Transcript of The Collective Imagination Show April 23, 2013

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Transcript of The Collective Imagination Show April 23, 2013

TCI-Radio-showLisa: Okay, good morning, afternoon and evening everyone to this week’s TCI show. Fingers crossed that we get through it, but I am recording just in case. So, how is everyone. Welcome to … who have we got? … Brian, Bob and Chris.


Bob: Hello Lisa, yes.


Chris: Hi everybody.


Brian: Hello Lisa.


Bob: Welcome to the show.


Chris: We’re good.


Lisa: Everyone’s good?


Brian: It’s been brought to my attention that I laugh too much, so I’m going to be very serious this evening.


Lisa: Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts.


Chris: Don’t even try Brian. It’s the (inaudible – Brian laughing) thing I’ve ever heard.


Bob: See, you just lost.


Lisa: (laughing) That lasted, didn’t it?


Brian: (laughing) That was a stretch even doing that for 10 seconds.


(general laughter)


Lisa: Now, there’s a couple of things to bring your attention to and we’re gonna put them in the chat room. They are a couple of great videos that people have done. One of them … here it goes … in the chat room. I don;t even know what to call it. What’s it called? If you’re not in the chat room and you want to look it up later, it’s on YouTube and it’s called “Party’s On, OPPT-In Crew”. It’s hysterical. We loved it. Thank you to who created that. Do you have a name for who created that? Brian?


Brian: Sorry, I had to mute, there was a blender going on or a garbage disposal in the background.


Bob: Someone named “preva1tm”. At least, that’s their YouTube moniker.


(Lisa and Brian talking over)


Brian: I’ll find her name; she sent me an email about it today. Hold on one second. Continue.


Lisa: Well, I just wanted to say Congratulations to Preva. That was brilliantly done. Thank you. The other one comes from … where is it? I don’t know the name. I know she’s in one of the chat rooms that I’m in. I’m sorry I can’t …


Brian: Eileen?


Lisa: Eileen? Which is called “Soul Hits Home” and it’s just gorgeous. So that’s also in the chat room, but you can find it on American Kabuki’s website as well. “When Soul Hits Home” … gorgeous! More examples of people’s DO’ing, which is just beautiful. So, welcome everyone. Last week’s show, if you’ve been looking for (garbled for several words) … pretty continually attacked for the last week of so. We’ve had issues with all of the shows that we broadcast on Blogtalk, not just The Collective Imagination. As I said yesterday on the OPPT-IN show, so have a lot of other platforms for alternative media broadcasting, like Talkshoe and Shoutcast(?) and whatever. But hopefully they’ve fixed it, because we seem to be so far so good.


Last call, not last week but the week before, I asked you if you cared to, to please share your stories on The Collective Imagination Facebook page of your experiences of this journey that we’ve been on through the course of this show. Oh my god! You guys had me crying … seriously. I was reading through some of these stories and the thought just struck me that I am living the UV Exchange and I am one of the wealthiest people in the planet. Because what you give in return for the time and the energy we put in to doing this is immeasurable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


This show feels like home. Once a week I get to come home and really be with family. I feel so blessed. So that’s what I wanted to say. I am reading the stories and I think we’ll put them together and present them in some form or fashion, because they’re just too beautiful. They’re a great way to chronicle (inaudible) period in time during this transition from sort of August of last year to now, what a large number of people are going through and have been through and the journey they’re on. You’re all articulated yourselves so beautifully and I (inaudible) that word. (laughs) I just think it’s important to put it all together. I just think that would be great. I don’t know whether you three have gone and had a look at any of their stories, but they’re just lovely.


Brian: No and now I’m feeling like I’ve been completely left out of something, so I need to figure out what (inaudible – laughing).


Lisa: If you go to the Facebook page for TCI and have a look at “posts by others” and go back over the past couple of weeks.


Brian: Posts by others, okay cool.


Lisa: You’ll see them.


Chris: Yeah, I got a couple messages yesterday about the show. One of them from one of our friends who just said it was … well, the word he used was “inspiring”. The other message I got was directly to me and it says “So much love and gratitude for the show today. Just finished listening as my recently cabled internet access was denied. Other computers in the house, so my son tapped in for me. I look forward to reading the Oath and Bond docs. [which we'll talk a little bit about today too] My heart swells were resounding ‘Yes!’ to the future for the One People.” So, that was lovely to receive that.


Bob: One thing I did want to mention, because I didn’t get a chance to read the stories on Facebook. For any of you who have my Facebook account and have been sending me messages, if I don’t get back to you immediately … I try to get back to everyone … but if I don;t get back to you immediately, I’m not ignoring you. Please don’t think that I am. It’s just that I’ve got about 30 rooms in Skype that I’m trying to keep up on and not to mention the emails and sometimes it’s just impossible. So don’t stop sending the messages, I just may not be able to reply to all of them.


Brian: Oh well, I have to echo that message. (laughs) Ever since I started my blog, the amount of emails and comments and Facebook messages … I think I have five gmail accounts … so I absolutely fuels me to read all the messages. I’m so touched by so many of the amazing stories that come through, but unfortunately I just can’t respond to all of them. Keep sending them. I think the message probably goes across the board from everybody … from all of us on here. We love you everyone!


Bob: Absolutely!


Chris: Yeah, this is a two-people roller coaster ride. We have people who don’t love us very much apparently. (general laughter) We still love them. More than offset by all the good vibes we get from people who do get it, who don’t have some agenda running.


Lisa: (laughs) Now, yesterday was a big day, because of the Sirius film. I was one of those who paid the $10 dollars to get 72 hours worth of access to it and I watched it last night eventually. What did you think? I’d love to hear, if anybody happens to have been at the premiere, in the chat room or if you’re calling in, would love to hear what it was like at the premiere itself. Who’s seen it and what did you think?


Bob: I did see the film, thanks to my little bro David and Bea Weir. Thank you guys for sharing. But I did watch the video and there was a lot of information in there, but aside for the six-inch little guy that they found, most of it was information that I’d already come across. I thought they did a really good job in covering most of all of the bases for people who haven’t heard of the Disclosure Project. They did a really, really good job of covering a lot of information in two hours.


Brian: Here’s what I thought. I thought the most exciting part of the Sirius release is the amount of hype that went into releasing it, the amount of exposure that it got in playing at the LA Live in Los Angeles. Anybody that’s ever been to LA Live, that’s where the Lakers play. The place was booming. The whole place … it’s like a mall shopping center that’s all full of all sorts of stores, a theater and the stadium that the Lakers, as well as the Clippers play basketball … so that’s what Thrive didn’t have. I didn’t find out about Thrive until after it was out. But so much hype and publicity went into the launch and the buzz in hyping up Sirius. It’s only gonna roll over so much more considering the amount of energy and attention that has been brought to it, so I think that anybody thats seeing it for the first time that has not been exposed to all this information is gonna be an excellent entry point and lead into self-exploration and then seeing some of the bigger picture and doing some more of the research.


So as far as being a launching pad, I thought it told the story in a real clear, easy, concise way with a much more production value than say something like self-produced like “I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You?” from the 2012Scenario, which is just … has a lot of dialogues and it shows a lot of UFO sightings, but lacks the production value and history that the Disclosure Project brought to the table and the CSETI-5 and all the work that they’ve done, so and culmination of all of Steven Greer’s work that’s for sure. So I think the most exciting thing is going to be to watch how it gains in popularity and momentum from here.


Lisa: Just to mention too that Barbara is always working away in the background for us, thank you so much, she just posted the “Party On” video in the TCI Facebook page as well. So if you can go there to have a look at it. Yes, if their target audience is sort of the mainstream, unaware of these subjects audience, then it’s a good film. If their target audience is those who already have knowledge in these areas, it probably didn’t go far enough. But I guess it’s like “The Secret” to me in that respect. It opened a lot of eyes that wouldn’t normally be looking in those areas.


Chris: It’s clearly pointed at … clearly targeted to bridge from the alternate media and those who view and absorb the alternate media right into mainstream. They’re actually wanting to bridge that point and that’s the point where we’re at too in our particular part of this whole exercise of freeing the planet is starting to bridge into that mainstream thought. Which is one of the reasons why the soap opera’s started up a couple of weeks ago. Not at our end by the way. I saw one comment that there was a big soap opera going on between the … well, they said OPPT, which obviously doesn’t exist … but OPPT and Neil Keenan. Well, there’s no soap opera actually going on over at our way here. It’s all going on over there and they’re welcome to it. (Brian laughing) To point anyone who wants a more blow-by-blow discussion of the commentaries that have been posted, D did a terrific job of responding to the things that annoyed her the most, I think is the best way to put it, on her blog. I absolutely agree with everything she said and I’m pretty sure everyone else here on the panel does too. You could go a lot further, but we don’t want to pay energy into that whole soap opera. (talk over)


Lisa: Yeah, anything that’s gonna be said is being said. I said what I’m gonna say and the only energy that I’m going to pay into it I said on yesterday’s show. D’s done the same on her blog and for more details, you can go to American Kabuki’s blog, if you really want to watch each episode of this (inaudible).


