Our Cosmic Community


All of us at least once in our lives have had a feeling of connection when we realize we’re all flying through space together on an organic spaceship called earth and that maybe, just maybe, there is more to it ALL than we really know.


If we scoop up a glass of water from the ocean, is the water in the glass different somehow? Is it smaller or lesser than the ocean it was scooped from?  No.  The water in the glass is identical to the ocean it came from and is, in fact, still of the ocean, only now contained in a vessel.


And so it is with human BE’ings.   Each of us is quite literally a ‘drop in the ocean’ of this vast universe, and it’s impossible to be disconnected from it.  Just as that drop carries within itself all there is to know of the vast ocean it came from, so too are we connected to All That Was, All That Is and All That Will BE.




8 Responses to “Our Cosmic Community”

  1. Iris says : Reply

    “You are an Ocean of knowledge in a dew drop.” ~ Rumi

  2. Thomas says : Reply

    love all forgive all thank all grace all that i am…

  3. Dermot says : Reply

    What can ye say only still amazed in dreamland thank you thank you from my heart thank you

  4. Kim Odom says : Reply

    I can’t describe the ENERGY …. Has anybody else out there found themselves actually floating among the stars ? I have had such an experience and am having trouble sharing it with my spiritual family . It is a Native American Sundance Family , and I have great love and concern for them , and am not considered enlightened enough(for lack of a better term) to speak of these things …. having been warned to be very careful what I share about this experience . I felt they must not be ready to hear , and so I have only told 3 people in the group …. none of them have had this experience , or choose not to share …. one of them , my most trusted friend , told me it was an ascension and it was real …. but , that’s all ! My SunDance Leader represents the alter of the Star Nation , so I feel presumptuous to try to expand on this beautiful lesson of unity with the universe !!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anybody out there know what I’m talking about ? HELLO , HELLO , HELLO , IS ANYBODY OUT THERE ;) PEACE !!!!!!!

    • Aspentree says : Reply

      What a beautiful unique experience, I have had many experiences in the non-physical realm and also taught many people to explore those worlds and most of their stories were unique and varied. That is why it is useless to advise people about their personal spiritual practice. It sounds like some folks are having their beliefs challenged by you having a natural experience.
      We are all Eternal Essence without limits, showing them love and acceptance for their paths may help. Everyone awakes at their own pace and you are having an affect on their awakening just by your joyful presence.
      Love, Love, Love,

    • Joe says : Reply

      Could be an OBE…outer body experience. Many souls travel while our bodies sleep. My first conscience time was around 19. When its real, you know it, you feel it, but especially when you travel to someones home to later then tell them you saw the furniture change in their place, HAHA, ya, thats how i convinced my sister :)

      Keep Jesus in your Heart and Mind, their is Evil out there, this I also know personally. Jesus is the way home.

    • larry says : Reply

      yes there is some one there! Grand father always spoke that you must have one foot in this reality and one foot in the spirit world to be all we could be!

  5. Jacob says : Reply

    Truth sets us free! Knowledge is power everything that we’ve been lead to believe in this life is going to change, however the emotions you feel that the masses chose to suppress are very much real feelings! Being and doing without control of a system of parameters is the only way of reaching true divinity. Amen

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