the list of numbers until one worked. Well luckily the first one for letter A 011000015, this number filled in all the banks information and I got the screen you said I would about the deposits. Question “How long did you wait before calling Paypal about verifying the account?

        • Mica says :

          Hi Laurel…Thanks for info on letter F…when you paid some bills did you do it online or talk with somone over the phone??

        • Andrew says :

          Hi Laurel, for clarity. The ‘F’ SS code is for Atlanta (061000146) and the Atlanta FED has four (4) branches. All share the main Atlanta branch billing address. Your selection of ‘A’ for FED Boston was due to the billing address being Atlanta? (Just checking).

          If this works for you, that may provide additional information for others that the factualized trust accounts ‘may’ have been assigned in Fed system differently. As mentioned above, all of these doings should be clearly captured and communicated for the benefit of All. There may be some logic involved that could provide details for subsequent trust owners to access and utilize their accounts with ease and grace.

          Thank you! : )

        • Lyn says :


        • NOEL says :

          Hi Laurel, You might like to go to……. annavonreitz.com Judge Anna is saying do not sign anything until you renounce your Citizenship from the Corporate Government as you are still in Corporate Jurisdiction and the PTB may claim it in bankruptcy. Please look at what she has done to return America back to the Continental American Republic. She also shows how renounce your Citizenship and return to the LAND jurisdition. She also has opened Unincorporated BANKS for the people that the PTB can’t touch.

        • J jr says :

          hello I would like to share my my experience with PayPal me and my lady signed up for a PayPal account and we link the number that was on the back of her social security card which was the letter B as the routing number and her social security # as the account number. Everything you seen to be going as planned at first the bank was confirmed it was linked to the PayPal account but something strange happen. We know that they sent two small deposits to the bank so we had to call in to get the bank verified follow the necessary steps to do so got the bank verified. and then several days later after creating the account the bank disappeared they didn’t want to give me any real information on why that happened I tried to close the account and they said that it was frozen. they refused to delete the account but what they did tell me was that the so-called Bank sent them something saying that it was not a bank. What does this mean exactly Wii used the numbers on the back of her card that was linked to the routing number is it a possibility that the routing numbers got switched we’re pretty confused on what necessary steps to take at this point. we don’t know if anything is going to happen at this point because they froze the account it won’t allow us to use it I did the same thing with my PayPal account and most likely that one will be Frozen as well. I just assumed because the bank link to my number disappeared as well. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.

      • Sandy says : Reply

        Hi Laurel,,, I’m confused. If your card has an “F”, why did you use a routing number from an “A”?

      • Terri says : Reply

        Does a person need to be “sovereign” before withdrawing from the as card account?

      • Leann vasquez says : Reply

        did. ur bills get reversed

    • jasmine says : Reply

      I just set up my PayPal an I tired transferring money from the bank to PayPal account it didn’t do it. It let me put in a amount but gave me a message box saying if I needed help to contact customer service. I have a regular account not a business PayPal what should I do next?

      • Laurel says : Reply

        I paid online using the bank account option instead of the debit or credit card options.

      • josh says : Reply

        I think you need to start with a smaller amount like 50 bucks

      • J jr says : Reply

        Hello first I like to say I think you for what you all are doing this is mind-blowing information I’ve been following the steps I’m new at this but there was a payment made through the bank and it cleared for 1800 but when I try to link that same number to the Pay Pal it ask for some type of verification I am trying to figure out how do I go about verifying if I don’t have access to the funds directly any input helps thank you and also I used that same routing number on Amazon to make a purchase and Amazon kelp declining declining the purchases because they thought it was an act of fraud and I used a separate routing number that was available for my letter and it was declining any input would help thanks.

        • Wonders about everything says :

          J jr I tried just purchasing stuff through Amazon, I added a payment bank the FED with my ss # a few hrs later, Amazon said sales were declined. Apparently a company Telecheck clears purchases for Amazon vendors. So I guess Telecheck is blocking the vendors side, making me unable to purchase from them directly out of my FED acct #. My finances crashed when TPW last crashed the economy, lost my house foreclosure NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE locked me out of my account online, I starved to pay NATIONSTAR back payments 1000′s, people were giving me food ! WTH, all my credit cards, went down when I had to choose utilities over payments. And it wasn’t because I was laying around, all my customers had problems with their finances, so they quit buying my art, even called me and apologized for pulling out of their commission agreements. Not whining, just saying, reporting, knowing the PTW are watching, so much for arts and culture. So far I haven’t been able to get money on Paypal… but was able to pay Moms mortgage off with her account so I can survive, hopefully thrive… Looking for the easiest way to get my private account in spendable forms.

        • Aireal says :

          how did u check out on amazon using a check?

        • J jr says :

          thank you for your reply. “wonders about everything” I have another experience that is very interesting so today after the PayPal ordeal I decided to call one of the numbers link to the routing numbers which was the letter c Philadelphia. And there was a message saying this is a public announcement federal reserve banks received a number of unauthorized transactions from consumers trying to make payments using Federal Reserve Bank information. These transactions are fraudulent any videos text email phone calls or websites that describe how to pay bills using a Federal Reserve Bank routing number or using the account is a scam. the Federal Reserve Banks does not hold consumer bank accounts or provide services to private citizens. The appropriate law enforcement agency has been notified and the situation is being closely monitored and investigated. If you are calling to verify consumer accounts balances we are unable to assist and you should hang up now and should disconnected at this time. I thought that I would put that out there and share that information very strange it seems as if they’re trying to keep us from accessing our property. don’t really know what that means hopefully someone can expound.

      • Rebecca says : Reply

        Jasmine…if you just set-up your account, then you’ll still need to go through PayPal’s verification process before you’ll be able to transfer from your TDA into your PayPal account.

      • ChillWill says : Reply

        Same thing happens to me, my account now limited and three are asking for phot is and proof of my fed account like a bank statement or whatnot. What now?

    • Jerry D says : Reply

      I am going to open a Treasury Direct account, but I want to be sure to open the correct account. My thinking is that it should it be a “Trust” account, for the all caps fiction name on my BC and SSN card and not an “individual” account? I appreciate your help to make sure I am opening the correct account at TD!

    • CK says : Reply

      I registered my acct with Pay Pal waiting for the confirmation . I went to Wells fargo and entered the banking info
      the bank came back and said this account is not authorized for bank to bank transfers. So not sure what to do
      How do I get past this if there is anyone that knows a different routing number for wire transfers for letter G Chicago
      Let me know please . All the info auto filled just fine. with 071000301.

    • Rebecca says : Reply

      The letter at the beginning of the number series on the back of my SS card is an “E” for a FRB in Atlanta, GA. I thought I would first try to access it in a small way by paying my electric utility bill online, but the ACH system would only accept credit card payments and NOT bank ACH payments. So, I’m going the PayPal route. I used the very first bank in the series of the 3 “valid” ones because that is the MAIN routing number for that branch and it appeared that the other 2 might have restrictions on the fund wiring capabilities. Actually, there were 4 routing numbers listed, but the one in Richmond, VA is not valid for ACH transfers.

      So far…so good. The Atlanta FRB is set-up as a valid bank account in my PayPal account…so I’ll report back as soon as I get through the “small deposit and withdrawal” function of the process in a couple of days. Praying this works! Thank you SO much for your diligence in helping to free us from our horrific economic slavery! :-)

      • Rebecca says : Reply

        OK…I just called PayPal to manually verify my new FRB account. I told them what I M Power advised to say and told them it was a private family trust and I did not have access to the ledger in which to confirm the 2 deposits and the withdrawal. Also, I do not have texting capabilities on my mobile phone…so they verified using several questions of things having to do with my past over the last 20 years using multiple choice answers…such as cities I’ve lived in, street names I’ve lived on in the past and addresses of past homes I’ve owned. Although taking longer than the text code message route, this was an easy process and I was done in about 20 minutes! After getting confirmation that my account was verified, I just did a “test run” requesting a transfer of $100 from my FRB account to my PayPal. Will update, again in a few days to let ya’ll know when or IF that went through! :-)

      • Rebecca says : Reply

        Well…this didn’t work for me! :-( I awoke this morning to a couple of PayPal messages…the first one saying their deposits could not be made because “the bank does not recognize the account number” and the 2nd one stating that the FRB had been removed from my account since the account number was not recognized. I’m not sure what to do now! I think I’ve seen or heard elsewhere that the number on the back of our U.S. social security cards is the REAL account number and NOT our SS numbers. Is this the case??? Also, on the call yesterday…a woman by the name of Sonja (near the end of the recording) said something to the effect that we need to add 2 digits to the account number to differentiate between the savings account and the checking account of our TDA. I believe Brian (?) was going to get this information from her and post it in different places so we could try her suggestions. PLEASE…will someone help to suggest some “next steps”???

        • ElaB says :

          Rebbecca hello, yes, you correct, thats what Sonia said. Look at my new comment somewhere in this thread, today’s date. I posted details. Although i am not really clear of few details. Hope someone can help to clarify something.
          At this point i am testing my Time Warner Cable bill for $15 . I entered what Sonia said, the number in the back of my SS as an account number and as per routing # i have entered Treasury Direct’s Routing Number 051736158. (added 22 for checking) not sure if this correct, because on TWC site gives you an option to choose from Checking Account or Savings. I decided to go with checking, then they asking Name on the account. I entered Bureau of Public Debt , not sure what name i should of have entered, or maybe US Treasury, as a name on the account?)
          so I will wait 24 hours and report what happened.

          My Pay pal didn’t work,I suspect because as everyone jumped and used the info that was provided to us earlier- Using SS # as your account number and routing number according to the letter on the back of our SS. ANyway, i will not play with Pay pal for now. I am using that account.

    • Kay says : Reply

      Paypal is restricting accounts linked to the banks. Customer Service is asking for bank statements to prove your identity even after confirming your identity through their OWN measures. The rep said “We know its your account but we need more information” They wont remove the restriction or close the account without it. They wont let you speak to management. They are forcing people to keep their account open even if it is restricted and cant be used. That is their way of maintaing user accounts to keep their funding flowing, even though you cant use your account.

      • ChillWill says : Reply

        Same thing happened to me today, now my account is basically frozen, can’t use it. What to do next?

      • Kay says : Reply

        Just spoke with Paypal customer service. I asked for a reason code for my account restrictions. I was told that they did not have one. I was told that they simply decided that they did not want to business with me anymore, they dont have a reason why. I was told that my account would be permanently restricted, but they will NOT close the account. The rep told me “We dont make money from your account being restricted”. I informed her that they DO however make money from each user account that is active. SO that means they are keeping people’s accounts open for the user credits, but the accounts are restricted so that user cant use it. This cant be legal.

      • EliB33 says : Reply

        Harvey said that Pay Pal is the CABAL, we shouldn’t use Pay Pal.

        • Chris says :

          Just got off the phone with PAYPAL. They tried twice to set my account up and the second call the gentleman told me that the PAYPAL security system would not allow the account. He told me that it would not give him a reason why. I asked if there was a problem with the bank and he once again said the issue was on PAYPAL’ end.

        • John Ramos says :

          Watch and weep! Paypal shutting down accounts asking the verify over the phone

          crickets in the media still… your secret account is not a scam! stop using paypal! https://youtu.be/uiO-oqxuR40

      • Jeff says : Reply

        They have been playing that game most if not all of paypal’s life. They look for any reason to freeze your funds for 180 days, and even hope you will forget about them. They use these funds like credit, probably more valuable then credit, as it is probably equity, and not to mention they keep the interest they gain while putting your funds into their prison.

    • Jon says : Reply

      I add my trust account using 021050466 to my paypal it was confirmed over the phone but i was unable to pull $800 from my account i then tried $500 no luck also that # for Newyork Bank name on my paypal shows Disbursing Division i don’t
      know what my next move need to be should i use another number Because it does not say FRB .

    • Jerry D says : Reply

      Hi Denise, I just used the updated and current MICR format Richmond RN 051900023 to pay off a Capital One credit card bill yesterday. It immediately auto-filled as well as valid and was accepted as paid this morning!! It took less than 24 hours. It was the first time I tried to pay a bill and as you can imagine, I am super happy.

      I have been a secure creditor for about two years now and had the typical problems with the A4V method.

      • Michael says : Reply

        Hi Jerry. I also am a ‘E’ richmond. if you notice when you plug in the routing number at the us bank locations website it says underneath:

        Fedwire Routing
        Routing Number 051900023 doesn’t process Fedwire Payments.
        *The information for this routing number was updated on Jul. 13, 2017.

        Im not sure what that means but it worked so far for my chase account. however I can’t get anything to go through for my Citi CC account.

        • Mr. J says :

          I’m an E as well. The number that worked for me was 052000278

        • Jerry D says :

          Hi Michael, The payment got returned this morning. Apparently the Fed is the wrong place to send payments to as of the end of June 2017. You are supposed to send it to The Bureau of Public Debt, which is part of The US Treasury. I added that bank to my Credit One CC a few minutes ago, then paid off my CC in full and it posted within a few minutes. I will keep you posted on the status…if it gets paid and stays paid that is.

        • Megan Fry says :

          So you are able to wire money from FRB to a chase account is this correct?

      • Adah says : Reply

        Jerry let us know when it comes back to date capital one has returned all payments that previously posted I am also based out of the Richmond federal reserve

        • ElaB says :

          Jerry D -hello, Would you be able, please give me a step by step process of how to fill out all the info when paying bills, and setting up an account (using account number when paying bills). I am a bit lost frankly :)
          What account do use and indicate (checking or savings) and what to type in the “Name on the account”? etc

          I would appreciate your help. Thank you

      • Danielle says : Reply

        Jerry can you explain secure creditor…

        • Jerry D says :

          Good morning everyone, Becoming a secure creditor starts with filing a non UCC1 financing statement in your state and then sending your authenticated BC to the US Treasury in Puerto Rico for them to deposit the funds. I now this is new to a lot of folks and quite confusing, but I did it a couple years ago and you will understand the process with research. What you want to accomplish with this process is to take control of your so called “STRAWMAN” fictional – all capital letters name and your property – estate – accounts in the “trusts.” The fictional “person” the bankers created when your mom signed the birth certificate for you the living being “people.” The banker monsters use the Legalese of the Uniform Commercial Code or UCC to accomplish this. Everything they are doing is in Admiralty – Maritime Law in today’s UCC world. Its really the Roman cult world. WE lost the Common Law pretty much betweed 1871 – 1939. That is a brief explanation to get you started. I have done quite a bit more to tighten up my status as a creditor, not a debtor. Anyway, sorry to confuse you, but the goal is to gain control of the TDA, BC and other accounts so we can use them. You create more accounts with your signature. The bankers have been using them, because they are considered abandoned property, because you don’t know how to claim them as yours. The deception runs very deep. The monsters have a lot of time to sit around and plan on how to use our money for their benefit. I also authenticated my BC on state and federal levels, filed an Affidavit of Truth, and other forms. It can be exhausting.

          Ok, back to the current situation. The Capital One payment I sent in via the US Treasury – Bureau of Public Debt yesterday has posted. Will the payment hold? I will watch periodically today but for now it has worked and I have full credit on my card. Looks great now, but time will tell. I will update asap. Oh, the routing number I used for the US Treasury – Bureau of Public Debt in Parkersburg, West Virginia is 051736158. This routing number is used for everyone in the USA. Just use your SSN the same way with no dashes. Mine immediately posted, so its a valid RN and account. Will they honor me? Peace and best wishes everyone.

        • Jerry D says :

          The first website explains what is and has happened to us. The second is an update on the SSN etc. Have a great day my fellow living, breathing people!


          This is the info on the US Treasury – Bureau of Public Debt…


        • Anastasia says :

          Jerry – you speak the truth about abandoned funds. That’s the name of the game. Everyone likes to run around and yell about this and that but all they need to do is start making claims on the abandoned funds. It kinda is that simple. Why wouldn’t it be? We just like to complicate things, and many enjoy the victim programming too much.

        • Jeff says :

          Jerry, maybe you can elaborate on the Authentication process, and tell us what benefit you have received if any from doing the UCC1 financing statement. HarveyDe_nt also authenticated his BC, but doesnt really explain how. No one seems to explain how or about the BC#. Last I heard PR was no longer performing in regards to what you mentioned, per druanna anyway. Are you a student of hers?

          We are either born dead, or die at age 7, since we never claim our inheritance, trust or estate so the government(the bankster corporation), holds and uses these funds as their own credit.

          I would also like to see some confirmation on transferring the BC bond/account to the true Republic of American Treasury, for them to hold and use as credit, which druanna states is the only way, besides revolution/war, to pay off the bankers, settle the debt and kick them out. If this is true, then this is more or equally important to paying off our bills ect.

          You, finalized SPC’s, should have full use of discharging debts once claimed/completed this process.
          Also have you tried or do you use the AFV/A4V process now that you are an SPC?

          SPC will also put more power behind you, and fear against the banks/creditors who are screwing us. UCC1/Commercial lien, if presented properly to the right people(s), will get us results and settlements.
          * * * * * *
          Can you validate any of this? I never seem to hear from any “students” or anyone that any of this is true.
          * * * * * *

      • Hector says : Reply

        Hey jerry I did the same thing with capital one and next day I started using it.. I spend about 150 dollars with my credit card .. then next day it showed O avail credit.. I kno I still had 350 left over to spen but the reserve bank reversed the payment.. let me know how it goes for you

      • vanessa gutierrez says : Reply

        How do i become a secure creditor? And where can i find the form they speak of on your audio link? The one to notorize to prove its my account?

        Thank you

      • Michael says : Reply

        Hi Jerrry. Thank you for the update. I had the same thing happen with my tmobile account two days ago and then I tried the Bureau of public debt numbers and they instantly went right through. No reversals as of yet.

      • Greg says : Reply

        @Jerry D,

        Hey Jerry.

        I’d love to talk to you or email back and forth.

        So, years (about 2) I set up:
        1. UCC Financing Statement for an Estate through West Virginia (seemed to be the easiest way to get it recorded), however I live in Virginia (currently). Afterwards, I got the UCC Financing Statement filed in Virginia (this is 1/2 that was needed to be filed), the second UCC Financing statement I can’t get filed for the life of me.

        2. I’ve have my birth certificate Apostille sealed from my original state of birth. (If you get this you get where I’m going.)

        3. I also have about 8-9 other documents “Private” documents notarized and Apostille sealed as well.

        I know everyone’s time is valuable and I’d like to chat with you to see and exchange information about what you did and what I did: “I also authenticated my BC on state and federal levels, filed an Affidavit of Truth, and other forms.”, if you don’t mind. Might make for a very interesting conversation. I would like to discuss things with you more in detail if you have time. Feel free to email me at “gregthetruthseeker@gmail.com’

    • KwasiRa says : Reply

      Everything i did got denied. This is fraud and not fair to mankind. I called Federal Reserve and they literally hung up in my face. THat is not professional at all. That tells me you are hiding something and this needs to exposed on a grand scale.

    • Joe baker says : Reply

      I’ve paid my utilities so far so good. I tried paying 2500 on my car note got reversed r34. I tried ordering stuff on amazon order went through but a few hours later was declined. Used philidalphia

    • Kelley Brown says : Reply

      I hope this is valid

    • Kelley Brown says : Reply


    • jay says : Reply


    • Kiki says : Reply

      Amazon keeps the federal routing number and ssi account but you can use it. How to get Amazon to utilize the trust account

      • Jeff says : Reply

        Don’t try this. Everyone post, “it worked!” yet they don’t wait 3-7 days to see if it sticks…therefor miss leading ppl.
        How many lost their paypal account because few ppl did the above? HELL OF A LOT.
        Would be MUCH easier if this was a rule before posting, “it worked!”

    • Kiki says : Reply

      My bank just shut down my account stating they will no longer do business with me. I did fill out the treasury forms as well. But I connected my treasury account to my brokerage account and they shut down my accounts. All of them. Why?

      • vanessa gutierrez says : Reply

        Who do you bank with?

      • Jeff says : Reply

        This is there way of halting or slowing the awakening. I think you and others need to do more research and be patient. Go on with your life as normal until kinks are worked out. Also if you don’t understand what or why your accounts are being closed, you, in my opinion, are not ready to make these gambles, and you may bring harm to yourself in one way or another. Many of us are working on solutions, yet many are repeating mistakes or experiments which have already been concluded. ie dont do this on paypal…
        Many might say sure, keep experimenting, but it is not their neck on the line.

    • Chuck says : Reply

      I just called the federal Reserve number listed above for Philadelphia and an automated message says this is fraud. None of the transactions I have tried have succeeded. What should I do now?

    • Meme says : Reply

      I have tried to purchase a vehicle off of carvanna they sent me all type of congratulations your your new Lexus will be delivered to you but during the funding verification process the lady on the phone said she could not verify that I have these funds she said that I needed a cashiers check or money order what do I do?

    • Angie says : Reply

      I’m completely confused and frustrated. I tried several time to uses the Philadelphia routing number 0310-00004-0 it keeps saying does not exist.

      • Miriam says : Reply

        also uber frustrated…
        oh my routing number works when i go to the website listed on here to verify….i just cant freakin add/link the frb account TO my paypal account

      • Jaime says : Reply

        drop the last 0.. so use 0310-0004.. only 9 numbers usually in a routing number

      • Diane says : Reply

        Angie, I have the same Phil number and it worked on my elect bill. it appears you have an extra zero on the end.
        try to resubmit without the zero on the end.

    • Mimi says : Reply

      i just called the FRB # for the routing number listed (after my attempt to link my routing and account to paypal was “denied”) and lady there said they dont even have accounts for people, just businesses. is this a SCAM afterall as their prerecorded message states afterall?

      • Anna says : Reply

        @ Mimi [July 14, 2017 at 4:32 pm] :
        What do you expect them to tell you? Can’t you SEE that they are trying everything they can NOT to give you YOUR money and keep it for THEMSELVES?

      • Aj says : Reply

        Remember, “persons” are corporate entities. Aka, businesses.

    • Miriam says : Reply

      I tried the recipe for linking my routing number and adding my account to Paypal, called the FRB # that was listed for my routing # and was denied a second time by them, the lady said something to the tune of them not holding actual accounts for “people”, just companies/coorperations. the prerecorded message i got from that number BEFORE even talking to this lady was of a huge “scams” regarding people trying to pay their bills and this sort of thing, what is up sheesh!

