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Feeling and “Seeing” The I UV WebPortal



For me the I UV Web Portal is an energetic representation of all eternal essence embodied and their journey of Transition and Transmutation. Together we’re learning new ways of BEing and DOing as we shift from our mind leading the way to our heart knowing the way…. transforming to Love Absolute.

In this transformation, I’ve come to “know” the I UV Web Portal is a colorful, sensory-rich buffet of multidimensional and multimedia conversations we co-create, absent limits, with all of you. We sense what ideas and information resonate with the One People, developing them for the site, facilitating so people can actively play in some areas or watch in a passive way in others what other eternal essence embodied are being and doing.

The Web Portal is an Absolute energetic gateway into expansion and a resonant space for Co-creating Nova Earth. Its time to start repurposing, expanding and creating new tools and new ways of doing things; looking at things in a bigger perspective, a next step perspective… and taking the next steps together.

This IS the starting line. In slow motion we have leapt out of the starting blocks and we are quantum jumping into the NOW moment where the real fun, the real playing the real doing Begins…

Together we are building nova earth, building the living library that is Gaia; the crossroads of the universe, a place for universal collaboration and absolute expressions of free will and joyful creativity absent limits. We are the key to encoding the living library. With the end of the “game” of duality, the integration of our collective experiences and our 13 strand DNA we bring forth the TOTALITY of ALL of Creation to all of Sources universe. Because we ARE the living library itself!

For the One People who are Awakening, education is paramount. We can meet people where they are and in what they are passionate about, in a seamless rhythm, helping them open their minds and their hearts to what Is So. Dancing with the One People in conversation and playing in the moment to the rhythm of Love Absolute letting people Know that they are not alone.

We are in that NOW moment, and the landscape has changed. Its all about how we go Forward… how do we want to play. There are no limits.

What do you see gazing through this doorway as it opens to sweeping vistas of Gaia and all of Source’s Universe emerging into Oneness?

Sending You a Cosmic sized hug and Waves of Love,

BZ Riger



P.S. The view through the portal to Oneness is sublime



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  1. Geri says : Reply

    There is so much love here at the i-uv portal – thank you for everything you do BZ. Yes, THE TIME IS NOW – we are in this very NOW that is the now which is making the biggest change in the history of planet earth since the fall!!
    Peace n love to all.

    • Steve Lockie says : Reply

      We are so fortunate to be living in this age! More and more people are waking up to what is needed to recreate human society and build better communities!The old systems are crumbling at the roots and we see evidences of this whoever we look in the world.Nations have become ungovernable and we are rushing into globalism with no spiritually
      maturity or trustworthy body to lead us. Everything that the Nations have tried to set up has failed! The challenge is to find and join a community with the attributes and structure to succeed in this new building process. History has proved that this will not happen unless we undergo a spiritual transformation and recognize the Devine as the source of all there is;The purpose of this creation being love. HUman endeavor is not enough to carry humanity to the next level of maturity! The oneness of Humanity and the coming together of the religions is also required. Join forces with whatever group is doing these things!

    • Cecilia says : Reply

      I’m so happy to be part of this transition. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I can live in peace and harmony love and light Cecilia

  2. Ginger says : Reply

    Thank you BZ! I am ready and all your work will make it easier for me to educate! Warmest Alohas, Ginger

  3. Loving the view…! thanks BZ, & big hugs :)

  4. Oliver says : Reply

    Thank you as well BZ! Let’s ponder a bit and think what is needed. Not even the sky is the limit cause we are absent limits.


  5. Elizabeth van Dreunen says : Reply

    Thank you BZ and to all who have dedicated so much to extraordinary labour of love. We are the tools. We are heart. Thank you.

  6. Lisa says : Reply

    Thank you for all you DO, BZ. Much Love and Peace

  7. Mia says : Reply

    An angels BEing & DOing – love it!
    From my eternal ♡➤ your eternal ♡

  8. Cheryl says : Reply

    Hello…saw that you need some help moving to a new place….please email me for further info..Maybe I can help..


  9. SheriLynn says : Reply

    BEaUtiful BZ! Thank you. I’m So glad we could all meet at the crossroads :)

  10. Alexander says : Reply

    YES! Glad to be a part of this global awakening, an active participant; glad to contribute to the information that humanity needs to move forward, leave the Old Paradigm behind forever. Let’s get this thing DONE, people! With love and joy and lots and lots of sheer FUN of course! Onwards and upwards . . . .
    And Yes, BZ, the view is indeed sublime! Accompanied by ineffable episodes of utter bliss . . . https://waverider1.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/profound-inner-peace-ineffable-bliss-the-shift-is-now-in-progress/ . .

