New Research Shocks Scientists: Human Emotion Physically Shapes Reality!

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New Research Shocks Scientists: Human Emotion Physically Shapes Reality!


Three different studies, done by different teams of scientists proved something really extraordinary. But when a new research connected these 3 discoveries, something shocking was realized, something hiding in plain sight.

Human emotion literally shapes the world around us. Not just our perception of the world, but reality itself.


In the first experiment, human DNA, isolated in a sealed container, was placed near a test subject. Scientists gave the donor emotional stimulus and fascinatingly enough, the emotions affected their DNA in the other room.

In the presence of negative emotions the DNA tightened. In the presence of positive emotions the coils of the DNA relaxed.

The scientists concluded that “Human emotion produces effects which defy conventional laws of physics.”


In the second, similar but unrelated experiment, different group of scientists extracted Leukocytes (white blood cells) from donors and placed into chambers so they could measure electrical changes.

In this experiment, the donor was placed in one room and subjected to “emotional stimulation” consisting of video clips, which generated different emotions in the donor.

The DNA was placed in a different room in the same building. Both the donor and his DNA were monitored and as the donor exhibited emotional peaks or valleys (measured by electrical responses), the DNA exhibited the IDENTICAL RESPONSES AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.


There was no lag time, no transmission time. The DNA peaks and valleys EXACTLY MATCHED the peaks and valleys of the donor in time.

The scientists wanted to see how far away they could separate the donor from his DNA and still get this effect. They stopped testing after they separated the DNA and the donor by 50 miles and STILL had the SAME result. No lag time; no transmission time.

The DNA and the donor had the same identical responses in time. The conclusion was that the donor and the DNA can communicate beyond space and time.

The third experiment proved something pretty shocking!

Scientists observed the effect of DNA on our physical world.

Light photons, which make up the world around us, were observed inside a vacuum. Their natural locations were completely random.

Human DNA was then inserted into the vacuum. Shockingly the photons were no longer acting random. They precisely followed the geometry of the DNA.



Scientists who were studying this, described the photons behaving “surprisingly and counter-intuitively”. They went on to say that “We are forced to accept the possibility of some new field of energy!”

They concluded that human DNA literally shape the behavior of light photons that make up the world around us!

So when a new research was done, and all of these 3 scientific claims were connected together, scientists were shocked.

They came to a stunning realization that if our emotions affect our DNA and our DNA shapes the world around us, than our emotions physically change the world around us.


And not just that, we are connected to our DNA beyond space and time.

We create our reality by choosing it with our feelings.

Science has already proven some pretty MINDBLOWING facts about The Universe we live in. All we have to do is connect the dots.


Science Alert;
Heart Math;
Above Top Secret;;


128 Responses to “New Research Shocks Scientists: Human Emotion Physically Shapes Reality!”

  1. Graham says : Reply

    And as i’ve been saying for ages now, that is why the news and the weather forcasts are all bad, as they know that we listen, take this on board and then we feel sad, and this sadness replicates. So the next time the weather girl says that there will be showers, say to yourself, not there won’t be, it’s going to be sunny all day, and it will be. Trust me, i’ve researched this. It’s the same with anything, read You are the placebo by Joe Dispenza.

    • Seun David says : Reply

      Thank your this comment…❤️❤️❤️

    • Dr tariq alvi says : Reply

      Dear graham hope u r fine. Kindly can u tell in some details that what u want to say?,, as I have almost same experience what u have experienced. ..regards

    • Rcxy says : Reply

      Don’t bother controlling the weather, control yourself! It appears that that would be much easier and more beneficial. Younger, healthier, stronger, smarter — just a few places to start.

      • Susan Knox says : Reply

        One way to change is to find a way to
        enjoy whatever weather comes your way. There is always a bright side, or another side of the coin.

        • dcsarah says :

          Apparently folks here in California finally started thinking too themselves “Maybe we are not lizards, maybe hot and sunny just isn’t enough. How about some rain?” Thank you, we sure needed it. I keep telling people that ‘hoping the rain will go away’ is a punishable offense.

      • Lisa says : Reply

        How about less violent

    • Catherine says : Reply

      Dear Graham. Your are very right….hence terrorism etc….As for the weather, may I suggest not to try and control anything but to surrender and see the blessings. For example plants really love rain!

    • stevi says : Reply

      works for me. I live the creation of my reality – even down to the weather – at least 98% of the time. I guess the other two per cent is when I happen to welcome rain!

    • Barb says : Reply

      We need the rain. :(

    • james says : Reply

      sorry but that is utterly ridiculous. . without rain we would all eventually die out.
      Plus, I love the rain.. as long as it does not flood and cause misery and
      hardship for humans and animals.

