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  1. Ulrich says : Reply

    Hello dear ones,

    in Germany – as a small group – we have a number of courtesy nocices and invoices on way.

    However, where is the law court to gain victory over the ones operating the fraud system?
    Those guys hesitate a moment and just go on with business as usual – take what they say they the the right to.

    This we did expect.

    Yet, we have not found any law court.
    Hence momentarily we are loosing our cases.

    And so you desire to find someting out about > UCC Courts Germany < one does not even find an entry in the browser.

    Who can help out with this fix.

    We are in need.



  2. Mia says : Reply

    Hi Ulrich
    I can’t answer re. the ‘courts’ as you will not find them openly admitting that they are operating in commerce.
    However, I can only guess that the research has already been done to prove that the corporate government is registered as such on either the Securities & Exchange Commission and/or Dun & Bradstreet.
    From there, it’s a matter of doing the necessary research to find the information on how to respond in their circus/playgrounds known as Courts if you find yourself ‘invited’ to one of them.
    Negative averments are advised, e.g. “Is it not true that…etc?”
    Hope this helps a little at least.
    Mia <3

  3. Baxter Bernie says : Reply

    Hi everyone,
    I am growing concerned about the legitimacy about the process. I believe everything I have learned all these years about these accounts and the corrupt courts, however, I have seen no indication of this changing. No one seems to have a clear information. Believing that the government, banksters, corporations, globalists and elitists and all those in power of trillions of dollars and all the industries we are slave to are just going to throw their hands up and say, OK, you win here’s your money, were leaving. Whose to stop someone from just hacking our account or using our info? No one is there to support any of this. If a bank requires so much security for $100, where is the security for billions? None of it makes sense and we have no one to ask questions to. All of the videos put out are done in private and never live. Why don’t we have access to the live calls? No updates have been made, no comments on any of the videos are recent and most of the recent posts here are months old! If we are supposed to work together then we need transparency and all any of are getting is confusion. Why is Harvey Dent the only one putting out videos of success? Seems we are being led astray and were all being disappointed and investing valuable time and hope for something that has repeated over and over with no real answers. Even the speakers on the calls are claiming no success so…….What’s up with this?

    Loving but concerned revolutionary

    • Column1 says : Reply

      Not sure….. Heather’s document of Trust ownership looks tremendous and very well crafted. I’m curious to see if the powers holding the keys to the kingdom are going to respect it. These global powers seem to make any law the way they want and interpret it in the way they see fit with their bully tactics. People like Harvey Dent and others are saying go “out there and spend the money” but the new system of using your funds has not been fully tested legally. I’m sure Heather and Company are going to get major push back. Count on it! I’m sure if we offer a tax on the withdrawal and feed the banker pigs with more tax opportunities we’ll also feed the fat political class, it might fly, since none of the politicians know how to create jobs; at least these gangster know how to feed the populous with cheap sugary foods and filthy entertainment just like the Romans. The war has just begun. There Will Be Blood… And they don’t think it will be theirs. These people hurt people, enslave people, kill people and simply make mankind miserables and love doing it. They’re complete animals. So time will tell. I hope her all the best. I think she’s very brave and courageous. And a true American Hero.

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