A Truffle Kerfuffle over Alleged banks and other rumors about Heather….

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A Truffle Kerfuffle over Alleged banks and other rumors about Heather….

published on Terran Cognito, on August 27, 2017


I got a Skype tonight from Mike O’Brien (see below), whom I really don’t know very well, first I heard of him was when a petition asking Donald Trump to pardon/commute Heather and Randy (they are not guilty of anything).  Mike’s done some videos too and apparently has a big YouTube following.  I also met up with Neil Wolfe in and Tristan in DC.   I think all men mean well.  But not like I know any of them very well.  My focus has been assisting Heather the best way I can.

I don’t know which Ginger Mike’s referring to, it isn’t stated, so I really can’t say. I only know two Gingers in any case.  So I can’t vouch for what Mike O’Brien purports, nor do I know what Skype of Facebook this refers too.
But I can say this unequivocally…..
1) Heather is indeed in jail in Knoxville TN.  I’ve spent money following her and paying for court stuff, and housing and gobs of money for paper filings and transcripts and you name it.
2) She’s not supporting any bank.  
That’s all that needs to be said about whatever is going on in Heather’s name. 
We are not newcomers to agents provocateurs, disinformation, or name dropping by people wishing to make a profit stream from knowledge of UCC and alleged “quantum grammar” or any other imaginings or doings in the name of telling people part of the UCC story but not all of it…

I know of a paid informant or two (thanks to Stan X) who has gotten really close to some, and they always seem to want to know about my whereabouts and doings.  No big deal.  Not a new thing.

We have been monitored electronically for 5 years, not much has changed for us. It used to be really obvious when 100 skype messages would come in a batch, indicating it cleared the morning desk of some NSA analyst.  But the government got smarter, had Microsoft buy up Skype, remove the P2P communications and put it all on one easily monitored cloud.  Google too.  They changed their name to Alphabet in a nod and a wink to the Alphabet agencies that fund them so well.  Snowden warned us didn’t he?  Now its is obvious.  Create a photo on Photoshop, Photoshop phones home to adobe about it.

For Heather agents have always had an orange glow to them so she has always known who they are, and she quite often brings them closer to keep an eye on them.  And she loves them as much as anyone else.

I love them all, for they are all ORIGINAL. All Source inbody no matter the motive or doing.   Purported agents or not.  And you know what, there’s a whole lot of them inside those agencies rooting us on, and sometimes quietly assisting in hidden ways.

I cannot even list the number of people now assisting us who frankly were trying to destroy Heather in 2013 and 2014, for the Chinese dragons or their store front Swissindo or the gazillions of secret societies with their own grub stake claim in the status quo.

Heather never charged a dime for all the work she did.  She spent a great deal of her own money (I believe 2 million was the figure over the last 17 years) and time for all of humanity.   She only ever sought to set humanity free, and that they would know as she knows, that they are also ORIGINAL and Source inbody.

She didn’t do this to perpetuate the legal profession or to be forever filing UCC docuents.  When Heather was interviewed her for admission to Gonzaga University Law School, they asked her why she wanted to be a lawyer.  Heather’s reply “So nobody ever needs a lawyer again!”    I guess they never ever expected her to make good on that!

And that’s the real irony of this moment.   Oh there’s more! See my next post!


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  1. NOEL says : Reply

    the United States of America { Unincorporated } http://annavonreitz.com/urgentmessagefordonaldtrump.pdf

    • Kennyboy says : Reply

      IF?…You believe THAT…Then you must read an article posted at: http://redefininggod.com/ and SEE for yourself WHY, and HOW Trump is actually “Playing Along” with the NWO conspiracy and is going to be replaced via PUTIN as another proponent of the NWO…Leading to the ANOTHER “Replacement” AFTER he is exposed as “The Anti-Christ”!
      Check it out!