(much talk over)


Chris: Getting back to the Sirius movie, I actually haven’t seen it yet. Getting back to the Sirius soap opera, I haven’t actually seen it yet. I just haven’t had a hour and a half to jam into my day, but I’ll get to it in the next day or two. I’m pretty sure that I will have seen most of it and know about most if it, because I’ve been down that rabbit-hole like a lot of people on this call. But what I’m looking for is something I can (inaudible) say to my cousin who’s in serious need of a bit of a wake-up call and needs to view it.


(much talk over)


Brian: I think that’s what it’s going to be perfect for Chris, because to all of us and everybody listening to this call that are awake and aware to … it’s the fact that we have family from … what is it, the new guys? … the new guys exist … we don’t need any more convincing. It’s already fact. It’s already common knowledge. it’s the people that still need the convincing I think that the content will be perfect to kind of bridge the way into a kind of … it’s not really a baby soft-step into it, but it’s just a really clear, concise approach showing … really I think the biggest impact out of all that for me … looking at it … trying to look at it from the perspective of somebody that might be brand new to that information is the amount of whistleblowers that the Disclosure Project has corralled up and being over 200. We’re talking generals and really high-ranking military officials and all sorts of scientists. The fact that he has got all of them to speak out … it wasn’t all that long ago in our history … what 20, 30 years ago … if anybody would’ve spoke out like that, they’d have to watch their back or they might end up in a hole six feet underground. But the power comes in the numbers of so many people coming out that they realize that … I mean, they can’t take out everybody. I think that the whistleblowers that were really hesitant a few years back have found a way to come out comfortable and share what they know without having to worry about the lives of themselves or their families. So kudos to Steven Greer for creating that space.


Bob: Yeah, I think that’s probably one of the most salient points about the whole video was the credibility of the presenters. You didn’t have some backwater farmer girl with curlers in her hair, “I saw something in the sky. I don’t know what it was. I sees the light.” (general laughter)


Chris: You do that a little too well Bob.


Bob: I live in the backwater.


Chris: Okay. Just also wanted to point out that there’s another disclosure press conference happening at the end of the month. I can’t remember whether it’s being staged by Steven Greer or by the Paradigm Research Group, but it’s a bigger version of the 2001 that Steven Greer and his group did host. It’s going to go for a lot longer. I think you’ll find a lot of the people who were contributing to the Sirius movie will probably be appearing personally there as well. So, there’s a follow-up action to this, which is aimed directly at the press and at the Washington crowd and well worth keeping an eye on as well.


Lisa: Now, when it came to the little guy, I didn’t quite get what the conclusion was. That it was human, however there was so much data that was put aside in the junk pile that didn’t match anything else.


Bob: Actually, Lisa, at the close of the … when the Sirius video was finished filming, there was actually a subsequent report of the DNA that came out afterwards. There’s YouTube videos that you can find on that. I think when they stopped filming it didn’t get added to the main feature, but those sequences of DNA that they did talk about that had no known Earthly origin. Conclusively, have no known … in any of the genome databases that they have of life on this planet. There’s no …


Lisa: So what does that … that means it is human and it has no …


Brian: No. No, it means it’s humanoid. Human and humanoid … you can have all sorts of beings that aren’t from planet Earth that can be humanoid, but it doesn’t mean they’re human beings of this Earth. So it had some structures of humanoid DNA. Because if you trace it back to the story of that the human civilization or the human races were seeded from galactic civilizations …


Lisa: From all over.


Brian: Yeah, from all over the galaxies. Well then it would totally make sense that there’d be a lot of similarities and commonalities (inaudible – talk over).


Lisa: Yeah, I’d just say Earthly, (inaudible – talk over) … say human.


Brian: Human, yes, yes, humanoid.


Lisa: Sorry, Earthlings. My daughter made me watch Earthlings as well. Oh my god.


Brian: (in robotic voice) I am an Earthling.


Lisa: No, that’s a whole other film to watch. (laughs) They’re very disturbing.


Bob: The raw food film.


Lisa: Well yeah, yeah. Okay, that was Sirius. Now that that’s out there and as you say, Chris, there’s another conference coming up, we’ve also got Julien sharing … sorry, there’s a lot of noise in the background, whoever that is …


Chris: Brian!


Lisa: Brian!


Brian: I’m muted. Stop yelling at me. (laughs)


Lisa: Really? It’s your name flaring up every time the noise comes. We’ve got Julien and some others around him who are being a bit more public about their communications with … I don’t want to call them non-locals, what do you want to call them?


Chris: I like new guys.


Lisa: The new guys.


Chris: The new guys, yep.


Lisa: Someone suggested star kin, but if you say it too fast, it’s starkin. So, I don’t know if that works.


Brian: You guys already vetoed new kids on the block, so.


(general laughter)


Bob: I like the name Stellan(?), our stellan(?) family.


Lisa: Oh, who uses that?


Bob: I heard it somewhere; it’s not original.


Lisa: Yeah, there’s a guy on YouTube, he’s the first one I heard about using that word stellan.


Chris: Well we know who we’re talking about.


Lisa: Off-world families, as unbridled spirit just wrote in the chat room.


Brian: We should ask Julien what they prefer to be called.


Lisa: (laughing) Well that’s probably a good idea.


Chris: I did ask him that and he actually said … I recall the answer was “people”.


Brian: (laughing) That’s original. Let’s go with that. People will know exactly what we’re talking about.


Chris: Yeah, but we can ask him again just to clarify that, but it’s … if you meet someone new and you’re not sure what to call them, you ask them usually. I think that’s the polite thing to do.


Lisa: No guys, also of the last couple of weeks, there’s been some events that are clearly causing a lot of fear and anxiety, which I’m sure they were designed to do. Later on, I think there’s been a general consensus that meditations are best left to the end of the show, because we all end up a little bit away with the pixies afterwards. We do want to do a meditation towards the end of the show, with a focus of … what did you say before, Bob? I said to sort of neutralize the energy that’s been generated around these incidences, but Bob put it another way. How did you put it? (silence) Hello Bobby, you have to unmute.


Brian: He’s probably muted.


Bob: Sorry. (laughs) Yeah, not to focus on the false flag aspect, but focus on the opposite. The truth and transparency to become blatantly apparent that these false flag things … I used to look at the news. I sued to watch it periodically and turn it on just to see what they were saying. I don’t even watch it anymore. The times, the little clips that people send to me to watch, I usually end up just kind of laughing at, because I just look at it and go ‘bullshit, bullshit, bullshit’. My bullshit meter has really, really gotten tuned. (laughs) Thank you, D. (laughs)


Lisa: Well, that’s because you’ve been given so many opportunities to tune it.


Bob: Yes. Yes. I think we should do a meditation. You know what? Honestly, if the media would do its proper job, there would be no false flag.


Lisa: No, of course not. It wouldn’t last five minutes and it doesn’t in the alternative media world.


(much talk over)


Chris: Interesting to note that there’s bridging across to the mainstream media now as well. I was watching YouTube earlier this morning, which was C-Span.


Brian: I put that on the blog actually.


Chris: Yeah and people calling in to C-Span and saying this is a false flag operation. That’s going out to air.


Lisa: What was the response from C-Span?


Brian: Oh, it’s funny. They go from caller to caller …


Chris: Yeah, next caller please. It’s a bit like the question … but it’s aired. The question is out there. It’s like that Youtube video of the guy asking the FBI agent about the announcements that people heard. Oh, don’t be alarmed, there’s going to be a bomb drill. Don’t be alarmed, there’s going to be a bomb drill or words to that effect before the actual explosion and he just turned away and said “next question please”.


Brian: Yep. It’s six minutes of that too. It’s like caller after caller after caller. I’ll post the link in the chat room. There’s also a video of the Boston Commissioner on mainstream news and he refers to the bombers as “actors” and he corrects himself. You know these two actors …


Lisa: Yeah, I saw it on this morning.


Chris: Oops. (laughs) Love it.


Brian: He should have just stuck with actors and people probably wouldn’t have noticed, but the fact that he corrected himself was a pretty big tell.


Lisa: Do you think he (inaudible – talk over) on purpose?


Brian: Looked like an accident to me.


Chris: I’m sure he’s been chastised for it. But it’s interesting that Heather’s been saying for a while now that the only thing that can come out now is Absolute Data as truth. So there’s going to be slip-ups and gaffes and people noticing stuff all over the shop. I did note that there were some people theorizing … or not theorizing, but talking about the videos they had seen of the videos of the explosion of the fertilizer plant down near Waco, Texas and saying they felt they could actually hear an incoming missile in the video soundtrack. Pause for thought folks.


Lisa: Can you say that again?


Chris: That on some of the videos, people who have listened to them carefully, who claim they know what these things sound like, say they can hear an incoming missile.


Lisa: Oh!


Chris: Okay, so fire at the plant, okay, but if you pop an air-to-ground missile in there, you get a really big bang. If it was an accident, it was an accident. But if they have done that, then they’re just the murderers that we actually think they are, or some of them are.