      And, emotions are NOT bad.. none of them.. it is how we unconsciously grasp at
      them and push them away that is the problem.

      thank you

    • Frank Rosebrock says : Reply

      Just don’t watch the news and weather reports any more! They are anyway of absolutely no use.

    • Vonda says : Reply

      Graham, you are completely right! I have been studying weather and how I influence it for years.

    • kk says : Reply

      hey graham. funny. when i read the article i was thinking of the book of dr joe dispenza that i just read. i never read comments. then i was like ok, one bc it’s interesting. amazing you mentioned his name. he’s said a lot if true things that really worked. havent tried it on the weather yet, though.

    • Belinda says : Reply

      Why should we say it’s going to be sunny? We need the rain, just as much as we need the sunshine.

    • Thethinker says : Reply

      That makes no sense. Bad is a word used by humans, in nature there is no bad weather. A fire will allow new growth and clear out dead wood, A rain storm will provide water to a thirsty earth. Stop putting human values on natural events.

      • Cindy Causey says : Reply

        In the same manner being we are not the only existence..So too are the other beings on this earth..They also have DNA IN WHICH CAUSE EFFECTS UPIN THE EARTH. IF THEY ARE HEALTHY.MEANING WE HUMANS QUIT Polluting the environment via toxins also to include the frequency we exert into the atmosphere, then collectively all is in sync. The natural flow will occur. Balanced between human and nature.

    • Deborah Williams says : Reply

      The Zero Point Field

    • Mary-Allana Holmes says : Reply

      Do you think what you describe could be contributing to global warming?

    • You have to project what you want to experience — all the time.

    • Z says : Reply

      I couldn’t agree more…and that’s because I experienced it…unfortunatelly in a bad way…I was always so negative and saying this things will happen. And eventually they did. No matter how bad and unreal they seemed to be before, and even now. My life turned to ruin, and I’m trying really hard to undo this, and to be positive, but it’s hard to get out of it once you get here. I was a kind of person that even enjoyed to feel bad, because I’m a musician and I’m most productive when I feel bad, so for a long time I was just so negative. Everything that I said was going to happen – happened. I lost my friends, my soul mate, one true love, my band, and so much more. I nearly killed myself. So, it’s true, be careful what you wish for…be positive and enjoy your life. Don’t let them get you down…

  2. Craig says : Reply

    This is awesome research and I’ve read similar findings in David Wilcock’s books with sourced scientific studies.
    What are the sources of these findings. They would carry more weight and be more convincing to share if they included verifiable sources.

    I know thsee findigs to be true and would love to share.

    • Barry says : Reply

      Verifiable sources?

      I would not hold your breath.

      If peer reviewed studies are cited read them thoroughly and the findings are almost always the direct opposite of what the person citing them claims.

      • ana says : Reply

        I did go and read, did you? maybe you should. Took me all of 15 minutes to read up.

        • Chris says :

          There was only one source listed that was verifiable, and it did not talk about human emotion altering reality… it did say that being stressed out would cause your DNA to age faster, but that was about the closest any of the articles got to anything resembling scientific research.

        • Dale says :

          If you can read up on a subject in just 15 minutes then it is clearly not rigorously, scientifically researched.

  3. Craig says : Reply

    This is awesome research and I’ve read similar findings in David Wilcock’s books with sourced scientific studies.
    What are the sources of these findings. They would carry more weight and be more convincing to share if they included verifiable sources.

    I know thsee findigs to be true and would love to share.

    Sorry, I see the sources are at the bottom now!

  4. Dale says : Reply

    More complete and referenced sources would be helpful. Meanwhile, What is wrong with showers? or snowstorms? or rainy days? We need nature to do her work.

  5. Denis Jackson says : Reply

    Of course this is all deeply spiritual …as God made the world Good , He/She did not make a dualistic world …good versus bad/evil. It is all good.

  6. Eric Keith FAIRMAN says : Reply

    Has this experiment been conducted with animal DNA ? It should not be assumed that only human DNA shapes the world!

    • Jessica says : Reply

      I would love to see animal studies in this respect. It would not only provide insight into this phenomenon, but into the consciousness into the animals we share our lives and planet with. Also interactions of this phenomenon among people/animals we share our lives and space with. My guess is that the realily surrounding dogs is full of love. Cats, full of benign acceptance of obeisance.

    • Rina says : Reply

      That is a very interesting question, Eric!

  7. Vangie Abubakar says : Reply

    Awesome. Would it be right then that in a mass action or a political rally where the speakers harangued the audience and negative stimulation pervades the senses of the mob would be violent?