    • Jaime says : Reply

      I just used 053000206 for letter “E”.. when I tried 051000033 discover said that didn’t exist, so I went to my next option and it said it existed, so we will see if the payment posts tmro!!

    • Oscar says : Reply

      Has Wells Fargo tried contacting you

    • Crystal schwarz says : Reply

      So I have been working getting my birth certificate for the last 2 months I also sent for my ssc Thursday the 13 th of july. And I did the registration for business name also sent my ucc1 for also an affidavit. So what can I do about my BC I spent the extra money to get express and its taking them forever to get a copy that’s all im waiting for. Someone please let me know if there’s something I can do

    • Crystal schwarz says : Reply

      So I called one of the fed banks in San Francisco Minneapolis and they have message from satan saying its fraudulent and they’re investigating it and nobody supposed to be using those accounts to pay for bills wt ? :-) so who the heck are they to say we can’t spend our accounts they are ours. So this shit has got to stop this fraudulent on their part whatever

    • Jacqueline says : Reply

      Could you explain how the accounts will replenish. I don’t understand how that is possible. Also, will the other counts be uncovered eventually also?

      • I M Power says : Reply

        Jacqueline, You are the value. You are unlimited.

        Taking one specific account as an example, you would have to work Very hard 24/7 from now till you leave your physical body and you still would not have made a dent in utilizing all of the value in that one account.

      • Crystal schwarz says : Reply

        (Jacqueline) Well I fill pretty confident in the program. With the kinks needing worked out for the most part and having a remedy way easier for us all. From what i have discovered that instead of the one account the public DEBT account im thinking I knowingly found that we are going to get a card with our own account(ssn/letter routing number) that is ours in the first place. We’ll each take the necessary steps in filling an application and emailing it to the big sister, or little or sitter, or our awsome sister. :-) shes going to keep us updated to all the problem solving thats taking place all we can do is just sit back support one another give loving Vibes to those that are helping us out and just be patient. Also share the numbers that aren’t working. Check out this hole website there’s plenty of information to get us through until we see some results. if you believe in can finish it all before then LOL :-) with love from a sister.

        • Jeff says :

          There is a card, and rumored to be two. I hear those who have gotten it, vanish, either in a negative way or as in they are free. My opinion is if they want to put a stop to this unraveling, then they should let those who are awake out, by giving us a simple method so we can move on in our lives vs creating more problems via posting and spreading this info onto every corner of the web, making those who are un-awake and unaware, aware which can lead to more awakening. Just like the movie the matrix, if all are woken up, the system, the game, the reality, or life will cease or crash; chaos. Again, sadly, if we are all rich, then we are all poor. rich can only exist if there is poor. It would be much better for some to be rich, and use said funds to move the world back into a utopia, vs all be poor(equal), and in chaos, trying to repair and rebuild the system into a utopia; my opinion anyway.

        • Jezreel says :

          Can someone here tell me if this has worked for you? I want to know if after you got confirmation if the funds actually stayed in your account and were not returned… please reply with ” I “!!!! If no say ” Aye “!!!!

    • Crystal schwarz says : Reply

      So im waiting for my card to be sent what is the national account#? Is it 051736158 public routing # in Richmond. What would you put in for the expiration date and then also what would be on a back of a bank card with the three numbers

    • Monowar says : Reply

      Hi people

      How would I utilise the account in the uk.
      Can someone give ideas.

    • Crystal schwarz says : Reply

      Just paid internet bill and have the. Code to verify yay good vibes here 7/17/17 my fav numbers 777

    • Crystal schwarz says : Reply

      hi everybody I just wanted to let you all know that I tried yesterday and today the letter L 1 2 1 0 0 0 3 7 4 isn’t working .I’ve noticed that that’s the only one for L if there is any idea on any other way please share thank you

    • Monowar says : Reply

      Anyone nows how I can pay credit card depts off in the uk

    • Crystal schwarz says : Reply

      so I called it the FED Reserve Bank to get some information and get help then they proceeded to tell me that everything that everything I was talking about was a scam she took some information and she said she was going to lock it because I’m a collar and they’re going to keep a log of all the people that are calling and told me that there is no such thing as what we are trying to do so any advice any body I called a total of three times you call you don’t tell them you want you have an account number and this and that routing number you just call and ask for information and they still are flipping out there supposed to be customer service and helping people not yelling at them and lying at them I also tried to get the agent’s name that I was speaking with but she only replied to as agent so she is a Iraqi agent not being Prejudice saying that that is the language that I heard was from Iraq. when is this s*** going to stop it is getting ridiculous this is so f****** b******* I’m sick of these f****** people

    • Crystal schwarz says : Reply

      and I also asked from the said agent if she would sign an Affidavit of Truth and she said,” no that I needed to figure out all the information on my own so that I can present it to her “.and I asked her what information it was that I need to know to ask her .she could tell me that I need to get to her so that we can make this clear and she said that , that was up to me but she would not sign an Affidavit of Truth stating that this is a scam so there is some detailed information that is truth behind it so don’t give up we need to keep pushing

    • Crystal schwarz says : Reply

      121000374 Minneapolis mn 55480 has blocked me and my PayPal has blocked me aswell I cannot punch my numbers in they wont let me in I have been blocked.I haven’t herd anything else from my centrylink bill I have a confirmation number from paying using the public DEBT route number

    • Andrew says : Reply

      Those involved with the recent doings related to access to value:

      Upon the investment of many years of diligence, both internally, and externally into the position we as a group currently arrive, I see us all at this moment at a unique precipice. We can choose to uphold the status quo, and continue the limited perception that our value is in some manner limited, or at least our access to ourselves, or we can make a more rational choice in accepting that all is factually limitless, and get on with a much more enjoyable experience moving forward, globally and beyond.

      I see Heather, the bold, courageous, and very well informed Heather, much along the same caliber as those founding fathers that created the organic constitution for the republic upon which we thought we were standing. This is a lady whom has put her very essence into service of highest purpose, and has systematically, and quite frankly poetically, undone at the foundational levels of law and commerce, that which stood to enslave us; mind, body, spirit, and the value thereof. Though it causes many of us various levels of strife both internally, and externally, to truly walk the path of upholding the truth of what has been placed before us as a clean way forward, we must stand in the same sort of bold and courageous energy Heather ( A founding mother…) has for the many years that have been required of her to accomplish the feat of unlocking the global systems, at all levels.

      I ask you folks over at the Treasury, the Federal Reserve, at the banks, and in various levels of government, to look carefully inside yourselves. Are you not too enslaved? Are you not too sitting behind a desk upholding the dictates of a system that you know internally to be unsustainable? Do you not uphold those dictates from a place of “just doing you job”? Would you not rather serve yourselves, and the rest of humanity while you are at it? You folks are free now, the same as the rest of the planet, and rest upon a clean and clear level of law, a level of law perfected at the very foundation of our existence. Should you not find it more enjoyable to re-arrange the collapsing systems you are currently a part of into systems that truly serve you and each of your brothers and sisters planet wide too?

      Team work is the way forward. Recognizing that we exist in a perceptual reality that is factually limitless is paramount. May the suffering, hunger, and sorrow end now. Lets collectively walk together into future of our own dictate, one of abundance and joy, where all are fed, clothed, healthy, and properly honored for their particular being and doing. This is much easier to accomplish at this unique precipice, than it ever has before. Carpe Diem!


    • Zandra Christmas says : Reply

      I have been unable to find these forms to apply online. Can someone tell me how I can apply online?

    • armani says : Reply

      paypal is asking me to come back at a later time? to add addt. account

    • Theresa says : Reply

      Do you happen to know what the letter D location is? I can’t find Federal Reserve Banks in the country with the letter D.

      • I M Power says : Reply

        scroll near bottom of the post, you will see the original screen shots with the Letter code, those are still the same, the routing numbers were being changed. So look further up the post for a screen shot of more recent and a link to look up now.

    • Caluchie says : Reply

      I’m with wells Fargo exactly how do I go about making this account work for me

  2. juhl says : Reply

    Hi am interested in any information on New Zealand.
    I think it is our Social Welfare number rather than IRD, but can’t find any linking letters for the routing numbers. Thank you

  3. John Jensen says : Reply

    My SS card does not have any any letter or number in red on the back.
    The front does show the SS # in red but there is no letter, only numbers.

    My card is on form O A – 702. Rev (9-61)


    • Bill says : Reply

      Same here. Apparently we need to get new replacement cards that will have the letter.

      • Ken Hamel says : Reply

        I used G 071000301 It was done it posted a new balance in 5 min 7/07/17. It reversed 7/11/17 I have just posted again and added a zero to make the account number a 10 digit number nothing yet.

      • John Capaldi says : Reply

        Cards printed prior to 1970 won’t have letters von back side, that’s what I had to do with mine …
        Get a new replacement card. Had the letter……just needed my Drivers License, check your state, some want a secondary type of ID,
        B.Cert., College ID, most States only require Dr. Lic. or State ID..

    • Janna says : Reply

      You need to request a new SS card.

      • Jim says : Reply

        Great opportunity for us all.
        I followed your instructions and linked my TDA to my PayPal account. Verified. Transferred 1000.00 to my account. In transition. Then I payed my late mortgage with the TDA. Waiting on it to post in 48 hours.
        What next ?

        • kamikaze mind says :

          Update on your PayPal payment?

        • Adah says :

          Any update on PayPal? Mine is still in progress

        • ElaB says :

          Jim hello

          How did you transfer money via Pay Pal, to which account did you transfer?

          I am trying to figure out how to transfer from FRB bank that i just verified via Pay Pal, to my other bank account


        • Adah says :

          ElaB I used the recipe above and initiated a transfer to my PayPal account

        • Kay says :

          I changed my paypal to a business account. I called to verify my account. They linked the bank account and it was succssful. Once I tried to transfer funds, my account was restricted. I was told I needed to produce a bank statement to verify my account. I was told they would not close my account, but it was restricted and i cannot use it. That was yesterday. Today I logged into paypal, this is what is on the screen:
          You can’t use PayPal anymore
          At PayPal, we value a safe community for our customers to do business. We noticed activity in your account that’s inconsistent with our User Agreement and we can no longer offer you PayPal services.

          Any bank or credit card information linked to your PayPal account cannot be removed nor can it be used to create a new account. You can still log in and see your account information but you can’t send or receive money. Any money in your balance will be held for 180 days, at which point we’ll send you an email with instructions about transferring your money.

          Reference # PP-005-974-486-899

        • umukija singh says :

          Hello I followed it too but when I try to transfer the money in my account it is giving me a error message that we can make the transfer at this time did you do anything different?

    • Jon Shaw Sr. says : Reply

      It may be on black

    • Charles says : Reply

      My card also does not have the numbers on the back. But having been born in California, I just used the number that corresponded to the west coast and, so far my 2 small payments($51.12 & $200) are on track to go through. It came up as the Federal Reserve Bank account.

      • Andrew says : Reply

        Hi Charles, Quick question – Did you use the ‘L’ SS code for SFO (121000374)? There is also an frb Los Angeles – ACH Routing Number (122000166) as well. Just confirming for transparency. Thank you.

      • Sharon says : Reply


        I have noticed that there is only one Federal Reserve routing number for California that being L-121000374, (San Fransisco) but both my children have different Letters on the back of their SS cards one is E and the other a D (both born in California) I have ordered a new card for myself and have not received it yet. This does not make sense to me since I would think your account is set up in the state where you are born. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Kyre says : Reply

      I suggest you go to the list of Fed banks and try the one closest to your place of birth. For instance, I was born in northern NJ, and was therefore registered in the NY Federal Reserve.

      • Rebecca says : Reply

        Kyre…I’m not real sure that logic works because I was born in NM, but my account is across the country in GA rather than CA…where it should be under that logic. LOL! Remember…we ARE dealing with the government here…where NOTHING makes sense!

    • Diane says : Reply

      John, my ss card is from 1975 and it too has no numbers on the back, I think we have to get a new one, you can do it online looks pretty simple. hope this helps

  4. Joe says : Reply

    Anything for South Africa?

  5. Yves says : Reply

    Hi there. I’m in South Africa. We have gathered a lot of information. I will be great to be part of your think tank and discussions to see how we can get this initiated in South Africa in peace.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      excellent. Please let me know what you have gathered and I will post here.

    • Michelle says : Reply

      I would love to know too

    • Benjamin Steyl says : Reply

      Have you seen this Yves …

      South Africa

      Hi All
      The routing number for South Africa is 630232. A full document on various countries’ route numbers are at:
      Various Swift codes for the South African Reserve Bank:
      SARBZAJ4XXX (J4 -J8) e.g. five codes-replace J4 with J5 etc.

      I hope this helps

      • patrizia pace says : Reply

        grazie per il documento che hai postato Benjamin, abbiamo difficoltà in Italia a causa di SEPA e le tessere ssn a differenza di quelle americane hanno il codice fiscale che è alfanumerico

      • Christo says : Reply

        Hi Benjamin

        Did you have any success? I also found this nr : 121000358

      • Frances in France says : Reply

        Thanks a lot, Benjamin, for this list of countries, I did not know that all countries do have a routing code. I will try it for France.

  6. Ron says : Reply

    Are there any Recipe’s for Canadian folks ? My SS card only has #’s no letters..Cheers !!!

    • I M Power says : Reply

      not as of yet, but many Canadians are working through the process and I will post info as I see it shared.

    • Christine says : Reply

      Canadian also in the same predicament without letters for the SS card . Thanks for your endeavor and labor of love.

  7. Iris says : Reply

    What to look for in Australia?

    • Dave says : Reply

      Hi I am Australian also, we dont have routing numbers only BSB numbers.. I wondered if the TFN# would be ok as we dont have SSN? Or CRN #. I would also like to know :)

  8. Joshua Casey says : Reply

    Hi, as we don’t have ssn in New Zealand what sort of document would I use to get that I igual routing number?

    Thanks Josh

    • Bruce M. says : Reply

      Hi Josh,
      The SSN in New Zealand is your 9 digit WINZ number. If you go to your local WINZ Office and ask them for your WINZ number they will provide it to you directly. Ensure you have relevant photo ID with you. Eg. NZ Drivers Licence, NZ Passport, or your Birth Certificate, etc.

      In addition, if you are a Pensioner or collect a Superannuation Benefit via WINZ and have a “Super Gold” Card the 9 digit number on the back of the Card is your SSN number. It is followed by the letters NZS/ immediately followed by a “Letter of the alphabet” plus a number or two numbers. The letter identifies the Federal Reserve Banking branch as per the listing given above from which you can obtain the Federal Reserve Bank routing number.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,
      Bruce M. (NZ)

  9. Tjasa says : Reply


    Would someone please help me. I am from Slovenia, I don’t know which number to look for (we don’t have any red letters on ssn). Should I probably go with Central bank of Slovenia, which is connected to FED?
    Any help would be welcome.

    Thank you in advance.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      This is a similar question asked by people outside of US. It seems that as the US currency is the world currency-fiat- that all things connect to the fed and the Central banks which are all connected and one and the same, because they are all private and all controlled and puppet masters pulling strings from the same families.

      • Tjasa says : Reply

        Thank you very much.
        Love, Tjasa

        • Tjasa says :

          another question on wikipedia(I know not very realible, but anyway) says that :” Central bank of Slovenia
          Succeeded by European Central Bank (2007)”. Does that mean I use European central bank routing number that is actualy based in New York?
          Thank you for the help.
          Love Tjasa

        • Petra Quirke says :

          hi there! i think because you are in the euro zone, your head bank really is the european central bank and you do have routing number for it.

  10. Rob says : Reply

    Was able to connect Paypal. Barclays was rather peturbed about the whole matter and wouldnt budge. Awaiting confirmation for a few other payments. Power bill cleared.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      excellent Rob. Barclays is MI5- MI6, so not surprised one might be perturbed…grab a screen shot of the cleared power bill. Keep emails and screens shots of blocks in Barclays etc.

      • Lisala says : Reply

        Anyone had success in the UK ? Our national insurance number is 9 character two letters 6 digits and one letter. We have sort codes here not routing numbers. Both my Ni number and my Birth certificate number accounts exist as LEI’s and are being traded. I have tried around 30 different sort codes for the Bank of England and two versions of an account number however no success. Would like to join a group here in UK if possible so we can bang heads together.

      • Petra Quirke says : Reply

        I M Power
        Rob from this conversation seems to be the only one so far with results in the UK but he doesn’t seem to respond here. Would you be so kind as to pls ask him in regards to what sort code (routing number) he used. We are all trying but if he was successful, it would be nice if he could let us know what worked. Thanks! I suppose you can see his email address.

      • Adam says : Reply

        I opend my barclays on the 4 they reversed it on the 7 after it posted showed completed transactions on my online line statement it shows that the payment was on the 6th and posted on the 7th and came came back the account couldnt be found but see i did my account earlyer then almost everyone i litteraly did it the same day as harvey dent so i was sent a paper copy of my account summary that shows very different recap of the situation

        • Jeff says :

          Very smart Adam.
          Would you mind sending me info on Barclays, the site, and a short walk through on how to purchase the CD’s or bonds?
          I have several methods id like to try, much I wont say here and I do prefer substance for substance, ie I always help those who are willing to help me.

    • kevin T says : Reply

      can you give details on how you and paypal dealt with the verification process ie’ 2 small deposits???

      • Thomas Byers says : Reply

        Hi there. I was able to bypass the two deposit verification by calling PayPal service at 888-221-1161 and explaining I don’t get bank statements from this account because it is a private trust fund, in which case they sent me a text verification code and henceforth authenticated my account.

        • Lindsay says :

          Hi I did the PayPal thing today. I called and they DID get me verified. All set up. However when I went to transfer funds from the “trust” it said there was a problem with my account :( What is strange is everything looks perfect on my end. What do u think this could be from?

        • I M Power says :

          did you read the paypal recipe I put in the post, it tells you about this part of the process and using too high an initial transfer. Just select a smaller amount first time through

        • ChristinHerStand says :

          Hi , I used the stated recipe and called the pay pal help line. I had to keep asking for “representative” to get to live operator who helped me verify the FED account via another method than the 2 deposits. It will send you a number ( via txt) and you will state it back to the operator which will verify the account. I made a purchase for 476 dollars and it will take 3-6 days to clear per the ACH criteria. I dont have any direct wire transfer info ( is there such a thing)? I have used the ACH before and its hit and miss. Any other suggestions? Upon making the purchase I tried to do a funds transfer but will NOT do any until the first purchase is verified. Once verified and it does through, I was told the account will be hens forth opened up to an unlimited amount of money ( or what ever limit the banks puts on the account) ? Maybe I misunderstood that. Before moving on to step 2 I will wait and see if step one is verified, or returned .

        • michael says :

          I setup the linked account using the FRB in Cleveland, since I did not have a copy of my ss card and I got my ss card while living in Ohio. I linked to paypal and confirmed over the phone. Made a purchase through Ebay, since the paypal rep said that even when there is a 0 balance, it will just transfer once the purchase is made. The transfer from the frb failed. So I got a copy of my ss number and saw that E was my initial number on the rear of the card. I removed the bank from the paypal account and attempted to link another using the routing number for E of 051000033. However, I was not able to add the number. So I called Paypal and spoke with a representative who told me that the bank account was not removed, but was only de-activated. He could not remove it. I figure it would drop off later tonight.

          Now there is a restriction on my paypal account and I must provide a copy of the bank statement to prove it is my account, even though I wold be adding a different account essentially. The rep I spoke with this evening said it would still be the same bank account even with a different routing number, so I would still have to provide a bank statement. Does anyone have a resolution for providing a bank statement?

    • Petra Quirke says : Reply

      hi Rob. this is UK right? could you shortly run through me what numbers you used. my husband is living over there, he’s irish but well rooted in the UK with the authorities. what number you used as the acc number, and how do you determine the sort code? thank you! i just dont know where to begin.

    • Andrew says : Reply

      Hi Rob, For clarity Barclays Bank Delaware has two (2) routing numbers: 031101321 for processing Bank ACH (would relate to the ‘T’ example above) and 031101127 for Fedwire (would relate to the ‘W’ example above).

      So, did you utilize either of these for Barclays? Bill payment or CD?

      I obtained these routing numbers from http://www.usbanklocations.com/barclays-bank-delaware-routing-number.html.

      Thank you!

  11. Dawn Groves says : Reply

    I made 6 different bill payments all for amounts less than $400 using the info from Harvey Dent’s video last week and today I had 2 reversals so far. My bank called me this morning to inform me a credit card payment I made had been returned. She said they are saying the account I entered is not found.I told her this is my account and I don’t understand why the payment was returned and she asked me if this account is allowed to make ach payments and to call the bank and try to get them to resolve it.I played dumb and resubmitted the payment online. It would be great to have a script on how to handle reversals.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      *** Any one having trouble accessing or been blocked in anyway, ask your bank for the reason code. Here’s a link to them;


      • Walt says : Reply

        Which bank do we ask?

        • I M Power says :

          The bank you are connecting the TDA to. The bank that you are going online to your banking dashboard to. The bank where you are going in and buying CD’s, fund transfers, etc

      • ChristinHerStand says : Reply

        Hi I wrote a check for a purchase. The check was to an individual. The bank took it, and 4 days later they said it was reversed. When asked for the code the manager had no clue what I was talking about. They have sent “copies” of the checks and NOT the originals. all originals are kept and via questioning why they are keeping them the bank manager said they are all sent to a central location, where like bad money and thus they were destroyed. …….( yea right)

    • I M Power says : Reply

      HATJ, is working to stop the reversals. A reversal proves that its your account and your information was correct. The question is who is authorizing the reversal? Is it the middle banker? the one that says the money was reversed… Did they reverse out of your account and into theirs? that is one of what is being looked into.

      • Anna says : Reply

        Is HATJ doing this just for the US or will we have a chance to benefit from this ? :)

      • Diane says : Reply

        Excellent questions you have brought up, I have been wondering that myself. I have only been doing this for 12 days and I am already beginning to see a pattern. I get the impression that the creditors want to wear us out and discourage us to the point we give up, also they use jargon so that people don’t quite understand whats being said. I was a tax preparer for 20 years so I have a little bit of knowledge about codes and banking. Thank you very much for all the help.

