Mind Blowing Secrets of the “All Seeing Eye,” Your Pineal Gland/ Third Eye!

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Mind Blowing Secrets of the “All Seeing Eye,” Your Pineal Gland/ Third Eye!

Mind Blowing Secrets of the All Seeing Eye, Your Pineal Gland Third Eye



Published on Mar 9, 2017

These Presentations took me over SEVERAL THOUSANDS of HOURS of research and production to complete for you to enjoy. Please consider giving back for my efforts by supporting my work and subscribing for project updates and full research articles at https://www.patreon.com/Liftingtheveil

This is THE TRUTH about your Pineal Gland, the Illuminati “All Seeing Eye” of Providence or the Eye of Horus/ Ra and the metaphysical “third eye” presented in an entirely original and unique perspective in the science of “As Above: So Below the Belt”, the correspondence between the language, geometry, symbolism, and science of the human physiology and what i call #astrophysiology as it corresponds to the macrocosm of the universal principle.

This video presentation is only a compilation of excerpts from my 2 previous full “Symbols of Power” presentation series. A truly epic, monumental and factual esoteric journey through symbolic, linguistic and #science filled explorations of ancient #mythology, #etymology, #astrotheology, #psychology and archetypal principles of Nature, #physics, #metaphysics, #biology, #anatomy, sacred #geometry, deep seated #sexuality, #spirituality, and SO MUCH MORE!
you can find part 1 here:
part 2 here:
and part 3 here:

The Vocal cord/ Yoni segment at 43:00 is from my friend Danielle Sudweeks here https://www.facebook.com/permalink.ph…


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