  11. KS says : Reply

    Amazed and Inspired! Thank you!

  12. as K. Nicola says : Reply

    Thanks to everyOne for this amazing travel and experience.

    Long Live and Prosperity in the Heart’s Peace.

    as King Nicola

  13. UmanMike says : Reply

    ThankYou for all Your *BZ*-DOing°! :D I feel honored to BE here at the very *Center*Spark* and DO my part in this amaZing ExPloSiOn and BurSt of *Light*! *I*F*L*A*U*B*&*B*B*O*L*!!!

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Thank You Mike for Your Beautiful Being and Doing… It feels like we are BEginning to Shine and Spark in our Full Glory!
      :-) IFLAUBOL !!!

      • UmanMike says : Reply

        ExXxpLoSiOn of the *Light* for REAL right now°!!! I have left the docking-station and I am in free float right now and it´s the most *^*amAzing*^* exXxperienCe EVER°!!! I AM the VALUE – and messenger for and bearer of the *Golden*Age*!!! I´m absolutely °^°LOVEiN°^° {°ALL°}!!!!!!!

  14. Lanakila says : Reply

    Mahalo for all that is being done to move all to their God given birth rights….aloha

  15. Raffaele says : Reply

    Love from Sardinia!

  16. Bambi says : Reply

    AMAZING! I am so thrilled to be learning and will soon be educating others on how to adjust our way of thinking to embrace this wonderful revelation! God bless and keep you, always!

  17. Suzan says : Reply

    Thank you BZ for BEING so in tune with the glorious energies that are flooding in at this time.The uplifting articles you post that raise the Universal vibrations are awesome. The time that you take to seek these out for us so that we would be encouraged and enriched is sometimes overwhelming. Thank you
    I am grateful that you have realized your value, your contributions to all of us, to the Universe, and posted an area for us to contribute to your efforts. I am so very grateful for what I have gleaned from all of your knowing. I love you dear Sistar and I will soon be contributing to your blog as it is amongst my cherished.
    Much love always

  18. Arjsto says : Reply

    Many thanks for exposing the greedy ‘elite’. Love from Batam Indonesia!

  19. P says : Reply

    I must send a half apology out, to the ones who do actually run this site, but the for the ones who have stood up and now lay down in the face of a threat I don’t have near as much sympathy for. BZ thank you for the things you have done, and continue to do, and I hope everyone takes my advise on emailing email@bis.org with all of the true bill numbers demanding their funds asap, and I also emailed the Supreme Court of US and in my own state.The numbers are listed nice and neat from the other post. This site serves a purpose so long as all of us who actually care about the human race can help keep it going. No matter what the UNITED STATES says this stuff is not fraud, it is factual information in which Heather and a couple of others worked real hard to get done. However, in the end they ran away from it, and to me that was cowardly. On the other hand what they did took a lot of courage that me and a lot of us probably didn’t have. So I guess it all equals out in the end. I do not believe this is over by any means but it will take more and more people demanding their funds and taking their freedom back as well, if that don’t happen then all of it will have been for nothing, and thats not good for any of us, only food for the archons (parasite aliens) and yep they exist they are the controllers of original religion who enslaved humanity in the first place, and to this day our governments keep it going, and they themselves are probably controlled by archons who rule out of fear and all emotions that come under that codone of fear. Best thing any of us can do is to know we are all divine beings (gods) spiritual beings having the human experience here to help bring this Golden Age in and defeat the dark that has ruled this planet for at least 25000 years.

  20. sthrBe says : Reply

    I’ve been seeking Truth for most of my life!!! When information resonates with my soul, it feels so Real to me. During my last year of studying with different groups on the frontier of New Paradigm, OPPT information came about several times. Each time OPPT got mentioned, it seemed someone would interject enough doubt to keep it from becoming a group topic.

    Recently on one of my individual quest for knowledge/information, I happened upon the writing,
    “Understanding the OPPT Introduction” (http://understandingtheoppt.info/introduction.shtml). This information resonated with my soul to the point of chills. OMG, The transparency of real freedom that awaits us all…. I felt the information to be so Powerful that I copied the information from the site referenced above, made 30 copies and have been leaving them in random places (malls, grocery store shopping cart, magazine rack at Urgent Care Center, etc.)