    • Angie says : Reply


      How long after making a payment did you receive a reversal?

      • ChristinHerStand says : Reply

        Hi all, in my experience and friends doing this, the reversal took from 2 days to 6 days. The answer has been Account is not valid. No such account and I would say 90 % of all reversals get the “no such account number” as a reason for reversal. The interesting thing is my checks ( which I made via vista print ) with the routing and account directions as a normal check with the word ‘negotiable” at the top have been 100% accepted. The rejections that came from them have all kept the original checks, with only copies sent back to me. When asked for the original they state they do not have the original any longer its been “destroyed”

        • madduran says :

          Thank you for info on making checks from Vista print. where did you put the word “negotiable”, above your name on the left, in the center of check, or right side? thank you

        • Ron says :

          You wrote checks? Then no they weren’t destroyed. They were probably forwarded to the secret service who handle bank fraud. You do know passing bad checks is a felony? I sure hope for your sake you have proof of an account. This is how people get put in prison. Without actual proof of an account you are committing fraud by creating checks and passing them you do know this? You are now in secret service databank. I know this because I sold something large to someone cash and they gave me one bill a hundred they say they got from bank that was a counterfeit and I went thru Drive try to deposit the bank asked me to come in just saying there was a problem. I went in and they showed me machine spit out one of 40 of my one hundred dollar bills then they did marker test it was fake they kept the 100 made me fill out forms for secret service and told me it will go to them. They told me all counterfeit money and bad checks go directly to secret service. Why in the world would you make checks for an account that you have no proof of? You first need proof because without you can be put in prison for intentionally trying to commit fraud. It’s easy to say online you typed wrong account but when you print checks you have now showed intent. I suspect you more than likely will be hearing from the man. Especially if you printed and handed out multiple checks. What you did was no better than counterfeiting fiat money. The bank in which you wrote check out to which would be creditor seller or services aka electric etc doesn’t throw check out in trash haha. I can tell you exactly where your checks are.

        • Jeff says :

          Don’t let the fear monger-er get to you, although that probably wasn’t his intent. If you used your rout# on your SS you are fine.
          They have to give back the security instrument. It is just like paying off your mortgage, which they don’t give the note back because they already sold it. Use/learn a commercial affidavit. Tell them the debt is settled if you do not return the check(find the laws that say this). Also word something in there for them to provide proof, a ledger, under ones own commercial liability and under affidavit either way, but if they do not have the check they must disclose who it went to, or again, the debt is paid. In a later response, if you acquire the knowledge, you can also bring up that the debt was paid upon signing or creation of the credit/loan agreement.
          If they change the routing#, well then your check was accurate upon creation. Also it would have not made it past the pending stage upon deposit if it was fake numbers.
          Learn common law and commercial law. If they did come knocking, let them charge your strawman. Stay in honor, accept for value the charge, settle it through your bc/ss account. A4V will yield what i’m talking about.
          * * * * * * * * *
          * * * * * * * * *
          This is no different then anyone in court who does not understand, authority, jurisdiction, or accepting liability for your fiction~! Reminds me of the story of a guy using UCC1-308, without prejudice. Judge ask what did you mean by this, and he says, “I am not prejudice, or racist against anyone……..” Judge smirks and holds in his desire to burst out laughing, as he sentences the fellow and by simply knowing what he wrote, he would of walked free. DON’T PLAY THE GAME IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT YET. We are newbies in a virtual reality trying to go up against the lv99 pro’s…what do you think is going to happen?

      • Dawn Groves says : Reply

        3 days later. Everything I paid reversed except for my internet bill. I paid it on Jul 6th and its still sticking.

    • Diane says : Reply

      I agree Dawn a script would be good. As I get better at this, I just might write one.

    • Jeff says : Reply

      or if you do not know what ACH or FedWire is, or in general basic things, then you are not ready to play this game. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Doesn’t mean you can’t learn and grow. Pre-Level up before you go up against the Lv99′s in this game. You don’t put your life savings into a poker tournament if you have never played poker before, right? This comes from love with no intention of offending; tough love :)

  12. Bobby says : Reply

    Did some checkout, Hrvatska (Croatia) is in EU, but here I can’t find any data. I found LEI, IBAN and numbers of our banks but no Croatia info. Have some ideas there?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Look at the links for other countries, there are similar sites that house the information. Change the url to go to the main part of the site and see if you can search from there. Also look at the way the organize their data on site as the url indicates. Is there you can mimic that and insert your country name or same styled abbreviation that hey use for another country.

    • Tjasa says : Reply

      Hey, I am from Slovenia, did you have any luck?

      • Bobby says : Reply

        I’ll try to use your info that leads us to NY, because there’s no info that connects our banks with any “head office”.

        • Bobby says :

          Slovenia Bank Branch Code The Slovenian Bank branch code, used to clear funds and /or route payments in Slovenia, consists of five digits. 19340

  13. Carol says : Reply

    My SS card is old and does not have a number and letter on the back. Will I have to get a replacement one?

  14. Andrew says : Reply

    Sorry, we’re unable to link that bank because it is disabled. Please try another bank.
    Thats the response from paypal when attempting routing number 101000048.

  15. Marie says : Reply

    Hello, Thank you. I finally have the courage to open my Treasury Direct Account today. Wondering what are the step to do to pay some bills?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      taken from skype-

      “From my 14 year old who is following the recipe and calling Paypal. . “Mom I do not need your help!”
      But you are 14″

      ;-) bz

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Marie, have you ever used “bill pay”, its the same as that, link a funding source to your bill pay and then set up the bills you want to pay.


      Go directly to the vendor that has the bill you want to pay. Select pay via electonic payment. Add your TDA account as the funding source and pay the bill

      • CLSC says : Reply

        Sometimes the bill pay site asks if it is a checking or savings (funding source). What should I select? Thanks!!

      • CLSC says : Reply

        Just tried with TMO. Figured I’d start with something small just to see. We’ll see what happens. If it reverses I’ll try the other routing number. Maybe one routing number works with this one and another with that one. I am thinking this is some trial and error and a little bit of luck. We’ll see.

      • vanessa gutierrez says : Reply

        How can we prove its our account?

    • ChristinHerStand says : Reply

      Hi Marie . do you mean fidelity savings? which treasury direct account did you open , and can I have the directions to the recipe? Thanks

      • Bonnie says : Reply

        ChristinHerStand – Just wanted to give you a head’s up (b/c I don’t think you saw a reply to your post of July 12, 1:58am from Ron on July 12, 12:27pm.) In summary, your vista printed checks probably have been sent to the Secret Srv & you may get a knock on your door soon. Ron’s comment was very long & said you inadvertently committed fraud by printing out checks from an account you can’t prove you own, which is patently fraud.

        • I M Power says :

          you can prove you own that account and are the sole authority over that account and the property held in trust for you in that financial account.

  16. Dawn Groves says : Reply

    How do we provide Heather with screenshots containing transaction codes from our reversed payments? I looked up the reason code on my reversal and it seemed to indicate I was committing friendly fraud. I resubmitted the payment again but I am too scared to keep this up.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      you are giving information that is your information to your account. The PTW, may block, reverse, throw up error messages.. the only fraud is on their side. I appreciate you acknowledging you are scared. They are happy about that, sad to say but true. Do some research, listen to the recording of the call, see if there is a way to hepl others take the steps, find the information which helps you. The more info gathered, the more playing and yes the more reversals we open and expand the flow and the ease. Your energy is vital to that. You are a Creator Being! So create starting from where you are at and then take the next step.

      • Capri J says : Reply


        I have been looking on the R-transactions and I can’t seem to find my code. It says RO3 account/unable to locate. However my student loan cleared it said the bank approved it.

        Also I have noticed the last three times I have used my TDA it say Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Is there a reason it no longer says Federal Reserve Bank ??? I’m confused why mine says something different.

    • Pamela says : Reply

      click ctrl and print screen buttons on your keyboard at the same time. Then open up your paint program on your computer and press control and the letter v it will paste your screen shot so you can save it as a picture file, jpg is usually best. these instructions are for a computer or laptop i dont know how on the phone.

  17. Petra Quirke says : Reply

    hello there. i’m from the czech republic. i would like to work out how the czech accounts are composed.

    czech birth or identification number has 9 or 10 digits and you can find out the date of birth of the person and their gender (at birth) in this format: xxxxxx / xxx (with either 3 or 4 digits behind the /)

    first 6 numbers are the date of birth: yymmdd. i’m a girl, so i add number 50 to their month. i’m a girl and i was born march 30, 1984, therefore my first 6 digits are 845330. if i was a boy, these numbers would be 840330.

    the next part is so called “control part” and identifies different people of the same gender born on the same day (since they have the first part identical). it can have 3 or 4 digits.

    i don’t know if any of this helps but i read similar analyses of french number so thought i’d add this one. how do i go about finding out the accoutn numbers? we are in the EU, but do not use EUR. we still use our own currency CZK, Czech crowns. we do use SWIFT.

    any help please.. where to begin?
    Petra Quirke

    • Petra Quirke says : Reply

      alright i found this http://bankroutinginfo.com/fedwirebanks/ECB_ACCT_CENTRAL_BANK_OF_IRELAND-_Routing_Number-021080326%20 – does this make the irish central bank kind of part of the US fed system?
      my husband is Irish. i suppose this would be easier to crack than the system we have in the czech republic.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      yes Petra, this is very helpful. Makes me shake my head at all the energy they went into to making this ___ stuff up, but there you go. I will add it to the post under the czech republic :-)

      • Petra Quirke says : Reply

        so i suppose the accounts are with the central bank of the czech republic, which ihas a routing number 0710. so i though my SS number would be the bank account with the 0710 as the routing number. since paypal wants IBAN, there’s a tool on the central banks website to actually generate IBAN or check if its correct. you enter in your acc number and routing number and it gives you the IBAN or says that the accont doesn’t exists. https://www.cnb.cz/cs/platebni_styk/iban/iban.html
        when i put in the details as simply as SS for acc number and 0710 for routing, it gives me error :(
        so its not as simple as that. where do i look? they must have done something to the format, add some numbers to the SS to create the accounts.

  18. Ken says : Reply

    I have a letter G on my card. Chicago. The wire transfer info looks different from your W example. So, I’m a little confused.

    • Three Owls says : Reply

      I have two SS cards that have G which is Chicago I have tried to pay bills last week and all came back. Idk what to try next. I was wondering, I have a deceased parent…can I use their account since I’m the heir?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      the example in blog post was from my routing # F- in Atlanta, each one is going to be different, I would imagine

  19. Mindy says : Reply

    I do not have a number on my card. I ordered a new one, but it takes 2 weeks. I was born in Kansas City, MO in the late 50s. Anyone have a letter location from that area and timing?

    • Andrew says : Reply

      By happenstance both my wife and I had to request a replacement SS card within the past 15 years. The letter on the back links to an FRB on the East Coast. Neither of us were born near either of the FRBs that were provided in the replacement cards. So, just saying, it appears that some other logic is utilized for assignment of ssn account to FRB region/branch. Blessings to all! : )

  20. Esther says : Reply


    Interesting, my SS card does not have any numbers on the back. I am going to the office tomorrow to apply for a replacement.

    I paid an electric and gas bill utilizing my mate’s SS info. last night. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    My daughter has paid her Capital One credit card off on Saturday, 7/8. She received an email that the payments have posted. She will know in a couple of days and if the payments have flowed through.

    I Do Personally Feel That It’s Time For All To Free Themselves, Utilizing the Tools Given. I Had Some Success Utilizing Courtesy Notices in the Past.

    Thank You For All

  21. Elizabeth says : Reply

    I thought this was intriguing in your post: “Search your ssn with dashes on this site to see who is trading on your acct… https://www.gmeiutility.org/search.jsp

    I was shocked to see the kind of results that turned up, and wondered what the hell it all meant. Then I realized that entering my SSN with dashes as instructed was giving me search results that corresponded to the descriptions. Like, if there was a “91″ in my number, it was showing up in the addresses of the businesses listed, for instance. You can enter random numbers in SSN format and get the same. Try it with all ones. Try it with 99-00-1111. It’s meaningless. :/

    • sovereign1 says : Reply

      elizabeth ~ it does seem to be meaningless. hopefully an explanation will be forthcoming to clear up any (possible) confusion.

    • Toby says : Reply

      search gmei using your SSN without dashes, or your ALL CAPS NAME, and get specific results. for the fake numbers (SSN has limited starting digits) and names there were no results for what I tried. My SSN with dashes and Normal Name had no results. Unlike most people my name is unique in the world, only about 120 people in the US with my last name.

      • ChristinHerStand says : Reply

        Hi Toby,
        tried this also. It has tons of companies using my SS number and trading it. I never authorized this action. Yes I cant get my SS to work in a transaction Hmmm..Grrrrr

    • Anna says : Reply

      Oh, I thought it meant companies are trading in your SSN… and making huge profits with it.

    • Teresa says : Reply

      Elizabeth, after reading your post I went and reentered my information SSN with dashes and yes I noticed that it came up with addresses of the businesses listed that were some similar numbers as my SSN…So now makes me wonder, what it really means…..

  22. sovereign1 says : Reply

    Been trying this for the past week with a cable bill and a credit card and continue to receive the error message that the routing number is not recognized. i’m using the list of routing numbers out of atlanta and according to my research the only one designated to accept ACH payments is 061000146. anyone else having success with using one of the 6 routing numbers out of atlanta? thank you!

    • I M Power says : Reply

      the Atlanta number you reference is the one I have for F-. I have used it to buy a $500,000 k jumbo CD, through one of my bank accounts. I will cash it out early, pay the penalty and move to my checking account in that bank. Several people have already done this successfully as well. I have hooked and verified this to my paypal business account and I am in the process of transferring to separate smallish fund transfers to my paypal account- see paypal recipe. I have used this to link this account as a funding source in my amazon account and I have orders in process but have not arrived yet.
      I am working on others as well.

      • Lindsay Hillegas says : Reply

        Since they require the two deposit verification for the fund transfer, what can I do to get around this? Because I also bought a 500k cd from Barclays that went through!


      • CLiff McKinn says : Reply

        What is the process and website for setting up CD’s through Barclays? They gave you no trouble what so ever? When do you plan on cashing those CD’s out to see if you can get cash in hand?


      • BODI says : Reply

        Please provide the Atlanta F routing number y’all are using. I am having problems only with Wells Fargo CC sticking
        and is this the one to use for paypal as well? Blessings to you :)

      • Lindsay Hillegas says : Reply

        So basically what happened is they weren’t allowing my account to be added whatsoever, when I did call they told me that ” at the moment they’re not allowing any federal reserve bank accounts to be linked”, the guy clearly was just telling me what his boss told him to say even tho I told him they have no reason or authority to use prejudice against my account considering others with FRB are in!

      • Alliswithin says : Reply

        IM Power. Can you please detail the process of buying CDS.

      • Laurel says : Reply

        That is the number I was talking about too 061000146, it didn’t work for me either on PayPal, it said that number has been deactivated or something. So I used the first number listed for letter A 011000015 and PayPal accepted it so far. I am waiting to call them, I don’t know how long I should wait before calling them.

        • Anastasia says :

          yep guys – just had the same rejection on Paypal today using 061000146 – Atlanta.

        • Anastasia says :

          Oh, the only other rejection I have encountered is with Optimum (cable company) aka Cablevision. They rejected it completely.

        • Gina says :

          Laurel, call them right away and inform them that you are unable to verify deposits because this is a Private Trust Account (In so many words) PLEASE verify the proper explanation that we are supposed to give to PayPal before calling it is listed above. Best wishes.

        • ChristinHerStand says :

          Laurel, when i called to verify my pay pal account via phone . It was just an hr after u input the FED acc info..So, no specific time is needed since you authorize it via phone.

      • Lindsay says : Reply

        How do I link my trust account to my bank to start doing this?!? I am letter E and used E 05100033 on my PayPal. Called PayPal and it is verified now. But still haven’t been successful in transferring money from my trust to PayPal let alone a bank account. I’m so lost as to what to do now

      • Yolanda says : Reply

        I want to get started in this program, my question is, with what bank do I use my acct number when I search online? How do I find out what I’m worth?
        Also can you show me the correct way to do this transfer by Paypal?
        Thank you for all you do!

      • John Ramos says : Reply

        I bow in reverence, did that CD go through?

      • John Ramos says : Reply

        Anybody else getting shut down on PayPal?

        Watch and weep! Paypal shutting down accounts asking the verify over the phone

        crickets in the media still… your secret account is not a scam! stop using paypal! https://youtu.be/uiO-oqxuR40

        • Jezreel says :

          BEWARE-PLEASE DO NOT ADD A TRUST ACCOUNT TO PAYPAL OR YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE SHUT DOWN AND/OR FROZEN! YOU WILL HAVE TO PROVIDE BANK STATEMENTS TO GET BACK UP AND RUNNING. IF THIS IS AN ACCOUNT THAT YOU TRULY UTILIZE, I HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU RECONSIDER FOLLOWING THE RECIPE AS TOO MANY HAVE CAUGHT TRACTION OF THIS IDEA AND IT WILL NOT WORK ANYMORE. I was told by an inside source that the bank came in gave them instructions to follow and that they must follow it. THIS IS NOW THE PROTOCOL OF ANYONE THAT TRYS TO ATTACH A FBA TO THEIR PAYPAL ACCOUNT!! Paypal is only a third party resource to pay consumers. Do not blame them for their procedures because in turn they will go bankrupt by having to place your account in the negative after the FBA demands that they pay the funds back to them…. The FBA who is holding the accounts should be blamed for this. I hope all will keep their head up and find some other means to obtain what is needed from your Trust.

          -Be blessed

      • John Ramos says : Reply

        Anybody figured out which banks require the 2 deposit thing or can be verified by a phone call?

        Do some just take the numbers and run them through without verification?

      • John Ramos says : Reply

        Anybody figured out which banks require the 2 deposit thing or be verified by a phone call or do some just take the numbers and run them through without verification?

        On the Jumbo CD thing, do you use the standard FRB number and the “account” number or a wire number? How many have used the 22(checking) number at the end of the “account” number and with the general account number or the specific FRB number in this combination?


    • Angie says : Reply

      Hi Sovereign1,

      For Atlanta I used 041000014…hope this helps.

    • Angie says : Reply

      Hi Sovereign1,

      For Atlanta I used 041000014. The 061000146 isn’t setup for ACH processing.

      • Andrew says : Reply

        Hi Angie, Thank you for the information. It appears some people are having success with F code 061000146 and others are not. It would be good to collect for those processing 061000146 whether they utilized for ACH clearing or Fed Wire or both! I have added 041000014 for FED ACH Atlanta. The US Banks Locations site indicates the 041000014 also is eligible for Fed Wire (through FRB CLE).

        Thank you!

    • Christina says : Reply

      I have Atlanta too and this is the routing number I used 064000101 yesterday to pay car, mortgage, etc.

      With this routing number BOA didn’t request confirmation with 2 deposits.

      • Ethel says : Reply

        Hi Christina

        I have a BOA. Would please explain how you paid your bills and got money wired to your BOA account? Thanks God Bless

    • Anthony says : Reply

      I couldn’t get those to work either. Said invalid. So I did the one in letter A. It worked… so far.

  23. I M Power says : Reply

    Update note pulled from Skype from HATJ

    “Apologies for the mass message here, but it is convenient for me :D : I am getting all communications. I will answer all later. In this moment, i am redoing the factualized trust documents that all need…including those unduly making the reversals, returns, etc…it all stops now. The revised docs also make it so that all beings outside of america can access and utilize all their “treasury” accounts, etc., with no more prejudice forevermore.

    i have been, and am, working with those on the inside so that the factualized trust documents and your ss (and all international equivalents) is all you need to access and utilize ALL your value, in ALL your accounts.

    I do make visible that they are watching this room specifically and personally…hence, i asked reuben, and all of you now, that if you have messages and expressions to state to them, rather than me passing them on, post them here. They do see them, and all is considered.

    “It goes a bit down, but you win”…that was the message and i can say, we are now coming out of the “bit down”

    i am not returning calls and now you know why in summary.

    love to all”

    Bold added by me, BZ

    • I M Power says : Reply

      ” just for awareness…and some giggles…we have real-time matters going down, that are assisting me to re-do the factualized trust docs PERFECT, and stop all current “fuckupary” (prejudice) forevermore…on these two “separate” matters, two individuals, identifying themselves as follows:

      one guy: Mr. Cody Bodine, security American express…yes, he apparently has the same name as the character from the tv show “the beverly hillibies”…who tried to shakedown, scare and bully…

      the other one: Mr. True Brown, who apparently is confused about who he works for…because he stated “fbi” then switched it to USAA Bank…lol…and i won’t even comment on the name…use your imagination on my thoughts about that ;)

      i am overlighting this bit of data as i work realtime to stop the prjudice forevermore…so that you can be aware, and RECOGNIZE the “sign posts” as you experience them…that YOU are the power, YOU are source of all that is….and that all winning was a done deal before any of this ever began…and perhaps you may even grok the humor and love all the “signposts” were made in (heart) (lips)” HATJ

    • David Farkas says : Reply

      Hi would it be possible to invite in the skype room ?

    • CLiff McKinn says : Reply

      What is the information for the Skype group? Can you add me to the group? My name on Skype is cliffmckinn.


    • Arthur Sturges says : Reply


    • Arthur Sturges says : Reply

      Awesome! The following related webpage has a document that must be what HATJ finalized giving our trusts back to ourselves and that enforces collection. It says they are each worth 5 Billion dollars in pre-1933 gold, and the document is called, “ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION AND NOTICE OF FACTUALIZED TRUST,” at http://i-uv.com/hatj-trust-all-on/ !

  24. Josh (NZ) says : Reply

    Hey Guys! Love your work been tuning in for a long time now.

    In New Zealand, we have our IRD# which is XX-XXX-XXX (All numbers with dashes but it’s not assigned to you until you start working)

    On the other hand we have our Birth Cert Reg #: XXXXXXXX00 (No Dashes, 10 Digits, Zeros at end)

    Did you have any information on where we can find these account #’s & routing.
    Thanks Josh, Appreciate everything you guys are doing~!