Lisa: Someone in the chat room just said that somebody did a frame by frame and proved there’s a missile.


Chris: Yes, there you go. Thank you. So, we’re surrounded by false flag action. Very interesting to note that the flare-up with Keenan getting all upset about the OPPT coincides with all this other stuff. It seems to just been a tremendous ramp-up of activity in the last couple of weeks. They appear like they are conditioning the U.S. for these instant lockdowns of large populations of people for their own safety. They’re making up stories and doing false flag events, so ramping up, ramping up. So we need to do this meditation and actually offset all of that nonsense and it is nonsense.


Brian: Well the biggest thing that people can do in their everyday lives is not buy into all the fear. Their goal is fear mongering. When people are afraid and they get freaked out about this kind of thing, no matter how heinous it is, it plays into the energy that they’re trying to create. So it’s best to just not buy into any of it. Send the whole area light and love and just let the whole thing be, understanding that these events are the types of things that draw attention to themselves and really raise awareness that there’s something going on. So if you can see through the blinders that there’s a big higher purpose playing itself out, even through these heinous events that are transpiring, that are really hard to understand in the moment that it’s happening. So don’t buy into it.


Chris: Precisely.


Lisa: Keep giggling and use that as a background track to send out (Lisa and Brian laughing) … do a meditation too or something. Just send giggles.


Chris: Well, I think if someone had time and actually went through all the shows that Brian’s been on that would get about an hour of straight giggling that never repeated itself.


(general laughter)


Brian: I’m supposed to be serious tonight, so …


Chris: The ultimate laugh track. The ultimate laugh track.


Brian: (laughing) All right, that’s funny.




Bob: And then there was silence. (laughs)


Chris: Okay, is Lisa with us or dropped off? She’s gone very quiet.


Brian: Catching up on the chat room here.


Chris: Hello Lisa? Hello?


Brian: She’s got a train. (laughs)


Chris: Oh, she’s got a train. Oh yes, sorry, yes she does. Okay, no need to share the train. So we were talking about the meditation. My distinct impression is that they’re trying very hard to generate fear the way they always have done, but the formula is not working like it used to. One of the reasons is that there’s so many people awake now. We have a real effect when we put our intention towards dispelling that fear, so we just need to keep doing it. Because we’re winning, as far as I can see.


Bob: Do you know what I think? I think they reach a fear saturation point where you just can’t be afraid anymore. If you watch the news, North Korea this and that, you know, Syria, Libya, this and that. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They pile it all on top. After a while it becomes meaningless. It’s just a whole bunch of, “oh yeah, okay, what else is new”? There’s an astroid about to hit the United States and “Okay, yeah we’re ready, oh whatever”.


Chris: Yeah, whatever. It’s become evident to me that people in the street are very, very, very open to suggestions that there is something wrong with the world. Did I actually tell that story about my haircut?


Brian: No, but I’d love to hear it.




Lisa: It sounds fascinating though.




Chris: I haven’t got much left, right?, okay no hair jokes, you’ve all seen the picture. So, I had a haircut last week and I went down there hoping that my favorite barber would be available, because it’s one of these four man shops. You get in the queue and you get whoever is there and that’s just the way it works, for two reasons. One is that he cuts hair really well and the other is that over a period of a couple of years, I’ve been talking to him on and off about all the stuff that’s going on, just in bits and pieces.




Lisa: Sorry, Diane in the chat room wrote, ” Two guys came into a barber shop” …




Chris: Yeah, pretty much, it was like that. It was like that. What happened was, I actually walked into the shop and there was one other customer having his hair cut. My favorite barber sitting there with his head on his hands, looking at the laptop that they keep on the desk. So I jumped in the chair and he starts cutting and of course we start chatting. He said to me, “What did you think of that Boston stuff”?


Practically before I could open my mouth, the guy sitting next to me fired up and started to give all of us a download about how it was a load of crap and don’t believe it, there’s all this crap going on. I’m sitting there thinking, yes, yes, finally it’s happening to me. Someone’s trying to give me a download, completely unasked for. So we had this, the obvious conversation proceeded. I left with a good haircut and a blast because that’s never happened to me before. You go out into public, it’s usually you putting stuff out to them. All of a sudden it was coming back and it just showed me that people really are waking up.




Brian: I think its an increase in conspiracy theorists, as I said in my blog.


Lisa: When everybody is a conspiracy theorist, nobody is a conspiracy theorist. Speaking of waking up, and this is going completely off track and changing subjects, but I don’t think I’ve shared it, at least not on air. I had a dream. In my dream, I’m standing behind my five-year-old and Heather is standing next to me. In front of us, she’s got this clear (inaudible) screen, almost like a disc and it’s lit up from within. I was watching Ironman last night and you know how Ironman’s got all these really cool electronics and screens and things that just pop out of nowhere. It was kind of like that.


We were teaching her, Heather and I were teaching her, how to inject into physicality, inject into 3D. She wanted to put, I know I’ve told you guys this, but she wanted to put bugs everywhere. She was putting grasshoppers and ladybugs and critters, injecting them into 3D reality. At one point, Heather and I went, “yay, she did it!”, As soon as we said that, I woke up by slapping my neck because there was this tiny spider running across my neck. I picked it up, looked at what was left of it, because I slapped myself rather hard. What was ringing in my head was, “yay, she did it!”. I went, ‘oh my God, did that just happen?’ It was intense. (TALKING OVER) I told (inaudible) when she woke up, I said, “Did you have any dreams last night”? and she didn’t, couldn’t remember anything. I said I had one and I told her about it. So for the next two or three days she was telling everybody that, “Mommy and Heather taught her how to put spiders on Mommy’s neck”.




Bob: You know what Lisa, though, I think that that is part of what is really happening. The world we enter into in our dreams, I think, is more of the reality that we are moving into than where we are right now. I think elements of our dreams are going to start to spill over into our reality and take over this reality. I don’t usually remember all of my dreams. Once in a while, I have one that just kind of, is way out there. I doesn’t even feel like a dream, but I have the sense that we’ve been doing a lot of work just like you said. Teaching how to manifest in this reality.


I have the sense that we’ve been working, practicing, we’ve been manifesting and sometimes individually, sometimes collectively, sometimes in large groups. I have the sense that we’ve been engaged in meetings and negotiations. Not recently. I think in about the last week and a half, that’s completely stopped. I do still still have the sense in our dream time that we’ve been practicing. We’ve been training. We’ve been working and all that information is there, somewhere in our consciousness. At some point I think that barrier that’s keeping that from our conscious consciousness is going to be removed. All of that training and all of that practical stuff that we’ve been doing in our dream time we will start doing here.


Brian: Uh Huh.


Lisa: My dream time since all of this began with you guys, with Heather and D and AK has been unbelievable. I was waking up night after night after night, right through January and February, literally walking out of a room and it felt like the war room at the Pentagon or something like that. It was that intense, knowing that I had been in meetings with you guys and I would walk out of the room with my arms full of files and folders. I was usually walking out with Heather next to me, D and AK and Brian behind me and more people behind that. It was as if I had been in the most intense negotiations for hours. As I walked out of the doorway, I would wake up. Scenes like that went on night after night after night.


Brian: What’s interesting about that too is how many nights our dreams have, we found out from later talking how they’ve corroborated with one another. Like, wait, whoa, what was is that you felt? Then kind of like and then someone will say, “Oh, my God, I had almost the exact same kind of dream. When two people have the same dream, gosh, you can’t really explain that. You just really cannot explain that. Shall we tell everybody how we just all recently got together and ate psychedelic mushrooms or should we save that for another day? (LAUGHTER) Just kidding.


Lisa: Don’t even kid because stuff like that goes out and the next thing you know….




Brian: I would never have done that on the show last night, but this is the Collective Imagination show.


Lisa: There is actually an experience that I’ve had many years ago and I’ve shared this on radio before a long time ago, but it sort of ties in all the subjects that we’ve covered so far. I had just moved into a share house and there was a young guy living in the house. We had bedrooms at the opposite ends and it was a rather large old Victorian place, so it had a long hallway. In my dream, I’m in, my bedroom is near the back door. His is near the front door. I get up out of bed. I float up out of bed. I see him float past my doorway. I float out my window, he floats out the door, we meet in the backyard and then we both shoot up into the sky, into the night sky. Then I’m flying next to a UFO. I put my hand out and I’m touching it. Rubbing the edges of a UFO and I’m flying along next to it. The next day I woke up, I had full memory of this dream. I went into the kitchen and there he was and he’s got this strange look on his face. I said, “what”? He said, “I had the weirdest dream last night”. I said, “Me too, you’re in it”. He said, “Yeah, you’re in mine”. At the same time we kind of said, “we met in the back yard”, and I looked at him and we confirmed that we’d had the exact same experience.


Brian: Wow! Wow!


Lisa: I didn’t know this guy very well. We’d only known each other, well we’ve known each other for quite awhile, but we’d only been living in this house together for about three or four weeks.