    • Avau says : Reply

      @NOEL, ALL Is Well! We are already in the Divine timeline, whatever is going to happened, it must happened in order for us to move forward. President Trump was selected to become the President by the Divine because he was different from all the politicians already in politics. He was selected by the Divine particularly to play a certain role before all these events unfolding, but he isn’t the appointed one. Trump is Moses in our day and age. He will lead us for now and will step down after his mission is completed and fulfilled. And then, the new Joshua will arise to the task so to speak. We all need to center and do away with fear. The media are playing the fear so well in all of us. Transmute those fear to the light of the Creator and fill our selves with love love love of our Creator God, focus, and try to see everything in Gods eyes. When we see all in God’s eyes without fear and judgement, but love regardless, then we know we are home free, free indeed! Much love and light to you.

      • NOEL says : Reply

        Avau, You are talking about Trump been President { CEO } of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION.This message was saying that Anna Von Reitz and her lawful team have done all the paperwork to claim back the ORIGINAL CONTINENTAL United States of America. Donald Trump has been selected to be the De Jure PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC. The Corporate UNITED STATES was a for { PROFIT } Government Services provider only, that USURPED your real Government, that has always been there laying dormant. The Corporate UNITED STATES is in Chapter 7 and 11 BANKRUPTCY. CHEERS

  2. Rev. Enrique RUBIO says : Reply

    BZ Your strength is inspiring!

  3. I love your loyalty, and loyalty is worth more than gold or any other financial gain. So beautiful!

  4. Jay J says : Reply

    It is flipping honorable that you all have said nothing about this until now. I had seen a video where Heather was getting trashed and I said to myself, hey, this person looks familiar…….whaaaaat? But, this is what forgiveness is about. We all make mistakes, say things we wish we hadn’t, and do things we wish we could take back. Someone told me that God forgives us 70 x 70 times a day and I don’t ever recall having to forgive someone more than a few times within 24 hours.

    There is no one “running” this movement in its entirety in my opinion; we all want the same thing – freedom. Once the journey we are on is talked about in every household, new names will appear – we all have something we can add that may help someone else out.

    Much love to anyone who can read this, as well as the people in Texas who are dealing with this Hurricane – you are in my prayers.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Jay J, BEing and DOing is Beautiful- (heart)

      • Lisa Margaret Irvine says : Reply

        BZ if I may say, I tune into Mike, Titus, Neil, Terran and an wholeheartedly following Heather and Randall closely thanks to the beautiful Sources put in front of me. Mike is trying to out this Ginger chick on YouTube who is staring people in bad directions. Mike has never used Heather or Randall, other than F r getting the truth out there. For what it’s worth and for all intents and purposes I believe if Mike O’Brien is asking for your help he needs it. We all have our thoughts and focus on Heather and Randall!

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          The post that Terran wrote,that you are commenting on, does not suggest Mike is doing what you suggest the post is claiming it says about mike. I have never said anything of the sort? Mike would be surprised by your statement as well… considering the last conversation we had.

          People have very powerful tools of resonance and discernment. It is very expansive and enlightening, if people will Tune into themselves and their knowing and use them.

  5. Claudia Hendrix says : Reply

    We like to hear a conference call with the 3 person (Mike, Ginger and Bz) to dissolve this matter.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      Oh geez, I wouldn’t. Why waste my time? The first few fluttered words of Tye resonating jibberish of that snippet posted were enough for me to say…next.

  6. Janine Busald says : Reply

    BZ, I follow Mike Obrien’s channel on YouTube. Mike is fighting hard for Heather & Randy, trying to be of assistance to you. The Ginger he’s talking about is one who reports to Gary Larrabee, also on YouTube, but I don’t know her last name. His latest campaign is against Cindy Kay Courier and her Heirship Bank. She is a strange one, claiming to be the ‘Queen of the World,’ and the de-facto President of the United States by appointment. Her channel is ‘Rise Together,’ and is quite organized with playlists she insists people read before they comment on her videos. She seems a little loopy to me. But Mike is true blue, totally dedicated to Heather’s cause.

    One I’m concerned about, probably more than I need to be, is Harvey Dent, whom Heather has praised highly for his roll in getting this action started. Evidently, Harvey doesn’t understand the situation with Heather and Randy and has made a couple of videos disparaging them. I’ve told him he needs to do more research, get more information. At any rate, Harvey is awakening but is not very conscious yet. When he does begin to see the big picture, he’ll be eating major crow. I’ve told him as much. Just letting you know. I AM ORIGINAL!