  25. Anita says : Reply

    Hi, does anyone have step by step instructions for U.K., Germany, Switzerland ?
    Seeing the links but not sure how to use the info…

    • J.P. Bumby says : Reply

      I, too, would like to pass info to a dear friend in Switzerland, looked at the link but wanting something more solid before sending it her way (it’d be nice if it were in french too,) so I’ll follow this for updates.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      people are working on the way to flow into the routing and accounts from with the banking protocols of those countries. Start playing a bit, digging a bit and see what dots you can find and connect then share. That is how we have all do ne all that we have accessed and utilized so far.

      • Anita says : Reply

        Doing my own research for these countries too… Trying our figure out what numbers correspond to what. Any pointers appreciated!

        Here are sort codes sites for England and Scotland

        • Lisala says :

          Ive tried quite a few of the sort codes for the bank of england – unfortunately the account number is not as simple as in the US. There is clearly a letter to number code needed. I am assuming the suffix letter is referring to the sort code as there are only ABCD available and wiki says its irrelevant ( which means its extremely relevant ). The accounts exist, check your NI number ( a dash between each pair of characters ) on the LEI search engine over 38000 legal entities trading my account. Also search your birth certificate and certificate of live birth numbers they are also being traded. Lastly i have submitted my NI number as a lost bank account to the relevant agency however i don’t really trust them to come up with anything. I may just make an appointment with my local bank of england agency and require disclosure. However it would be good to have a definite account number

        • dez says :

          Hi, are you based in the UK Anita?

  26. Dawn Groves says : Reply

    Are we all going to jail?

    • Reuben Emmanual Bailey says : Reply

      Hi Dawn.
      I highly doubt that folks will wind up in jail for this. The fraud is on the part of those who kept these accounts hidden, and who are illegally and unlawfully preventing the owners of those accounts from accessing them.
      Yes, the activity is unusual for the banks, and that has them full of questions. Give it time to work through the system.

      • ali says : Reply


      • Thom says : Reply

        Actually I know someone the was a Branch Manager of Key Bank….she said, that at that level, they new how the system works! Here I am trying to just make sure I am writing the correctly… lol

    • JC says : Reply

      @Dawn how can they jail us for using our own number? This is OUR money not theirs. ;)

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Jack’s comment on Fear-
      “In the series Legion there is a scene which pretty much sums what is happening right now. The dialogue goes like this;

      “I know, I don’t have to be afraid. But I am because look at you. All of you. You’re gods, and someday you are going to wake up and realize you don’t have to listen you us anymore.”

      The GODS are us and we don’t have to listen to the Former powers that be, so instead of operating in FEAR mode we operate as a GOD would. A God loves ALL and FEARS nothing, we have this in the bag already just believe it is DONE and it is. Love you ALL.❤️❤️❤️”

      well said, Love you Jack, keep sending the vibes to all

      • Lai says : Reply

        After being “woke,” I still go thru many emotions on a daily basis. The info I have consumed thru hours and hours of research, is still over whelming. I question everything bc sometimes, it’s just too shocking to be real, and I feel lost. Most days, I question my sanity bc it is still too UNBELIEVABLE. Just came on this site and reading your messages, is soothing.
        Thank you :)

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      oh for goodness sake – don’t even say such words. ridiculous. cancel / cancel / cancel.

  27. Bri says : Reply

    Just paid off a walmart credit card..we will see how it goes.. number and letter on back of my SS card was not red but black… Started with a B. So I used the New York branch routing number:)

    • I M Power says : Reply

      excellent Bri. Mine was in red so that is why I wrote red. :-)

    • Christina Hardin says : Reply

      How were you able to pay Walmart cc? I have a walmart, Sam’s , and Amazon that are all Synchrony Bank that doesn’t recognize Federal Reserve Bank Routing Numbers. If you could advise it will be much appreciated :)

      • Bri says : Reply

        Added a bank account.. used the fed routing number and and my account number(ss#)… Has posted.. well see if it stays..

        • Jason says :

          I’m NYC also, paid a couple cc and they have all reversed. Try another number we will see if this will stick.

      • Anastasia says : Reply

        I seriously believe it has to do with one’s vibration too. Read the new paragraph posted way at the top of the blog entry. One’s truth and experiences are not going to be the same as another’s whatsoever. We all have blocks on ourselves that will remain until WE allow those blocks to be removed from us. The more and more you stand in your OWN personal power, that’s when the miracles will happen and the blocks dissolve away.

  28. AXL says : Reply

    Just attempted to purchase a USAA CD but I’m thinking they’re already aware of the situation…

    I got this message:

    “The routing number entered is invalid or doesn’t allow electronic transactions. If the number is correct, contact your financial institution for help.”

    The routing checks good in accordance with US Bank Locations.
    First time I encounter this as I’ve not had any trouble attempting payments elswhere. Paypal is even linked up…

    Any ideas on how to overcome?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      call USAA, they are very helpful. :-)
      ask them for the reason code. Then look up the code Here’s a link to them;

      and we will go from there.

      Also some times in some systems you need to drop the last 0 off the routing number so that is has the proper digits. No I do not know why that is. I have come accross it, done it and it goes through.

      • Henry White says : Reply

        Are you people “buying” CDs from USAA Federal Savings Bank or from USAA Investment Management Company? It’s my understanding that USAA FSB has reverted back to allowing only military people and their dependents to open new bank accounts, but anyone can open an investment account with USAA IMC.

        I see that HATJ has also mentioned USAA. (“Mr True Brown”; http://i-uv.com/utilizing-your-treasury-direct-accounts/#comment-282509) Membership in USAA was originally only open to military officers (not even NCOs were allowed). I wonder if this reflects some particular interest and involvement by the US military in this latest “evolution,” as the Navy likes to say?

    • JC says : Reply

      AXL did you try the wire number not the ACH number. CD are like wired money so try the wire routing number.

    • Pamela says : Reply

      I get that message every time I try to put the routing num and my ssn in at waste management. so i had a thought well let me try the number with the letter on the front of my ssc instead of my ssn, so i converted the letter to its corresponding number on the routing charts and it accepted it as a valid acct number and processed it , set my account to 0 and then reversed it about 4 days later, but you might try that and see what happens for you .

  29. Kathy says : Reply

    How come you cannot just do the deposit on paypal site ? Why do I have to call pay pal to verify my new bank account added?

    • Dan says : Reply

      Kathy, you have to call paypal because you cannot access your account where the money is coming from… They have to do it. Normally they would send you two deposits .02, 03 as an example and you confirm those amounts to paypal to verify the account number is correct. Once the account number is correct, you can then deposit from the new account to deposit on paypal. Hope this helps.

    • John says : Reply

      You don’t have access to a statement on the account, so you can’t tell them how much they deposited to verify the account the normal way.

  30. DeAnn says : Reply

    I have all the info I need, but can’t seem to figure it out. Is there someone I can call to help me with this?

    • Bri says : Reply

      Routing number = Federal reserve branch routing number that corresponds with the first letter on back of ss card..
      Account number= ss number with no dashes

      Use both to pay bills through ach ( add a bank account for payment.)
      Also wire transfers I believe:):)
      Anyone let me know if I got that right..:)

      • I M Power says : Reply

        Yes, for the ACH. For wire transfers you want the fedwiring routing. look at the image example with the highlights I made for you’all.

        • Bri says :

          Is the fed wire routing a number? On the New York branch routing number screen under the fedwire routing is Name, Telegraphic name and location.. no number..:)

        • ChristinHerStand says :

          Hi, is there a place to locate the FED WIRE codes for the Fed Wire account numbers or banks associated to our SS numbers? I have not seen any such posts of the wire fund transfer codes???


        • I M Power says :

          have a look at the routing profile image that has the highlights on it. There you will see an example of fedwire codes for F-0640001010

        • THE FREE MAN says :

          My region is D, and I did not see where the Fed wire code is any different than the routing number. Please advise. Thank you so much.

  31. Wonders about everything says : Reply

    Paid a bill, looking for access to cash … ((( heart))) Heather good to see you back ((( Hugs ))) Heather.. Harvey brought me back, with his secret account numbers video… Our time has come finally (( Joy )) Going to try TD next. Having a problem paying off old bills which had judgement against them Credit Cards, web site froze up on me, sorry glitch in the system.

    • Tiffany says : Reply

      Harvey is the man. I have watched him since his first video. I wanted to help him with some stuff from David young and others in a group now closed. He has such a great voice and has been working hard at freeing so many!!

  32. jake says : Reply

    SS card from 1991, on the back in black ink is one (C) letter followed by 8 numbers with no dash or space between them.

    I read cards older then the 70′s dont have it,

    Did it get switched to black ink at any time or do i need to apply for a replacement card?

    Has with a replacement card from the last 25 years been able to confirm the red ink and numbers on the back?

    • jake says : Reply

      I used the black letter on the back of my card and paypal has my account pending verification.

      Not sure if that means it was correct or not.

      screen shot here https://ibb.co/gBQ4AF

    • JC says : Reply

      I have my original SS card from 1963 and the numbers and the letter on the back are in black ink. Maybe the newer cards are in red??

    • Angie says : Reply

      why are some social security number card printed in black on the back, and others red, what is the significance of that, could it be that they have us “grouped” by classes or family clans, back would mean dead in their world, and red would mean live from what I have read, but possibly it is putting us in different categories?
      so my hubby born in 1962 has NO number on the back of his card, his mother and father had numbers on theirs, my number is black, as well as all of my kids. another interesting thing, is my hubby and I are listed as FIRST M. LAST.
      the kids are all Full name: FIRST MIDDLE LAST.
      everything is coded in their world, just wondered if anyone had insight.

  33. I M Power says : Reply

    Just testing putting up a screen shot here-

    “Hey cuties… have an update. A 25k payment for my purported student loans just cleared. (The site’s Max payment is 25k)”


    to post screen shot in this comment section set up, your image has to be hosted some place. A blog, FB, flicker…

    • Oscar says : Reply

      It’s Awesome, congrats great doing.

    • JC says : Reply

      Keeping positive thoughts that it clears :)

    • ali says : Reply


    • LadyK says : Reply

      Yes! Please post the recipe for student loans

    • dee says : Reply

      i do not know how you are getting these to go thru.
      I set up and verified the Paypal account, and then went to transfer $1000 into my Paypal account, Got the green arrow, but it got denied. Said ” transaction failed”

    • Leann vasquez says : Reply

      did the payment get returned

    • Chris says : Reply

      Please send me any info you can on this as well. I have not tried my student loans yet but was going to. email is primosconstruction@ymail.com I attempted AMEX it took then reversed. Chase took and still holding. I actually attempted to make a minimum payment and it wouldn’t let me, day 3 on that one fingers are crossed. I just made a minimum payment on a US bank card from my personal checking then followed it with a payoff from Treasury account. Waiting on that one now. But please send email me any info on the student load that you can including process you used. Thanks! Now that I see this I see that you posted it the 10th… Is it still holding?

  34. Dan says : Reply

    What is the routing number for Canada. I found the bank routing numbers but don’t know what number to use plus the ssn or bc. Any help would be great. Thanks.

    • Dan says : Reply

      Do we use Bank of Canada plus ssn?

    • pt says : Reply

      keep testing, i will too . will post reults here

    • pt says : Reply

      were the bank routing numbers you used from your current bank act?

      • Bri says : Reply

        …account number =ss #
        Routing number is the Federal reserve branch routing number that corresponds with the letter in front of the number on the back of your SS card..:):):)

        • Keith Cameron says :

          Please note Bri – this thread is seeking Canadian routing number – which one to use.. Are you referring to the Canadian Social Insurance Number, the SIN? And, personally, born in 1955, the card I have is the wallet size, obtained when I was 16 years old, does has a ‘S-2′ at the lower left corner, back side.

    • Kinga says : Reply

      Bank routing numbers province by province? How do you find those?

      • Kinga says : Reply

        Ok so I’ve added to PayPal the Bank Of Canada routing and transit numbers, and account number as my SIN card. Paypal is now wanting to confirm the account, with the amount of 2 small deposits made under a dollar. How do I confirm this? How do I know which numbers to key in? Thanks so much!!

        • Kinga says :

          Never mind! Sorry just found the call Paypal part.☺️

        • Kinga says :

          Little Update! My paypal says the account is ready to confirm! I mean… if adding the account was unsuccessful surely it wouldn’t say that. Right? I selected the account as being chequing. Sooo I guess all that’s left is the phone call.

        • Kinga says :

          Account confirmed using the exact script above! Pp let me do just 2 small transfers, $100 and $75. Will let you know how it goes. Exciting!

        • levente says :

          Kinga, what are you talk with PayPal for verifying federal reserve bank account.

        • Kinga says :

          Update: The account was unlinked from my PP and I received an email titled ‘Bank Account Invalid’ and the body of the email said the 2 small deposits were returned and that the bank said ‘there was a problem.’ However, it is a little curious that my transfers are still pending, but I imagine those will wipe soon. Perhaps I can try the other routing number? If anyone has any suggestions let me know. Otherwise I’m going to chalk this up as something fun to try, and take with me the feeling of being infinitely abundant. ;) Thanks guys! Peace & Blessings!

          Levente – The call PayPal instructions are next to step 6 in the recipe above.

    • pt says : Reply

      ok this is what i have done so far:

      00006 or 000000 are bank of canada transit numbers. [we don't have regionals like in the us, as far as i can tell.]

      010 is the bank of canada code.

      for the account number: nine digit SIN [Social Insurance Number]

      i have “added” this account successfully with the 00006 transit number using the PAYPAL account. don’t know how to do that with a regular bank. next is to call paypal using the method above.

      the oracle [i ching] is on our side : 787677

    • pt says : Reply

      morning update:

      177 : BANK OF CANADA institution number
      117 : GOVERNMENT OF CANADA institution number

      CRA has a “trust administrators program”
      the number was very busy when called, unable to speak with anyone.

      canadians can try to call this number and report back your results.. god is with you..

    • Richard Spratt says : Reply

      Pasted from : https://www.tgbr.com/tgbr/help/RTN.html

    • Andrea says : Reply

      This was the latest info I was able to find:

      Routing Numbers: 017700000, 017700006

      Not sure how it shows up for you, but in Canada it’s broken down into Transit# (00000, 00006), Institution# (177), and Account# (Social Insurance Number, SS#)


  35. Mexican Amigo says : Reply

    Yellen Goes on Record: The Fed’s Pulling the Plug This Year …
    Is that a sign that the FedRes will try to stop access to accounts in a different way now?

  36. Oscar says : Reply

    I have a ss# the I have a letter B and numbers in black in the back of my ss#. I’m a legal Resident

  37. Kinga says : Reply

    Would love info for Canada.

    Our equivalent is the Bank Of Canada, and we have SINs in place of a SSN. I noticed on the back of my birth certificate there is a series of numbers with a letter in front in red. But no such number on the back of my SIN card.

    If anyone is or has been successful with it here I’d love to hear about that too!

  38. julie leslie says : Reply

    Feeling very discouraged…I have no idea where to “Plug in”, these numbers. Im totally lost.

    • JC says : Reply

      @Julie where are you trying to “plug in” the numbers? Are you trying to add them to your PayPal?

      • julie leslie says : Reply

        No. To be honest, I do not even know what “Plug in”, means…or where to do that…my letter is E and several rt #’s. Do not even know where to put these #’s. ;-/

      • Walt says : Reply

        Reading some post. Do I sent up PayPal first then link that with my federal account

    • Bri says : Reply

      You plug the routing number and account number(ss number) into the ach information to pay a bill from a bank account..

      • Teresa says : Reply

        Okay, let me see if I’ve got this straight. Is the red Capital letter and set of numbers on the back of the ss card the routing number, and the actual ss number is the account number? How do you find out where your letter is from? Mine is E. I live in Wyoming.

        • Sandy says :

          No, the red letter on the back with numbers is only for designating which federal reserve bank your account is in. You are only needing to look at what the letter is and correspond it to the bank. Then that is the routing number. Your account number is your SS number with no dashes.

      • DJ says : Reply

        Say I want to wire money from my FED acct to a business account but they dont have a system set up to go into and plug that information in for the payment. Is there a portal that we can use to facilitate a payment to them through?
        Thank you!

  39. V says : Reply

    Any get this response from a CC company after two attempts at settling debt?

    Please Contact Customer Service

    Due to special conditions related to your credit card account, we cannot provide you with access to your account information at this time.

    Please contact Customer Service so we can help you resolve this issue:

  40. Kathy says : Reply

    How do you get a listing of all the transactions being done on our social security account? .. Like I did not call paypal .. instead I tried to link my ss account with pay pal .. it they sent me two transactions and to prove my authenticity .. I have to tell them what those amounts are … so how do I get a list of transactions from my social security account.. so I can verify my account and have it linked up? … it is interesting though I put in a few different 9 digit numbers randomly and they did not take them .. so it is really actually true we can use or ss numbers … I tried several different 9 number combinations and only my social security number registered as a genuine possibility.

    • Bri says : Reply

      In the PayPal recipe she makes sure EVERYTHING is verified through PayPal then calls to verify adding the factualized account or treasury direct account.
      She’s says it’s a family trust and she can’t access the ledger which shows the detail and deductions. Can she verify on the phone..very nicely:):)

    • Petra Quirke says : Reply

      you dont, you cant. thats why you call paypal instead and tell them its a type of account you cannot see the transactions immediately – as written above: “Tell them you just added a bank account to your paypal account and it needs to be verified. You need to have them verify it as- “My account I added is a private family trust and I dont have access to the ledger to verify the 2 small deposits the way you usually do.””

    • Lisa Cook says : Reply

      You have to call them because you cannot see the transactions. I did it today, they just ask you some questions to verify that you are who you say you are…in my case I was asked multiple choice questions regarding old addresses and who lived there with me, which cars I owned at particular addresses, etc….and it took a few minutes and it was verified.

  41. Ed says : Reply

    This first sentence from the Fedwire Funds Services page contradicts all those payments that have been accepted and reversed, am I the only one to see this: “The Federal Reserve Banks provide the Fedwire Funds Service, a real-time gross settlement system that enables participants to initiate funds transfer that are immediate, final, and irrevocable once processed. ”


    • Peter V. says : Reply

      Very interesting! Have you had any luck at all?

    • Kathy says : Reply

      yes it is interesting I paid a payment to capital one and then it says it is not processed yet .. and so they say … that they cannot revoke my payment .. yet I stand here wondering if it is going to be revoked .. lol

    • ChristinHerStand says : Reply

      Hi Ed,
      I went and took a look at that site. It seems that other institutions that receive a list of OAL list can start the process. But as an entity with other institutional ties?? I dont know…. I would be stuck in step 1) of the 3 step process, due to lack of institutional information?? However any one with Institutional “connections” can snag the list of the fed wire Information and pass it on.??
      Step 1 – Complete a Board Resolution, an Official Authorization List (OAL) and the OC 1 Appendices 1-3 and Account Structure Guide (ASG) Attachments A and B (Agreements and Forms)
      im stuck at step one of the federal fedwire hook up process.

    • Milennys says : Reply

      Great information, I would like to know if you have been able to accomplish. Thanks

  42. Lindsay Hillegas says : Reply

    I have the Atlanta branch and successfully put a down payment online for a new car ($131,000) I was not able to add my account in PayPal at all and they had zero reason, I couldn’t link my account to venmo either, I successfully purchased through amazon a brand new laptop but then the transaction was reversed and they told me I needed to enter in new payment information. I successfully bought a CD through Barclays with a deposit of $500,000 dollars and that has gone through! Only thing is they are requiring verification of two deposits within the account, does anyone have experience with what to do when required of this type of verification?! I was thinking of just calling the bank myself and verifying over the phone and telling them I never got the deposits. Any advice is welcome! Thankyou!

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Use the same method as in paypal recipe for verifying by phone with them

      • levente says : Reply

        What account can I add in paypal ? I want step by step tutorial. Thanks

      • Lindsay Hillegas says : Reply

        Okay I will :) thankyou! As far as PayPal they’re not letting me add account at all/ saying either “not added due to risk” or “account is disabled” but I am verifying my identity on my account so hopefully it’ll work after this!

    • JC says : Reply

      I got a similar message from Microsoft. It requires a number code and then the amount. I have a screenshot, I just don’t know where to upload it too.

    • Henry White says : Reply

      Lindsay Hillegas wrote: “I couldn’t link my account to venmo either”

      FYI, PayPal owns Venmo.

    • Richard Albright says : Reply

      Did Tesla send your down payment or is it still a go?

    • vanessa gutierrez says : Reply

      Is the down payment on your car still holding up?

    • Trespass Unwanted says : Reply

      Normally people test a theory to see how it works. A long time ago, many men thought like you and while testing theory, their first inclination was to purchase something expensive. The dealership allowed it to go through. Invited them to come pick up their car. The police was waiting. They were arrested. I believe they used UCC and bond or UCC and O P P T to try to do that [ I don't remember and this is hearsay and hearsay means nothing without proof ]. I know the movie Wall Street says greed is good. But sometimes, these things are social experiments to see how people will act, re-act, or behave if they had access to unlimited [ food/money/credit/funding].
      For the car, they can deliver it to you, if it’s your car and you paid for it with the money in your trust account, they can bring it to you and you sign documents in your home. If its your car, they can’t keep it if they were given payment in full for it.
      People who’s EBT cards were unlimited at Walmart filled up their baskets with needs and things they didn’t need. Some people may have unlimited wealth, and some may have wealth that is not unlimited, and be right back where they started. Like lottery winners who start off rich and end up poorer than before. If a million dollars was available to you, you used up greater than 1/10th of it on a $131.000 car that will do what a $30,000 car will do. Depending on your neighborhood and jealousy of others, you may find it harder to enjoy worrying what another will do to it while you are not watching over it constantly. A $30,000 will start, move, and get you from point A to point B, have cheaper insurance, is cheaper to repair, and you may find a mechanic around the corner that can work on it for little money.
      Just my opinion and I respect your decisions. I am glad that you know how to do thing things you want to do for you, and I will enjoy the fact that you are able to benefit from this, as you bring into existence what you want to see and be and do.

  43. Nancee says : Reply

    I went to the GMEI Utility and put in my SS to see who is trading on my account and it looks like there is a lot of activity in it. Is this usual? I do not quite understand.

