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I UV | The Real John Titor ‘Time traveller’ from year 2036

The Real John Titor ‘Time traveller’ from year 2036

by / Tuesday, 18 July 2017 / Published in Disclosure

The Real John Titor ‘Time traveller’ from year 2036

The Real John Titor 'Time traveller' from year 2036















John Titor traveled to our present from 2036, a time reeling from a conflict that finally ended an American civil war. Titor claimed he was part of a military group trained to travel through time, and had come back (originally to 1975) to get an IBM 5100 computer — needed to fix something in the future. Titor’s story has been pieced together from posts on Internet discussion boards that began in November 2000. Using the names “Timetravel_0″ and later “John Titor,” he provided extensive technical descriptions of his time machine, several predictions of our future, and commentary on our society. http://tmspsychics.com/


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  1. V says : Reply

    Well if he is from 2036 (19 years into the future), and was approximately 30 years of age when he time traveled, that means he is at least 10 years old in our time line. He said he never saw so much food on the shelves before when he went back to the year 1975 or thereafter…. well, ask a 10 year old today if he sees empty shelves…. and in 1975 we have the same abundance as we have now with the exception of more processed foods. He may be right about a few things, has been wrong on many others, but talk to any futurist and they will be just as correct. I’m sure time traveling is a real phenomenon, but this Titor character was not one of them.

  2. Characters such as John Titor and Mother Shipton may be propaganda, invented by intelligence agencies to sow fear and dread of the future. Why not? We hear so much that the earth is on the brink of peace, yet Titor says there is more war …just what the globalists would like us to think to keep us demoralised and easy to manipulate. I’m not buying it.

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