Ginger’s Summary Notes The Collective Imagination Show July 16, 2013

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Ginger’s Summary Notes The Collective Imagination Show July 16, 2013


Hosts: Lisa, Bob, Chris, Brian


With special guests: Allfaaraa and Shawn Clark


This was a three hour metaphysical and spiritual discussion. The first hour and a half was fairly basic. And towards the end of the second hour was most interesting . . . because the show hosts begin questioning some of Allfaaraa’s big teachings. The third hour was a bit more generalized.


Topics range from . . . reincarnation, the soul, our spiritual journey, god, angels, walk-ins, about creation . . . to within these new energies . . . can a twizzle stick be digested now, with clear evidence?


This show may or may not be for you. Happily, there is always someone for everyone here!


In the show chat room, I noticed a highly divided – holding the contrast – of opinions going on. Some loved it and some did not. Brian was with fire hose.


From a Skype chat room was this wonderful offering . . .


“. . . this is how he (Alf) sounds to me right now: Rocks are like mushrooms . . . frogs are like angels . . . I’m afraid of goats . . . haha I just don’t get it at all” (thank you John Dodd for your contribution)


Find out for yourself and here is Allfaaraa’s website for those who love his teachings –


And Brian Kelly sends out his thanks to everyone who sent their loving support around his grandmother passing on (July 14th) and his family.


Aloha, GingerSnap!




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