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      You Are Original and a Beautiful Being.

      all is perfect and perfectly done.

      • Corinna says : Reply

        Ginger Snyder is who he is talking about.

      • ImaJWalker says : Reply

        BZ… thank you for keeping us up to date on things..
        I haven’t posted here before but am a an older member of oppt. I sent an email to Mike O’brien regarding a youtube
        video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGeLM0ZlWOU&t=34s where at 40:12 it’s directing us to ‘file a factulized trust document (as per Ginger) to ‘personalize’ our claims / freedom.
        I haven’t heard back from Mike but he’s directing us NOT to file any further paperwork as it ‘includes’ us in THEIR jurisdiction which I agree with. So I’m confused.
        Do we have to ‘file’ this document or no?
        I’m from Canada and so much of the group’s ‘UCC’ information isn’t for me.. we don’t use / recognize UCC in Canada… it’s known as PSA and so I’m really confused. i”m WAITING for someone in the US to be successful so they may work with me on how to master the proceedure in Canada. I’ve lost two fully paid houses ‘thinking’ / following US proceedures so I’m just sitting quiet and trying to learn.
        I’m hoping this all happens, that Heather’s case sets presidence for us and if anyone in the group is from Canada and wants to help / learn.. please let me know.
        I love you all!
        Thanx Cindy

    • Joey says : Reply

      We are on the same thought Janine

      WOW, I have been reviewing the same people on youtube. Cindy Ray Courier. Now her energy seems degraded, and jagged like a dull knife to me…normally I never pass judgement like that, its not who I am now, however that what I feel in my gut. Also she doesnt allow any comments on her videos…now I find that strange.If you also watch several of her videos she changes her response and energy and thought pattern several times….I am sending her light energy….. I mean look BZ and and everyone has been getting steam rolled HAHAHA….and Harvey Dent , posted a very frustrated degrading video about Randy recently, that had actually no truth or context to it. I get the feeling (again gut) that he wants all the glory instead of just happy about it. He said something to the effect that he started this movement. Well this isn’t a movement, it’s a total vibration shift.Something we ALL agreed-ed to move toward in 2012. As you said he is awakening…so I send him and everyone love regardless, and I work hard not to pass any judgement on any human…we are all family here…either way we have now millions talking…and that article that I saw in the NYTIMES about the accounts being a scam..I loved it!!

      Love Joey!

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply




        “Well this isn’t a movement, it’s a total vibration shift.”




        SPOT ON !

      • Anna says : Reply

        Her name is Cindy Kay Currier, and Harvey Dent did not start this “movement”. A lot of people have successfully managed to access their TDAs using the A4V process for many YEARS… only this was not publicly advertised like it is today. It is always a problem when people try to pull the cover…

      • Anastasia says : Reply

        Re: Harvey. For all I KNOW, I know I don’t know a thing.

        Bless him and him living in his car or whatever situation. He’s speaking out and not being a sheeple and that’s good enough for me. Everyone is at their own ladder rung on the journey.

      • Marie says : Reply

        What I see in workers of light and vibration is that many are still in 3 D and wants some kind of recognition or validation and this is not what this is about, ,many everywhere in the world is like Heather say “being and doing” for the uprising of this veil, and only God is the creator, we all are only his hand here on earth, no one is to have any recognition but him.

    • Mike g says : Reply

      Supposedly her name is Ginger Snyder. The problem I had with her is that she went on Mike’s livestream and started saying all of the accounts work every single one of them, referring to all the different routing numbers that are being leaked out, I believe Ginger is dangerous

  7. Celeste says : Reply

    Terran, just heard about this post through the Luna See video about it. So informative! And thank you for all you’ve done to be there to report all this to us and to support Heather and Randall! Very much look forward to your next post on this.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Celeste

      I have been slowing keeping up with Luna See on youtube. I LOVE what he is doing. It is showing great context and allowing everyone to truley think before they react…great stuff

      Thanks Joey!

  8. Who is Stan X? It would be so incredibly helpful and tremendously appreciated if everyone that anyone introducing anyone to please introduce and qualify them prudently to one’s audience because there are lots of actors out there.

    Every leader has a personal responsibility for the information that they put out to their followers whether they want it or believe it.

