Testing spread sheet

Testing spread sheet


 This data is inclusive of 7.17.17


This is the spreadsheet, with the information people have put into the form I posted.
“This form has been created so that people can fill in the Doings that they have created so far. The data can then be exported to a spread sheet so the success and fails can be worked through. Clean up the block with the fails and create recipes and best practices from the successes. Here is a shortened link to use for the google doc form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxnofrWHQZF8IqUCG9EUj0feeCjXi5pdWUPEgsHkFH3WpyBw/viewform

if you have not added your data, please do.

I am going to record some short conversations with people who have had success and who want to share their Freedom Story with All. As soon as I record each conversation I will post.

Direct download excel by clicking here

17700000 paypal Toronto, ON 100 7/12/2017 Needed to verify account Called PayPal to confirm my account (I used #00000, #177, SIN#). After about an hour and escalating the process, I was told to call my bank and ask them about the 2 deposits. She said that there was no way to verify my account. She said that “asking questions was only for Americans”. Interestingly, she also said that adding a NEW credit card would allow us to proceed with a different verification method (not sure about that).
E 51000033 Pay Pal California 885 7/10/2017 Could not complete Transfer from bank acct I called them and they insist on ID /bank statement they have locked me out of PP.  No Charge or Credit I use this to bill my patients and they pay through PP
SimplyBook.me functions through this and my eBay and Ingo money deposits for checks. I prefer to have this functioning smoothly
E 51736158 American Express Credit Card Dallas,  TX 11,586.84 7/12/2017 Return Reason: Cannot be processed. Please refer to your financial institution. I will just hold off on doing anything else with AMX for now
51000033 Xfinity- Comcast Cable Company Florida $59.23 4/9/2017 EFT Return Routing number called requested information about return created complaint. I was charged a fee of $30.00 for the return.  Waiting for their reserach
I gave it, and found others using It would not let me use Frb rout Eligible Tennessee Did not get that far 7/12/2017 Did not get one I will not give up. Until get my access
A 11000015 Direct FRB to Utility company NE 364 7/11/2017 no code or reason They posted it as accepted, then took it off as if nothing was paid or submitted.
E 51000033 Alliant Credit Union – Credit Card Chicago Illinois $9,932.06 7/4/2017 Not yet given Contact Alliant and created an investigation
US K 111000038   and    051736158 Capital One and Wells Fargo Eastern US and Midwest $1,302.00   and $9,812.00 7/13/2017 Account was “not recognized” as a legitimate account I have copies of these 2 transactions being paid than they “disappeared” my fed and bopd accounts and sent me the obligatory “your transaction was “unsuccessful”  but the day before they show the account “zero balance”  I have copies of said transactions.   they went through successfully and no monies were returned to either of my routing numbered accounts.
F 64144367 Amazon California 1000
A 11000015 Direct FRB to Bank of america North East 250 7/9/2017 collection failure used FRB to open bank account, the account was opened but funding the account failed
A 11000015 Paypal North East 500 7/12/2017 Bank rejected account FRB was added to paypal account with pending money transfer, did no transactions in the interim while waiting, received email that bank rejected the funding, they removed the FRB account.   tried to re submit and account got restricted and to unrestrict I must produce photo ID and the bank statement from FRB