  8. devyani says : Reply

    DNAof pparents n children is is it possible to motivate them through parents willpower?pl.answer

  9. Lynn Tiffany says : Reply

    Last year i tried an experiment… i live in Scotland UK. It is nearly always cloudy… so i visualize my self standing outside and with energy from my toes…i visually see (in my minds eye) pulling energy upwith my hands and with these words “BLUE SKIES…. ” and i see the bluest skies i can imagine… then with my hands now over my head, i use these words “sun shine!!!!” and throw my hands outward to each side of my sholders… i repeat with all the energy of a happy three year old going outside to play….three times…. AND WITHIN 30MINS…. THE SKY CLEARS WITH LITTLE TO NO CLOUDS AND THE SUN SHINES GLORIOUSLY!!!! ;) TRY IT!!!

  10. Michael says : Reply

    It’s actually NOT new research. It was researched between 1943 to 1954 and proven in 1959 (independently tested, codified and published). I suspect the recent “research” plagiarized the much earlier research with the “researchers” thinking “Because of where the original research came from, people won’t mind if we say it’s ours”. I suspect they added the DNA arbitrary to try to hide the real source of the original research and findings. UCLA tried the same scam and got caught out when someone ran their fake research through plagiarism checker software.

    • No Michael I think it is from Greg Braden’s fairly new book Heartmath. But thanks for letting us know about that research I never knew it was previously published!

      • Michael says : Reply

        Sorry, Sharon. I have been listening to the ORIGINAL lectures from 1943 to 1959. A friend bought Heartmath, so I loaned her the lectures. She said it was almost identical to the book, but used psychiatry to stuff up the conclusions which showed the book was also plagiarized and Psychiatry and psychology to draw conclusions not remotely related to the hypothesis of the original text. Sshe described the book as a “dog’s dinner of plagiarism, stupidity and supposition. Where the lectures gave a workable solution the book gave conflicting, contradictory and confusing misrelated conclusions”. At least Quantum Physics tested the lectures and independently tested them, while giving the original source the credit. There are 3 schools of Mental health. Only one of the three have been independently tested and codified and applied science to behaviour….and neither Psychology nor Psychiatry are the one.

  11. In my book “The Science of Possibility” I explain the scientific reality behind why these things are possible. When you understand just how the information in our consciousness influences reality (it’s not only emotions), you see the potential that we have to change our reality. This isn’t magic – it is the very fabric of the universe.

  12. S.Doran says : Reply

    I wonder what response the DNA would have if the donar dies?

  13. ellen says : Reply

    so do the emotions or negative feedback of those around us effect the dna and environment of those in contact with them also. Is my dna effected by the emotions of others?

    • Michele says : Reply

      My thought is that since we ultimately are all related in tiny degrees, yes, we are connected and therefore, affect one another. Maybe that is why studies have proven that people need to have social interaction to maintain health. Because our DNA craves harmony with “itself” which is found in each of us!

    • Meda says : Reply

      I think it’s our reaction to those negative emotions that affect our DNA.

  14. This is not entirely new. For example Telekenisis. Telepathy, Psychics, Distance viewing, Twins ability, Connection between a Mother and child. Men who stare at goats. Even now on TV and in real life. We see people finishing sentences of others. When thinking about someone, that person often gets in touch. You also hear stories from dog owners when they have been in trouble their dog starts fret even when miles apart, because of the emotional bond ordinary people. The film, ‘The Incredible Journey’, about two dogs and a cat travel hundreds of miles to their owners new home never having been there before get accidently left behind. Have been around for years.

    Now this research states this is the ‘New Norm’. It seems we have rediscovered a new level in our development?

  15. I M Power says : Reply

    You can hear more details about epigenetics, which is the science of your feelings- derived from your emotions effecting your DNA and changing your world in these two video.


    • Dr. Sarah Davis says : Reply

      epigenetics are the effect of your environment on your genetic code. Feelings can have some effect but it can also be affected by diet, sleep, hormones, infections, etc.

      Source: anything from PubMed regarding epigenetics.

      • I M Power says : Reply

        Absolutely, but you can have two people in the same environment, do the same excises, the same diet… one is awake, lives with intion, know to focus their emotions… they have a very different experience and outlook of their reality. and the ultimate environment on your cells, is your mind and the focus of the energy you carry with you wherever you go. Your emotions come up and your mind-thought-intention create feelings from those, You choose those feelings and the environment you create. Which changes the environment you and your cells are in, which changes your reality.