    The caretakers are here.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      You can read on Terran Cognito, all about his various topics. You can read conversations with Stan X.

      —-“Every leader has a personal responsibility for the information that they put out to their followers whether they want it or believe it. ” —-

      This is a very Brilliant point you bring up!!!!!

      There are NO Leaders and there are NO Followers. All are equal. All are 100% responsible and Liable for what They, each feeel/see/do/be/CREATE, No One Left Out.
      Their is NO Hierarchy. None. You do Not Stand Under Anyone. You are not more or less than anyone.

      —-“The caretakers are here.”—-

      You are a Brilliant creator Being, whether You want to Believe it or Not!!!!!

      There is only Coordinated cooperation.

      Thank you so much for posting this very expansive comment.

      • Alex says : Reply

        AND, ALL are responsible for their own actions and words.

      • And thank you very much for your very expansive response. I agree 100% and I commend you on the excellent work that you have always done.

        Re Stan X I have read multiple and very intriguing and exciting transcripts. If anyone can help to qualify Stan X and Terran Cognito by providing any evidence as to who/what they are as they say they are, perhaps video or any other indisputable documentation, we will be posting this for All to see and verify in http://www.newparadigm.one

        With Love, Light and Laughter, All Ways.

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          Terran Cognito, is the name of Bill’s New Blog, it picked up where American Kabuki left off. Bill, is the being who has been on the ground, in DC and now TN. Filling docs, getting docs printed for PD etc. You can also hear him in recent conversations w Randy…

    • Rodger says : Reply

      “Stan X, of the Sphere Alliance of Source data collectors…”

      — Bill Ferguson’s (“Terran”) blog: http://terrancognito.blogspot.com/search?q=stan+x

    • Anna says : Reply

      In this respect, I think Mike Obrien should be careful to check his information before delivering it (I am referring here to the Ginger routing info). However, I understand he needs the buzz on his YT channel and so many clicks or thumbs-up to his chain-produced videos to get decently remunerated… so time is lacking ! :D :D :D

  9. Oceanno says : Reply

    Balance is what we are witnessing! It’s absolutely beautiful when nature and humanity becomes balanced. We are ALL playing our parts in the Beautiful Balancing process!
    Love You through Me!

  10. Elaine says : Reply

    I actually just watched a couple you tube videos claiming as such. As BZ says on her calls always trust in your higher self. All I can say is I pray HATJ is only being and doing for the highest best for all. Honestly HATJ’s high spirits of being in this “hotel” is a little ironic, but can hold true if she is who they say she is lol
    Praying for the greatest outcome for all humanity!!

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      It’s not ironic. We are all prisoners on this prison planet until the shackles are dissolved. Your home is no less a prison cell than Heather’s current choice of lodging.

  11. Bryan says : Reply

    Its all good!!!

  12. Joey says : Reply

    Thank you for adding this BZ

    I see so much crap out there it’s kinda becoming comical, but all is good. I just laugh at it now. Nothing that is put on youtube bashing either Heather or Randall has any context…I have in my mind catalyst of catalysts…all is good and suppose to be

    Love Joey!

  13. Joey says : Reply

    Hey BZ

    You may want to add too, when you update this page that there has never been a GOFUNDME page for Heather or Randall. I mean I see you can donate to them if you choose. That is clear however I have never seen a GOFUNDME page…ugh…so much misinformation and disinformation….

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      There is a link to directly donate for Heather and another link to directly donate for Randy. Look on the right hand navigation column.

      UPDATE: Donations for HATJ and RKB

      Go Fund me and others of its ilk are not direct avenues to truly help people. No need for someone in between people’s sharing of value allong with their love and that value/those funds being used for what is needed.

      Bill is putting together a report right now of where the funds flowed in from/general info not people specifics, and where the money flowed to.

      Because transparency is part of Absolute data.