Brian: There’s a reason, there’s definitely a reason to why some dreams are so vivid that you remember it. I could tell you a few dreams that I have had where I remember them as if they are events that actually happened in my wake state. There’s a reason. There’s messages embedded within those dreams that cause you to have such conscious memory when there is something to be taken away from it. But it’s always a mystery as to what that is; sometimes you don’t figure it out until years later.


Lisa: Actually I have a question that I want to put out there. If Julien’s listening maybe he can answer it or somebody else that knows about these things. A girlfriend of mine was sharing with me only a week ago something that happened to her about a year ago. I had a theory around what it might have been. She was giving up smoking at the time and pretty much losing her mind, she really was. I had never seen anybody have such a hard time giving up cigarettes. She woke up from a dream of running somebody over and driving off. It was so vivid and so real that she actually thought she’d done it and that maybe the experience was so horrific that she had wiped it from her mind.


For three or four weeks, she actually tormented herself as to whether this really happened. She went out and looked at her car to see if there were any marks on her car. It was so real she thought she was losing her mind, but that she was blocking it and it was trying to come through. One of the things I had thought of, in the conversations that we’ve had with Julien he talks about our great beings, he calls it a shard. Like we are an aspect or a shard of our greater being, but our greater being can have many shards or aspects living on the planet, so to speak. I thought maybe what she did was one of the other shards had that experience and it was so traumatic for that shard that it was then shared amongst all of them. That was a theory I had.


Chris: Well you’ve had other experiences where you think you’ve experienced stuff that other parts of you are experiencing.


Lisa: Well I have, that is what led me to that conclusion. There have been just moments in my life where I have been doing something and it is usually something really mundane like the dishes or making the bed. For a second my environment changes and I am doing the same action in a different environment in a different body. And what I thought at that point was that, perhaps myself and one of the other shards of my greater being were doing the same action at that moment. So we sort of tuned into one another, to the point where once I was in the bath and had a moment where I felt my penis floating up over the water and I don’t have one.


(Hysterical laughing and giggling from the whole crew)


Chris: That would have been a very interesting experience.


(Hysterical laughing continues)


Bob: Oh, talk about transparency.


(laughter continues)


Chris: Yeah, can’t get much more transparent than that.


(laughter continues)


Brian: Oh, that’s funny.


(laughter continues)


Lisa: (laughing) We think maybe that’s what happened with her. But I’d love to hear from somebody who might have more insight into that. Anyway, (laughs) we actually do have quite a few people who’ve called.


Chris: Just before we go to calls, Julien asked us to let everybody know that Steven Greer is going to be on Coast 2 Coast radio show tonight, if there are Coast 2 Coast listeners. Where he will no doubt talk about what ever happened at the theatre in Los Angeles last night, it should be quite interesting.


Lisa: Oh, Peter in the chat room just said “I wonder what Freud would say?” (laughs) He’d have a field day, I’m sure.


(general laughter)


Brian: Past-life memory, that’s for sure.


Lisa: Well, I (inaudible) … definitely cabal.


(general laughter)


Lisa: Add that to the list.


Chris: Shape-shifter.


(general laughter)


Chris: So, you’ve got a very long moniker now. What is it? The CGI, dominatrix, shape-shifting, cabal, Illuminati … gee, you’re going need very large pieces of paper to write out all your qualifications on.


Bob: Reptilian.


Chris: Reptilian.


Lisa: Yeah and a hybrid Reptilian. I don’t know what that (inaudible). All right guys, let’s take a call area code 804. (silence) Hello 804? It’s not bringing you up. Oh we’ve had this issue once before, didn’t we?


Bob: You want me to try? 804, are you there?


Lisa: 804?


Brian: Maybe he’s just not answering? You want to try another one?


Lisa: Try another one. Area code 612.


Caller: Hello, Elizabeth from Minnesota, how are you? I just want to add a little bit more to the Citizen Hearing coming up. If everybody remembers, I just have this knowing inside of me, this real big knowing, I don’t know why. But this is going to be a big thing, this Citizens Hearing coming up. I know Heather mentioned it on her very first phone call with Brian or the second one. She mentioned back in December or January that there was a UFO disclosure thing coming up. I just want to tell everybody that the website is It is going to be webcast. If you hit the CHD webcast tab at the top, you can sign up for five different languages. For $3.80 you can listen to it live streaming for the whole week. Which is Monday through Friday the 29th of April to the 3rd of May. It’s going to be all day long starting at 8:30 in the morning. They’re going to have 2 different panels talking for 90 minutes, three or four during the day. They’re going to take a break for lunch and then a break for supper. Then from 7 to 9, there will be a witness that will testify in front of retired congressmen and like that. There is military going to be there, retired congressmen, lieutenants, colonels and not just from America, but from all around the world. You can see that on this website; it’s going to be awesome.


Chris: Thanks for that. Is it being done by just the Citizen Hearing Foundation?


(Caller and Chris talking over each other)


Chris: From the Paradigm Group, I can see a quote here from Steven Basset on the front, who is the director of the Paradigm Research Group. But it looks like a different organization… fact it doesn’t matter who it is, it’s only a detail. For a lot of people, that Disclosure Project from 2001 was their wake up call, so I am really looking forward to this one. I think it will have a really big impact.


Elizabeth (caller): Yeah and also, they’re going to make a documentary out of this hearing. They hired film makers to make a documentary. Also for the Sirius movie, another big thing for that is, they’re going around mainstream Hollywood and you can be like a distributor of the movie and people can distribute the movie. Anyway, it’s going to go really fast around the world, that Sirius movie. It already is. Also, the media, the media coverage on the Citizens Hearing, I just looked on the website, there’s 26 different media places; Washington Post, one in Alaska, one in the UK. Some of them have already put things on their local news about the Citizens Hearing and some are scheduled for March and February to put out really big stories. They’re probably going to do some half an hour story on it. That’s amazing, ha guys.


Lisa and Brian: Yeah, very cool.


Chris: That’s what we need. Just keep counting away.


Elizabeth (caller): Then one more thing I just want to say, that I am Irish too, so I just want to thank Neil Keenan for exposing his self the other day. Malarkey! Neil Keenan, we love you, but that is malarkey, I’m telling you. I’ve been here since day one and there are a lot of people that want The One People’s Public Trust and we know what is going on. Anyway we love you Neil Keenan and others behind him.


(Thank you from everyone — much talk over)


Brian: For whatever reason when she said Neil Keenan exposed himself, I thought of Lisa in the bathtub. Sorry.


(general laughter)


Lisa: I’m going to regret sharing that story.


Bob: You know what, somebody is gonna make a video about it next week.


(Laughing) (All Talking together)


Chris: It won’t be on YouTube; it’ll be on one of those other tubes.




Lisa: Okay, enough, enough said.


(Many people talking at once) (Laughing)


Lisa: I’m really sorry. Area code 347.


Caller: Peace, love and blessings. It is I, The Flo. How is everyone?


Brian: Oh, The Flo.


Lisa: Oh, The Flo


(many talking at once)


Lisa: Did you see your fish in that party (garbled) on YouTube?


Brian: Did you not see that yesterday?


The Flo (caller): You guys are kinda hard to hear right now, I don’t have my headphones in. Hold on one second. Hello?


Lisa: That was funny.


Brian: Yeah.


Lisa: Your facial features as well.


Brian: Toward the end, yeah.


Lisa: Go with the flow. (Laughing)


The Flo (caller): Yes, I’m just, you know, I was a little bit, how do you say. I could say upset because I didn’t get what I was looking for from the movie last night. Of course, like you guys were saying though, it’s for people who haven’t been abreast of this information. It’s like we do our digging all day every day so, of course, we’re going to be in the know. (Laughing) It should have been no surprise to me so, all day I have just been thinking about moving forward. Wow! My girl lives now, from Minnesota. She is a very awesome person (laughs). She always drops a bombshell on my head every time I talk to her. She just came in the room just now and gave more than most people can chew just now. That’s what I’m looking forward to now. I suppose you could say these next steps that keep happening. It’s always a build-up to some point and then it’s like, ok now you gotta wait longer for some more stuff to happen. I’m relaxed and I’m not building with this tension anymore. It’s like this anticipation and eagerness. It’s wonderful though. It’s so great, it allows me to grasp all of these wonderful ideas. It’s so amazing.


Lisa: You know, one of the most important aspects I have found about manifestation is living with the tension. You need to be able to get into that space in between and be comfortable with it. That, for me anyway. That space between where you are and what you want, there is this tension that builds. And the more that you can be in, I don’t know, in a comfortable, relaxed, unexpectent space in there, the quicker the manifestation happens and the bigger and better it happens. That’s been my experience. So at the moment…


The Flo (caller): That’s the path of least resistance.


Lisa: Yeah, and at the moment we are in a huge space of tension, between the old world and the new world. So this isn’t just a personal thing. The whole collective has to get comfortable with that space. That’s what I’m feeling at the moment. The collective is trying to find the path of least resistance, as you said, I guess, of living with the tension.