  16. Antonia says : Reply

    The famine, earthquakes, the wars, fear of terrorism,GM foods, greed, we are surrounded by it and do contribute to our DNA it’s a fact, and if people are affected, they will release negative energy…… a natural human response.
    Then again I personally be a very positive human if I won some money, as my main joy will be to share it with the less fortunate and release immense positivity.

    • Michael says : Reply

      Here’s the secret though: you don’t need a lot of money to be happy. You don’t even need one cent to be happy. Being happy in life is simply a choice, and the only requirement for having it is a desire for it. The smallest change in attitude can make a considerably heavy impact on your entire life – how you see the world simply depends on where you choose to view it from.

  17. Ea says : Reply

    That was already described by James redfield in the ninth and tenth insights. We Can definitely influence our environment and Rachel other

  18. Cheryl says : Reply

    If you donate blood, can you affect the person who receives your blood?
    If so, it would be a great idea to interview the donors, to make sure they are relatively happy people.

    • Teri Brooks says : Reply

      I was wondering the same thing! I recently received multiple blood transfusions. Would be interested to know. Although doesn’t blood have a very short life span once in the body?

      • Nuz Murray says : Reply

        Yes, Teri. memories are encapsulated in the blood cells. But the effect is far more powerful in the case of heart transplants where the character of the recipient is sometimes changed dramatically.

    • Beth says : Reply

      Yes, it does. Years ago, (Late 1970′s) I had to do a report on blood and blood transfusions. Some of the research I used was from a study that had personal experiences on how people who had gotten transfusions, noticed some personality changes and some had acquired the same food allergies of their donors.

      • Michael says : Reply

        That was a mashup of two reports. Psychiatry said (without doing any research) that transfusions cause a personality change and instigated the myth that mental illness is a virus/infection that can only be fixed with psychiatric drugs. In 1989, Psychiatry dropped traditional Psychiatry to traffic drugs exclusively. The incidence of their fake “diagnoses” went up 450% between 1989 and 1993 and has been steadily rising ever since.

        Medicine found (by investigation and research) that allergies and PHYSICAL illnesses/infections can be transferred during transfusions. They then looked for ways to filter blood and kill any antibodies of viruses/infection and illnesses that were found in the blood. Their most effective method has been Full Spectrum Ultraviolet light as well as filtering.

        Medicine’s criteria for an “illness” is “Can it be found in an x-ray, under a microscope or in a blood test? If it cannot be found using this criteria, NO ‘illness’ exists”.

        You will notice Psychiatry has NEVER found ANY mental “illness” under a microscope, in an x-ray NOR in a blood test.

  19. Ajay sharma says : Reply

    Human DNA is directly or indirectly connected with nature so in early days people worship nature and still in Hindu religions now a days people match blood group before marriage for many such reason.

  20. Kaustubh Das says : Reply

    I am an architect researching effect of Internet on cities.
    I daresay this as a case of metaphysics getting its due. All this was observed in many Ancient civilizations like India and Mesoamerica . Only they did not have the equipment to prove it so convincingly n a court of law favouring cartesian logic!

  21. Patrick Kennedy says : Reply

    Nothing surprises me about the Universe, World, Life. At 67 years old I’ve had the privilege of altering my own life through emotions & feelings for many, many years. Also, I teach it. It has been an incredible gift of Spirit (God). It’s nice to see it is being proven in science.

  22. Our human ability to take a complex and subtle principle and turn it into some kind of coarse magic is astounding. This is not an X-Men movie script, and there is a lot of new-age salesmanship which is giving distorted versions of these messages.

    The universe is shaped by the information which it holds about itself at every level. The information field includes us, and everything else. We have the capacity to influence it, but it is not like some instant omnipotence. We are part of the whole, and co-creators with many others, both seen and unseen. The universe has a dynamic of its own, and there is a limit on swimming up-stream. And the influence is not merely emotional either. Emotions are just one element in the process.

    If you truly want to understand the science (it’s not difficult) and the boundary between wishful thinking and our deep human capacities for deep awareness, intuition, psychokinesis, healing and much else, I encourage you to read my book “The Science of Possibility”. More information available through spiralworld .net

  23. Owen Lucas says : Reply

    This is why trauma is administered onto the global population.

  24. Susan says : Reply

    The research corresponds with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks (lots of info on youtube!) – you create your own reality with your emotional response and attitude to life.

  25. If you want to see some quite concrete, scientific, experimental proof, take a look at the work done by Professor Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne in Princeton’s Engineering Anomalies Lab. Basically it demonstrates psychokinesis, consistently, with influences on both physical and electronic scales of matter, to a cited level of better than 12 trillion to one against chance. A short version of the outcomes can be seen on this youtube clip –
    Also accessible via the resources section of www scienceofpossibility .net

  26. Rich says : Reply

    No link to the study. No scientific paper. No peer review. NO evidence at all… DNA “tightening”? Really? You’ve made this up, haven’t you?