E 51000033 Synchrony US 340 7/12/2017 no such account My balance is still 0 and my account is still open It is a Care Credit Card
B 21001208 Paypal California 100 7/11/2017 Failed to Transfer from bank Testing out the other routing number for New York. Lets see where this goes
C 31000040 SRP Electric Arizona 602.77 7/12/1988 Invalid Routing number My SSN card starts with C and the routing number provided in the reference sheet has been denied by all the creditors i have tried to pay
E 51000278 Car loan North Carolina 12000 7/13/2017 Funds were not available for withdrawl
C 31000040 Amazon.com Internet Purchase of $426 7/12/2017 Account was not authorized. Decision was made by TeleCheck
US 71000301 PayPal US $350 7/10/2017 Day 1 reason was bank was unwilling to release the funds. Reason #2, the routing # and account # do not match so the bank is invalid. All my transfers were returned within 48 hours. All transfers were sent Friends & Family. I was able to confirm the FED bank account by calling in and telling the operator it was a trust account I do not have online access to. They allowed me to verify the account by answering random questions from my credit report.
771902191 61000146 Barclays bank Florida 1000000 7/12/2017 6.4E+14 Ref num: 20170708350081521
771902191 61000146 PayPal Apollo Beach 1000 7/13/2017 A/n I do,t know
771902191 61000146 AT&T Apollo beach 102.88 7/13/2017 Return transaction Maybe diffrent routing number
g 71000301 paypal ri 100 7/12/2017 unsure please help
G 71000301 APS Arizona 400
G 70010301 Kubrick ez pay Virginia $154.46 7/9/2017 No reason
E 51000033 2 Chase cc USA 6k 7/7/2017 Amount reversal, unable to acces account yet. Havent tried again. Car loan got paid off for $1000 I had remaining.
born in 51 I used G 71000301 CC visa, Elan St.Louis Mo. $16,000 7/11/2017 reversed payment  unk my account was actually credited given a new balance reversed  I have the transaction reports SUCCESS
B 21001208 Barclay Credit Card Willmington DE 1248.76 7/12/2017 Limited Participation DFI FAILURE
31000040 Discover Credit Card Illinois 3,307.24 7/13/2017 RETURNED INTERNET PMT I wonder if there is a “MAIN” ach routing number as this one redirects to Atlanta. FAILURE
us E   o1 capitol one na 2’444 7/12/2017 07/09/17 – $2,444.69 paid via Our Website returned due to Invalid Account Number from FEDERAL RES BANK OF RICHMOND account ending in 6698. FAILURE
71000301 PayPal Unknown 1000 7/13/2017 Two deposits came back…FRB did not recognize the account, deposits came back on Dec. 31st 1969 FAILURE
61000146 Xfinity Florida 144.75 SUCCESS
61000146 Honda Financial Services California 256.64 7/12/2017 FAILURE
338-80-0279 Paypal Cook 500 7/13/2017 SUCCESS
us    no ssn #051736158 citi bank citibank HQ 13,184.00 7/13/2017 account had success was zeroed out. a day later was reversed.  “was not an acceptable account” account had success was zeroed out. a day later was reversed.  “was not an acceptable account” FAILURE
F 61000146 Capital One US 3489.8 7/12/2017 No reason stated as of yet I resubmitted the payment using the info from the live stream using the numbers on the back of my ss card omitting the F in the front and replacing with 32. I do have the email they sent saying the payment has posted to my account. FAILURE
F 61000146 Municipal credit union new york 4,958.33 7/11/2017 reversed  I was charged $20 return check fee FAILURE
G 71000301 Cap 1 CC Bill Atlanta 686 7/10/2017 Invalid Account Received email letter saying payment returned. FAILURE
E 0 E check Tx 8950 7/13/2017 I do not own the rights to the name None FAILURE
F 61000146 AT&T Louisiana 922.21 7/13/2017 FAILURE