Bob: Usually how I move into that space. I party. (Laughing) I party. However that may be for you, get a couple of drinks. Even when it seems the most inappropriate time to party, usually that’s the best time to throw a party. Because when you’re having fun, you’re not thinking about your problems. You’re not thinking about where you want to be tomorrow or where you were yesterday. When you’re having fun, you are right here, in the now, and you’re, you’re, it just kinda takes care of itself. If you’re not having fun, then, then, you …


Lisa: You’re out of the flow.


Bob: You miss part of the equation, because fun is definitely in there.


Brian: Yes, follow your highest excitement. Follow your joy. Think about if everybody in the world follows their joy and their excitement. I have had this conversation a lot over the past couple of weeks. Some people say I have no idea what I want to do. So you have to really take a step back from the idea of what you want to do, that you need to do to be able to earn money and start thinking about what you want to do that brings joy into your life and then use that as a catalyst to where it will ultimately take you.


Lisa: Yep, agreed.


Chris: That emotion of joy is what actually connects you. Is the conclusion I have come to. You can give it other names; you can give it love, you can give it ecstasy, you can give it bliss. I don’t know, whatever term you want to use. It’s that human emotion that really opens up your heart and there is where the manifestation takes place.


Brian: I have a quick thing to read that could be really powerful. We could wait until after The Flo, after we are done with The Flo, if you want, about manifestation. But this is probably pretty relevant here. Do you want me to finish reading real quick?


Lisa: Yeah, go for it.


The Flo (caller): Yes, I would definitely love to hear that guys. I appreciate all that you do for me. I love you. Take care. Peace.


Brian: Alright my man.


The Flo (caller): (Garbled)


Brian: Alright Flo, this is for you brother. All you need to get started is that something you identify that you would like to create. What is one thing that is not showing up in your life that you want right now? For a moment, move away from this thing, from a close-up view, rising higher and higher above it until you find yourself within a bird’s-eye view. Breathe deeply. See this that you want to create. See this that that you want to show up in your life. Are you in your head? If so, drop into your heart. Breathe deeply. Whenever we want something in our life, what we really want is the way we think it will make us feel. What feeling are you reaching for? What feeling are you desiring? If you already had this in your life, what would that feel like? What would you feel like? Allow your gaze to get softer and close your eyes. Sit with these questions. Rather than thinking of answers, allow whatever is inside to emerge. Notice what you notice.


Remember everything about this place so that you can return here every day. What do you feel here? What do you see here? What do you sense here? What is going on around you and who is showing up? Spend some time being here in this place, looking at what you want to create and feeling what it will feel like to have it. Now give that feeling one word. Go with the first thing that comes to you. What is one thing that you can do today to create that feeling for yourself? It doesn’t have to be as big as what it is going to feel like when you have that thing that you want to create in your life. Commit to doing that one thing today, and when you feel that feeling, notice it. Amplify it. Express gratitude for it. Tel the Universe, this, yes this, I love this. And then give me more. And then do it. That was powerful for me. I use that and I thought, like, as I was talking about on the show before. What is the feeling that I want? And you know that feeling when you help somebody that really needs it?


Like we were driving, I drove up to the Bay-area to see my family this weekend. We got off the freeway in LA, and there was this guy standing there with a sign and it’s like “I need to feed my family”. One of those signs on a cardboard thing. I didn’t have any cash. My girlfriend, Brittney, had two dollars, and giving him this two dollars made his day. I told him, I said there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel brother. You need to hang in there. And he said, “I am grateful for the money, but what I am more grateful for is that you are nice to me”. And I broke. I was like, oh my god, because this guy just gets peed on every day all day long, and all he wanted was somebody to just be nice to him. And that feeling is what I think of when I read that statement. That feeling of helping others that brings me the most joy in my life. That was powerful. I am actually going to blog that soon so people can see it.


Lisa: That is just so sad, to be honest.


Brian: Yeah.


Lisa: Anyway. But I like what you said before though. Thank you!


Brian: (Laughing) You’re welcome. Sorry it was a little longer than I thought it was going to be.


Lisa: That was good though. Thank you Prince. I will leave your mic open. You can stay there. But we will bring out the next caller. Area code 727. Hello? Area code 727?


Caller: Hello.


Lisa: Hello.


Caller: I need to mute my computer, because I am on the phone and the computer.


Lisa: Yeah, that would be better. Yea thank you.


Caller: Okay. Alright there we go. Yeah, thanks for taking the call. I first off want to acknowledge you, all of you for the great work and service that you do. I read somewhere that, and I believe it too, that at the time that we make our transition, at the end of our incarnation, that we all have to stand in judgement and we will be deemed, evaluated by one axiom and that is: how many have you helped and how well. In my opinion, all of you guys will be regarded at that point in time as having helped very many, very well, because you are performing a service that is unparalleled and unequalled by bringing people to a point of evolution, advancement. Educating, you are bringing people upwards. You are to be commended for that. I applaud you personally because, as much difficulty as I tend to have from time to time, following the verbiage and the wordage of all of this, it’s the concept and it’s the principle and philosophy that I attach too and that I entrain to and synchronize with mostly. It is a beautiful thing that you are doing and I encourage you to keep on doing it for humanity across the globe.


The one thing, personally, I wanted to address was with regards to something that occurred to me with regards to taxes which is kind of a touchy subject because of. You know people say there are only two things that are inevitable, and that’s death and taxes. I was out of work for quite a period of time, eighteen months or so, so I lived off the support of my family with my retirement savings. As a result of that, I not only had to pay the taxes on them, but also 25% penalty on that for having used those funds prior to the designated age of retirement. So I intend to, at the time that I am contacted about “you owe us big dollars”, to serve a Courtesy Notice to the Treasury Department, Division of IRS or whatever. But the thing that gives me concern is the fact, like I said, only thing that is inevitable is death and taxes. Taxes is what has brought down many a person before me, even Al Capone.


Given the status that the PTW (indistinct) running out of funds and the ability to finance the control that they have held sway over this planet, and all of it drying up, and the (indistinct) is circling around them and is closing down. It’s kind of like a caged animal or an animal backed into a corner. They get ruthless and they get desperate and they fight. If the only thing that is deigned and sanctioned that is legal and proper and right which is taxes, it’s going to be the last thing that they are going to release and allow to slip between their fingers. They will clamp down and they will fight with a level of viciousness, because it is like you can’t fight City Hall type of thing. Do you know, have there been many who have successfully been able to serve Courtesy Notices or get a Cease-and-Desist from the government on the basis of the Courtesy Notices for the taxes as a prior example of someone who has fought that fight before that would give me a measure of encouragement and support for the battle yet to be fought? Because right now I just gave them an extension on the filings even though you have to say this is how much I expect that I will be owing you but I can’t give you any now. They will be contacting me later and, then, at that point in time the fight begins. So just wondering if you had any input along those lines?


Lisa: Sorry, can I ask you your name please?


Caller: Ben.


Lisa: Ben? I want to thank you for the first part of your call. You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. As to the second part of your call, I don’t know personally. On the website, I know they’ve got a section there for stories in relation to people’s responses and outcomes of CN’s. You can have look there to see if anyone has dealt with the tax department as yet. If anybody listening has experienced doing CN’s with the IRS, can you please go there, if you haven’t already, and put your story up, so that Ben can see it, and others. That’s all I’ve got unfortunately. Bob and Brian, being in the US, may have heard of other stories.


Bob: Ben, I have heard equal stories of people who have had success and also people who have had the opposite happen. I think a lot of times it depends on, number 1: on whom you’re dealing with, because some people are just belligerent, no matter what. And also your approach; you don’t want to look at this as though you are going into a fight. That’s not what you want and it’s not what they want. But go into it as though, hey, look, I am going to educate whoever it is that is sending me this because, obviously they must not know. And if you go into it with the idea that you are trying to educate; you know, hey, look, this is what I have heard. Your lawyers would know better about what is going on but, as far as I know, this is valid. Check it out. You will find that you will engage yourself in a much different conversation than if you were to go there and say hey, look, I am not paying you and you are a crook. You’ll have a completely different conversation. Most of the people that I have known and this is pretty much consistent, most of the people that I know that have had success, were the ones that did take a softer approach. They didn’t go in as though they were going to have a fight. They went in more with the idea of, like Chris says, the IED, the incidental educational device.




Chris: Improvised Education Device.


Bob: Improvised, sorry. Sorry.


Chris: It’s Deryl’s term. We’ve got to get it right or he will tell me off.


Bob: And, using a Courtesy Notice is not a guarantee that you are going to have success, but it is a guarantee that you are going to raise some eyebrows and open a couple of eyes. Regardless, either debt is going to go away or it is going to be there for you to deal with. But at least, what you don’t want to do is not respond at all.


Ben (caller): Yeah.


Bob: Because if you don’t respond at all, you know what is going to happen.


Ben (caller): Oh yeah!