    People who publish this kind of pseudo science say things like “Magic Happens”… Well answer me this…. Why does your car run on petrol, and not rainbows or happy thoughts? People like you end up convincing cancer patients to give up their treatment in favour of prayer or fad diets.

    This kind of superstition belongs in the dark ages along with burning witches and black magic.

  27. Dentarthurdent says : Reply

    Links to the published peer reviewed studies please? Oh, what a surprise, there are none.

    No wonder there are so many climate change deniers and the world is in the state it is when people believe this kind of stuff with no evidence whatsoever, just because it makes them feel good. Reading the comments on here is the most disappointing and depressing experience I’ve had for weeks, I honestly wasn’t aware it was possible for people to have such terrible critical thinking skills.

    This is genuine fake news, how does it feel to be on the same level as Trump and his supporters?

    Newsflash: there’s a difference between making your own body healthier by practicing positive thinking (removing stress hormones, which are damaging) and mindfulness, and affecting totally unrelated DNA with your emotions at a distance of 50 miles (let alone the weather) – is anyone’s thought processes really lacking in nuance to the point they think these are the same thing, lol? Unbelievable.

    • Veikko Välilä says : Reply

      It’s good to see somebody is fighting this bullshit. But I think it’s in vain ’cause lies are more interesting than the truth. And there are so many people who make money from spreading this nonsense.

  28. Norja says : Reply

    It’s why I choose NOT to watch the news and try to be in my happy space by watching fun things, attending inspiring events etc. Spread the Healing and Repair, instead of the Fight or Flight despair…

  29. Ngige says : Reply

    One day, Science will discover what Faith already knew. Supremacy.

  30. Bethany says : Reply

    Quantum Physics has shown this to be true for many years… look at the DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT… and Bruce Lipton and many others have written much on the subject…
    Liptons book, The Biology of Belief shows the very same DNA results…
    Weather Shamanism by Moss Corbin talks about how emotions effect weather

  31. Stormi Williams says : Reply

    A positive disposition can facilitate many good things..

  32. Jeffrey says : Reply

    This is all absolute nonsense, pseudoscientific gibberish.

  33. This is scientific proof of my QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS technique which is detailed in my book of the same name from Weiser Publishing,

  34. Loola says : Reply

    Sources for this information?

  35. Marie says : Reply

    This information is very interesting. David Icke always says that our minds create reality. I just want to mention that rather than trying to control physical reality with our minds or emotions, we should put our faith and trust in God–that is more important. I’ve been reading “The Poem of the Man-God,” which is the life of Jesus Christ based on visions experienced by Maria Valtorta. Jesus healed countless numbers of people, but he almost always asked first, “Do you believe that I can heal you?” He usually only healed those who had faith; he also required them to forgive those who had harmed or injured them.

  36. Onno Geveke says : Reply

    There is a great movie talking about these principles, What The Bleep Do We Know (2004). Look for example for the piece of mentally influencing water molecules (the message from water – Dr. Emoto).

  37. Valarie says : Reply

    This is nothing new we just have to tap into ourselves and our sprituality we are made in the likeness of God.there is unlimited powers in this mysterious universe.

  38. Sastry Vankamamidi says : Reply

    There is a Sanskrit saying which says “Yad Bhaavam Tad Bhavati” which translates to ” As you think so you become”.
    Sages said it thousands of years back in India.
    We are seeing the conformation now.

  39. Sastry Vankamamidi says : Reply

    Very interesting finding.
    So with strong Sankalpam ( Power of thought), we can bring positive transformation

  40. Wade says : Reply

    Buddhism has been teaching this for years. It’s doctrine of the oneness of life and its environment (Jpn. esho-funi)

  41. Selena says : Reply

    This is truly fascinating! It aligns perfectly with so much of what I believe. I would love to learn more about it! Do you have the peer reviewed journals/sources? I googled it but couldn’t find anything. I’d really like to read them!

  42. I am not a scientist and I agree with people who are eager to see more sources with checkable evidence. Nevertheless, I think smug ridicule of radical new ideas is only a pseudo scientific reaction. Genuine scientific thinking requires and open mind for new possibilities. In constrast to this, conventional scientific thinkers are scornful of new ideas which contradict what they believe is established fact. Many major scientific breakthroughs have resulted in scorn and ridicule from scientific people, especially specialists in the field related to the new ideas. Semmelweis was a doctor who was persecuted by his colleagues when he insisted that doctors should wash their hands between treating one patient and the next.