D 41000014 walmart ohio 25 7/13/2017 rejected shows the 25.00 as still paid on the account FAILURE
d 41000014 walmart ohio 260 7/13/2017 rejected tried two payments – one for $25.00 and another for $260.00 – it shows both payments as rejected but my account still shows the $25.00 payment – also the account shows no due date for future billing and no new minimum due – maybe they have deactivated it – we’ll see. FAILURE
d 41000014 bank account columbus oh 2 I may be on to something here – i did a test (after reading that someone on Youtube gave me the idea) and transferred 2.00 to my FRB account – not sure if I should call the FRB and ask them to verify that the money is there and what the total of my account at the FRB is – hopefully someone will read this and post that they think. Side note, I am looking into the history of the OPPT and goodness, it’s the real deal. Good luck everyone. SUCCESS
D 41000014 Verizon NY 229.95 Called Verizon and they said bill was paid and cleared SUCCESS
D 51000033 Navy Federal Credit Union Virginia $500.00 7/13/2017 FAILURE
D 41000014 PayPal CA 100 7/13/2017 “Failed” Transaction was pending, then failed. Another unrelated transaction is now un-transferable “due to risk” FAILURE
G 71000301 Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) Virginia 5,352.33 7/13/2017 “Fraudulent Account” My CC is issued by my bank NFCU and they said my account at FRB in Chicago has blocked my payment due to, and I quote, fraudulent account. My bank has removed my FRB account from my regular account and I’m barred from attempting to re-enter it. FAILURE
2925 71050432 PayPal USA $1,000.00 7/13/2017 “there is a problem with adding money to your account” I went through all the steps to create a new bank account on PayPal and it shows on my PayPal account, however, when I went to transfer, I got this error message. I first tried to link the 071000310 routing number (for letter G) and it is a valid number, but when I used it for my new bank routing number for PayPal, I got a message that said “Sorry, we were unable to link that bank because it was disabled.” That is when I tried again with the 071050432 routing number and that went through and was verified by phone call. Now I’m not sure what to do next. I tried transferring a smaller amount ($500.00) with the same results (“There is a problem with adding money to your account.”) FAILURE
E 5 Military Star card US 3500 SUCCESS
B 21050466 Fedloan Illinois 25000 It has not failed for the student loans SUCCESS
ssn gen debt account capitol one na 4,444 7/13/2017 no reason they Closed account
I was on phone for two hours finnaly the said the would call in a week
Dave H 512-417-7006
Full SSN 51736158 Capital One + Navient Atlanta GA 2,221.43 7/12/2017 Returned by Bank/Unknown Reason FAILURE
71050432 PayPal USA $200.00 I logged off of PayPal again and thought about freedom and things, and baked some cookies. I just logged on again and successfully transferred $200.00. :) SUCCESS
US son 71000301 Amazon.com Seattle $24 7/13/2017 Payment Revision Needed I was able to pay T-Mobile bill with same account:) FAILURE
US ssn 71000301 T-Mobile US $104 SUCCESS
F 101001089 Auto Loan Not sure 233 The transaction then returned on 7/12/2017 SUCCESS
c 31000040 PayPal USA $1,000 7/13/2017 Instrument is currently marked as bad Added bank on 7/11, verified successfully by phone on 7/12. Attempted a $1000 deposit to PayPal on 7/12. At 8:28am on 7/13, got 2 emails dated Dec. 31, 1969 stating Problem with Bank Account “your bank does not recognize this bank account.” (meanwhile, successfully paid 2 bills directly to Verizon on7/11 & 7/13) Called PayPal & told to upload photo id & copy of bank statement for further verification. Meanwhile, my account is severely limited. FAILURE