  14. Jammer says : Reply

    You are a wonderful being BZ, I can see your heart in this…What do you need from us to counter the false statements made by this Ginger person, Im more than willing to help, just not sure what the right action would be.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Follow your inner Knowing and come from your heart, not your well indoctrinated mind. Use your tools of ressonance and discernment.

      you are being and doing perfect and all is perfectly done

  15. Rev. Enrique RUBIO says : Reply

    “we being many, are one” (Romans 12:5KJV)

  16. Jeanne Marie says : Reply

    WOW… I have been picking up on the negative publicity that is out about Heather. Taking it with a grain of dirt, lol. SALT is too good for trash talk. Okay, we know that LOVE is all there is, so anyone reporting hate is acting on there own desire to feel better about some circumstances they have fallen into… hmmmmmm? Heather is a divine, ORIGINAL being who has remembered who she was far before I did, and discovered or uncovered the great deception that many of us knew was there, but did not know where to start turning it upside down to reveal it to ALL of US. Haters need love too, just remember who YOU ARE, ORIGINAL, fully authorized to make decisions for yourself. Do your thing, as it was your plan before you chose to come here. Me? I AM ORIGINAL, and fully responsible for my actions. I speak only true, accurate account of my experience. Thank you BZ for assisting, you have directly increased my awakening, my gratitude to Heather and Randy as well as all the others who perpetuate THE BIG PICTURE, it’s not really about the money. LOVE to you all, and greater understanding wherever it is needed.

  17. Oliver says : Reply

    I got a Skype message with links from a friend talking about Mike O’brian… my response was as follows..! My friend wanted me to contact Bz directly.. but I see no reason why.

    “Hi X! I have no major concerns about people posting stuff this is the social media world we are living in today. People post their opinions sometimes anonymous sometimes not. Everyone is entitled to their view. I started to read the post but I could not figure it out after the first few sentences.. so I dropped it.. There is often those that wants to stir up division and drama.. I’ll say let them, action always speaks louder then words.. even more so if you back up your words with the actions..”

    Let everyone play their part.. eventually it is about FREEDOM for all…

    Hugs Ollie

  18. Caren says : Reply

    I am making an intention that we are all one and coming from the same truth. I know there are accounts. Just got off phone with TreasuryDirect. Absolute brain freeze. They are convinced by MsM we are part of a internet scam. Well I guess the cat is out of the bag. !! Cannot herd cats

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      You go Caren! Love you calling Treasury Direct. Love it!

    • Debra says : Reply

      What is MsM?

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

        Main Stream Media- corporate owned and Cabal run media. We do not have a free press in any country (which are each corporations masquerading as countries) on Planet Earth.

    • Caren says : Reply

      I created a trust account with treasury direct for my all caps girl. I have the FT in place sent everything to Minneapolis as they requested. Copy of BC,SS Trust docs. Their forms needed a Medallion and Notarized the Trust. Did all the due diligence
      The minion- I spoke with was freaking out about The NY Times article on scam. I told her they obviously did not get the memo yet and I was early. I wanted to move my funds to ML acct and was directing them. She said that none of the BC accounts are true. That the savings bond calculator on their site was an estimator. ( brainwashing does this). Any way let’s hope the Treasury actually starts to revamp their systems and update their minions. I wished her a happy day and lol. Spreading seeds of thought.

      • Caren says : Reply

        Follow up on TD. I don’t think they want to play with me. I received a email today They said that is not what the function of their office is intended for?mmmmm? Well I was very clear and followed all their directions on their own site to transfer and they now have a copy of my FT BC and SS. And the manifest of the bonds. Was I being too creative?? Or they are not ready to release ??
        All set and ready to go …..;) transfer my bonds to my ML account thanks. !unfettered access btw it was signed United States.

  19. BeV says : Reply

    OriginALL s see right through mind games, thanks BZ for even more clarity, All Love, All Is Well,, Divide and Conquer move … void Together We Are One

  20. Nicole Charest says : Reply

    Of course the divide and conquer tactics are still active. Just recently we saw it in the disclosure circles but many more people are becoming aware because of it. All will become clear eventually. For some it is already clear so division can not exist. Love to us all.

