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Today, in mainstream society it would be virtually impossible for any urban population or community to live productively if the traditional sources of energy, generated by oil, coal or gas, were no longer reliably available, for whatever reason.

In economic terms, electricity is traded as a commodity just like ‘money’.  Electricity, in the form of power and energy, is bought and sold, companies bid, offer and trade it in much the same style as the now foreclosed ‘money market’.

Power and energy pricing is determined by supply and demand, and long term or short term contracts can be negotiated.  Indeed, some indicators show that the next rise of social dictatorship may have come from the power and energy sectors as a ‘technocracy’, by literally being able to hold people ‘over a barrel’ in relation to energy supplies.

However, We The People no longer need to remain as ‘slaves’ to the power and energy monopoly currently we live under.  Here are two significant options now available to all of us.

Free Patents for The One People to use…


This new method and technology creates, under centrifugal and vacuum conditions, a turbulence and rotation, compressing and heating gaseous matter, involving magnetic fields.

A chain of energetic events is created from the basic ionization of a gas (i.e. hydrogen), which then triggers a controllable chain of energy transfers (Scintillation) to additional layers of introduced gasses (i.e. He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe).

Various concepts, applications and products have been put forward, such as space travel and atomic welding.



A fixed or hand-held micro plasma reactor can be build-in, connected and/or inserted into various electrical or electronic devices, (i.e. mobile phones, computers), other objects (i.e. lighting devices, microchips), various container types (i.e. cooking pans) and all types of machines, (i.e. vacuum cleaners, pumps, electrical cars).

The ‘reactor’ generates DC and/or AC current, so can be used by all of the above for lighting, heating and cooling, and other desired processes (i.e. the creation of magnetic fields).

This self-sustaining plasmatic process functions independently without connections to any electrical power network, solar cells or the need to recharge.


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  1. Shankar says : Reply

    HI, I’m after some feedback from people – I want to have free energy patents & devices freely available to everyone. Yes, the above systems look great, but I’ve got no idea how to make them or have the resources to do so. There have been many free energy/low input devices made in recent times that have been bought up or suppressed, mainly by oil companies and/or governments. I’m thinking of starting a petition on Avaaz calling on the world’s top oil producers to release all such patents/technologies that have been suppressed – I’m assuming that they are the best ones to target. What do you think? I’m guessing too the CIA/FBI etc. I could be really general (naming lots of companies, but I also realise that I need to be concise, give a point of focus for people to rally behind). Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Shankar

    • Anke says : Reply

      Hi Shankar, you probably found out that when you go onto the Forum on the Keshe Foundation’s website, you can learn a lot. Scientists from different countries AND enthusiasts are figuring things out and getting tips from M. Keshe, who is a most BEautiful soul who shares his knowledge and wisdom freely. He is a deeply spiritual man with a deeply spiritual wife and a sparkling family who have been through a lot… On top of that you can register for livestream teachings…
      These patents have been given to ALL of Hu-manity!

    • Mike says : Reply

      Free energy is here and being developed and built around the world as we speak. It is Open-Sourced, a gift to humanity.

    • Hi Jay,
      Thanks for pointing out a beautiful piece that shows how people of reason can inject sanity into a knee-jerk reaction. If you read past the headline and down through the comments you find the absolute data emerged and Sterling was able to see through the propaganda that was being hurled at Mr. Keshe at that time. Thus returning him to his top 5 list.

      The only thing that was not addressed by the people that responded was Sterlings’ misunderstanding of the term “snookered”. Snooker is a que game like billiards or pool. To snooker an opponent is to use strategy to put them in a position where they can not shoot again until they change there position thus giving you the game. Much like what we are doing here.

      Since you did not state your intentions behind posting this comment, I can only appreciate the lightness of my heart at the process and result of the discourse and thank you again.


    • cristiano says : Reply

      I do not know where U came from but I will suggest to U to study deeper the real history
      they have been always attached exempiton made for Russia wich is in europe
      ciao from italy

  2. cristiano says : Reply

    can U pls tell me why I cannot find something on the a.m. links?????
    thanks a lot for all

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