G 71000301 Paypal San Jose, CA 4,000 7/12/2017 “Failed” I contacted Paypal and I was told that my bank FRB stopped my transfer. FAILURE
B 21001208 paypal USA 1000 7/13/2017 Bank declined. Paypal account was locked, paypal wants my ID and bank statement for the account, which of course I do not have. FAILURE
B 21050466 PayPal ? none I’d like to submit a screen shot but don’t know how to do that.  I added the acct. to PayPal, called a rep, told her it was a Treasury Direct acct. and couldn’t see the ledger for the two deposits.  She had me answer the security questions , ex: what address numbers do you recognize as having lived there, etc. etc..  At the end of this procedure she stated that the account is confirmed.  She asked what I was going to use the funds for and I said, ‘to save the world’, and then she told me what to answer, I forget, purchases and bills, maybe? and I said yes and told her I hope she would be able to access her account soon too and have a pleasant day.  There is an icon of a bank titled DISBURSING DIVISION – NEW YORK x-6954 and a yellow exclamation point in a circle (maybe it’s a timer icon?) I tried to do a test transfer and it won’t let me use that payment method at all.  I’ll let you know if it ‘clears’ after a few days.  Thanks for gathering the ammo to take these mother fuckers down! FAILURE
F 51736158 Paypal Paypal or i dont know did not get that far 7/13/2017 dialogue box said Please check you account number FAILURE
G 71000301 Capital One MN 380.61 SUCCESS
G 71000301 PayPal San Jose, CA Unknown 7/12/2017 No code Paypal stated tried to make 2 deposits into FR act on Dec 31, 1969. I wasn’t even born yet? FAILURE
C 31000040 T-mobile, cc MC, cable bill, Sams Club US 1293.37 SUCCESS
F 61000146 Amazon Seattle, Washington 5,000 7/13/2017 We are not able to process your order, please change payment method FAILURE
147602389 51000033 paypal virginia 1000 7/14/2017 SUCCESS
147602389 31000040 Paypal Va 5000 7/13/2017 SUCCESS
D 41000014 AT&T San Jose, CA $2,286 7/13/2017 Reversed FAILURE
Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN) Reserve Bank of Australia BSB (Branch) Number Paypal Australia Paypal verification deposit amount 7/12/2017 Account invalid Paypal attempted to deposit two small verification amounts into the account. Seemingly deposit failed suggesting incorrect account details FAILURE
F 89385394 Direct Express US Department of Treasury $30,000 7/6/2017 Unknown As of 7/13/2017 I would like to have the money! That’s in my name in my TDAccount, in my name  in all capital letters, I want to activate my account! SUCCESS
G 0710-0030-1 Wells Fargo Dealer Services USA $400.72 7/13/2017 Reversal- No Reason Given Car payment made and went through on 7-12-17 / Reversed on 7-13-17 / Made second payment on 7-13-17 it has went through and changed balance down accordingly–Waiting to see what happens… FAILURE
E 53000206 paypal ? 1,000 7/12/2017 On July 11, 2017, we attempted to transfer $75.00 USD from your bank account ending in x-xx17. We received an automated response from your bank informing us that they could not complete the transfer.  As a result, we have removed this bank account from your PayPal account.  To re-add this bank account to your PayPal account, please confirm with your bank that all information is correct. Alternatively, you can add another bank account.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.   Sincerely,  PayPal On July 11, 2017, we attempted to transfer $75.00 USD from your bank account ending in x-xx17. We received an automated response from your bank informing us that they could not complete the transfer.