    Here are some examples of recent revolutionary paradigm changes in science. It was accepted as fact for decades, that stomach ulcers were caused by stress. Two doctors in Perth, Western Australia, won the Nobel Prize for showing that stomach ulcers were caused by bacterial infection and could be treated effectively with anti biotics. However, Doctors Marshal and Owen were ridiculed for years before their ideas were adopted.
    Einstein taught that the speed of light is a constant. In the last 25 years, experimenters have been able to drastically alter the speed of light in unusual conditions.
    Another paradigm shift involves the increasingly accepted belief in neuroplasticity, now well supported by evidence but resisted for years by scientists and professionals.

    Another new paradigm which is gaining increasing interest is the idea that the human heart is an organ which processes thoughts, emotions and memories, a kind of second brain. The evidence is at this stage considered anecdotal, however, new scientific breakthroughs often start that way. The best scientific response is not ridicule or scorn but open minded interest. This is how science progresses. So for scientific conservatives and conformists, let me challenge you with this question. Are you only motivated to defend your current mindset or are you interested in scientific progress. Scientific progress often requires challenging the scientific status quo.

  43. Carly says : Reply

    Wow I found this so interesting & this really explains a lot to me about our DNA also quite a lot of things i have experienced over the years.

  44. Barry Herem says : Reply

    In your headlines feature the supporting scientists by name with quotes from them and the scientific journals these findings are published in. In the headline. Otherwise there is too much emoting fluff to get through to the hard information. I believe all of this stuff but want to see the data first for the sake of all those will not otherwise venture close, or beyond the mechanistic view of most traditional science that we have been raised with. It’s just too incredible.

    • Michael says : Reply

      Psychologists and Psychiatrists are not “Scientists” and the fields are not remotely based on Science, but philosophy. Neither Psychology nor Psychiatry have ever been independently tested nor codified in order to be regarded as “Sciences”.

      To say “I believe all of this stuff” is to take things at face value without bothering to investigate and test that the statements made are actually workable and valid. 95% of Psychiatry has been debunked because people have taken a scientific approach to investigating and independently testing Psychiatry’s theories. As to Psychiatry’s DNA, Brain and cell memory theories, The head of the Royal College of Neurology once said, “If it were remotely true, a human would have a memory not lasting 3 months and a fish (Carp) would have a memory of 8 seconds”. With Psychiatry’s false claims they are part of Neurology, we again go to the Head of the Royal College of Neurology who said, “If Psychiatry was even remotely associated with Neurology, it wouldn’t exist, because it would be absorbed into Neurology”. Neurology studies and repairs the PHYSICAL brain and nervous system ONLY… kind of like an auto electrician, but for the body. Psychiatry uses DNA, brain (in regards to behaviour) and cell memory theories for marketing purposes only, If they can make people believe EVERYONE suffers from “mental illness” it keeps them in business and they can keep selling drugs (which they have been doing exclusively since 1989.

  45. Check out the ALTEARAH WELLNESS CONCEPT to create positive emotions. 14 colours for 14 positive emotions. Check

  46. Trisha says : Reply

    I wonder how that affects when a body part is taken out and disposed of. . .

  47. Joe says : Reply


    This post is unscientific and utter intellectual nonsense. It gives no reference to confirm the actuality of the claimed experiments, such the title of the series of experiments, the scientific discipline/s associated with the experiments, the names of the scientists conducting the experiments and their academic credentials and experience, their reports and abstracts of analysis, fact findings and assessment and explanation of the findings on the experiments, the institution of the experimenters’ affiliation, the scientific peer-review journals in which the primary scientific reports on the experiments were submitted for scrutiny, critique and replication to question, challenge and verify the integrity of their findings. Humans are not, nor are they, nor are any animals, nor any object in the universe, other than light-spectrum phenomena, the wavelengths of light and photons themselves (electromagnetic-force carriers, or such massless, chargeless particlewaves quantum objects) light or photon entities, structures or objects, etc., or composed of light/photons, not even the stars, which are nuclear reactors predominately composed of hydrogen and helium atoms and the primary sources that generate and emit visible electromagnetism/light/photons. It is theoretically and technically impossible for DNA in itself to experience emotions, since the emotions are a product of a somatic neurosensory system, as well as are a product of this and the endocrine and neurochemical central and peripheral nervous system, complex biology that mere molecules, which DNA is, do not possess. Also, if in a cosmic leap of imagination one purports that any real thing exists beyond space and time, when that individual exercises his or her basic thinking and understanding that individual realizes that beyond space and time is somewhere, inescapably place, locations, space, and that mere existence inheres whatsoever that exists to occupy, be occupied and be circumscribed by essence and space and so space and time, in which, if something exists it necessarily and inescapably dwells and is circumscribed by and bound to time! Everything that exists “and that” is a product of and operates outside of and above the quantum-sphere, the subatomic microcosmic regime of the universe, is not a quantum particle or object or fundamental force, and so exists and operates in and belong to the macrocosmic level of the universe, the atomic and molecular regime of the universe, and are composed of atoms and molecules, whereas photons are subatomic quantum objects, a particlewave of the subatomic quantum sphere of the universe.

