Top Secret Banker’s Manual

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Top Secret Bankers Manual



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7 Responses to “Top Secret Banker’s Manual”

  1. This is incredibly rude people with one thing in mind – to enrich themselves at others’ misery.
    Governments all over the world to cooper curtsies to an elite that has aims to make the rest
    of the world poor.
    At the same time some politicians so starry-eyed that those slats into these organizations.
    This results that politicians and governments must lie to the whole population

    • PMB says : Reply

      I for one would use any funds I can to help so many others i still cannot believe that it may still be possible. I want to help everyone with out a fee or constrictions.

  2. Dette er utrolig uhøflige medmennesker som har en ting i tankene – det er å berike seg selv på andres elendighet.
    Regjeringer over hele verden logrer med halen til en elite som har som mål å gjøre resten av verden fattige.
    Samtidig så tar enkelte blåøyde politikere / myndigheter å hilser disse organisasjonene velkommen.
    Dette resulterer i at politikere og myndigheter må lyve til hele befolkningen om hva de driver med og samtidig rett
    bak ryggen til sine velgere.

  3. Til moderator. De eller Dere må gjøre noe med teksten. Dette blir helt gal stavemåte

  4. ROGER YOUNG says : Reply

    The banks have been screwing us over for way to long now, and something needs to be done before they have all of our money with no way to get it back. I am all for being able to use my SS to maybe even buy a house, at a reasonable price that is, will this be possible, to do, and how soon can this be done?
    THANK YOU, for the info.
    524 KUFUS AVE.
    RAVENNA, NE.68869

  5. Craig says : Reply

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone has done this in Australia, or if it is possible I’m Aus? Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Craig

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