  21. Allison says : Reply

    What about any person(s) who attempted account(s) verification. And validation for that alleged “universal routing number” given it by this Go get. Was this a setup? Is this some kinda honeypot trap?? What is the course for anyone who might be contacted

  22. Love to Heather, Randy and all you guys raising the vibration! Love All and Exclude None.

  23. Necolle says : Reply

    Hear, hear. Bravo. 1369008. We cannot make this up (wink).
    The Calvary is coming. We’ll light the place up

  24. Irina Greer says : Reply

    It would indeed be comical if it wouldn’t be so sad. Watching people “changing colors”. But it is all good. The sh*t needs to be brought up in order to clear it up. I guess hundred years in duality and surviving environment can mess people up… I won’t judge anyone, for I am not in their shoes, but I will listen my heart, based on what I see. No one big transaction happens instantly… I was watching/listening all three of them, meaning Ginger,
    Mike and Harvey…. And once again, you have to stop aside and ask your heart- how does that feel… And when it feels like crap, it most likely because it is crap… anyhow:
    :Whether you
    Pushed me or pulled me,
    Drained me of fuelled me,
    Stayed by my side or left me,
    Hurt me or help me,
    You are part of my growth
    And I thank YOU

  25. Richard Schaum says : Reply

    A request for a pardon?
    The Treasury and FBI located in WV both know of Heather’s efforts and therefore a pardon would only give her efforts more exposure. There will be no reversals of the reversals. They view Heather as having no standing. remember they and the BAR write the rules to fit their self-serving needs. This is what they will not allow a pardon as it will cause a stampede of more attempts to access these accounts that Treasury believes are their funds and will protect them from being hacked.

    Now that Heather is in Knoxville TN she will need more than prayers and hope.

    • Mamma G says : Reply

      Hi Richard, as BZ mentioned previously, Heather and Randy are not ‘guilty’ of any wrongdoing ….. so there is nothing they can be ‘pardoned’ for. So no need to be concerned about whether that happens or not. It’s not an option.

      Also, you mention that Heather “will need more than prayers and hope” now she is in Knoxville, TN. No need to fear … Heather has far, far more than prayers and hope … she has the power of creation and manifestation at her command (as do we all), and she’s just making sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed so that what we are co-creating can be manifested into this realm of Name and Form in a manner that will secure the greatest good for All, rather than how it was brought into being previously as benefitting only a small portion of the Whole.

      So, better to let the ‘fear’ fall away, and instead, rejoice in the creative process of the beauty that is now manifesting ♥

      • Richard Schaum says : Reply

        No fear from me, just common sense and the truth which many on this site won’t embrace. Heather has no means of enforcement for what she seeks and the feds are making sport of her and her’s. She has no power when she stepped to the BAR.
        What you don’t seem to understand is the Feds already claim heather has done something wrong by teaching people how to hack the federal accounts. which in their minds is criminal right or wrong they write the rule book and have enforcement that Heather do not and will not have.
        At this point the Feds view heather and friends as a sport and will make an example of her to deter others from hacking their system.
        Don’t be surprised if her conviction doesn’t come from the State or County that she currently resides in. that is just another way to sweep this event under the rug limiting knowledge to the public.
        All i’m doing is giving insight to what I hear from the FBI as a contractor working at the Clarksburg WV facility.
        The codes to access these accounts will be changed and are currently in process with a IP Trace and Tag program to ID those trying to hack them for large sums of money.

        Heather stepped out of her box of capabilities and will remain a servant to the BAR’s ruling.

        I myself remain an heir to the Creator as a real man with hands and legs and the King of myself, Stay out of court to reduce your phony debt by working against the debt originator demanding accountability of the contract. They will not, cannot produce the origination documentation of their fraud, and you by your own free will can walk away from the loan impersonator or continue to pay Caesar.

        • Reuben Emmanual Bailey says : Reply

          The facts are that this matter is on way, way higher authority than the “FEDS”.

          The fact is that this is jubilee year and the Year of Atonement.

          God says so.

          IF the ‘feds’ dont release the funds and forgive ALL debts, just watch the judgment from God coming!!

          And guess waht??


          Dont think so??

          The judgment has already begun. Look at whats happening in Texas.

          And please dont tell me that God wouldnt do this.

          In fact, if the PTB do not repent, God will dismantle the whole country.

          Dont think so??

          Well, then just sit back and watch as one disaster after another occurs in the USA if they dont release the funds.