    • JB says : Reply

      Can you explain how this is done? Is registration necessary?

      • Nancee says : Reply

        Link is https://www.gmeiutility.org/search.jsp

        Put your Ss# in with dashes and also try with on dash like this 12-345678

        I am hearing you can use your birth certificate name as well but I have not tryed that.

        • Rudy says :

          Holy crap…I ran using my ssn without dashes and nothing came up…now, I just added the dashes and a slew of activity appeared…Now what do I do?

          I’ve read the recipe, yet for some reason, I’m missing something…

          My ssn card number begins with a G…how do I know which bank to draw from?

    • Allen says : Reply

      I don’t think the GMEI thingy is a valid rep of our SS account. See what happens when you put in 000-00-0000 or any random numbers in the SS format. A lot of hype about nothing I believe. I saw a very savvy explanation by an software specialist who explained what is happening there. Sorry I am not savvy enough to repeat his details.

  44. Divinity says : Reply

    Hi There & Thank You The Post,
    Re: TDA
    When I tried to apply my “Lettered Location” from my S.S. card to PayPal, it was “disabled”
    When I entered the location of my “Birth State” on PayPal, it was “accepted”
    Any thoughts?
    Mahalo w/Aloha…

    • JC says : Reply

      Be truthful with your information. Remember this is OUR money. If you already had a PayPal account, they already know what state you live in so when you put the SS state it marked your account as possible fraud. If you would have kept entering the wrong state it would have locked you out of your account. :)

  45. Shunda says : Reply

    Here’s a link to all of the routing numbers by region:


  46. joe says : Reply

    This info is exciting. In SAfrica and trying to locate routing numbers. In this country there is only 1 Reserve Bank. Any though on that?

  47. Benny says : Reply

    Please let me know if somebody has been able to find info about italy. Thanks Benny

  48. Kathy says : Reply

    OMG … I just went to capitalone and paid off my credit card of 1245.00 and it gave me a confirmation number and said the payment was successful :D

  49. Bob says : Reply

    I have a paypal business account. Does the recipe applies the same? Or, do I need to create another personal account? thanks for this information!

  50. Ben Ellis says : Reply

    I had paid off two capital one credit cards and one discover card. Both my capital one ach payments were returned after two days of having a zero balance. I have captured all screen shots of all accounts during the process. I have paid my wifi and cell phone with the SS account too. I ordered some things off of Amazon which they would not let through. Amazon replied that they need a bank statement from the account proving that it is mine. I’m assuming the discover card and utility and cell phone will be reversed to.

  51. Joe says : Reply

    Hi All

    The routing number for South Africa is 630232. A full document on various countries’ route numbers are at:

    Various Swift codes for the South African Reserve Bank:

    SARBZAJ4XXX (J4 -J8) e.g. five codes-replace J4 with J5 etc.

    I hope this help.

  52. Nonami says : Reply

    Thank you all for your energy you have put into this.!!! Loved the call, and thank you, thank you all. I have a couple of questions;
    1) I’m in Japan right now, and will not return to to US until August 1, I do not have my SSN card. If I was born in Denver CO would that be the bank routing number? If so, I could try some of these things. 2) I have done research and found your mortgage is paid off at the signing of closing. But did not know that, and paid on my house for 22 yrs or so, when I stopped paying they took it. Okay, I did not know what to do at the time, but now I have really bad credit and can not get credit card etc. What should I do to clear up things? You talk about the banks only doing business with corporations. Well, they made us a corporation at birth with the birth certificate, so in reality we are a corporation, so I guess we could say we are. ?. 3) you also talk of trust accounts, I have not set that up, and not sure who to trust for that, and is it necessary to do first? I have a paypal account that I’ve had for years, but have used just a little here and there, I could try this with an assumption of the Denver routing number if it is where you are born ? unsure ? I really would like to try some of this before August. Any thoughts here? I will be on the next call.
    Thanks again for this call and all your input. Blessed are we!

  53. Andre says : Reply

    Can I use my visa green dot or does it have to be PayPal

  54. L SMITH says : Reply

    I did all that was mentioned above and it shows on my PayPal account as Bureau of the Public Dept and I called to get verification and the guy came back and had me answer 3 different questions that each question had three answers to verify my identity….funny thing is all the answers had nothing to do with me and the answers of ‘none of the above’ made me fail the security identity test and I asked the PayPal rep how do these answers relate to the questions asked and he told me it is from the federal data base the only thing that was correct was my address….now what???? t

    • L SMITH says : Reply

      I waited a few hours and called PayPal to confirm and the questions they asked I had all the answers for, must of been a SNAFU of the PayPal agent the first time around. Awaiting for the measly $1,000 transfer which is 3-5 business days. I will post later with results.

  55. Danika says : Reply

    Are these funds being withdrawngoing to cause IRS issues in any way??

  56. Charlie Flatt says : Reply

    Several years ago I rid myself of all id-entity. I currently have no SS card, BC, or license. I would like to participate in this DOing however it seems that I need id-entities to participate. Thought about using a Declaration of BEing, as I did with the I-OPEEN project, and start with that. Any ideas would be appreciated?
    Heather, It was good to here your voice again on the call.
    Love All Ways

  57. Angie says : Reply

    I just paid my light bill will see in a few days if it was approved

  58. joe says : Reply

    Just sharing a thought/ question:

    The routing number for South Africa consist of 6 numbers. On Harvey’s video there is 9 numbers shown. Do we add 3 zero’s to the front of the number?

    The SS # in the US is preceded by a letter, but with us has 9 digits. I don’t know if I am correct b assuming that it’s like that because we only have one central bank, thus the letter is not needed to identify a specific central bank. The routing# is even utilised for several small countries around us. as shown in the link posted earlier.

  59. joe says : Reply

    I even located swift codes for the treasury. Can they be of any use?

  60. JVT says : Reply


  61. Rob J says : Reply

    My FRB account was removed as a bank on PayPal by PayPal at 5:09 AM this morning. The email says I made the change. I didn’t.

    At 5:10, I recd an email stating,
    “To confirm your bank account, we tried to make 2 deposits into your FRB PHILADELPHIA-REGISTRATIONS X-8929 account on Dec 31, 1969.
    The money was returned, however, because your bank does not recognize this bank account number.”

    I recd another email at 5:12am stating, “To confirm your bank account, we tried to make 2 deposits into your FRB PHILADELPHIA-REGISTRATIONS X-8929 account on Dec 31, 1969.
    The money was returned, however, because your bank does not recognize this bank account number.”

    Lastly, I recd a final email at 5:30 am,

    “On Jul 7, 2017, we attempted to transfer from your bank account ending in x-xx29. We received an automated response from your bank informing us that they could not complete the transfer.

    As a result, we have removed this bank account from your PayPal account.

    To re-add this bank account to your PayPal account, please confirm with your bank that all information is correct. Alternatively, you can add another bank account.”

    This seems to be the start of a daily call, but I’m feeling everything written and submitted to PayPal and CC’ing the Secret Service should be the way to go.

    They’re so damn afraid. I can feel it. And what’s funny is it’s an arrogant type of fear… childish. It almost feels like their jealous, BUT EVERYONE PARTICIPATING IN THE BLOCKS HAS AN ACCOUT TOO!

    • Toby says : Reply

      yup, every human is part of this, no matter their current job.
      It’s possible you need another routing number. While it’s claimed that’s been stopped seems like the changes made held, there are numerous comments of people finding various routing numbers worked.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      That’s fascinating about the 1969 mention, isn’t it???!!!

    • Lisa Cook says : Reply

      Did you call Paypal when you added the account to confirm? You have to do that, and cannot wait for them to try to make those small deposits, because they will not be successful and you cannot verify them anyway. You need to set up the account, then call them and tell them that you added a trust account that you do not have access to the ledger to verify online, so you want them to verify on the phone. They will either send you a text with a number code while you are on the phone with them, or in my case, for some reason they were not able to do that so I had to answer 5 questions about myself from as long as 20 years ago. Easy multiple choice questions like “What number address did (insert name…the name they used was my son) live with you? Or “At the address 408 E. Lynnwood, which automobile was registered to you?” Once they did that, they verified and all was good to go.

    • Lindsay Hillegas says : Reply

      Wow the 1969 part is really interesting because (astrologically) the same energies of freedom and justice that flowed creating “Summer of love” are the same energies we’re receiving in the year 2017 but times 1000!
      I opened up a Barclays CD account with a deposit of $500,000. Everything processed perfectly and smoothly, all I was told to do was “verify the two deposits in account”
      So I call them and am transferred to “security”, the woman on the phone has dealt with many of us opening accounts with our TDAs, and she seemed to make me out to be an idiot. She told me that “we have contacted the federal reserve and they claim that these accounts do not exist and that they do not issue personal trust accounts. I know you’ve seen this on the web but you can look up this article on snoops….” and then I hung up because I couldn’t actually believe that her form of official proof of these accounts not existing is from an article on “SNOOPS”! It’s common sense, my deposit would’ve never been processed AT ALL if this account “didn’t exist”…. the robots are malfunctioning.
      Not sure what to try next?? I did buy a tesla and that has gone through perfectly! No reversal

      • Joy Cross says : Reply

        I’m planning on buying a tesla. Can you tell me if everything is still a go for you? And how you did it?

  62. Andrew says : Reply

    Well… No joy with Paypal. Lovely folks on the phone, very helpful, verified my account yesterday. Attempted transfers state “Not able to complete transaction”. Called again, they state that everything is good on their end, wait a while and try again. This morning, still the same message… CD from Barclays in process, will post upon more receiving more data regarding that one. :-)

    • Lindsay Hillegas says : Reply

      Experiencing exact same thing. PayPal has my account confirmed and set up but I can’t make one transaction!
      I deposited 500,000 into a Barclays cd and called this morning to verify account and woman in “security” was rude and made me out to be an idiot telling me this whole SSN thing all over the web right now isn’t real and to look up this article on SNOOPS hahaha. I hung up immediately. So thinking of trying bitcoin…

  63. Richard Spratt says : Reply

    What if one doesn’t have a bank account? I haven’t had an account with a bank for at least 10 years when I went off grid.

    • Andrew says : Reply

      Hi Richard, you could process Fed Wire from TDA to Bank for CD. Some people have done this with Barclays. Once that clears either cash out/pay penalty and transfer to personal bank account (w/Barclays or other bank) – as one example.

    • Lisa Cook says : Reply

      Nor do I. Personally I am glad I don’t have an account linked to Paypal because if there is any reversals, they cannot deduct the amount from my bank account. I have a prepaid debit card linked, and if and when the transactions I did yesterday arrive in my paypal account I will withdraw with my debit card at an ATM. I also successfully made a 100.00 purchase online almost immediately after verifying the account with PayPal, and that item has already shipped. I have not and probably will not try to pay any bills just yet with PayPal, as I do not want to risk incurring any fees should the payment be reversed.

  64. New Life says : Reply

    I got the below reversal from Capital One. I used the routing number for Boston. How do I handle this?

    Returned Online ACH Payme
    Other …$1,389.91
    Returned Online ACH Payme
    Transaction DateFriday, 7/07/2017
    Posted DateMonday, 7/10/2017
    Appears on your statement as: Returned Online ACH Payme nt


  65. Karen Sutton says : Reply

    My daughter tried paying off her student loan but couldn’t. Her loan is through “Navient” and they don’t appear to have the Fed Res routing numbers in their database. The error she gets consistently is “not a valid routing number”.

    That said, I’m so incredibly happy that we finally have transparency on these accounts. Our lives are wonderfully, powerfully, forever changed. Thanks to ALL for your perseverance and sharing! <3

  66. Randy says : Reply

    My family is in desperate times. I used my mother’s SS CARD info to pay her credit card bill with her SS account, as per instructions. The payment went through at Chase. Made one 20 dollar purchase, went to buy groceries and card got rejected. Will keep you informed as best I can.

  67. tina bohn martorana says : Reply

    The phone number to pay pal is 1888 221-1161

  68. tina bohn martorana says : Reply

    Thank you daughter of earth and everyone that is doing their part we will soon have that island and more

  69. Eliot says : Reply

    I’m very confused and interested at the same time. Will I be held accountable by law for doing this? I owe 58k in student loans, will I be able to pay this off? And why do I have mysterious reserve money? Where did it come from

  70. Anita says : Reply

    Got a list of sort codes for England and Scotland but there are tons and I don’t know where my account is located.
    Does anyone have a table of what corresponds to what, like the letters in the SS numbers in US give indication which Fed branch they are linked to?

  71. Esther says : Reply

    Today, my daughter received a reversal of payment on her Capital One account. She used C-0310 0004 0 (Philadelphia).

  72. Laurie k says : Reply

    Hi how do you buy CDs from the bank? Using the routing number and social security numbers?
    Thanks ant help appreciated

  73. Bright Idea says : Reply

    Paypal linked and confirmed by phone.

    However – when I try to transfer funds into Paypal, they give me this message:
    “There’s a problem with adding money to your account. If you’d like help, please contact us.”

    So even though it’s confirmed, it cannot be accessed.

    Used FRB routing # 041000014 (for D – Cleveland). Any help is appreciated!

    • Lindsay says : Reply

      Mines doing the EXact same thing :(

    • Hybrid33 says : Reply

      I’m also assigned to Cleveland. Have also got Paypal to confirm via phone. I’m getting the same message. Want to partner up? Best way to reach me is Skype: pvenero or Twitter: https://twitter.com/hybrid0379 or let me know how to reach you.

      I spoke with a helpful agent and he mentioned “cannot add funds at this moment because we have an unscheduled system update”. They directed me to http://www.PayPal.com/addfunds – which didn’t work either. Then a specialist assisted me and said its because I’ currently outside of the USA and I didn’t tell them I was leaving. She said the best thing to do is have a trusted faily or friend log into my account and have them do it. Hope that helps :)

  74. Andrew says : Reply

    “There’s a problem with adding money to your account. If you’d like help, please contact us.” Is the actual verbiage, the nice folks at Paypal do not seem have the solution to this issue yet, any ideas?

  75. Cynthia says : Reply

    Greetings to everyone and happy to be here! We are all Infinite Free Souls with Infinite Abundance.

  76. Andrew says : Reply

    Update on Barclays verification… Just spoke to a representative, who informed me that it is not possible to verify the my FRB account without access to the ledger. Must provide him with the information related to the two small deposits made, no alternative available to him. Solutions??

  77. gillfinn says : Reply

    I have a paypal business account and I went in to add a new funding source/bank. When asked for routing and account #s, it would not allow me to input the (D) before the routing number on my ss card. I have not tried inputting the number only, but I’m not sure if this would work. I do have a screen shot, but not sure where to upload it.

    • gillfinn says : Reply

      Never-mind, I found the corresponding FR routing # that applies, input that plus my SS# as account, then needed to verify with Paypal. I called customer service, they were very helpful, sent me a code # through a text which I read back to him over the phone all in real time. Total time spent in that call may have been 2 minutes.

      Next, I went in to transfer $ from the new FR account to my PP acct. I started with a small amount (400.00) to test the waters, it will be 2/3 days to post as usual but I will update with progress, or not. Anyone needing help, let me know.

  78. steve says : Reply

    Love the work, the British are finding this very hard to do as they have stopped issuing physical NI cards. All we have now is a letter from HMRC with the NI number: NM753307D that’s my one.

    How would we go about accessing this from the UK?

    We have our own website and are fighting a different battle at the moment regarding the Legal Name Fraud, so finding this very interesting. Would love any advice or pointers.

    • Lisala says : Reply

      I have been trying variations like two zero’s to substitute for the first two letters and also year of birth instead of first two letters, with no success. Also this is coupled with over 15 pages of sort codes for the bank of england. I started with the securities and clearance departments and then to the paymaster generals clearance sort codes, no joy. The NI number Birth certificate and certificate of live birth numbers all come up on the LEI search engine and are being traded so the accounts exist. Our uk bank accounts have 8 digits so i am assuming the first two letters of the NI number can be substituted for numbers and the last letter is a suffix denoting one of 4 sort codes ( ABCD ) – formally it is said the suffix is legacy with no meaning which tells me its highly important.

      • Petra Quirke says : Reply

        hi there Lisala. could you drop me an email to petra.quirke@gmail.com.
        my husband is irish and moved to the uk in 1984 (he thinks) and applied for NINO straight away. his NINO begins with NS.
        check this out: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20130605081120/http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/paye/payroll/year-end/errors.htm and scroll down to the list of all possible combination of the prefix letters.
        if i go from the bottom up and and give each letter (just the first collumn) a numerical value starting with 0, then:
        z 0
        y 1
        w 2
        t 3
        s 4
        r 5
        p 6
        o 7
        n 8
        m 9
        l 0
        k 1
        j 2
        h 3
        g 4
        e 5
        c 6
        b 7
        a 8
        so with his prefix NS you get the number 84, which is the year he supposedly applied. does this method work with your prefix? probably the year you applied or was given the number, when you turned 16?? let me know please, thanks.

  79. cosmicdreamer says : Reply

    Hello beautiful beings-
    Just tried paying my car insurance and the routing # seemed to work but was told the ss# is an invalid acxount number ? Anyone else have this happen?
    My routing is letter D…
    Thanks appreciate any input- ♥

  80. Benevolence says : Reply

    Can the federal government jail us for using these accounts by claiming we did not get their approval to access them? I am in desperate need of financial help, and using my own trust fund would change everything.

    • gillfinn says : Reply

      Have you tried accessing and using your account #s? No one can jail you for using something that’s in your name, with your SS# attached to it, filled with untold amounts of money that up until now you knew nothing about.
      They’d have to prove all of the above, plus prove it was never set up in your name by them. Impossible. Go get your $, only you can take what’s yours. Good luck!

      • Cyndi says : Reply

        can we see our accounts, and if so, what is the process, so that we can know how much its in there? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  81. Don says : Reply

    I have had Success at my bank with no reversals. However I received an urgent message from my bank saying they want to verify ownership of my account. They are making 2 small deposits & withdraw into and from my ACH Account. In 2 days I have to disclose the amount of these small transactions. How can I find out this information?

    • Word says : Reply

      Quote this to them: “It’s a private family trust and I don’t have access to the ledger to verify the 2 small deposit and transaction.” They should be able to verify another way.

  82. Daniel says : Reply

    I’m a bit confused, do I need to go to TDA and open an account, or am I just utilizing the existing account already in my name? I was able to verify my paypal acct and made a transfer, it’s pending as we speak.

  83. Alliswithin says : Reply

    Can anyone point me into how you buy CDs?

  84. Daniel says : Reply

    Also, looked up my ss# on GMEI and saw who was utilizing my account…how can I use this info to benefit myself?

  85. Esther says : Reply

    Both Capital One and Chase Bank have done reversals on my daughter’s payments. Both companies reason code is “wrong account number”. My daughter used her SS with letter “C-0310004 0″ (Philadelphia Bank) for routing. Letter “C” is listed on the back of her card.

    No problem with routing number, however, daughter’s SS# fails as an account number. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Toby says : Reply

      some add a “0″ to SSN to make it a 10-digit account number…

    • Dan says : Reply

      did you try it without the dash and space before the “0″? Or try dropping the “0″ again without the dash.

    • DJ says : Reply

      Try 031054287 I found that when the one you used didnt work for my CD from my bank. When i used this new number it went flying thru! Put it in for 30 days then it will pay out.

  86. Anita says : Reply

    Re UK / Scotland:

    Just realizing that my confusion comes from the fact (?) that NI numbers there are just one number, not the other number on the back indicating where the account is located.
    Anyone have more info?

  87. Frances in France says : Reply

    Apparently I managed to find my TDA account, it is located at Banque de France. I could also add it as a new account on my paypal account. The problem is, they are going to send me some cents and I have to tell them how many in order to verify that I am the owner of the account. How can I look into my TDA account?
    To get the TDA account in France, go to https://fr.iban.com/calcul-iban.html, choose France as country and fill in 30001 for bank and 00794 for branch, then your SS number up to the city, include these 3 digits, then you have 10 digits, then calculate. And go to:
    https://fr.iban.com to verify, then you get IBAN, RIB, BIC, Bank, Country, SEPA CREDIT TRANSFER-YES, SEPA DIRECT DEBIT-YES, SEPA SDD CORE-YES, SEPA B2B-YES;
    The TDA account has
    5 digits for the bank
    5 digits for the branch
    1 digit, a 0 was inserted before the SS
    11 digits out of my usual 15 digits for the social security
    2 digits as control key
    This is what I found out so far.

    • Alliswithin says : Reply

      Frances. I found the same thing as well. This means I have a bank account with the Banque de France. I will try and link it to all my accounts.

      • Frances in France says : Reply

        Hello Alliswithin,
        What do you mean by “link it to all my accounts”? How do you do this?

    • Lisala says : Reply

      Out of interest where did you get your bank and branch codes from ? I am in the UK and beleive this could be the way forward for non US resident TD accounts via the IBAN protocol. I would be gratefull for any information.


      • Frances in France says : Reply

        Hi Lisala,

        The Banque de France is like the Federal Reserve, they are used for trading with other banks, not individuals. A friend of mine gave me the bank and the branch number. I am waiting for his answer about where he found them. By the way, I thought, maybe we do not need a branch number for the Banque de France, so I left out the branch number, but the site where we can calculate an IBAN needs a branch number, so I entered sex, year and month of birth (5 digits) and the rest of my SS number as account number even the 2 digits control key, one digit was missing, so the system added a 0 before the 2 digits number of the “département” of birth and 2 other digits which are the same than the last digit of the control key. This account also exists!

        On Wednesday 12th, 16h00 Paris time, I have sent 1.99€ (+ 3.50€ fees) to my first TDA account, this morning they are still there, but “manual resending” takes time…

        • Frances in France says :

          Yesterday, July 17, 2017, the €1.99 came back with comments REJ (rejected) FIRST NAME NAME COORDONNEES for wrong contact information. I reported it to Google docs.

  88. John Dziegiel says : Reply

    I linked my NetSpend to Paypal, but it appears I can only receive funds into Netspend. Meaning I have to logon to Paypal (or Fed Res Acct if that were possible) and send money to NetSpend. Anyone else with NetSpend see other options to pull money in?