    • Michael says : Reply

      Welcome to the world of Psychiatry where there is absolutely no research nor experimentation done and “mental illnesses” are voted on in order to be included, and where “unscientific and utter intellectual nonsense” is presented as Standard Operating Procedure. Their “authority” is “because I said so” and anyone who opposes them is blackmailed with “Comply and agree or we’ll lock you up in one of our mental hospitals”. Governments and police live under this threat daily, which is why police are used by them as “police for hire” so they can commit Human Rights abuses and have police turn a blind eye to their many crimes, and Government hand over 110% funding just for them to exist for “Population Control”.

      Would you go to someone for mental health assistance whose whole profession is responsible for racism through Eugenics and the creation of Ethnic Cleansing and Nazi extermination camps, where every mass shooter is linked to their drugs and every illegal drug on the streets without exception is their drugs and every child’s suicide is caused by their drugs known to cause suicide, violence and the very “mental illness” the drugs are supposed to treat?

      You wouldn’t, would you?

      But that’s Psychiatry, and they bank on people not knowing their history. Now you know why Psychology and Medicine are the biggest detractors of Psychiatry. Unfortunately, the dumbest Psychologists get sucked in by Psychiatry’s fakery and snake oil and start using psychiatric terminology.

      Don’t forget. Every so-called “mental illness” in Psychiatry’s Diagnostic & Statistical Manual carries this disclaimer: “Cannot be proven to exist in Laboratory conditions”.

      Now don’t you feel like a complete idiot for starting your post with “I DARE YOU TO POST THIS”…??

      • TAWill01 says : Reply

        To Joe ~ excellent convolution of surmising the countless opinions expressed … I especially like the comment by Narayan Sevak says March 19, 2017 at 4:03 pm … but if the effect is independent of time and space, why would “interaction” be necessary? …

        Michael’s reply to you is a classic … we know the individual’s uniqueness can’t be quantified into a factual accounting … end of my expounding!

        I love you all

  48. Helene says : Reply

    What does this mean for transplantation and receiving blood from donors?

  49. Lionel says : Reply

    It s no a field of energy!, it s a field of information!

    • Why are energy and information mutually exclusive? The transmission of information makes the brain and body function but the transmission is an electro-chemical process involving energy. All DNA is information stored in a bio chemical form, not possible without energy. It is the same with electronic communication, whether by radio, television, computer networks, the internet or just ordinary telephones. The storage and transmission of information requires energy.

  50. Sandy says : Reply

    I’ve told my clients for years, that we create from the inside out. We can only create in our life what we have on the inside, so get busy changing the inside. Otherwise, what shows up in our life is a reflection of our energy that acts like a magnet to attract what we choose to keep.

  51. Not all science is based entirely on replicable laboratory experiments. The whole field of biological evolution is based on many observations and much theorising. Cosmology is much too big to fit into a laboratory. It is true that psychiatry is as much an art as a science and it is better so because each individual is unique and too much mathematical categorisation can mess patients up badly. However, psychiatry also has scientific roots. Sigmund Freud was a neurologist before he was a therapist.
    It can also be dangerously misleading to base all scientific study of human biology on pure statistical measurements of sizable samples. Freud’s dramatic discoveries were based on very detailed observation and meticulous recording of individual clinical cases. A renowned academic neurologist in America ridiculed the fashionable obsession with statistical measurement. He told his students that if he could produce a pig that spoke English, the narrow minded mainstream scientists would say: “Only one pig? Show me more and I might believe it.” The cutting edge science of neuroplasticity is based largely on detailed clinical case studies although there have also been rigorous experiments done on numbers of animals.

  52. Wendy says : Reply

    I’d love to latch on to this and believe it, but without any links to actual studies, it’s hard to take this with more than a grain of salt. I really dislike articles like this because if the information is actually scientific, it should include all relevant sources for readers to access the studies directly..

  53. Sam says : Reply

    This is conplete crap. If you track diwn the first expriment and you have to track it down because they provide no direct links, you will see that it has no emotional study involvement. Its how DNA reacts to radiation and has nothing to do with emotions. More crap people will believe simply because it was posted. Ironically these are the same poeple who are so cynical about everything else.