    Now, I must be BRAVE. I have to Educate and Prepare myself to send out the courtesy notice left for our use. I am being billed from an individual representing a 3rd party collection agency on behalf of Chase Bank. Chase Bank has been foreclosed!. We Owe No Debts!!!! It Is Time To Test The Waters to see how the documents in place for our use work for us. It feels to me if enough of us begin to Understand and utilize the tools in place, we could be well on our way to experiencing our true Freedom. I’m feeling read to set up a CVAC, Creator’s Value Asset Center. May the Great Force of Love and Life Guide and Be With Us!

    The following are the results of the OPPT filings:

    All corporations are foreclosed and their assets re-claimed.
    The wealth of our planet is returned to “the One People”.
    All debt owed to corporations is erased.
    “The system” is terminated.
    The public record shows it.
    The UCC filing stands as international law.
    By the system’s own terms, it no longer exists.
    We are free of the slave system!!

    Much Love and Peace from My Heart and Soul to The trustees, and ALL who worked so hard on preparing all of the documentation for our use in freeing ourselves!! THANK You Ever So Much!!! We Appreciate Each And Every BEing for all you did and DO.

    Thank You ALL. Mwah

  21. Christina says : Reply

    I am so proud to be here to see the re-birth of Gaia and the transformation of humanity.

    Thank you all for BEing and DOing – Love you All.

    In La’kesh

  22. P says : Reply

    Well Mr. Sino did said we had a choice to make on July 25th and here it is now Aug. 4th 2014 and still havn’t heard anything more on the funds that we are supposed to be able to get. I AM starting to question the authenticity of Mr. Sino because simply everything he says hasn’t happened. I know that OPPT and Mr. Sino are hand in a glove with the funds owed to humanity, and I want to believe it all, however, it simply isn’t happening. Yes peoples lives are being slaughtered by the Jewish State of Israel and while that is nothing new, its horrific to say the least. I know love is the key to everything, but how much love is there to be involved in “manifesting” a new earth, and how much more innocent lives needs to be destroyed for people to see that religion is a crap shoot meant to control us, and how much more love do people need for Mr. Sino to release our new funds for a reality that is supposed to be for us all in the first place. I know its a lot of questions, but hey nothing good is coming within this waking reality, its a lot of empty promises so far and I would be interested to know if someone here at the OPPT would know or have a close date that Mr. Sino is going to release our funds to us, regardless of what the governments of the world want….you know if we are waiting on the government to roll over and allow it, then it will likely never happen, so if OPPT knows or don’t know, I would appreciate a reply in regards to this post.

  23. noel says : Reply

    P hi, I’m an Aussie, I can’t really say if OPPT has anything to do with Swissindo or Mr Sino the M1, I know Heather Tucci Jarraf wasn’t sure herself about both of them. Anyhow this is what I know, I saw a video with some people from Swissindo driving around delivering the documents to all the Embassies in Laos. The documents were supposed to be addressed to the leaders of all Countries offering each $138,Trillion Dollars that had to be signed by them after agreeing to Swiissindo’s terms by the 17th August 2015 was the deadline. Also each adult was to get $6,Million Dollars plus $1200 dollars per month each child $600 dollars a month. I asked a Question about the people getting their money if the leaders did not sign off and was told through the delegates spokesperson that after that deadline they would, as soon as it could be done and that everything was already set up for the people to get their debit card to their inheritance.This total outlay for 7 billion people and all the Countries is only 23.5% of this one Trust and there are apparently a lot more Trusts. Here is the Australian site link……….. http://ungse.org.au/ cheers Noel

  24. noel says : Reply

    The one question I haven’t been able to get an answer to is this. What Countries leaders signed the documents from Swissindo that had to be signed by the deadline 17/ AUGUST/ 2015? If anyone here finds out the answer could you please let us all know. cheers Noel

  25. Oliver says : Reply


    Look how far we have come since above comments.. it’s perfect.. and perfectly done..

    Hugs Ollie

  26. Del says : Reply

    So much love

  27. Oceanno says : Reply

    I Am all that I Am, Love to all!

  28. Kay says : Reply

    BZ, your portal has connected me to you and my tribe! Thank you! We heard the call, we came and we are here!! I’m writing a book entitled “A Poet’s Guide to the Cosmos”, capturing my awakening. You have inspired my last two chapters. Now, the fun is really happening!

  29. Oceanno says : Reply

    The possibilities are so Endless! What a time to be in this perspective!

  30. JAMES says : Reply

    It’s time for us to unite in this country, stop the bullshit and love one another.
    when this is all done Heather will be placed on top of Mount Rushmore….

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      I agree whole heart fully with your first statement. : -), perhaps would be helpful to add “on this planet” not just in this country

      the second part-
      wow, that would really make her cringe, lol. I certainly hope such a disservice would not be done to her/you/any of us. BZ

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