          God will bring the USA to its knees. Get your popcorn ready.




        • Anna says : Reply

          Hi ! Richard,

          The fact that Heather will be released with an electronic bracelet at her ankle – so we are told – is proof enough that she is powerless before the BAR, since she will not be released as an ORIGINAL or FREE WOMAN, but as a woman in “shackles”.

          However, you must understand that Heather’s power is transcendental. Her power is vibratory, as is OURS, and she needs us ALL to strengthen the vibration around her and around us. If you go the this website https://www.heartmath.org/, the HeartMath Institute, you will learn a lot about our power. Our power does not lie in the possession or use of arms, lethal or otherwise (though that might just be handy at some occasions, if only to save one’s life). It is a power that is UNSEEN. It penetrates through everything (if it is strong enough). This is why BZ et al. kept reminding us to unite (it is not always possible with everyone :D :D :D  !!! some people just get on your nerves…).

          I think you are making an egregious mistake saying that Heather has taught people to hack the Fed. Hacking means «using DEVIOUS ways to get through to something that does not belong to you» The Fed TDDA account are ours (they are in our names) as we have been SUCCESSFUL in accessing them… only our access was cancelled in almost every case. This is not «hacking».

          Yes, the Fed has the brute force, but all this is going to come to an end when we strengthen our vibes and our invincibility (through the practice of meditation, yoga, Heartmath exercises, ETC. [the list is not exhautive]), but only God knows when this will take place. The Kali Yuga is drawing to en end, so there is much hope for GOOD.

          Thank you for sharing useful information.

          Cheers :)

    • Kennyboy says : Reply

      I feel sorry for YOU Richard….YOU HAVE NO IDEA “WHAT/WHO” IS BEHIND THE MOVEMENT TO FREE MANKIND…I hope you “Awaken” before its to late.

      • Richard Schaum says : Reply

        Good Grief!
        Don’t feel sorry for me, i’m awake. Place your sorry feelings towards Heather for playing in the enemies court system where they are the referees.

        • NOEL says : Reply

          Richard Schaum, Reading your comments it seems to me that you have not read OPPT ABSOLUTE at the top of this page. So you and many others don’t understand exactly what Heather has done. The COURTS, the FBI, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION…. ALL HAVE NO JURISDICTION…..since 2012.
          THEY NEVER REBUTTED the FILINGS into the UCC………so this stands as law. A Court of record will show people the truth about how they were running a slavery system. This Court case is not just about access to money for most of us.

  26. Arteestic says : Reply

    The dragon roars the loudest when feeling most threatened, and it only takes one hit between the eyes to knock ‘em dead. The hit being ‘ORIGINAL and TRUTH.’ The current confusion and chaos weeds out those who are still stuck in the constraints of 3D, thus providing the space and perfect timing for others to make choices to be made in the moment—being at Zero point. I myself am learning this. I have to keep reminding myself as I observe what is going on, that this is all co-creation, all coordinated, and IT IS Already Done.
    *****BZ, You are a Shining Light for Everyone. You help to make my light brighter. Bravo!******

    • Caren says : Reply

      Yesss it is roaring and rolling !!;)

    • Anna says : Reply

      There is a BIG mistake people are making talking of Earth in 3D. When is the last time Earth were in 3D? Can anyone remember? Because, at least since I was born (and that is many decades ago!) Earth has been in 4D. We are in 4D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4D = four dimensions. Any body knows what dimensions are????????? I’ll tell you:

      1. Length
      2. Breadth
      3. Depth
      4. Time

      These are the 4D we have been living under for SOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNG.

      Why do people keep talking of things they don’t understand as if they understand them?……………

      Mystère et boule de gomme :) :D :D :D !!!!!!

  27. hoky says : Reply

    Keep it coming love!!!

  28. StartMichael says : Reply

    Update Video by Mike was Just Removed By Mike •
    New Relaxed Vid Just Posted •
    Monday 28th Afternoon.