    • Laurel says : Reply

      I have NetSpend too, your paypal has to be linked to it, then the fed to paypal. Then you get money from the fed to paypal then put it onto your netspend. That is the hope anyway. I am trying to verify the fed with paypal now then we shall see. I got a small problem, my cell phone is what they call a burner phone, so I could not be verified thru it, then the questions they asked me were so out dated and weird that I answered them wrong. So now I don’t know how to verify the account.

      I M Power, any suggestions???

      • kevin trimmier says : Reply

        the questions they asked me were also so outdated that I couldn’t remember what telephone number I had back then so I had to ask paypal to repeat the numbers to me and gave them the wrong answer by saying none of the above, the rep, then told me, I had to wait until”they pulled the deposits out” to verify the account. so I will be calling tomorrow morning to try and re- verify the account. I think it was just a delaying tactic, because they don’t know what to do, or are waiting to be told what to do. I will keep you posted on what occurs

  89. Justchillin says : Reply

    I have a question. How does all this fit with the RV and if everyone starts using their treasury direct accounts won’t everyone quit their jobs and the world go crazy? Who is going to work at the restaurants and vacation spots we can now afford to go to? Im confused.

    • Frances in France says : Reply

      People will still work because it is our nature, we love working, acting, being busy, but it will be a very different work, taking responsibility for the other, for the whole, for the planet, doing what is needed for a better world.

  90. Ethan Dao says : Reply

    Is this for real? Just ran into the info…Thanks..

  91. Havana says : Reply

    Hi! Had a question about a routing # 051736158 that I searched on the site and under the Fedwire Routing section it listed Funds Transfer Status as ineligible. Does this mean you can’t do wire transfers with this routing number? Thanks for any help.

  92. Gemini says : Reply

    Just a note of gratitude for all of the effort and time dedicated to all you DO, seen and unseen…
    I may be the fool for not jumping on the money band wagon, though it may be the unifying event, seen and unseen, but, I look forward, compassionately awaiting the realization of all seen and unseen, that there is answer to the question; Eternal Essence pay Eternal Essence for Eternal Essence???
    Are the money riches worth all of the moments of NOW missed with family and self because of board meetings, schedules, accounting, marketing competition, mental preoccupation of sales and strategy, ruling, controlling, enforcing, judging, hiding and always wearing the “big boy pants”???
    How much more wealth can be stacked on limitless value…? Maybe a wealth of love, moments of precious now, non status bar b q, precious un “schooled” moments of you….
    This moment of NOW, NOW, NOW…… is pre-approved, pre-authorized and prepaid…..!!!!
    Just think of the limitless cooperation, limitless help, limitless excitement and joy without limitless employer/employee/boss/middleman headache and worry…..

    Any way, I’m very grateful even though so unconsenting….

    Without prejudice
    Original, equally, with love, joy, INNERSTANDING, compassion, gratitude and feeling…..

  93. Richard says : Reply

    hey you all,
    PayPal account verified by calling pay pal very nice no problems
    Go back in account is good……then pay sends me an email saying it failed
    Try another account. Any work a around. The pay pal account is a business account in my name

  94. E. L. says : Reply

    Re: C-041000014 – Cleveland Branch in Ohio

    Student loans (NAVIENT SITE) “was not processed.” I also tried the routing # for the Bureau of Public Debt.
    Waiting on credit card responses.

    PayPal email states “…tried to make 2 deposits into your FEDERAL RESERVE BANK account on Jul 9, 2017. The money was returned because your bank does not recognize this bank account number.”
    Sounds like they don’t recognize my social security number!!
    When I applied for Food Stamps, they could not find my SS in the system. Maybe the same deal.
    Any thoughts?

    Also, what new routing numbers can I try? Do they have to be based out of Ohio?

    • E. L. says : Reply

      OMG!! I got this wrong. Cleveland is right under Philadelphia in the YouTube video. I read down instead of up!!!
      I’ll get back to you with an update. Thanks.

      • E. L. says : Reply

        Got this message for Citibank when I entered the Philadelphia routing number:

        ABA Routing Number Error: The ABA Routing Number you entered cannot be added at this time.
        Please enter a different Routing Number.

        • E. L. says :

          I tried all routing numbers that make sense and all payments were reversed, including
          Bureau of the Public Debt, Fed’s main number, the C for Philadelphia, etc., etc.
          Treasury Direct cannot verify bank account. “…there may be a problem with the data you submitted.”
          I phoned the ABA, and the Feds. Did not go anywhere.
          I am still hopeful, I’ll just monitor the site and see what develops.

  95. Sophia says : Reply

    Apparently AmEx is reversing payments.. looks like it’s going through and then it doesn’t – and in the mean time they do zero out the balance but also freeze the account..

    Any fixes for this yet?

  96. Andrew says : Reply

    So… After chasing around for a while with a Paypal rep, it works out that internal security features are the present issue with transferring funds from external accounts. They would like to first see spending habits and trends, in other words make purchases for a while first, then use external accounts to pay them. Hope this helps for those with new accounts with Paypal. In other news… Wells Fargo payments feature operational, conformation numbers in hand. Will update in time regarding whether or not that payment actually goes through.

    • Lindsay Hillegas says : Reply

      Okay so I’m guessing this is why my account is connected and confirmed to my PayPal account but it’s not letting me make any purchases or transfer funds

    • Richard says : Reply

      Ok ,but I have been using pay pal and have a transaction history

  97. H. Andrew` says : Reply

    Hello BZ. Here is some info I’ve found for Barbados.

    Routng Number 021083213
    Telegraphic name BARBADOS
    City NEW YORK
    State NY
    Funds transfer status eligible
    Funds settlement-only status
    Book-Entry Securities transfer status eligible
    Date of last revision (YYYYMMDD) 20080131

    • H. Andrew says : Reply

      In Barbados there are 2 Numbers 1. a 6 digit NIS (National Insurance number) and 2. a 10 digit NRN /TIN (National Registration Number / Taxpayer Identification Number in the format YYMMDD-XXXX. The first part is your DOB followed by your 4 digit assigned sequence number)
      How do you determine what the Account number is in this situation?

  98. Justchillin says : Reply

    I have a credit card with my local bank that I attempted to pay off last week.After I made the payment the available credit was reflected on the card so I used it. I got a mean call today that the payment was reversed and the account I paid from was not found.I resubmitted the payment anyway and again it processed and the available credit is reflecting in the balance. Someone told me I made a huge mistake trying this with a local bank because I can go to jail. How do I handle this? Im from a small town and the people here are clueless. Harvey said to only pay off existing debt and thats what I was trying to do. I resubmitted the payment but am too afraid to keep trying.I am NOT going to use the card anymore and am just praying I am not prosecuted.

    • ChristinHerStand says : Reply

      dont worry if any one is at fault its the bank NOT accepting the payment. The account is valid, provable and they have to prove you were being fraudulent. How is that possible since the trust exists and it exists based on YOUR info. FEAR MONGERING is what they do best. Try and try again. You can check and see who is trading your SS number as we speak via the site ( i forget the name something utilities.org) if you look up you will see it in the comments. Point being you are not in trouble. I wrote close to 100K worth of checks using my fed reserve account. they were returned but no fear mongering here. I will be the first person screaming from the roof tops if anything like this o cured and i got in trouble using MY info….Seriously if thats the case you should get in trouble for using your DL for information purposes and so on. Give me a break …too many of us in this Informational REVOLUTION to sit still, even if ONE of us got in trouble for using their own information.

  99. I M Power says : Reply

    ******* IMPORTANT ********


    The PTW, have been having fun with The I UV- They are enjoying making it go FUBAR!
    Taking it down back and front. Taking down just the post leaving the comments. And all sorts of Fun variations.


    Please do not submit the same comment more than once. I have to approve all comments individually because of the PTW attacks on the site. Please leave your comment, then be patient. I am going as fast as I can.

    • derek says : Reply

      I hope you enjoy approving this comment. Thank you and you are a wonderful soul! I hope everything works out like the grand plan intends for it to!! Namaste

    • ChristinHerStand says : Reply

      sorry folks, Im having a bit of trouble with all the Lingo ACRONYMS used here …. Can we have an acronym list some place :) thanx

  100. I M Power says : Reply

    Note from HATJ-

    “I am almost done with the documentation of proof of ownership of accounts, with all underwriting, origin of funds, history of funds, title, etc, for everyone…it will all be done today and i will ask for help to have it posted in numerous places for everyone.

    my complete gratitude and love for all and all done…


    that will be what you give to anyone attempting/doing reversals, returns, freezes, etc.”
    “fine Heather : but will this make them stop and turn the process around and make sure they will do what we ask ?”

    that and other coordinated cooperations with “the big boys and girls” ;) …and the ones causing the “bit down”, are already aware of all thats coming, just not the details and the “when” (heart)”

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      sending you much Love and Light to complete the process. Thank you for all you have done. It is greatly appreciated.

  101. I M Power says : Reply

    Tesla car ordered using TDA account see screen shot.
    “Paid the $2,500 deposit so far on 7/6/17 and have not received a reversal yet!
    Via TDA routing number 0210 50466
    New York Disbursement Fed Res.
    Post it. All my contact info is on it so that they bogeyman can come and dance with me

    • CLSC says : Reply

      I know the routing number you referred to is the other NY one I wanted to know if there is a difference in using one NY routing number vs. the other one on the site. What prompted you to use that one instead of the one I am referring to below? (021001208). Also did you do this via palpal method or direct through tesla? Thanks!!

      The following is the bank/financial institute that have “FRB NEW YORK” in the name. The routing number of this bank/financial institute is 021001208.
      FedACH Routing
      Name: Federal Reserve Bank
      100 Orchard Street
      East Rutherford, NJ 07073
      Phone: 877-372-2457
      Type: Main Office
      Servicing Fed’s Main Office : 021001208
      Status: This is a Federal Reserve Bank.
      Change Date: 12/24/2015

      Fedwire Routing
      Name: Frb New York
      Telegraphic Name: FRB NYC
      New York, NY
      Funds Transfer Status: Eligible
      Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status: Eligible

      *The information for this routing number was updated on Jul. 11, 2017.

    • UncleTune says : Reply

      What website did you use to do that???

    • UncleTune says : Reply

      Everything I have tried has been reversed. Is there any more information indicating that we can actually transfer money to a tangible account I own from the FRB??? I know people in trouble of losing their homes and I would like to help them. I have seen posts with success of drawing money but HOW did that happen??

      Anyone with a ‘step by step’???

    • Kathy says : Reply

      Did you get a reversal on your Tesla? … :D .. hoping all goes well for you <3

    • vanessa gutierrez says : Reply

      Any updates on this?

  102. I M Power says : Reply

    Some comments from others on LOVE, Assistance, No Fear for All

    “And if there are people in very remote areas with no filed birthcertificate or record thereof we help them.. this is the beauty of it all there are no excuses not to help your fellow man.. talk about removing the schackles <3"

    "And making visible to ALL the ‘real’ value of LOVE (heart) …for those that may have forgotten… :) "
    "> for those that may have forgotten… :)

    You know who you are… and we are reminding you (those who are watching)… LOVE IS ALL THERE IS (inlove) (lips) (heart)”

  103. RicB says : Reply

    Hi guys been reading recently but ran into a problem and i hope i can get assistance, i used the FRB and my TDA for paypal….came to money confirmation and called the worker was beyond friendly and she went ahead and verified my FRB (thnks for the script it totally worked lol) i get into my paypal all excited i tried to add money from bank in the amount of 1500 at first, then 1000 and finally 300…everytime i tried i got the message “theres a problem adding money to your account, if youd like help please contact us” am i doing something wrong??? Thanks for help and everyone keep up the great work…oh and i have pics i was snapping while setting up account

  104. Leah Elliott says : Reply

    I have successfully linked my account to my paypal account. $1000 is pending to be transferred. I have sent my mom $100 through paypal. I have paid several bills, however I am not sure if they will be reversed. The only two bills that would not let me use it are Sprint (phone bill) and Comenity Bank (loan). I will update you all once the funds have posted. All I did was call Paypal after linking the account online and told them it was a private family trust and did not have access to ledger. They simply verified the account and it was linked.

    • Stacy says : Reply

      So far I have had success with most of my accounts except for Sprint, so I’d love to know if you figure something out. Thanks!

      • Stacy says : Reply

        All of the payments that I originally had success with have been reversed. :-/

        Just FYI, I see a lot of people asking about routing numbers based on the letter on the back of their SS card. There was an update on this post saying to use a routing number that matches the first number of your SS#. Example, my SS# begins with 1 and I had success with routing numbers 011000015 and 103000240. I simply went through the list of routing numbers and tried them all to see what worked. The same number does not necessarily work for everything. On some payments I was able to use the public debt routing number 051736158. The routing numbers that match up with the letters did not work at all for me.

        At this point, I’m not sure if I’m ready to start making calls. I think I’d like to cover myself better such as getting the green passport, etc.

  105. Rick M says : Reply

    I linked the TDA to my pay pal account. I got a post stating that in 1-2 days there would be 2 small deposits. I need to know when do I cal the pay pal representative? Since I just added the bank link today, do I wait two days or do I look for deposits in the activity section of Pay Pal before I call? Thanks in advance for the response.

  106. Keyana says : Reply

    Hi beautiful Divine energies! Thank you so much for what you all are doing! My heart is joyfull and grateful to each of you

    Ok, so I did it a little different. I linked my federal reserve bank to paypal using my social and the routing number for my letter first. Then I opened my TDA account…It seemed to have worked…is that ok?

  107. SN says : Reply

    I checked that site to see who is trading on my ssn, there’s 263 records of ppl trading and they are active! What does this even mean?! I’M SO LOST

  108. leslie says : Reply

    I just made my PayPal account using my routing number and ssn# and my PayPal balance is zero.

  109. kevin T says : Reply

    hi, late last night I went to paypal and removed my old bank account and added the treasury account to paypal following the instructions given. paypal went ahead and sent the 2 deposits. I called this morning to get paypal to verify the account, and got hold of a representative whom I could hardly understand, and she asked me questions about old telephone numbers that I may have had but I couldn’t remember having any of them, as well as addresses I may have lived at, with not being able to understand what she was asking meand not remembering these numbers I claimed none of the above, paypal told me I had to wait until the deposits were pulled back before I could verify the account. so I will call again tomorrow. I am also opening an account with FINGERHUT I have been given a credit line and I will be trying to add the account to fingerhut in a day or so will keep you posted on this..

  110. Janna says : Reply

    I used this recipe step by step & it worked! Thank you so much!!!!!!!! Love & light to you!

  111. CarolV says : Reply

    Listening to the 3 hour call right now — great to here us moving forward!!!
    To think I started down the truth path and discovered OPPT and of course a kazillion other info/gurus/dis-info etc…
    Turtle Island here — so happy we don’t have to create paperwork……. it was throwing spaghetti at the wall.
    When everyone is talking about PayPal – I have a Canadian PayPal account — has anyone completed the process?
    So do we use 00000 177 and 9 digit SIN
    00006 177 and 9 digit SIN
    If there is anyone that has had success for setting up their account in Canada thru PayPal?
    I am standing in my power — I have been since they foreclosed my home in 2014
    Thanks – Love and Hugs to EVERYONE HERE — STAND IN TRUTH – IT IS YOUR POWER!!!!!

    • Mexican Amigo says : Reply

      Where is the link to the 3 hour call (audio) can you post details of website or skype room.


      • I M Power says : Reply

        please read this blog post ^ up there, the answer to your question and so many other people’s questions are ^ up there. The post is being constantly updated with new info, update info, links, and answers to questions All the Time, but You need to read it. :-)

        • Laurel says :

          This is my first blog experience, so thanks for the info, this helps a lot, sorry to ask the same question sooo many times.

    • Sarah says : Reply

      Is there a call going on right now that I can join? If so, how do I call in? What is the phone # etc….Please?

      Thank you,

    • Cyndi says : Reply

      Hi Carol,
      I just tried setting up Cndn PP account but used the 00006, and the kind of account I put checking. It still has to be verified, will take 2-5 days, so I’m waiting we will see what happens. After that, I still dont know how to use it but learning.

  112. Cynthia says : Reply

    Hi everyone, my ss# starts with F. When I check your list there are 5 different FRB. I used the first routing number of FRB in Atlanta, 061000146 with my SS# in my PayPal account. I received error message that my account can’t be processed at this moment to please try later. How do I know which FRB routing number to use?
    Any advice is welcomed

    • CarolV says : Reply


      • CarolV says : Reply

        I did what the doc showed and for the account number I put my SIN 9 numbers.

        This is the message I got:

        The bank information you have added is invalid or missing. Please try again.

        Your Bank account number entries did not match. Please try again.

        Do I need to do something else besides the 9 numbers?
        I tried 00000 and 00006 too… both gave me this same message.

        • Dan says :

          Did you have any success yet? PT above set the code as Intitution #(177), Routing Code(00000 or00006), SIN(your number as in 123456789) thus: 0017700000123456789

  113. Teo says : Reply

    Re: Paypal Method Feedback and update…

    Google – PAYPAL Get a Human… you will find this toll free to the call center in the PI – 1-888-221-1161 is the # you can call free using Skype.

    I setup the account as directed and everything went perfectly… calling and asking to speak to an agent or pressing 0 seems to get a human on the phone quickest.

    Once I added the account as PRIMARY – I atttempted some small transfers into the Paypal balance – $99 $199 $499
    Nothing worked – kept getting a generic face palm NOPE SORRY… this is the screenshot…


    Any thoughts on other methods to use PP to access this account?
    Fortunately – I am living outsode the geography of the incorporated US – so cannot use a Paypal ATM

    • RicB says : Reply

      Thats the same message i was getting at 1st, i took a nap woke up 2hrs later tried it again with 1 transfer in the amount of 400 and the other for 1000, bot are pending right now, i will give update soon as i find out if transfers were successful or not…dont be discouraged we will figure this out 1 way or another :-)

  114. Thom says : Reply

    So is there anyone have a quick “5″ Step plan for this….. writing the check or is everyone trying to add there FRB rout/SS# as the bank for payment to be used….. NOBODY HERE SEEMS TO BE taking the Bull by the Horns….lol

    • Susie says : Reply

      I only paid debts that included an eCheck payment option. I located my routing numbers for Chicago (there are three for that location) and verified them here: http://www.usbanklocations.com/check-routing-number.php
      No PayPal, No adding a bank account anywhere, no purchases or cash transfers.

      ACH PAYMENTS using eCheck
      Monday, July 10, 2017
      1. City Water
      2. USAA Auto/Property Ins 6 months Premium
      3. Cable
      4. Trash Pick-up
      5. Electricity
      6. Calif Franchise Tax Board debt in arrears for 2012 & 2013

      Tuesday, July 11, 2017
      7. T-Mobile

      I had already corrected my status to “Principle Secured Party”; out of Debtor (ALL CAPS NAME) aka “Ens legis” several months ago.

      [Disclaimer: I share my personal journal of steps on this path... This is not Legal Advice, not to be inferred or suggested as anything, but my experiences shared.]

      I corrected my status by doing the following (my personal research, not anyone else’s):
      1. Obtained Counter-Deed (Legal Title to my living woman) by Authenticating my Certificate of Live Birth (CoLB)
      2. Filed UCC-1
      3. Copyrighted my original “Art Work” (signature)
      4. Revoked and rescinded my Voter’s Registration
      5. Filed IRS Form 56 in-person at the local IRS office (with duplicate original stamped as received/accepted by IRS Agent including their Agent Number and the date). This form is for the “Ens legis” to appoint the living woman as HER fiduciary.
      6. Filed IRS Form 56-F in-person at the local IRS office appointing Commissioner of Fiscal Service, Commissioner of IRS, Treasury Secretary (DC) & Director of Treasury (PR) Fiduciaries for “Ens legis”
      7. Filed IRS Form 2848 in-person “Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative” wherein “Ens legis” appointed Living woman, Commissioner of Fiscal Service, Commissioner of IRS, Treasury Secretary (DC) & Director of Treasury as HER Attorney-In-Fact and Representative.
      8. Delivered a one page document in-person to IRS with instructions for my fiduciaries.
      9. Opened a Treasury Direct Account
      10. Obtained a 98 series Foreign Trust EIN with IRS form SS-4

    • ChristinHerStand says : Reply

      Hi Tom,
      I did that I went to vistaprint and created new checks with the spot where the bank info goes to be filled in with fed reserve bank of your birth number. Then I did all mine as I would normally added extra info such as EIN ans SS number along with phone number address etc…then I have stamper that stamps NEGOTIABLE on the top of the check..signed bront and back and in tiny letters on the bottom did the UCC1-308 and some other normal stuff …worked like a charm accepted 100% of the time……..But it was reversed because the amounts I wrote were HUGE LOL I figured go for it….The one that was accepted was nipsco Gas company and a CC for a payment of 1700 …thats it.the rest reversed..No suchg account ..a;; checks were kept…when i used promissory notes they were returned…………..things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmm

  115. Cary says : Reply

    I used main routing for F Atlanta to add to my paypal – acct showed up. Had cust service assist with confirming account. Made sure was primary acct & attached to electronic transactions. Tried a bank transfer of $500 – after about 4 days was declined by bank, and received an email from pp that the bank had been removed from my account as they had let pp know they do not do this kind of transaction.

  116. Laurel says : Reply

    Can we buy bank CD’s online?

    • Laurel says : Reply

      So I just tried to buy a CD online using routing number 011000015 with Bank of America, this is the email that I got from them about 3 minute later:
      We’re sorry but we’re unable to open your Bank of America account(s) online because we are unable to collect funding for your CD/IRA account.
      However we can help you open your account at a local financial center.
      What to bring with you
      Please bring two forms of identification with you, such as:
      Government-issued photo ID (for example, a valid driver’s license, identification card or passport)
      Social Security card
      Utility bill (must contain name and current address)
      Major retail store credit card

  117. Sophia says : Reply

    I tried to pay off my AmEx credit card last night — payment was accepted.. IMy entire credit line was available until about 12 noon today. I saw my balance as “0″ then I tried to use my credit card and it was declined (for a very small amount $20).. Then I got an email stating that the payment was returned and to use an alternative method to pay off my balance.. (I used the Fed Reserve routing number as my routing and SSN as account #)

    I M power any suggestions on how to get my AmEx bill paid please?