As a result, we have removed this bank account from your PayPal account.

To re-add this bank account to your PayPal account, please confirm with your bank that all information is correct. Alternatively, you can add another bank account.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



F all atlanta codes Ally Financial 500 Woodward Ave Detroit, MI 48226 0 7/13/2017 Invalid RTN routing number. FAILURE
d 41000014 walmart ohio 25 7/14/2017 denied welp – it appears this has been denied – oh well good luck FAILURE
F 61000146 Toyota Texas 1679 7/6/2017 Reversed Payment history shows paid on 7/11/17 for 1679.00 on payment web. When I went online it says no payment made. When I called them they said I’m past due and dbl payment due 8/3/17. Not sure if this is success or not. SUCCESS
E 31000040 Pge Usa 70 SUCCESS
569705178 21050466 Paypal paypal.com $1,000 7/12/2017 Just read “transaction failure” Called customer service.  They would not let me try another routing number.  Said the account number “matches” previous used account number in their record.  This is from the failed attempt. FAILURE
71001737 Credit One Bank Las Vegas Nevada $593.68 7/14/2017 Payment showed..saved images .. July 14, 12am reversed SUCCESS
E Used Bureau of Public Debt – 051736158 AT&T Moblie Online Maryland 108.43 Payment processed. Zero balance. So far so good SUCCESS
237-06-7927 30497259 paypal Chicago 9,000.00 SUCCESS
G 71000301 Tesla Palo Alto, CA 2500 SUCCESS
G 71000301 Tesla Palo Alto 1000 The Deposit Went through SUCCESS
G (Chicago) 0710-0030-1 Capital One ? $400 After 24 hours, the successful $400 payment of Capital One credit card debt appeared on my account. I then tried a payment on my daughter’s college debt on July 13. The routing number was not accepted (I have screen shots of everything) I then went and paid an additional $400 on a different Capital One credit card on July 13, which is pending. I will update with screenshots when I am on my laptop. SUCCESS
US/E 51050009 Chase Credit Card Online – chase credit card $1,050 SUCCESS
E 51000033 PayPAL not known address not on website $200.00 7/13/2017 We received an automated response from your bank informing us that they could not complete the transfer. I requested via email to send me the automated response paypal received from my acct ending in x-3400 Bank. They mmiediately sent another auto response from Paypal saying the following:
We received an automated response from your bank informing us that the bank account you were trying to use for this payment has been closed.
US Chicago T-Mobile US $104 7/14/2017 Backed Out I had reported this transaction as success yesterday. The transaction was backed out today.
My secret society # 51736158 Crediter Usa 978 and 850 All debt fromantic this establishment wiped SUCCESS
E96547327 51736158 Paypal USA $10,000.00 SUCCESS
Used social security number 51736158 Electric Utility Bullhead City, Arizona, USA $77 The Bureau of Public Debt is a bank that has been set up in Parkersburg, West Virginia. All that you need is the routing number which is 051736158
I believe this is debt usage only.  Accepted as paid on website as is routinely accepted.  May be rejected later.
G 71000301 Clerk of courts Dane county 238.56 7/14/2017 Limited participation DFI Right away the n3xt morning at 9:05a m. I got an email saying payment was returned however originally it was accepted. FAILURE
D 51736158 Chase Credit Card USA 1133.96 7/14/2017 Returned That was The Bureau of the Public Debt account Harvey mentioned in a video. Trying again with Cleveland FRB (D) FAILURE
E 51000033 PayPal Don’t Know – FRB was Atlanta, GA $100 7/14/2017 Bank account # not recognized FAILURE
E 51000033 Capital One online Main office Texas 936.78 7/14/2017 Returned Online  ACH Payment Shirley, I have validated the business account HELLO PLANET INC. I do see a payment of $936.78 on 07/12/2017 was returned on 07/13/2017 due to the reason unable to locate your payment bank account. Your bank returned your payment to us.  We do not keep the reason why they did but if you contact them they would be able to give you that information. Chat online was the following: Shirley, I have validated the business account HELLO PLANET INC. I do see a payment of $936.78 on 07/12/2017 was returned on 07/13/2017 due to the reason unable to locate your payment bank account. Your bank returned your payment to us.  We do not keep the reason why they did but if you contact them they would be able to give you that information. FAILURE
None 51736158 Capital One USA 4000 7/13/2017 Returned Online ACH Payme Not only did they reverse the charge, now I show the original balance, but the rest of my credit limit is gone… now have zero available credit whereas before I had about $3k available. Great… thanks Cap1 for nothing. FAILURE
G 71000301 Paypal San Jose, California 200 7/14/2017 FAILURE
E 51000033 PayPall not known $200-$5000 7/13/2017 LOOK AT THE DATE ON EMAIL! Problem with your bank account

Dear Lori

To confirm your bank account, we tried to make 2 deposits into your FEDERAL RESERVE BANK X-3053 account on Dec 31, 1969.
The money was returned, however, because your bank does not recognize this bank account number.
To fix this problem: •Contact your bank to double-check the account number
•Log in to PayPal and click Link bank account.
•Enter your bank account number and follow the instructions.