Bob: So, if you don’t have the money and you don’t want to pay into that system, then your alternative becomes quite limited if you are not going to send a Courtesy Notice. But I would say, go ahead, send a CN. But go into this with the right attitude, I am going to try and educate these people, and bring them up to speed with what is going on in the world. A lot people think something is going on because they are getting laid off and they are getting decreases in their salaries. And this is, I am speaking directly to the IRS, as a matter of fact, they already have five days planned for shut down because they can’t afford to pay people for a full week. This is happening and they don’t know what is behind it. Now you have the opportunity to give them a little bit of insight about what is going on behind it. So that is the advice I can give. Chris, maybe you have something more to add?


Chris: Well, I think you summed it up beautifully actually Bob. The clarity here is that it’s obviously an individual choice based on how you perceive your personal circumstances. I think Bob’s pretty much covered all bases. I dropped a note into Ken Bartle’s chat to see on the foropaq email address that he’d had any information on how people are going with the IRS, ‘not at this stage’. He’s basically answering technical queries mostly and doing a fantastic job; actually both Ken and Scott have been taking the brunt of that, been sending out an enormous amount of energy everybody’s way which we are thankful for. The intention with which you go in is key to the result you get. We had an incident that Lisa read yesterday out on the show about a gentleman that was visited by a detective, which ended up being a very much improvised educational experience for the detective and will probably mean not only for that gentleman but in his particular state it will actually shift the attitude of the system inside that state. He will go back to his superiors with a whole lot of information (train going by) oops that’s your train Lisa. Brian: Nope, that’s my train sorry. Lisa: No, it’s not. Chris: It’s Brian’s train, okay. Lisa: We’ve all got trains. Brian: (Giggles) Chris: I don’t have a train; I feel left out. Ben, thank you very much for, as Lisa said, what you said at the start of the call; we really appreciate that. It’s late nights. It’s lots of conversations. It’s trying to work out what’s the best next thing for everybody. It’s fantastic, but it’s wearying. It’s really encouraging to get the positive feedback. I love the thoughtfulness in a measured way that you are going about this and I know that you will be just fine. Ben (caller): I trust and believe that it will ultimately be, whatever the outcome is will be how it is supposed to be. I do recognize that I am going up against a bank or corporation where the initial person you can interact with a Courtesy Notice you are educating them and they didn’t realize any of this. Now being informed that they are being held liable and accountable and they want to kick it upstairs. This is an educational process; it’s along those lines but when you are talking about the US Government the IRS the US Treasury Department. Those people even if they are brought to an understanding that if you didn’t know, now you know you are personally held responsible and liable. Go ask your superiors. Then ask your superiors to ask their superiors, because people up there do know. They aren’t letting you know. It’s a different animal that you are going up against when you are talking about the government again as opposed to a bank or a corporation you owe a debt to. However, it’s like the David and Goliath story just because it is this big bear, this big giant, that you want to…does not mean that they will ultimately prevail and hold sway because there is a higher power that is in control and things are in the works. There is an evolutionary process that is going on now where things will…revolutionary change. I could very well be at the forefront of that or I could very well succumb to this. I appreciate your advice and input that it is the attitude that you go into this with that. I AM sovereign and absolute within myself as an independent creation of Prime. You don’t necessarily hold sway over me and control me. I only have to answer to myself and my God come what may. My only concern is that it’s not just me in this battle by myself. I have a family of five, that if I go down everybody else is f’d. It’s an attitude. It’s a mindset that you have to have, courage you have to have, conviction that right will prevail in the long run. All you guys’ input has been very helpful, insightful, what I said to you all before. You are fighting the good fight. As long as you stand on the side of right, you will be judged for that in the long run. You are actually laying up your treasures in heaven. Keep on doing what you have been doing, because you are so far doing it right no matter who tries to come up against you. That’s how you know that you are actually fighting the good fight is when they start coming at you and attacking you just like they have done recently. Take heart in knowing that you’ve got to be doing something right to have attracted that kind of attention to yourselves, but just keep on doing what you have been doing. Thank you. (Everyone says thank you to Ben) Chris: Just as we are in between calls here I just want to restate what we stated yesterday. The OPPT was closed, terminated, cancelled, finished on the 18th of March. What’s left is The One People and The One People is so much bigger than the group of people who are still manning the foreclosed corporations. There is just so much more energy that exists out there as the sum total of all of us that we will prevail in the end. Because this is our world. At the moment that energy is gathering. Lisa: I just saw in the chat room that someone set up an OPPT meet-up group for the Gold Coast in Queensland. I just want to put it out there. That is a great website to go to if you’re currently in an area where you’re not getting together with others. Go to that website and see if there is one in your area and if there isn’t start one. Also for those of you who listen to this show on a regular basis, you could do the same. Just start a Collective Imagination meet-up group in your area. Who knows you might actually connect with people who aren’t listening to this show, but you might bring them and introduce them to it. This is an opportunity to get together with other like-minded people. It’s really nice to do it face to face. We all talked daily over skype, but…and I’ve only actually met Chris once…in person and it’s just so lovely to actually be together. Chris: It was kind of weird actually. (Laughter) it was kind of weird, but it didn’t take us long to recognize one another’s energy. It actually was just like being on the show and chatting with Lisa outside the show. One day we might get to meet Brian or Bob or D. Hello D. Brian: One day real soon I imagine. Lisa: One day real soon. Chris: That would be great. D: One day soon…very very very soon. Chris: D! Lisa: Hello darling. (Several talking at once) Flofokuz (caller): It’s really amazing that we are all here talking about these wonderful beings. We are bringing our two cents to the table man and making a dollar when we bring two cents. So we got all of these wonderful ideas coming together. I feel like the future holds so much for us. Like Ben was saying, we’re in here we’re doing it and those that want to resist us are only making us stronger. It’s just so much that we are doing to help so many people. I can even close my eyes and see us in a big room together just saying, ‘we’re giving the world back to us in a ribbon cutting ceremony on the top of some mountain somewhere. Where millions of people came because we were saying “we are doing this together, instead the whole world came’. It’s ridiculous what I can see when I close my eyes. I love you guys for allowing me to envision the future like this it’s so amazing. (Everyone thanks caller Flofokuz) Chris: The Flo. Lisa, could I take a moment to tell people about the oath and bond? Lisa: Yeah, sure. I think it’s probably a good idea because you can share whatever you want to share about it and preempt any…shall I say bullshit. Chris: Shenanigans. Lisa: Shenanigans. So you can preempt it by just putting it out there. Chris: Okay, the original UCC filings really had two areas where people were asked to put their hands up, throw in and actually make it happen. One was the military enforcement. Through the actions of SWISSINDO that may come about. We’ll see where that goes; we are working hard on following that through. The other area is in the CVAC systems and the people who are required to make that work when they actually start to come online in whatever form we decide they will come online, because in the end it is up to us.


So there are two Oaths and Bonds here. There’s one for Public Servant to the One People and one for the military called Protector of the One People. Now I’m actually gonna get Bob to read out. Have you got it in front of you Bob? The one for Protector of the One People? You’re muted, Bob. Hello?


Bob: Yes I am.


Chris: Have you got the Oath and Bond for the Protector of The One People? Cuz what I’d like you to do is actually read it out and then I’ll just make a couple of comments.


Bob: Ok yeah, hold on a second while I pull it up. You did put it in the chat there. Hold on it’s coming up now.


Brian: Who are the creators of the Oath and Bond documents, Chris, other than yourself?


Chris: Basically me. Ken and Scott helped me correct various aspects of grammar and choose a few words here and there as they usually do and they’re really good at that. But essentially it’s me. So Bob?


Bob: I got it. Protector of the One People Oath and Bond. Lovingly, knowingly, willingly and intentionally made as a matter of absolute record as follows:


The Creator is all that is. Eternal Essence Absolute. Earth Gaia is Eternal Essence embodied without limits. All people of earth are one and are Eternal Essence embodied without limits. We are the One People and are co-custodians and stewards of earth our home. I, whomever, of, wherever, am Eternal Essence embodied without limits of The One People of Earth by my free will choice, acting in full responsibility, liability and transparency, my value protected, insured and guaranteed through the Universal Value Exchange , I voluntarily BOND my BEing by Oath; That I BE, PROTECTOR to the ONE PEOPLE, PROTECTOR OF EARTH. that I DO uphold the universal law of the Creator, that all actions are permissible without limits, except aggregation of free will choice of another embodiment of Eternal Essence. Establish, maintain, serve and protect Absolute and Eternal Peace on Earth the right of free will choice, the equity and the abundance of the One People through the Universal Value Exchange and CVAC systems of assistance by execution of military order UCC 2012096074 and as expressed by the consensus will of the One People in future moments of NOW that I am Protector with and by my BEing Eternal Essence without limits DOing always for the greater good of the One People and the earth. Serving in this and all moments of NOW henceforth for 90 days provisionally renewed three times or by alternate mutual agreement with the steward of CVAC systems of assistance. Signed, dated, done.


