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  1. Ulrich says : Reply

    Hello dear ones,

    in Germany – as a small group – we have a number of courtesy nocices and invoices on way.

    However, where is the law court to gain victory over the ones operating the fraud system?
    Those guys hesitate a moment and just go on with business as usual – take what they say they the the right to.

    This we did expect.

    Yet, we have not found any law court.
    Hence momentarily we are loosing our cases.

    And so you desire to find someting out about > UCC Courts Germany < one does not even find an entry in the browser.

    Who can help out with this fix.

    We are in need.



  2. Mia says : Reply

    Hi Ulrich
    I can’t answer re. the ‘courts’ as you will not find them openly admitting that they are operating in commerce.
    However, I can only guess that the research has already been done to prove that the corporate government is registered as such on either the Securities & Exchange Commission and/or Dun & Bradstreet.
    From there, it’s a matter of doing the necessary research to find the information on how to respond in their circus/playgrounds known as Courts if you find yourself ‘invited’ to one of them.
    Negative averments are advised, e.g. “Is it not true that…etc?”
    Hope this helps a little at least.
    Mia <3

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