  54. This is why I say Happiness Works! We get happy and send out that energy and it changes our inner and outer worlds. In this way, since I have ended unhappiness for good (or at least 9 years), my health, creativity and productivity have all sky rocketed. Just love sending out the happy vibes and influencing the world around me. Fun, fun, fun!

  55. Ildar says : Reply

    The text is great. Please, can you print some more valid and scientifically proved references, like Linn McTaggart does. When you say “scientists…” and so this is not far from anecdotes or rumors. When you use strong scientific evidence it’ll get much more moral power for your post. Thank you.

  56. Annie says : Reply

    If we want to change the world we first need to change ourselves. Our internal reality changes the external reality. Don’t vent anger at bad things in life like only adds fuel to the fire

  57. Kurt Ritta says : Reply

    I don’t see any names of scientists, laboratories or posted entries in science journals about any of these tests. I can’t believe all of you are buying this hook, line and sinker. To the author, “IM Power”, please list your sources to these three tests.

    IM Skeptical

    • I M Power says : Reply

      IM Skeptical, The author of the article which I have republished listed their sources at the end of the article. It is excellent that you are using your discernment, IM Skeptical, to tune into your own inner Knowing as to what you feel and think about various new ideas.. or old ones, that you encounter. Just as you use that same level of discernment when you encounter articles published in science journals, named scientists and laboratories that you referenced in your comment.BZ

      • Kurt Ritta says : Reply

        I am a huge fan of exploratory science, and yes these tests are very fascinating. I am glad we are learning more about what truly DNA is, and I’m looking forward to more detailed tests and proofs about the connection of all life forms through DNA communication. One side note: I am an optimistic misanthrope, if that’s possible. The writer seems to put human DNA above all other DNA, and that raises my “Ego Alert” alarm. Humans are not some special “enlightened angels” put on this planet to be lightning rods of higher existence. Let’s see some similar tests of chimpanzee DNA, other animal and plant DNA. If it turns out that only homo sapiens sapiens DNA has a special communicative power, then I will gladly stand corrected. I believe the answer is that DNA, the structure, is actually Life in 3 dimensional universal terms, and it takes on millions of forms as it explores the possibilities of different worlds. How’s that for a quick synopsis?

  58. Sanjay K Bahety says : Reply

    I don’t know which set of scientist got shocked… quantum mechanics already hypothesised that the presence of observer changes the observation… NAZRE BADLO, NAZAARE BADALENGE… not surprising, even before quntum mechanics, people realised it in thair practical life…

    Scientist are now talking about cellular memory that can get passed down through many generations unaware that this memory is not in the physical or biological structure but in its etheric counterpart. A magnetic and electrical force that surrounds and interpenetrates all biological forms be they plant, animal or human.
    Scientist have slowly been discovering several of the different physical etheric planes, of which there are seven, over the last 50-75 years and given them names such as plasma or dark matter never realizing that these illusive forces of which they know very little are one of the key links between mind and matter or what the modern day esotericists designates as form life and the inner world of prana or fohat. This is the same missing link between all human emotions, mind and the outer physical plane world in which humanity lives that HPB spoke of in The Secret Doctrine and DK in A Treatise in Cosmic Fire.
    To except these recent discoveries posted here and their full implications science will be forced to recognize the etheric plane, the astral and the mental planes as real tangible forces that effect and shape our world. The imagination and picture making quality each person possesses will no longer be seen as a passive and vague attribute of the human condition, but controlled, directed and harnessed can be a real force for good, a tangible resource that can create a new world order based on sound spiritual values . It is in our collective thoughts and intension that a newer and more spiritual civilization can slowly emerge.

  60. This provides evidentiary support and additional context for my thoughts on deliberate nucleotide changes:

  61. Manus says : Reply

    The scientific conclusions may defy the laws of conventional physics but not that of quantum physics.

  62. Karika Imre says : Reply

    Black substances:in the black spaces visible!
    The black spaces are on a space wavelength all differing (h,h(1),h(2),h(3),…)
    The black spaces their substance masses: only their own wavelengths visible ,(h,h(1),h(2),h(3),…)
    These spaces work according to the gravitational formula of the real space-time physics:
    dt= spacetime [s]
    h= space wavelength [m]

    Only the formulae of the real space-time physics: it is allowed the space-time the execution of a travel!


    space-time =dt [s]
    h= space wavelength [m]

  63. Sally says : Reply

    Have you ever walked into an office or home and inexplicably felt good or not so good? And it has to do with the people there – so there must be something about how we affect our surroundings even if it cannot be fully explained or proved by the science we know.

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