Chris: Outstanding Bob thank you. Ok. This particular oath, this is a military oath. The military order requires volunteers. It’s a completely free will choice. We know that a lot of people in the military are watching us very closely. We thank them for that and literally put you guys on notice that this is here and available or will be in a couple of hours’ time. I’ve just got a couple of details to check on the page of the OPPT site before it goes live. At some future point, we hope that you guys will be in a position to actually use this. Ultimately the big shift that we’re all looking for has to be in part closing down quite significant aspects of the old system. That needs some boots on the ground at some point. We know that a lot of people in the military have become aware they’re working for a corporation. They’re guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. They’re attacking innocent civilians at times. They’re put into really, really dreadful positions and forced to do some really, really outrageous things that they know they shouldn’t be doing and they would rather be fulfilling their oath by doing what’s described in this document. We’ll put that energy out there and no doubt it will be returned.


The other document is almost identical. We don’t need to read it all, it’s for a person who wishes to volunteer for service to the One People. That will come over the following months and years. If you feel strongly enough to actually record a bond and oath on this document, again completely a free will choice. This is you as an individual. You’re not putting your children into slavery by signing this so don’t be running off and any other dramas and soap operas though no doubt they will try, but all they have to do is read these documents and there’s really nothing in here to attack. It’s not a document that locks you into a lifetime. Anything as you can see is provisionally it’s one year and completely free will choice as to whether you renew it. It’s simply an oath of service to us to essentially, the world that we’re moving into is gonna be created by us okay? There’s no one else here but us. We gave our power away to the old system, as we’ve learned time and time again.


This is one of the mechanisms for reversing it and bringing us to the fore instead of the system that’s just gone crazy and treading on people like Ben who phoned in before. I know Ben would appreciate what’s in here. So it’s gonna be out there in a few hours and if you feel strongly enough to register yourself there will be instructions on how to go about that. Now one of the things is who do you send it to? I’m hoping we can set up an upload facility and just upload a scan of it cuz it does require your signature. So you may in fact have to fax it at some point. At the moment, depending on the facilities we can set up over the next day or so, so be patient if it doesn’t appear immediately cuz we’re still kind of working out exactly how we want to manage it but we may end up on the website initially having you email it to an email address. So just read the instructions. It’s something that only takes a minute to fill in. Thank you for listening. We’ll be talking about this a bit next week, because this audience is a touch different to the OPPT show which maybe we should change to the One People.


Lisa: We do need to change the name of the show.


Brian: By the way the document, beautiful words, beautifully written. I just want to make sure everybody understands that people are gonna come and say ‘Oh, the One Peoples Public Trust are trying to get us to sign documents’. Read it, if it resonates with you, feel free to sign it. No one needs to sign anything. You don’t need to sign it to be put on a list for some prosperity package or anything of that nature. So read it. If it resonates with you, then you can sign it and share it. But if you read it, then you’ll see exactly, if you read it with your heart instead of your mind, you can see the intent and purpose of it and it’s beautiful. I’ve read it now two times and Chris did a wonderful job with it, so kudos to you my man. Excellent job.


Lisa: Another clarification that needs to be made. This is not being put out by OPPT as in the One Peoples Public Trust. This is being put out by one of the people and this is one of the peoples, in this case Chris, DO’ing and BE’ing. This is for all the other people to have a look at, to reflect upon, to even suggest … are you open to amendments Chris?


Chris: Absolutely. If there is anything in there that bothers anybody, happy to correct it. I’m not emotionally attached to exactly the way this appears. What we’re trying to effect is working together. To build something new and committing to it by saying ‘Yes, this is what I want’. That’s the energy that we’ve created through this whole movement. We just need now to bring that into reality. This is the people who’ve been supporting it by listening and by talking and by spreading, now coming forward and saying ‘Yes, I want to make this real’. That is the only intention behind i


Lisa: Lovely. Thank you. Bob, we talked about doing a meditation towards the end of the show. How much time do you want for that?


Bob: About five to seven minutes.


Lisa: Oh okay, cool. Alright, then we’ll take another couple of calls. We’ve got area code 831.


Caller: Hello, greetings.


Lisa: Hello, what’s your name?


Caller: This is LuckLight.


Lisa: Ahh, LuckLight. How are you doing?


LuckLight (caller): So, we were talking about this Sirius movie earlier. I was looking over the website. I have technology in my possession that I haven’t built yet, but I’m non-linear, so I basically built it in the future. But I have the blueprints and the concept right now. So if anyone would like, I can spill the beans on it right here right now.


Lisa: If you wish.


Brian: Sure.


Chris: Spill away.


LuckLight (caller): Okay, basically there’s a couple things they don’t want us to know. One of which is that these huge power plants, what happens is they generate all electricity, because 80% of it is lost in the transfer. So number one, you want to localize your power. You need a lot less in that situation. Basically, it boils down to spin. You have these turbines, like wind power for example. You want that spin. That spin I create through two technologies that I found online that I can consult on, but I can’t directly give away because of their conditions to sell that information. But now also, there’s a steam-powered motor that’s designed to run constantly and that technology’s already available.


I’ve been working on this for a couple of years now. I haven’t put it together, but I can build a combination of these three technologies. One of which is a fuel-less(?) heater. The other one is a magnetic motor. These three items work together in terms of … the fuel-less heater produces heat as well as steam. The steam runs the steam-powered motor. The motor gives the whole device the torque to keep the magnetic motor, which is basically a wheel of high-powered magnets within a series of coils. Now the trick that I add to the situation, is that you place these magnets in a phi ratio, in a circular pattern, so as you’re increasing RPM’s, it’s basically exponentially accelerating the pulse. So that’s how you’re getting exponentially acceleration without having the whole thing blow up. The mechanisms within the three-part item, the resistance involved, is going to keep it from blowing up. Because while the impulse is exponential, the resistance of the physical parts won’t let it go too far. That’s part of it.


Also, I got like a plan for a .. other technologies are available. You have like a propane-powered generator. Then you have like these little tubes that are like electrolysis things, so you’ve got like 10 of those in a series and you’re producing 10 psi, which is what will run a propane-powered generator through essentially electrolyzing water in order to get Brown’s gas. So that one I can put together for like less than $3 grand US dollars. The first one I can put together for less than $5 grand US dollars. So, that’s the big part of what I wanted to get across.


Lisa: Have you got a presence anywhere online where you’ve put out that you’re looking for funding?


LuckLight (caller): No, my public profile is LuckLight on Facebook.


Chris: Are you actually planning on making some prototypes, LuckLight?


LuckLight (caller): Well yeah, the thing is yeah, like I figure if I make it miniature that it’s probably costing more to get miniature parts than it is to build a full-size thing. But eventually …


Chris: Well, quite often prototypes are big, clunky things and the real things are miniaturized once the principle’s proven. What you’re talking about … there’s the most incredible 100th monkey syndrome going on across the planet at the moment, where concepts like the ones you’ve just expressed are springing out of people’s minds unlooked for at a huge rate of (inaudible). It’s been building for years. This began probably with Tesla or earlier in terms of this kind of technology. There are so many people who have devices of all different types out there who are either in late prototype stage or ready to manufacture. It is just ri … well, I was gonna say ridiculous, but it’s not ridiculous, it’s absolutely fantastic.


Lisa: Guys, I just got a message from someone on Skype saying they will fund your $3K project.


LuckLight (caller): Excellent!


Chris: There you go, excellent.


LuckLight (caller): I’ll have it (inaudible) by next week.


Lisa: Are we connected on Skype, LuckLight? (LuckLight chuckling) LuckLight, are we connected on Skype?


LuckLight (caller): No, I have trouble with my internet connections, so I don’t use Skype.


Lisa: What about Facebook? We are there, aren’t we?


LuckLight (caller): Yeah, I’m there.


Lisa: Can you message me with a contact for you, an email, or a phone number?


LuckLight (caller): Oh, yeah sure.


Lisa: Great.


Chris: Yep, yep. There’s a lot of folks, some of whom we’ve come into contact with, who are just waiting for that moment when things start to shift, because that’s the moment where it becomes much physically and personally safer for them to put this technology out publicly. We’re seeing that with the Sirius project, where he’s actually revealing the fact that he’s building a lab for developing this kind of technology. Now that’s not a safe thing to do in the past. We’re approaching a time when it is. So if there’s anyone out there who has technology and needs funding to get it to an end prototype or to manufacturing , now is the time to start actually looking around you and seeing. Because if anyone hasn’t looked at it yet, the concept of crowd-sourcing is quite stunning. It’s basically … I wouldn’t call it an auction, but it’s kind of a reverse auction. You put an idea out there and people commit money to it. It’s a matter of getting a lot of people committing a little bit and there’s even a website called Geek Funding, where you can get weird and wonderful geeky projects. Like a baseball cap with an extra fast propeller that spins around and round. And some very (inaudible – Brian giggling) esoteric stuff. If you haven’t looked at it, have a look at crowd-sourcing.


LuckLight (caller): Yeah, that’s a good idea. A couple of things, Dan Winter, I don’t know if your panel is familiar …


Lisa and Chris: Yep.