  118. Sarah says : Reply

    Is there a call going on right now? If so, how do I call in? What is the phone # etc….Please?

    Thank you,

  119. Flying Dutchman says : Reply

    I would love to get into this information deeper and working on a simple method to test the waters here in corporation The Netherlands lol Still not totally clear on where to begin. All input is welcome :-)

  120. Rick says : Reply

    Tried to add an account to pay my CITI Bank credit card with the F 061000146 routing number and it said not a valid routing number.

  121. James Kral says : Reply

    It would be greatly appreciated to be added to the Update List! Thank You for Your Time and All that You Do! You all are Gems!!! Thank You!
    James Kral jameskral4@gmail.com

  122. Lindsay Hillegas says : Reply

    Earlier today I purchased a MacBook on amazon by paying with my linked TDA. It went through, no reversal, nothin. then later today I tried making another purchase and now it’s not letting me click “continue” when I want to pay with that account, the account itself keeps on disappearing and I keep having to re add it, AND I’ve tried doing it on the app and on their website… this is actually humorous because I know it’s on purpose :)

    • Lindsay Hillegas says : Reply

      And once again amazon has reversed my orders that went through successfully. Reason: unknown!

      • Wonders about everything says : Reply

        I had same thing happen on Amazon, added a bank fed and my ss account number. Then picked out what I wanted.. a few hrs later came back unpaid. I found Telecheck is flagging the accounts but I didn’t call them because I figured it was something Amazon vendors get when they sell there. I went to each item and deleted them. Not sure but a bunch of vendors lost some money.. too bad :(

        • gentry says :

          Had the same happen, called Telecheck and they said it was because I didn’t meet all of their private criteria for check writing, but that there was apparently nothing wrong with the account itself!

  123. Gentry says : Reply

    First of all, thanks and gratitude to all of you who have taken the time to share your experiences and information in this section…it’s absolutely invaluable and helps to bring us together and strengthen us—none of us are alone!!!
    So, I’m buzzing with excitement! I Linked TWO TDA accounts to my paypal account a few days ago and have made thousands in transfers to friends and family with virtually no hiccups–amounts between $250 and $1300! Paypal removed one of the TDA’s with the silliest of excuses, but when I called them on it, I simply repeated Heather’s recipe, and the account appeared again.
    Next, I went through the online process at Wells Fargo to link a TDA to my checking account, and the process initiated, much the same as Paypal, and two small deposits were (or will be) sent to my TDA and I’m supposed to confirm the amounts in the next couple of days when they show up….but how do I know when they show up and how much they are? If i call Wells Fargo customer service and give them the same line about “family trust account” will they respond the same as Paypal? Anyone get to this point yet?
    So I’ve gone down to the local Dodge dealership and picked out a truck, done all the paperwork, and it’s waiting there for me, I just have to bring them a cashier’s check, and the only way I can figure to get from here to there is to link my TDA acct to my checking acct so I can then do a transfer. Anyone have any input?

    • Tricia says : Reply

      Paypal removed mine, saying that the deposits were rejected by the bank even though it was verified over the phone and I was able to send money to my husband. When I called back just now to try again from scratch to have them link it on the phone, hoping to avoid the deposits being generated, they told me that the account I’m trying to link is not compatible with Paypal! Do you have any recommendations?

  124. Don says : Reply

    Wish we can get a call going on soon. Not all answers are above on this blog. If we can’t learn how to verify the ownership of my TDA all of this is for not. I believe in positive energy. This is working and we can take it to the next level. We have to prove to these compartmentalized people that this is our account and were not bluffing. There has got to be a way to verify a small deposit from my bank. Is there any solid paperwork or an affidavit that we can provide to prove ownership of TDA? I’m confident we can make this work people. This isn’t the Accept For Value roadblock…

  125. Kathy says : Reply

    Thank you everyone on here for all your support in gaining deeper clarity to all that I am and for helping me see even further how very fucked up and twisted the world I was birth into is and helping me to gain more of a deeper understanding of how evil of a system they got going on here .. lol and how much I was not able to see how blocked I was and still am to a degree because of the fear party that runs this world .. I am so greatful l for waking up and being able to understand what is going on here further and knowing that it is all going to be shut down eventually … no matter what it is only going to get more and more obvious that this system cannot stay and will have to change … we are all doing such a great job .. I am so proud of you all and myself for being brave enough to see beyond … we are all so amazing .. <3 … I had such a fun time yesterday on here yesterday with you all doing what I did and learning what I learned from this page and blog <3 It is just totally amazing to me and dream like how far we have all come in uncovering the truth of all that we are … thank you all so much for your help in every way <3

  126. Teo says : Reply

    @@ BITCOIN UPDATE – Tied the FED acct to my coinbase wallet…. whoot!!

    $500 inbound test deposit initiated….

    2-4 days normal delay from BOAmerica…

    See here….


    CB has a similar 2 small deposit dealy-o like PayPal does, so when I faced this challenge along the journey I said wtf – I know this… when it asked me the 2 amounts deposited I thought for a minute and came up w 2 amounts….first attemot was a FAIL – then it came to me from somewhere – the #s came to me and on my 2nd try – WHALA – OPEN SESAME…. ABRACADABRA…

    pps – I’m killing it w bitcoin and other sound money…. so pm me if u want any more info… on the down lo

  127. roberto marini says : Reply

    Hi, im living in italy right now, there is a way to get a better understanding of all of this, and guide me trough a “knowledge” process like, to test this in my country? i have even a paypal account already, and is a personal one, already verified, and with my bank account and cards connected and phone number etc.

  128. Rob says : Reply

    Australia question – I need to identify what Bank holds my Treasury Direct Account. Could it be Reserve Bank Australia? Once established, then to work out the routing number to test a PayPal process.

  129. gillfinn says : Reply

    This from the Fed’s own site:

    * “The Federal Reserve Banks provide the Fedwire Funds Service, a real-time gross settlement system that enables participants to initiate funds transfer that are immediate, final, and irrevocable once processed. Depository institutions and certain other financial institutions that hold an account with a Federal Reserve Bank are eligible to participate in the Fedwire Funds Services. In 2008, approximately 7,300 participants made Fedwire funds transfers. The Fedwire Funds Service is generally used to make large-value, time-critical payments.

    The Fedwire Funds Service is a credit transfer service. Participants originate funds transfers by instructing a Federal Reserve Bank to debit funds from its own account and credit funds to the account of another participant. Participants may originate funds transfers online, by initiating a secure electronic message, or off line, via telephone procedures.

    The Fedwire Funds Service business day begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern time (ET) on the preceding calendar day and ends at 6:30 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, excluding designated holidays. For example, the Fedwire Funds Service opens for Monday at 9:00 p.m. on the preceding Sunday. The deadline for initiating transfers for the benefit of a third party (such as a bank’s customer) is 6:00 p.m. ET each business day. Under certain circumstances, Fedwire Funds Service operating hours may be extended by the Federal Reserve Banks.

    For further information about Fedwire Funds Service, please see the Fedwire Services page on the Federal Reserve Financial Services website.”


    • ChristinHerStand says : Reply

      Hi went there read their info. seems you have to be an Institution and request their fedwire info via the information route they offer. Not a normal peopn.

    • Richard says : Reply

      Been looking at the site for solutions and remedy. Any thoughts. Seems my bank has access to my account . Hiding it in plan site. Can I become a private banker? Is there a third party that will access and retrieve my funds with no returns and deposit them in my private side account?

  130. Arie says : Reply

    I was wondering, on the GMEI Utility site, can that be used as a way to cancel a debt, if we find that one of those corporations is a Company that we currently are working to offset, that has accessed the account fraudulently? Also, can we challenge those trades from the site? Ultimately, I’d just like to know what we can do with the info provided. I have 848 records showing.

    • Lisala says : Reply

      I am also interested in this i have over 380000 LEI’s trading my national insurance account ( uk version of social security account ) over 400 for both my birth certificate and certificate of live birth.

      • coach2640220 says : Reply

        Checked my social security number at:

        I have 202 records showing. What the heck is going on in the account that looks like my name? I don’t know any of them, except one, an insurance company I am doing business with. They are from all over country and including Europe.

  131. Anastasia says : Reply

    HOME DEPOT (Citibank) is rejecting adding the Atlanta (F) as a routing number.

    So, problem companies to date:
    Optimum (Cablevision)
    SECO – Florida energy company

  132. Johnny says : Reply

    The routing number for use with the letter G in front of your ssn
    071000301 works I have added that bank to my PayPal account and I am waiting 1-2 business days before contacting them to confirm the account. Will update with success or failure.

  133. Kathy says : Reply

    I was wondering if after paying a credit card bill … after processing the payment .. how many days after if there is a reversal … what are people finding that are happening with the reversals of payments? I know boring question ..lol … but I am curious to know :D

  134. Wonders about everything says : Reply


  135. derek says : Reply

    Hi I just linked PayPal to the Chicago account. My letter is G for the ssn. I used the routing number that is common for all 3. PayPal says it’s having a problem transferring the money and to call them. I tried as little as 3 cents and as much as 1000. Any ideas? I live in the United states. Thank you and I appreciate all of this.

  136. Beth says : Reply

    Apparently I need a “for dummies” how to guide. I went to pay my cable bill and wasn’t sure how to fill in the blanks. Is the account in my name? Is it a checking or savings? Etc.

  137. Tamara says : Reply

    How would you go about buying property? Or real estate?

  138. Tricia says : Reply

    Disappointing developments with PayPal. I had successfully linked my account on 7/10 and sent $50 to my husband who received it pretty quickly. By the next morning I had an email saying that the two small deposits were REJECTED by my bank!. I didn’t realize they would still go through. So they removed the account. I just called PayPal now to see if I could get them to link the account, thinking that I could avoid the deposits this way. But the man I spoke to said that the account is not compatible with PayPal. What? There has to be a way to do this. Should I open a TDA account on the http://www.treasurydirect.gov site and then link that to Paypal? Can you see deposits this way? I just don’t know what to try next. This is discouraging. And I’m also confused as to when to try what routing numbers. So far I’ve only used one number (the one for E that is listed first). It had been working so far, seemingly.

    • Fidel says : Reply

      Was your husband able to use the $50 or did that put your PayPal account on a negative ?

    • Cyndi says : Reply

      thanks Tricia for the update. I have not gotten to that point, but if this is what happened in your case, it will probably happen to the rest of us. So, perhaps PP is ‘onto this’ and are trying to prevent people from accessing their own accounts.
      Even if I wanted to open up an access account, I dont know the account number that corresponds to me at the Bank of Canada.

    • Cate says : Reply

      If you go to http://www.usbanklocations.com/check-routing-number.php you will see that E (Richmond) routing number 0510-00033 does NOT have any banks that associate with that number. Try the other 3. I’m still waiting for two accounts to go through using the other routing numbers. We have to keep trying.

    • Lyn says : Reply

      u didnt read the instructions on this site under recipee. Always realize how to do something before u do it so u dont cause problems for everyone. The more people NOT reading the instructions and following them, the more paypal has been alerted.

  139. Gachgatwech says : Reply

    have used the chicago fed to discharge debts 5times all went through and was returned few days latter. fed also block my ssn connection to the chicago routng number. i been going back and forth for while.

  140. little deer says : Reply

    Master Account

    A Master Account is the record of financial rights and obligations of an Account Holder and the Administrative Reserve Bank (or any other Reserve Bank maintaining a Master Account identified in Operating Circular 1) with respect to each other, where opening, intraday, and closing balances are determined. A Master Account is identified by a Primary nine-digit Routing Transit Number (RTN).

    Foreign-related institutions. U.S. branches and agencies of the same foreign bank and Edge and Agreement Corporations will have a single Master Account for each group of offices located in the same state and same Federal Reserve District. However, the U.S. branches and agencies of a foreign bank and the offices of an Edge or Agreement corporation can simulate a single Master Account nationwide by passing required reserve balances through a single Correspondent.

    If your organization holds the Master Account, you are eligible to establish additional services by completing the following forms in Step 7 -Complete Forms/Agreements.

    Form 1 – Daily Statement of Account and Monthly Statement of Service Charges Delivery Options
    Form 4B – Delivery Profile for Intra-Day Premium Services
    Form 6 – Affiliate Access for Account Management Information (AMI) Service
    Form 7 – Request for Fedwire Details via the Search Feature in the Account Management Information (AMI) Application


  141. V says : Reply

    CHASE has reversed the payment using routing # 051736158. They will not allow me to resubmit payment using same routing number. They are now asking for proof that I own the account by making two small deposits to the Bureau of the Public debt account. Has Heather produced the documentation of proof of ownership of accounts? We can sure use it now.

  142. Raquel says : Reply

    When entering billing payment information (my name), to pay a bill, etc…should I use all capital letters? Just wondering because someone mentioned it on the youtube video comment section.

  143. EL says : Reply

    Can you pay a bill in someone else’s name?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      sure, if you go directly to the company that holds the bill you can do it through their online payment system. You can also do it through your banks bill pay after you add your TDA to your funding sources in your bank account management dashboard.

  144. I M Power says : Reply

    USAA Bank Info

    “How soon will I be able to use funds transfer to transfer money to the non-USAA account I added?

    It usually takes about three business days to complete the verification process, but that can vary based on how the account gets verified. You can start moving money to and from the account when it’s listed as “Active” on the Manage Accounts page.”

    I just completed a funds transfer from my TDA to my USAA total of $7000. $5000 was put in instantly, $2000 will clear on 7.19.17

  145. kevin trimmier says : Reply

    has the number on the back of the SS card been used or tried as a means to get access to withdrawing money from the account??? what is the number on the back of the SS card supposed to be used for? what does it reference??

  146. Ann says : Reply

    I am a “C” and believe I have the Philadelphia Bank. There are branches, but, the main routing number is 031000040. I am using that, but, what do I claim it as? A savings or Checking?

    • Ann says : Reply

      Let me say firstly, I appreciate all you are doing. It is mentioned to modify for your location. Does this mean I can move my Philadelphia location to say Atlanta? I am having trouble with reversals on the Philadelphia Bank, but, I was not using the base 031000040 routing number either at first. Now I have resubmitted with that main routing number. Is there a more surer routing number I can use instead of the Philadelphia one? Also, please, does one use a 0 in front for the account number?

  147. AllisWithin says : Reply

    I have opened a USAA account but the funding requires account verification by USAA.How did you bypass this part when you opened your account?
    There seems to be no way to fund the account without this check.
    Can you please be specific on the steps you took?

  148. Futuristic says : Reply

    Capitol One and Navient aren’t playing nice. Navient reversed a 35k payment and capitol one returned a 1300 payment. Both cleared then reversed within the same day. So I went in and paid Navient the full 85k that I owe them. Interesting to note.. in the account history, Navient switch my payment to a “payment reversal” and labeled the reversal as the “payment” which was all minuses of course… thought that seemed a little fishy… but we know they are fraudulent as all hell.

    Thanks for everyone’s input and advice on here. This has been a wild ride already and it’s just getting started. I haven’t been able to sleep much these last three days. Adrenaline overload!

  149. Lew says : Reply

    Have F Atlanta 1st routing # worked. Insurance premium paid 6months 4 days no return. Comcast 3 days still good, T- mobile paid then reversed 2 days later . Just made rental payment 1 day still good. Will leave update later

  150. MIRELBI says : Reply

    Good morning I’m from Colombia, I’m interested in doing the process, someone can help me as it would be for Colombia, my mail is mirelbi@hotmail.com

  151. Andrew says : Reply

    A posted reason code for a wells fargo payment return… :-) Now more data comes to light…
    From: FED RES BK OF NY XXXXX0126
    To: Wells Fargo XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-1301
    Transaction Date: 07/11/2017
    Amount: $4,727.94
    Reason: R34 Limited Participation DFI

  152. Andrew says : Reply

    R34 code means… RDFI participation has been limited by a federal or state supervisor. So…who is this entity committing fraud by blocking access of an account that lawfully belongs to someone else??

  153. Daniel says : Reply

    Good morning :) Received an email from PayPal this morning saying my bank doesn’t recognize my acct number. I had originally hit the verify button without thinking, and then and had the acct verified without issue. I made a transfer of $1000 which went thru and I was awaiting funding. At some point last night the FRB reversed the deposit and told PayPal that it didn’t recognize my acct number. PayPal cancelled the acct. This is an excerpt from the email:

    The money was returned, however, because your bank does not recognize this bank account number.
    To fix this problem:
    Contact your bank to double-check the account number
    Log in to PayPal and click Link bank account.
    Enter your bank account number and follow the instructions.

    So first thing, don’t hit the verify button, lol…just call and have it verified live.

    I entered the routing # without the letter, and my ss# without dashes and no “0″ and it was originally verified, what should I do at this point? Should I put it in the same way and try again, or add the “0″, your thoughts?

    • zgc says : Reply

      I entered the routing # without the letter <—–that's wrong, you're supposed to use the routing number not the number on the back of your social security card

  154. Richard says : Reply

    Pal pal fail. Second one

  155. derek says : Reply

    Hey what happens if we have a name change? Mine used to be Morris now it’s hansen. Im pretty sure it was changed on my birth certificate and ssn. Do I use my old last name?

  156. Richard says : Reply

    Account Confirmation Request Contacts

    Account Balance, Capital Stock, Discount Window Loan and Fedwire® Securities Service account holdings requests

    For a quicker response, please submit external auditor requests for Federal Reserve Account balances, Capital Stock, Discount Window Loan and Collateral and Fedwire Securities Service account holdings through Confirmation.com. The Federal Reserve Banks of Dallas, New York, Richmond, and St. Louis do not accept requests for Discount Window Loan or Collateral information through Confirmation.com. For your audit firm to utilize Confirmation.com, please complete the Authorization to Release Information Form.
    Confirmation requests for Discount Window Loan and Collateral information from the Federal Reserve Banks of Dallas, New York, Richmond, and St. Louis should be sent to those local Reserve Banks.
    District Contact
    All Districts
    For Account Balance and Capital Stock Confirmations: (800) 309-6156
    Fax or email paper requests to: (612) 629-4268 or sys.nacs.fmg.audit.confirmations@mpls.frb.org

  157. L SMITH says : Reply

    July 11, 2017 at 9:40 am
    I did all that was mentioned above and it shows on my PayPal account as Bureau of the Public Dept and I called to get verification and the guy came back and had me answer 3 different questions that each question had three answers to verify my identity….funny thing is all the answers had nothing to do with me and the answers of ‘none of the above’ made me fail the security identity test and I asked the PayPal rep how do these answers relate to the questions asked and he told me it is from the federal data base the only thing that was correct was my address….now what???? t
    July 11, 2017 at 1:28 pm
    I waited a few hours and called PayPal to confirm and the questions they asked I had all the answers for, must of been a SNAFU of the PayPal agent the first time around. Awaiting for the measly $1,000 transfer which is 3-5 business days. I will post later with results

    UPDATE*** I just received an email from PAYPAL

    On July 11, 2017, we attempted to transfer $1,000.00 USD from your bank account ending in x-xx85. We received an automated response from your bank informing us that they could not complete the transfer.

    As a result, we have removed this bank account from your PayPal account.

    To re-add this bank account to your PayPal account, please confirm with your bank that all information is correct. Alternatively, you can add another bank account.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


    I will try something else instead of FedWire I’ll try FedACH.

    • L SMITH says : Reply

      Trying it again and PayPal tells me to be able to add another bank one has to wait 48 hrs before adding another bank due to the multiple guess questions they ask to do the verifying over the phone.

  158. Katie says : Reply

    Hi there. I have G-71766966 for Chicago. I looked up the ACH and it gave me that, it then said that the account was eligible for Fedwire Routing, but doesn’t have that routing number listed. I called the in we to the main office that was listed and got an automated message saying this number of the federal reserve is no longer a working number. How do I get the Fedwire Routing number?

    • Cate says : Reply

      When you go to http://www.usbanklocations.com/check-routing-number.php – you can put that routing number in you can see that it is not valid. There are 2 other routing numbers for Chicago that I have checked to be valid – 0730-00338 and 0710-50432 – both say they have ACH but not wire transfers.

    • Mesh says : Reply

      Hi Katie and anyone that will answer, can I ask where/how you looked up the ACH and account eligibility info from your SSN (G 9-digit#)? I have only been able to use the general 051736158 routing number (which is hit or miss depending on the bill). Is there a website that I can simply plug in my Chicago routing number and SSN (as my acct #) or must I apply for an account through the Federal Reserve Bank?

      Any steps on how to check:
      - your account balance?
      - work around “routing number is not valid” ?


  159. Jack says : Reply

    Paypal recipe worked, FR account added but had to call PP and jump through a couple of hoops. told the account doesn’t need to be verified as I’m in the UK (?).. working on making a withdrawal but no luck at time of writing but looks promising. Thank you for your time and the information provided!!

    • Lisala says : Reply

      Did uou manage to link the treasury account with a uk National Insurance number or are you a US social security nunber holder ?

    • Anita says : Reply

      Jack, what numbers did you use and how did you find which bank holds your account?
      Can you give a step by step recipe? Would be much appreciated!

      • dez says : Reply

        Hi Anita, im located in the South UK, here is my email if you would like to share any info, It appears that we have located accounts in santander and Bank of Scotland, and show all the signs of Government use, Email- dezwhitemore@yahoo.com

    • dez says : Reply

      Jack do you mind if we keep in contact? I TOO am in the UK

      regards – Dez

  160. V says : Reply

    CITIBANK has now begun suspending online bill payment services for those that made several attempts to pay via FRB. We really need that DOC Heather…

  161. Leelee2784 says : Reply

    Paypal transfer failed today for $1000
    Amazon purchase failed for $47.50

    I just tried a paypal transfer for $500. it is pending. We will see in a couple days.

  162. Anastasia says : Reply

    Wells Fargo just rejected measly $499 credit card payment with error code R34 – Lmtd Participation & they removed the Fed Res account from being a payment option. It was routing 061000146.

    I’m determined. Enough of the chicanery on their ends. It is our time to prevail.

  163. Hybrid33 says : Reply

    HELLO, EVERYBODY!!!! Welcome to your new lives! I’ve taken the initiative to setup a channel dedicated to navigating the TDA (Treasury Direct Accounts) and beyond. I notice that this page here on i-uv.com is filling up with comments pretty quickly, so I thought it might be good to centralise in a dedicated place. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Heather and the team at i-uv.com for all of their incredible work My name is Peter, and I’m just one of you who have been following the developments of the GCR to the collateral accounts and so much more since 2012. My what a journey it has been, and we have arrived!

