Summary Notes The One People Show June 10, 2013

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Summary Notes The One People Show June 10, 2013 – 2hrs 50mins


Excellent show! And as I stand back to contemplate it, it feels like a completely different OP show energetically compared to the last few ones. It’s as if everything has already shifted and reflected somehow in this show, so I highly recommend listening to it. It also affirmed for me, my sense that there is a huge energy battle going on and it is peaking right now big time. Yet, the outcome is crystal clear here!


With special guest Brad Smits (closely following the geo-political news), Chris Hales first begins show with a stellar brief recap of what has happened since the 25 DEC 12 OPPT announcement, by Heather.


The latest report on Bob Wright’s original paraplegic condition keeps improving, as he is now actually “walking up to 20 Meyers at a time and getting stronger” (in Morocco) . . . is so inspiring!


But Caleb was literally knocked out for over a week where even his vision was compromised, so could not work on the Project XIII and get everything launched as he had hoped by now . . . however the Windows phone app was released today . . . the PC Windows app sometime this week . . . but the iPhone app looks like it cannot be launched till end of the month . . . due to Apple not releasing their new apps except at the beginning of each month . . . unless something can be worked out in meantime . . . (maybe this is not what Heather had stated last month, but one must realize that this is a huge never been done project)


So to conclude with the past five months Chris asks . . . was all this worth it to you? . . . is it still worth it to keep your eye on the ball? . . . as the more we OP talk about and use Energy consciously, the more the controlling archonic-influences do not like it . . . as clearly the past few weeks has shown . . . we are now in a huge energetic battle with lots of interferences going on to block us OP from succeeding by any means . . . this is especially because (in Julien’s opinion) the crew in Morocco is tapping into new energy (powers) and it is very potent . . . and so there are now suspected energy attacks on Caleb to further delay this project, is a good example (as he is very young, healthy and never experienced anything like this before) . . . so if you are still feeling all this has been worth it to you, understand what is happening, take responsibility to protect yourself in a fully empowered stance and please send love to entire Moroccan crew.


Regarding SWISSINDO news . . . given the current situation, Chris does not wish to pay much energy to their information coming out, because there is still very little to verify who they are and what their true intentions are yet . . . (so not wanting it to become a big energy trap by putting hopes into it) . . . they have not made any major moves yet . . . so it might happen or not . . . therefore, best to stay emotionally neutral about it all.


What might force disclosure or the Absolute Data, could be things like Edward Snowden coming forward, as it has now hit main stream news! –


And the fact David Icke is now starting up his own TV and radio show is huge –…-But-no-David-Icke-show


Brad Smits adds . . . geo-politics currently . . . the temperature is warming up in a good way . . . for example with Turkey now . . . the big outbreak in Afghanistan and embassy under siege . . . and whether latest news is false flag distractions or not . . . events towards change seems to be increasing now.


Update re Deryl in Canada . . . first he would like to correct someone’s opinion circulating the internet . . . Deryl is not an ex-monty, but served both in the Canadian military and air force . . . and he has another court case coming up June 13th (on his kidnapping and imprisonment), as well as other things behind the scenes . . . he is thanking us all for so much support! . . . and lastly note . . . something is now going on with Canadian government in secret at a very high level . . . that might be very positive (?) . . . we shall see.


At the Australian Federal September elections, there will be another opportunity to present another referendum to local state councils . . . and so NOW is the time to write them around how we are “done” with their agenda. For resources, connections and support –


We have been forcing change up thru the system (at the root).


Callers begin about 48mins into show . . . Whitney is seeing more and more folks no longer surprised by truth and children are more aware now than ever . . . people in military are not getting enough food and . . . and has a good idea….”look in the local free papers for groups in your area where you can go talk to people”


Chris adds, if Obama has not taken the military oath this time around in office, he means nothing to military personel . . . and this unsubstantiated news was dropped into chat room –


In order to shift everything, it really has to start with enough people globally saying “No, no more” – Chris


And further note from caller – the affirmations Andrew Bartzis has put out are very powerful, so the more of us doing these will be creating an energy wave of change (from within) that is a neutral personal decision . . . this work focuses on the actual details of what Heather already did energetically. Here a comprehensive page (open to non-members) with links and latest Bartzis new energy waves of change – . . . and more here -


Julien Wells came on (about 1hr 8mins into show) . . . energetically, he is seeing that the definition of One People is changing . . . like a fetus growing adding new properties with new people . . . almost 6 million are aware of this now and involved . . . but of those, note about three quarters are not living on Gaia.


In looking at today’s present energetic state, Julien is seeing lots of in-trepidation around what is going on in Morocco (re ground crew work) and what it will lead to . . . as data is being used to introduce information . . . and tools becoming known as functional, therefore more widespread . . . but now maybe need to consider how to create an easy way for newbies to quickly catch up to OP info . . . and the larger picture of galactic considerations . . . as the interest keeps expanding . . . can listen to “The Transition” shows, especially the last show –


Julien’s opinion expressed (based on energetic data at the moment) . . . consider the huge spiritual experiences transforming internally . . . and healings (ie Bob) going on in Morocco . . . imagine those types of experiences reaching those that are listening being highly effective . . . moving into extreme grace . . . and as they are facing first-hand energy opposition . . . (actual energies that are saying we cannot stop them) . . . that is a sign that the arrowhead of this crew is very dangerous (to controllers) . . . but also noticing those “holding the contrast” are fewer and fewer now . . . looks there will need to be a collective squad to help everyone through to cover all needs of this mission . . . and note – the real root of the controllers is not physical but in the archonic-influence energies . . . so keeping eyes on goal is critical right now.


Scott Bartle asked about updates from Uwe Schafer . . . and they are seeing encouraging amounts of more people discussing.


More calls taken . . . suggestion – it would be good to have a database that shows who has been contacted and how many times . . . so these folks cannot pretend they did not get the notice! . . . how the archonic controllers are monitoring us and causing wild mood swings, as they do not want us to be discussing Energy . . . as it’s all over for them when we do . . . from gardener’s point of view, things can happen very fast now . . . perspectives on someone’s info-set sharing (like Wilcock’s recently) with very helpful answers! . . . Geri reads another one of her wonderful declaration poems . . . Doug, a Hawaiian, shares his perspective being Hawaiian and adds . . . we live in a really complex world . . . how do we do this at a ground level, inspires an excellent discussion . . . how to go through this major shift without chaos . . . and since the foreclosed upon (no gold) Federal Reserve is now buying stocks, is a sign things are going into a wobble . . . and so a call for us to pull all together more than ever (in pono) . . Mark from Jersey offers a highly articulate overview on what has happened and how we could anchor this in with others . . . and regarding the P13 launch . . . what can we do to help facilitate this? with great answers.


Calling upon someone in Edmonds to Redmond, WA area to help BZ Riger (our site guru) to move from Edmonds to Redmond. She does not have much to move, but has temporary leg limitation issues. To contact her and learn more, go here –


And BZ Riger added: “we have a Public Notice board just about to launch on

where people can submit and upload just what Andrea is talking about and for Foreclosure Flyers as well as CN”


Chris ends show by stating how we need to have more discussion around protection from archonic influences. (my personal opinion here is, that they will not lift out and go back to where they belong until The Event happens, so I say yes!)


NOTE! – on tomorrow’s (Tues in US, Wed in Australia) The Collective Imagination show . . . Bashar and Darryl Anka will be the special guests not to be missed! –


Aloha, GingerSnap! –



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