LuckLight (caller): He’s very tuned in to what’s going on with it. Also, the cautionary things about these new technologies, like we can hurt ourselves with the emanations of them. Obviously we’re already using technology, which is like the complete opposite of what we should be using. Another thing is that 60 Hertz is very unhealthy for the human body, so that’s something that he shared before. it’s primarily the belief, the belief that we can’t do these things is what is in fact holding us back.


Chris: Absolutely.


LuckLight (caller): These guys that build these free energy devices, they achieve success because they have done it within themselves first, you see?


Chris: (affirmative response) Yep. The interesting thing is that academic scientists talk about how they had an inspiration about this particular formula or this particular device or whatever and people, the backyard inventors, just very ordinary people who are just getting this information and creating things from it. That’s all coming from the same place; you don’t have to be an academic scientist to actually get this information and act on it. What they probably don’t realize is that they’re getting it from the same source as everybody else, which is the human collective. To me, it’s become really obvious that the human collective is bringing this to the fore at the moment. That a collective decision has been made in the background to actually make this the time when the technology appears, because we’re ready for it.


You’re absolutely right, anything that generates a lot of power per se, electricity or heat, is dangerous. Those things can blow up; they can electrocute you. Because the electronic devices that are involved in this technology is high-voltage, high-frequency and you don’t want to screw around with that stuff. That’ll fry your brain. So we do have to be very careful with it. But at the same time, it’s a bit like the comments we were making before, about how people aren’t responding to fear porn. They’re over it. They’re ready for not living that way. The same with nuclear war; we’re over that crap. North Korea, not going to happen. Not going to happen. Okay? all we have to do is keep that as our intention and it’ll unfold the way we want it to.


LuckLight (caller): Right, and the most dangerous technology of all is the human being.


Chris: That’s a really interesting one. Absolutely, because the other bit of information that’s coming out is some really stunning information not just about the fact that manifestation is possible, but we’re starting to get more solid information on how it’s done.


LuckLight (caller): Right. We’ve talked about the cabal sometimes, and how they’ve limited us. That’s essentially one way to look at it.


Chris: They have the information on manifestation that we’re now coming into possession of. They’ve always had it and they’ve been using it against us.


LuckLight (caller): That’s why they fear us.


Chris: That’s why they fear us, because they know that, as a collective, when we learn to manifest collectively there is no way that anyone’s ever going to do what they did to us ever again. It just can’t happen.


LuckLight (caller): What we have to do is out efficient them, which is very easy because we are operating basically on maximum inefficiency. (laughter)


Chris: Yes, we are.


LuckLight (caller): Yes, we are. (laughter) Our petrochemical cars get about 20% efficiency. So, again: plenty of room for improvement.


Lisa: Yes.


Chris: Yeah, and we’re hoping it’ll be extremely quickly happening when it kicks in.


Lisa: Oh, I think it will. I think it will be exponential. Thank you.


LuckLight (caller): Thank you.


Chris: Thanks very much.


Lisa: Well, how cool was that? He got a response within about two minutes.


Chris: That’s crowd source … that’s what it’s like. I mean I’ve got a friend who’s actually funded a writing project that she would otherwise have great difficulty getting funding for. And really didn’t take that long at all because people are interested in her work and what she’s doing. It’s a bit like instead of writing a book and selling it through a book shop, it’s a bit like going to the same people who would buy it and saying: “Prepay me for the book, ok, and you’ll get a copy of it once I write it.” That’s how it works.


Lisa: Well look, we’re going to do this meditation very shortly. I think we’ll take one more call, and then we’ll get onto that. People are keen. So area code 757…


Caller: Peace, Love and Light. Peace, Love and Light.


Brian: Peace, Love and Light to you, brother.


Lisa: How are you? Who’s that?


Caller: This is Sovereign Lion.


Lisa: Ohhh, it’s Sovereign Li….! I thought it was Prince back again! (laughter)


Sovereign Lion (caller): Yeah, Prince, that’s my brotha. That’s my brotha. And you are my sistah. Brian is my brotha. Bob is my brotha. Peace to all Embodiments throughout all Eternal Essence Universe.


Chris: We hear you.


Bob: Right back at cha, Sovereign.


Chris: Yip.


Sovereign Lion (caller): The name of this show is perfect. I also want to say a special “Peace” to Kiera and Tasha, ‘cuz they listen right now. And to everybody that’s listening for the first time: I want ‘em to check out the OPPT site, formerly known as the “oppt-in site”, and abreast yourself with the latest show on YouTube – last night’s show; the oppt-in show – ‘cuz it was a good recap of what’s been going on. And the name Collective Imagination is really epic because this is the Collective. And this is our Imagination. And if you know what the Imagination is you know that it’s what truly creates, when you imagine. So, we speakin’ on the cabal and what they knew and what they always knew: well, we knew it, too! But we always doubted ourselves. Ya know? This Age – this Aquarian Age – the Law of One. We have the I document. And that’s also that One. That One I that you’re supposed to open when you close those two eyes that Prince was talking about. And when you see through this one I you see that you are truly One with every other embodiment that is out there. No One is more special than any other One. Ya know? And when you realize that,… First of all, let me throw my claim – ‘cus it’s not a dis-claim; it’s a claim – I AM. You know? When you say “I AM” you realize that,… You get that QUIET for a moment. And you realize that, that “Wow!” And then you begin to experience yourself. And that’s what that next person is across from you: an experiencing of yourself. And when you realize that you don’t look at that person in a negative way anymore. Because you see yourself. You begin to understand that this is what the Universe is. It’s an experience of itself.


Brian: We love you man. Thank you for all of your support man.


Sovereign Lion (caller): All right. Peace, Love and Light!


Lisa: Okay guys, let’s get into this meditation. How you feelin’ Bobby?


Bob: I’m feeling pretty good! (laughter)


Lisa: Which sound track would you like to do this to?


Bob: Let’s use the Hemi-Sync one.


Lisa: Ok, “Journey into Frequency”?


Bob: Mmhmm.


Lisa: Alrighty, okay …


Chris: Folks, I just had a message from Caleb dropped on my chat here. He said he’ll find the 3k.


Lisa: That’s the person who messaged me.


Chris: There you go. (laughter)


Brian: He also said the Project 13 is very close to launching. I know that’s not … the word is already out that he’s been working on it, so I know he’s ok with people knowing it’s coming. I’m looking at a couple of pictures that he sent me right now and it looks pretty bad ass. So keep doing your thing Caleb. Get back to work! Stop listening to this radio show! (laughter)


Lisa: All right, everybody get comfortable. Yes, go for it Bob?


Bob: Before we start the meditation, I just want to read the poem that I wrote, because it goes along with what Sovereign Lion was saying.


Lisa: Oh yeah, nice!


Bob: I wrote a poem basically describing: “Who am I?” and it’s called: “Who Am I?” Hold on, let me pull it up, ‘cuz I don’t even remember it myself…. Sovereign Lion, this is for you. This is who I AM:


Spark up the bowl and watch me flow

I am at zero point,

I am the One, I have just begun,

So spark another joint.


I am the wisdom of the ancients,

I am Heaven sent,

I am the passion of the essence,

I am the evidence.


I harness power from the flower,

I am Oracle,

I am the whisper in the wind,

And I am powerful.


I am the Spirit, I let you hear it,

I am resolute,

I bring the fraction into Oneness,

I am the Absolute.


I am the vision, I am rhythm,

I am confidence,

I am the voice within the heart,

I am intelligence.


I let you be, I make you see,

Remove complexity,

I am the answer to the question,

I am unity.


I am the feeling, I am reeling,

I am what you see,

I am the truth, I am the proof,

I dream reality.


I am not this, I am not that,

I am the scene unseen,

I am not left, I am not right,

I am the in between.


I am the coming of the dawn,

I am the father’s son,

I am the ending of the war,

I am the one who won.


I have no fear, I am not here,

I am in Paradise,

I am with you, I know it’s true,

Just open up your eyes.


I keep on track, I don’t look back,

Across the road I trod,

I cannot die, I don’t care why,

I know that I am God.


Lisa: That was AWESOME!




D: Absolutely fricken’ awesome.




Brian: Wowza!


Lisa: Apparently they have lost us in the chat room though, or on BTR.


Chris: Yea, BTR looks like it’s trying to redial.


Brian: Well, it will be on the recording, but yeah it looks like everybody is offline right now.


Bob: Actually, BTR has just dropped.




Chris: Can anyone read the chat still? Are they getting messages?


Brian: Yeah, yeah.


Chris: Ok, just tell them we’re doing the meditation and to join in by listening to the show afterwards, because it doesn’t matter when they are joining in. If they join in, doesn’t matter if it’s two weeks from now, if they join in the energy ends up in the same place.


Lisa: And I’m just going to say my goodbyes now.


Chris: Yes, yes. Bye everybody.


D: If you can hear us, we love you! Goodbye!


Lisa: We love you all! Bye!


Bob: I’m gonna to play the music on my screen. Maybe you’ll hear it, or not. I don’t know, but here we go: Find a comfortable spot…..


(109:50-116:40: Bob leads a guided meditation. Show ends



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