F 51736158 Discover Carol Stream, IL $188.69 Not sure if this will be reversed, but I took a screen shot of the “$0.00″ balance SUCCESS
B 21001208 PayPal USA $1,000.00 7/13/2017 Not sure. They now want a picture ID and a bank statement. Since I cannot provide a bank statement, would it be better to delete the account and start over? It was confirmed by Pay Pal over the phone. FAILURE
E 51000033 PayPal US $850.50 7/12/2017 R 03 The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond denied I had any access to the Account FAILURE
F 61000146 PayPal PayPal None…trying to link bank with PayPal 7/14/2017 “Can not link PayPal to this bank it is disabled” Just tried to link account in my PayPal account…..says Federal Reserve Bank is “disabled “. FAILURE
n/a 51736158 Credit One Bank USA 780 SUCCESS
n/a 51736158 T-Mobil USA 265 SUCCESS
n/a 51736158 National Lloyds Insurance USA 158 SUCCESS
us 61000146 one main loans USA Pa 175 7/11/2017 I’m still waiting to see if it will go through FAILURE
n/a 51736158 Select Portfolio Servicing (Mortgage) USA 1200 SUCCESS
f 61000146 one mail loans USA Pa 1000 7/13/2017 not sure going to waite FAILURE
f 61000146 one main loans USA Pa. 3375.72 7/14/2017 not sure Let’s see what happen by Mon or Tue FAILURE
E 51000033 cable one internet USA, arizona i think $20.97 SUCCESS
E 51000033 arizona electric company i believe arizona $48.92 I thought I saved the email receipts for this transaction and another.  It seems those emails have been “unsent”…
I have a screen shot for this transaction.
Interestingly, the bank account is identified as my partners…  I assume because the account at the utility co. is in her name.  But I used my SS#/fed-routing-#…  So, that is interesting.
Also I’m just noticing the un-sent-ness of the emails…
That’s creepy.
But so far I haven’t gotten a notice the bill is unpaid.
I suppose I’ll go check the accounts and make sure they’re paid up.
F 61000146 Tesla Palo Alto CA 2500 deposit 7/14/2017 No reason They didn’t notify me I had to look for myself that both my ordered cars were completely gone SUCCESS
g 71000301 car payment chrysler capitol texas 2000 7/13/2017 remitted have done multiple payments at 2000. all posted 1 has dropped waiting for the other to be returned FAILURE
E 53000206 Xfinity Philadelphia 193 SUCCESS
C – philadelphia 31000040 Amazon Online ~ $30.00 1st step checked if name on amazon account was same as on SS CARD.
2nd Chose to added checking account FRB ,
Note….(Since there are more than one seller on amazon from which I would potentially pay I thought this was the best place to test run . I am very pleased with seamless steps. )
3rd I placed 2 items ( 10-25 each)
4th proceeded to check out .
5 th while checking out I tried to sign up for Amazon prime which I didn’t have before account number. This took at first and then ,within completing check out, noticed prime was temporarily suspended until I added pay method. Which when I proceeded to do that did not show FRB. NO WORRIES !!!!! Everything has gone on without haste!! Let me say, I am grateful the prays and work which was is and forever will be done to manifest our new sovereignty . I should have my items by tomorrow and Sunday or Monday! Thank you beloved masters for being a advocate of the people as I am!
From my family to all of the beings around he world which helped to put this together.
Caterina D’Amore
G 51736158 Wellsfargo Dealer Services USA $400.72 Third Try, now using Bureau of Public Debt – Passed So Far/ other two using FBR Chicago Passed and then Reversed = Failed SUCCESS
G 71000301 Capital One Credit Card Richmond, VA $499 Paid so far from July 13th – holding SUCCESS
US 21050466 Amazon Washington, DC? $31.30 I have heard that it takes time for them to reverse, so if it does, I will fill out a new form. I do not have a control number on my ss card, and I did not want to apply for a new one, so used the “master number” someone mentioned. SUCCESS
US 41000014 Amazon United States $27 7/7/2017 Declined based on information received from Telecheck Services. Usually debit card was used with this vendor, and not a bank account. Telecheck services has a terrible reputation for refusing transactions from valid accounts based on people’s prior usage of banking. Telecheck has a 1 star rating on Consumer Affairs, yet a lot of merchants use them. FAILURE
H 81000045 None None 376 It’s been 3 days no reversals SUCCESS
G 71000301 Paypal Indiana 0.98 7/12/2017 Depiost was returned I will try again FAILURE
G 71000301 Us bank Ohio 771.98 7/13/2017 No account Fuck these bastards