Bob’s Journey to Healing in Morocco

by / Thursday, 27 June 2013 / Published in Eternal Essence Embodied


Bob’s Journey to Healing in Morocco June 2013






5 Responses to “Bob’s Journey to Healing in Morocco”

  1. Wolfgang says : Reply

    Thats for me a Wonder…all the best to you Bob… and many Greeting to the Crow from Germany

  2. MIke Freeman says : Reply

    Good Going Bob , Keep up the training .You’ll be getting better and better quick , I know it’s a challenge, I was in the same boat and had to learn to walk again after a stroke. Best Regards , Mike

  3. Jon Bliven says : Reply

    While watching the video I could FEEL the emotional accomplishment by Bob and the love and deep concern of his many friends. Many blessings to Bob and those who cared so much for their friend. Your dance moves looked more like the Weeble Wobble but know that there are many are in your corner with the belief that we ain’t seen nothing yet. WALK ON!

  4. maryca says : Reply

    fantastic! so great to see it all happening literally step by step. love and continued healing to you neighbor.

  5. Ramona R. Campbell says : Reply

    Bob, Thank you for sharing your emotional healing. Even now, your journey expands healing for all. Thank you for all, all ways and always. Warm Regards, Ramona

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