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POSSIBILITY by Jeanie, published on January 22, 2018 POSSIBILITY What is,  what was, what can BE Possibility. . I have been sheltered and naive. I have paid attention and learned much on my way. I have beliefs that have not been shared with those close to me. I hold those beliefs still because I know


Jeanie: HIDING

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    HIDING by Jeanie, published on The I UV, on January 20, 2018           HIDING No more hiding!  The more I look the more I see. I am now having the courage to see me. Coming up through my perspective, I felt shame about my self and my body. The more


Aja: You are the Rose

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You are the Rose by Aja Dematerra, published on January 16, 2018   This poem, You are the Rose spilled out of me almost as it is ..I have always felt a love for flowers but when I went through a painful yet incredibly liberating divorce some years ago and began to know I am


Aja: You are the Artist

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  You are the Artist by Aja Dematerra, on January 13, 2018   The forgotten well of love spoken of in this poem, You are the Artist, is a recurring vision for me that has nurtured and sustained me for many years. I see this sacred water springing deep within the heart of the first



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WHAT AM I WAITING FOR? by Jeanie, published on The I UV, on January 7, 2018       WHAT AM I WAITING FOR? How much of my life have I spent waiting? Waiting to be cared for,  waiting for a special day,  waiting to turn 16, 18 or 21, waiting for the second coming


Free to roam

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Free to roam Posted on January 6, 2018 by Aisha North • Bente Amundsen Free to roam Dormant seeds are awakening. Unfettered by preconceived notions they are free to roam the realms inspiring others to do the same. Time itself has been liberated. Feel free to follow suit.



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LOVE ETERNAL written by BeV, painting was completed on December 25, 2017, poem received in a download on January 2, 2018 LOVE ETERNAL Love Eternal nothing external, All Beauty flowing within, Heart flames igniting, In Bliss, they are delighting, Joining as We Sing, songs of Sharing, Caring and of Forgiving, Now Living, INPeace, INCompassion, Joy,



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LOVE MAGIC by Jeanie, published on December 31, 2017         LOVE MAGIC   I remember as a young girl,  I  was much afraid.  I  think mostly I feared what was IN the dark. I would see  things in the dark. I would be in that not asleep, but not quite awake place.


She Goes to the Waters by Aja Dematerra, published on December 24, 2017       Usually, I experience my poems flowing through me from the awareness of my higher selves, guides, goddesses…This poem, She Goes to the Waters was different in that the communication I had was with my great grandmother, Maria Theresa. The little


Free To Play

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 Free To Play by Jeannie, inspired on winter solstice 2017, published on December 22, 2017                          Free To Play    I FEEL FREE  to BE!  I am free to be me! I choose to flow creatively!    Merrily, merrily,  merrily, merrily,  LIFE IS BUT


The Divine Feminine is the Innermost Shrine by Aja Dematerra, published on December 21, 2017   “This poem poured out of me in a vision. A vision from the past and a vision of the future. A place where my past inner knowing and my future inner being meet in the magical realm of Now…this


  The Weaver and the Fairies by Aja Dematerra, published on December 16, 2017   The Weaver and the Fairies is a new earth fairy tale for people of all ages.It takes place in a magical village where everyone sees jeweled light when they do what they love… I thought I’d finished writing this