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I UV | Robert David Steel & Kerry Cassidy

Robert David Steel & Kerry Cassidy

by / Sunday, 30 July 2017 / Published in Disclosure

 Robert David Steele- Kerry Cassidy






Robert David Steel & Kerry Cassidy

By Simon Parkes, July 30, 2017


The recent interview between Robert David Steel and Kerry Cassidy is very well worth watching. For the record I agree with 100% of the info Kerry replied with.

What’s not widely known outside of intelligence circles is the following….

One faction of the CIA are putting a mission/dossier together for President Trump in order to gain his agreement to not only disclose but to absolve from prosecution some key players ….

This is seen as vital to full disclosure.




3 Responses to “Robert David Steel & Kerry Cassidy”

  1. maureen says : Reply

    stepping on the speaker interferes with enlightening

  2. Arteestic says : Reply

    Wow! Excellent. A TON of info. Ending on a positive high note Thank you! Kerry, your work is phenomenal and will enlighten those who take a moment to listen, and reflect. Here’s to our continuous connection between head and heart, and feeling all the emotion for forward action and expansion to remain connected to Source!

  3. Daniel E says : Reply

    Very interesting interview, Kerry Cassidy is brilliant, she has work so hard over the years to bring light, Robert Steele asking great questions! I see great things ahead for our planet. Let us all send positive thoughts to both of these workers. A great service to humanity.

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