    Some of the sub-channels already included on the TDA Slack channel include Getting Started, Strategies, Legal and we’ll be adding more as required (and we could also use some volunteers to guide others in these channels). The Slack channel is tentatively called New Paradigm TDA and you can feel free to join it here:

    This is a brand new channel, and it will take some time to fill-up, but I will be in there and will be happy to answer as many questions as I can. I successfully accessed my TDA today from the Cleveland routing number and now I am awaiting the results.

    • Dan says : Reply

      Tried to join, but Slack says my operating system OSX 6.9 is too old and cannot upgrade this machine to a higher OS. Need these funds to buy a new machine. Thanks for all you do.

      • Hybrid33 says : Reply

        Oh man, what a catch-22. I wish I could help you some how. And you’re very welcome. I’m more than happy to help. Just reply here if you need anything. It will mail me.

  164. Tjasa says : Reply

    I upgraded to a buisness account, but I still don’t have the same layout as US people. When I go to add bank account there is no (copy paset from above) ” At the bottom of that new screen click orange button- link new bank account. On the next screen click the I have a different bank. On the next screen choose checking, put in the routing number and your social for the account number. Then click continue. ** I think the next screen is fairly straight forward, I would need to put in actual bank info to see, so if there are questions on that let me know and I will do it. Other wise you go ahead and complete that process.”
    I get this: I
    Add a Bank Account

    You can easily withdraw your money from your Paypal account to your bank account. Just enter your IBAN below.

    Account owner
    International Bank Account Number
    _______________________________ > where I am suppose to write a number
    To find your IBAN check your bank statement, contact your bank, or log in to your online bank account.

    Did any one figured out for the europe?

  165. little deer says : Reply

    Does anyone know anything about the “Public Debt Trust”? I saw comments on Harvey’s youtube about it. It has been said this account works and no reversals. Rtg# 051736158 and your ss. Please share if you have information on this. Thank you.

  166. there is no spoon says : Reply

    Here are my experiences, hopefully they will help. If I have stated anything incorrect, please leave a comment. i am not an expert at any of this. Just trying to pay the bills! :)

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this over the past few months so I decided to give it a try yesterday. I wasn’t born in the US but was naturalized as a US citizen a few decades ago. My social security card has a red letter/number combination starting with G (Chicago). Looking up the routing numbers for G (Chicago) I got…

    071000301 (Federal Reserve Bank – ACH & Wire)
    073000338 (Frb- Des Moines Ach)
    071050432 (Frb-financial Services)

    I presumed the first number was the main routing number as it is listed for both ACH & Wires. I always tried this number first. I have a few credit cards with payments due. No bills to try at present. Didn’t fancy trying the PayPal recipe since it involves calling and I just got done dealing with them on another unrelated matter.

    First I started trying to pay a Chase credit card payment. When attempting to add the external bank account I used the name exactly as it was shown on my social security card. I entered my SSN as the account number. I tried the main routing number (07100301). Selected checking as account type. Was informed I would need to verify two deposits to the account before it could be added and used. At this point I gave up with Chase.

    Next I tried to pay a Citi credit card payment. When entering the main routing number and other details (as previous) I got the error message: “The Bank Routing Number you entered is invalid”. I tried the other two routing numbers and got the same error with both. At this point I gave up with Citi.

    Next I tried to pay my PayPal Mastercard credit card payment. I tried all three routing numbers and it just plain out refused to add them. No error message. Nothing! My patience was beginning to wear out, but I thought I would try one more…

    Finally I tried to pay my Huntington Bank credit card payment. This is a smaller bank than the others, so it may have had something to do with the result. When I tried to add an external account as before, they rejected both the main routing number (071000301) and the last routing number (071050432). The message given said : “Routing number not found. Invalid transit routing number”. When I tried adding with the second routing number (073000338) it was successfully added with the message “Your payment account has been successfully added”.

    I went ahead and scheduled a payment with this account for roughly $200. It said it had been scheduled and it would take 2-3 days. I checked back today and it says “PAYMENT RECEIVED — THANK” with a post date of 07/11/2017. I am going to wait a few days before I celebrate or try anything else!

    Bit confused as to why this particular routing number seems to have worked here when the other banks refused all three numbers. Perhaps someone here has some insight?

    • little deer says : Reply

      The account I am referring to is a different one. Everyone uses the same routing # and your ss makes it unique. Does anyone know about this?

    • MIRELBI says : Reply

      Good afternoon, you can help me as I can do for Colombia, thank you very much my mail is mirelbi@hotmail.com

    • CLSC says : Reply

      Hopefully it sticks. Quick question. Sometimes they ask you for you to select if the funding source. Checking or savings. What did you select? I want to try this with smaller bank as well but not too sure what to select when prompted. Want to give myself the best chance. Also for the Name I am assuming you use the corresponding fed bank name. Is this safe to assume? Like you I am not interested in any PayPal nonsense. I just want to pay bills and keep it moving. If I could pay just one of these bills off using this method I’d consider it a victor.

    • little deer says : Reply

      Dear xyz,

      We received an automated response from your bank informing us that the bank account information registered on your PayPal account does not match their information.

      As a result, we were unable to charge your bank account for this transaction. We will not attempt to debit your bank account again. Here are the details of this payment:

    • little deer says : Reply

      Dear KS,

      We received an automated response from your bank informing us that the bank account you were trying to use for this payment has been closed.

      As a result, we were unable to charge your bank account for this transaction. We will not attempt to debit your bank account again. Here are the details of this payment:

      Your transaction ID: 9NK383574F956844A
      Transaction date: July 12, 2017
      Transaction amount: 1,000.00 USD

      Thanks for your understanding.



  167. Adam says : Reply

    Do you have to be born in the USA or just have a social security card as I became a naturalized citizen when I was 15? What about kids, can parents use kids information if they are born in the USA. Can we print checks?

  168. wheelernation says : Reply

    http://annavonreitz.com/toptenarticles.pdf. There are some important steps here to regain your status that should will help in opening your TDA {specifically Article 560}.

  169. Cyndi says : Reply

    Hello Canadians,
    has anyone been successful with Bank Of Canada codes? If so, please write back with the ones that work. I used 00006, still have to confirm the account with ppal, but still dont know how to confirm the account.
    thank you

  170. Arie says : Reply

    My FRB is G – Chicago. I’ve used the FRB routing as well as 071001737, for MB Financial, a bank in my FRB region. I’ve had payments post, clear and stick for 6-7 days. Today I received quite a few returns with the reason ‘invalid account number’ and ‘account closed’. Could that mean I need to order another SSC? I initially was getting ‘invalid routing number’ so I have been trying out different routing numbers including the public debt routing 051736158. Those are still processing, but I’m just wondering should I keep trying routing numbers if it says my account is closed.

  171. Arie says : Reply

    Do you see it beneficial to authenticate your birth certificate?

  172. Dave Slater says : Reply

    Just paid a Bill to Vendor via phone (ACH) and recieved a Conformation Number. WOW It Worked !!
    Now, we shall see if it gets kiked back?

  173. Valencia says : Reply

    Greetings!!! I followed the recipe with Paypal, the representative was very kind and helpful. She did put me on hold several times however, she verified my account by sending a text; I read the security code back to her…Verified! I continued with the recipe and transferred $850.50 and it’s pending 3-5 business days. Will keep you posted on the end results.

    Thank you all for you love-energy-sharing,

    • Valencia says : Reply

      I just received a confirmation for a $404.00 Utility Bill paid with the TDA…I saved it as a screenshot, but don’t know how to share it with you all. It does show the last 4 of my account number!!! This is amazing!!! I was seeking assistance with this before Monday 7/17/2017. I tried to buy a Hard-drive Case ($8.99)from Amazon, that didn’t go through.

      Thanks again for sharing your love and light.

  174. Dear Sir,

    Please, do update me regarding my post’s which so far I did not get any information which I requested from you regarding to apply for this fund from INDIA.

  175. Ann says : Reply

    I tried to log in the account I created (and tried to buy EECertificates using my FED Bank account) and because the purchase was reversed (maybe due to the wrong routing number) I may be investigated by the Inspector General? I called the number on this message at an attempt to log in (and was told what I did was illegal and I am banned from having an account now. For security reasons, your account cannot be accessed. Please contact us at (844) 284-2676.) What to do now? YIKES!

  176. thefinancedude says : Reply

    hello – my background is finance…i followed the money from age 12 roughly. I was founding member #68 at divine province (mentioned on the call last fri)…its been a long five years since then but reading the mass of comments and feeling through what may be the issues for some take this for what you find worth while and discard the rest:

    Energy, if you aren’t ready, be honest with yourself b/c i have spent so much time in courts and the way i am inside, is truly reflected in those rooms where i’ve had great experiences…if you are confused, you are not ready…when you are ready, there is something in you that wont let you sit still and NOT act…its this burning…soul yearning really…to ACT…

    the imprecise language being used in both the post and the comments is leading to confusion, so i’d like to get slightly technical for all’s benefit…

    this is not a treasury direct account in any way shape or form as there is no relations with the treasury in the manner this is being executed as its a private federal reserve bank account if anything as there is already a TD account available at the treasury for the US…both a minor and major account i might add :)

    next – stop saying SSN – the SSN is the public debtor side of this…with or without the dashes, it really doesn’t matter, its the public debt side…to this day i dont know what they call that # on the back but i have good reason to believe only ten cards are available in one’s lifetime…there are ten different #’s on the back of every single card with the same # on the front – think about that…i call the # on back the bond #…

    lastly – there are 12 member fed region banks…when you convert the A, B etc…most people probably are forgetting to add the ZERO in front of the 1, 2, 3 etc…I just linked up the accounts through paypal…will test as spirit moves me to…

    peace and one love to all melting through the wall :)

  177. Sheglidesby says : Reply

    Ok I’ve attempted to pay my power Bill using the routing number 073000338 out of Chicago, and the power company accepted routing and account number in my wallet (online payments), after I got that setup I attempted to pay my Bill with this account. I am getting a message, unknown connection error, please try your payment again. I will update when I get a different response.

  178. Todd B says : Reply

    Do you have any real examples of anyone whose payment was not reversed? Any one at all????

    • MEINVISIBLE says : Reply

      Exactly. Two payments (electric bill and progressive insurance) I made initially cleared, but then reversed. Progressive said “cannot use this account” when I tried again. It seems that everyone is doing the same thing expecting it to magically work for them when it hasn’t for others. When it doesn’t, they’re told the keep trying. That’s the definition of insanity. Been following all this stuff since 2013 and so far have yet to see any actual proof of anything — like the infamous $1 million dollar per day fed “Black Card”. The only proof I have is I called the IRS and found out you don’t have to pay income tax, and I used contract law to beat a $1.5 million dollar lawsuit without the services of an attorney. Meh. Time will tell. Keeping a positive attitude. Seems that Pay Pal isn’t working for people. Nor are bills. And buying a Tesla? Good luck!

  179. Andrew says : Reply

    Used it to pay off my capital one card and another small credit card…. Is this ok to Do? And am I able to make transfers to my bank account from this and if I do, how bad will the consequence be?

  180. Sophia says : Reply

    So an update re:AmEx – my account yesterday my payment was accepted and my account balance was 0, today the entire balance is back… And I got this email from them :

    “You no longer have the ability to pay electronically using your bank account ending in xxxx because we were unable to secure funds from your bank or identify a valid bank account for your payment of $xxxx on 07/xx/2017.
    This will affect your scheduled payments and enrollment in payment programs such as AutoPay.

    You can immediately resume your ability to make electronic payments by updating your banking information. Please go to americanexpress.com/pbc or call the number on the back of your Card.

  181. Pat says : Reply

    I received a replacement SS card about 8 years ago and there was no number on the back. I doubt the original card had it either so what would I use?

  182. MELONEY says : Reply

    Yesterday (7/11/17) I tried the first G routing number listed to pay light bill and car insurance…..The light bill was already reversed…. Showed paid yesterday….Today it’s jst back still due….Don’t know about the ins yet supposed to auto pay tomorrow… . I’m wondering if we need a 0 before or after our SS(account) number….To make it 9…..Idk… Frustrating! Ima keep trying

  183. Sophia says : Reply

    And now AmEx is calling me leaving me messages stating they “require” a call back..

    I hope the reversal info is coming soon… Thank you Heather & Harvey for all you have done and continue to do!!

  184. Cindy says : Reply

    Damn. No luck in PayPal. I put in the routing (only one for my letter D and it did say Federal Reserve Bank) and my SS# into PayPal. Called, they sent me the code by text and verified me over the phone. I asked for $100. Today I got the email that said we tried to deposit two amounts and your account is not a valid account number. Damn. It’s the same SS# I have been using for 60 years. Any suggestions?

  185. Oliver says : Reply

    None of these processes are working , we need to find a for sure way to use our accounts from the federal reserve..

    • Daniel says : Reply

      Agreed, been working on this for 3 days and hitting dead ends everywhere. Obviously the souls paving the way have made it work previously…my gut feeling is that either we’ve missed some preemptive steps to access the loopholes or, due to the influx of 1000′s of new attempts with all the major creditors and PayPal in particular the entities have become aware of a significant change and are making all attempts to block it from continuing.

  186. me says : Reply

    Well, did a few test runs and 2 were rejected so far and the accounts for the payment source were disabled. These were done on Monday and within 2 days already rejected. Rest are pending but doubt they will stick.

  187. Pat says : Reply

    Also, can anyone provide a link to the Heather HOTJ YouTube.

  188. FRBinTC says : Reply

    Has the documentation of proof of ownership of accounts drafted by Heather been distributed yet?

  189. Eliot says : Reply

    Can anyone answer a question for me? Treasurydirect.gov says this is fraudulent and that people are being prosecuted. Is this true?

    • Ann says : Reply

      ELIOT, I had my account banned because I used the FED bank when I registered AND then tried to buy bonds with my FED money. I emailed and called Treasury Direct with no good outcome only to say I am being investigated and I can’t have an account any further NONE. So I called the Inspector General and told them I unknowingly filled it out wrong. Within an hour I got a call from Treasury Direct saying I can have an account now, only I will have to re-register and get a new account number in which I did register with my CHASE account and all is fine now. I figure I can always add later. This all happened today.

      • Aubra says : Reply

        Hi Ann, Are you saying you were then able to open a chase account or that you were able to access your treasury direct account?

      • roninmd says : Reply


        sightdrafts are paper checks.

        These are electronic transactions where the system allows you to do this provided you have proof of ownership.

  190. Caren says : Reply

    Process with Pay Pal worked then PayPal sent message that they could not verify account? Date Dec 31 1969….
    Their system says processing we must really be messing up the algorithm

    • Caren says : Reply

      Now Pay Pal has restricted my account and wants the verification through the bank statement and my ID
      BTW all of my business goes through Pay Pal.
      Release this ???I cannot even change the FRB to another bank
      I just got off the phone and followed recipe. They are not budging
      Must have a bank statement to verify account

    • Cindy says : Reply

      Yes! I saw that same date too. I cracked me up!

  191. Alex says : Reply

    Thank you for all the info provided here, however I seem to find very little about how to use your method in other countries, ie in Europe.
    I am interested in Poland – and using your information and steps, here is what I found here http://www.usbanklocations.com/routing-number-021082667.html:

    Bank Routing Number 021082667, Narodowy Bank Polski Designated Acct
    FedACH Routing
    Routing Number 021082667 doesn’t process FedACH Payments.
    Fedwire Routing
    Name: Narodowy Bank Polski Designated Acct
    Telegraphic Name: POLAND DES ACCT
    New York, NY
    Funds Transfer Status: Eligible
    Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status: Eligible
    Revision Date: 03/24/2010

    So it proves that the National Bank of Poland is also linked to the Federal Reserve. Is that the routing number to use with my ss number ??

    Then the ss number, which for Poland is most probably the PESEL number, info found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PESEL
    It is an 11-digit number.

    Do I assume that the above routing no. + the own PESEL number are the ones that constitute my TDA account number ? Or am I wrong ? If not, what then does make it up for Poland ?

    Please help my train of thought here:
    - I first need to establish WHAT is my TDA account number – do I do it the way I described above, or how ?
    - Having done that, I follow your Pay Pal procedure and add that account to my PP
    - Then have it verified using the method described by others – that it is a private trust fund account which I do not get bank statements from, so PP representative will have to verify that with me over the phone
    - When all goes well, I first use it to pay off smaller bill amounts to get PP used to the
    idea of my client profile
    - Once a few smaller bills have been paid, I can try to ie pay of my mortgage, maybe in installments

    I would greatly appreciate your help with this procedure for Poland, mainly on how to find out what is my TDA number. I cannot move further without first finding this information out.
    Thank you.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      we are working on Poland and all countries. The more you can find out about your country and pass along the more we can connect those dots. I put this new info on the post under Poland. thanks

      • John S says : Reply

        Has anyone in Australia having success in paying bills using this method and what are the codes for Australia?. My EIN number shows the funds are there but how to access them is the question?

        • Rob says :

          John, can you be more specific re your … “My EIN number shows the funds ….” I will test same & see what I get.

        • John S says :

          Hello Rob,
          When I log into fidelity using my EIN (Tax File Number) 9 digits I have 1.88 Billion dollars I now just need the routing number to test a withdrawal J.S.

        • Hybrid33 says :

          Hi, I’m also in Australia. Can you please email me so we can try to work on an Australian solution together? np@creatiq.com

          Thank you!

  192. Beatrice says : Reply

    I stumbled on to this information on Youtube, via Harvey Dent-couldn’t stop listening. After I watched a couple of his vids–I went on over to the FRB website and researched the routing numbers for my region, which is ‘E’ by the way. So, with the chart in my hand and instruction–I decided to head on over to Capital One. Background: I lost my job last year, unemployment ran out about 8 months before I could file for an early retirement at 62. I’m in a training program for seniors, that pays a stipend, I receive SNAP, and my landlord lets me stay, even though I can’t pay until I start my SS in September, 2017. So I figure, what the heck, do I have to lose? I entered the routing number, and my ssn account #, and submitted the minimum payment for $370. on yesterday, July 11th, at around 11 a.m. The payment finished processing, and when I checked at midnight, it had posted. The amount of credit available was -0-. Today, July 12, I checked, and it shows as ‘paid’ and I have available credit of $269.46. Questions: 1) Has anyone here successfully had a Cap One payment stick? and 2) Should I be afraid of the ‘boogie man’??? I’m feeling a little like ‘I stole something.’ I decided to wait until I’m sure that the payment was accepted–5-10 days, or perhaps the 90 days before I spend more than I can pay back out of my pocket. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  193. Matt says : Reply

    Made a payment to Capital One on Monday and got a message today saying it was returned. Had no issues with the original setup, so not sure if it was the routing # change.

  194. Ilene says : Reply

    Hi all, I wish everyone peace & blessings. I truly appreciate all the work being done by everyone and would like to add my experience with PayPal. I had success linking the account and then they cancelled/blocked it over the past 24-hrs. Today, I received (2) emails from them stating they have “limited my account” and “deactivated” my PayPal card (which I’ve never used). They now want me to send them a photo Id and a bank statement! Anyone else received this from PayPal?

    • Caren says : Reply

      Yes I just got that too. And hopefully it will release because my business transactions all goes through Pay Pal and EBay.
      What a mess

    • Ginny Mangum says : Reply

      Yes Ilene!! I received that notice today!! I think several people are receiving it. One guy called them with no results – they want that bank statement. I haven’t called them yet. I transferred $1000.00 into my account yesterday and it was suppose to be there Friday. I guess I should have waiting a while before making the transfer or at least transferred a smaller amount.

  195. I tried to pay my rent with this account, i did just as i was told, i found the correct routing # F061000146 FRB Atlata GA, i put my SS as the account#, i filled the Atlanta FRB address in as the billing and submitted the paymemt was denied, I tried to set up my PayPal account with the same info, but i got an error message that stated the bank is disabled abd to link another bank account. What am i doing wrong someone please help me.

  196. Dan says : Reply

    It would appear that they have modified their front end to scan the source of access to the accounts and unless we are on a prescribed list, we are not going to have access to these funds. It would appear as an intentional block as a last ditch effort to hold onto the ponzy scheme….

  197. Toni says : Reply

    I made a payment to my Credit union account the payment went thru and I successfully was able to pull out a few thousand waiting to try again

    • DJ says : Reply

      how did you make a payment to your Credit Union? Was it a load, or did you make a payment to yourself? What site did you go thru to make the payment. That is what i am looking for is a site to use when the ending company has no services online to use for paying them.

  198. Brent R Allen says : Reply

    Someone, please help. I got the routing number and used my SS as the account number to add to PAYPAL. It was successfully added to my ((shock))!! But when I got to step number 6. copied below. They said I must wait for the deposits. I asked her if they had another way to verify and she said no. Any tips would be helpful.

    6. Call when you have about 30 minutes. No it doesn’t take that long but being on hold does and you want to be in the flow not looking at your watch. Work your way through the phone system to get to a representative. Don’t tell them you are going to verify to the automated system because they will try to do the 2 deposit thing. Once you get a live person, who is very nice and your new best friend… Tell them you just added a bank account to your paypal account and it needs to be verified. You need to have them verify it as- “My account I added is a private family trust and I dont have access to the ledger to verify the 2 small deposits the way you usually do.” They will say something like ok, let me just have a look at this and see what we need to do to get this all verified. You are sending loving energy and seeing the account verified in the blink of an eye ;- ) (well that’s what I did) The person then asked if my phone number on my papal account was verified. Absolutely, I said. They said ok I’m going to send you a txt and have you read me the code I send. I read the code and she said, You are all set, your new bank account is now verified and you are all set up.

  199. Laurel says : Reply

    I think paypal is getting hip to this and they think that we are scammers. I tried with me and my daughter tried also and after gyving the scripted reason to verify we got put on hold then another person came on the line and told us that we did not have the right to access these accounts, and hung up.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Their top brass know what is going on and they don’t know how to handle it. Lots going on behind the scenes. As soon as I have the new docs and info and how to implement them I will post all.