  29. Chrstine says : Reply

    Finally I am seeing the vibratory shift of our collective consciousness. What I have see here is:
    The TRUTH is we are OriginALL there is no hierarchy at source, we are responsible for our own actions.
    Our collective incarnate goal was to reach Zero point COMPASSION. Every road leads back to COMPASSION. LOVE thy neighbor through our actions, words and thoughts, in other words DO NO HARM.
    Our goal is to ALL reach Zero point together with greater understating of who we truly are. GODS and GODDESSES.
    Listen to your gut feeling, speak with your heart mind, think COMPASSION, then you will make right action and receive right reaction.
    We are masters of our own destiny. We create our own realities. The sooner we know this and show it in our actions, words and thoughts towards one another the sooner we move forward into our new reality of who we truly are. LOVE
    Be the change you want the world to be.
    All these wonderful sayings were put here to remind us who we are. Origin-ALL.
    Thank you BZ for bringing us clarity.

  30. Tony says : Reply

    Well said Irina, I too have taken in all 3 of our fellow pioneers,, lets call them, messages, Harvey doesnt believe in our Galactic relationships it seems, Mike has an ego and his discernment is the only one true,to him, Mike seems to be a good guy just not open to other’s ideas, Ginger dont know much,about, just she shared, some info, that proved true, I just want to say each one has given me another piece of the puzzle and i appreciate them for that,. Tomorrows, Heather and Randy’s day, I for one will be sending them love and energy in the morning, I pray the vibration is so high the seats in the courtroom start moving by themselves,…Thanks Bz,..your a wonderful friend to have..

  31. Tina Mason says : Reply

    Thanks BZ . Mike deosnt know what hes saying. He exaggerates when people are only trying to help. Agenda? What is he saying here that these people are dangerous how would he know who is he judging anyone. Ridiculous he has a lot of growing up to do. Ginger is a good woman who wants to help us. Her car was broken into and wire was rapped around her steering wheel. HEr phone was cut off personal pictures were put on facebook trying to make her look bad . She is not. Mike is a trouble maker. He needs to stop being so disrespectful.

  32. Kennyboy says : Reply

    PS: I absolutely LOVED How Heather answered the question; Why she wants to become a lawyer!!! (Laugh!!!)…Quote: So that nobody ever needs a lawyer again!!!

  33. Shelly Campbell-Harley says : Reply

    I am a slave who has begun to be awakened by all of you wonderful, caring and loving people! Thank you for all your wonderful information, including what I read in the posts here tonight! I have been praying over all this that has been manifesting and over all of you who have been leading us on the path to freedom. Thank you! Since I am still learning, I wanted to know the correct information about the redemption of our certificate of birth and the TDAs. My adult daughter and I have gotten way behind in some bills trying to follow the information we learn and getting lost in reversals. Please point us in the right path of truth. Thank you all so much!

  34. dale says : Reply

    It is so good for me to realize, this is an historic shift, and there is no need for chaos. We need only to look within. It is all originanl and all yours. Just find for yourself, what you want. A universe awaits with abounding compassion. The 3D matrix system should no longer bind us from within. So imagine beautiful dreams and make them happen, manifest from your ‘UNFETTERED ACCESS’. get comfortable with it, use it when you like. And with the new consciousness, spread the love and light.

  35. RNKAP says : Reply

    This is a great sign. This is one of many test of our hearts. Are we true to self or a cause. For those true to self this will strengthen that resolve. For those looking for the latest cause they will move on & put their energy elsewhere. For those with eyes to see no explanation is needed. Those in touch with SELF and Higher-Self this will receive a different message from this. Those operating on fear need to have that fear exposed so it can be healed & removed from ALL.

    Much Lite to ALL!!!

  36. raecarol says : Reply

    I agree Ginger is dangerous, I tried following her directions to access TDA and she is a crazy maker IMPO. And I did not feel comfortable filling out all the docs she gave with her instructions.

  37. BZ ALL IS PERFECTLY DONE says : Reply

    BZ I love your spirit and compassion for all. I have grown spiritually listening to your calls which have enrich my life. We are perfectly placed here to seek the truth confirmed in our hearts. As a member of ACH and We The People Trust, I have observed this Provocatuer – Catfish – Mike O. change his profile name many times to create chaos in our groups. He repeatly creates false narratives, proports makes false statements to monetize his channel. As evident of his many defamation claims of Ginger, Harvey and Porsha. We hope Catfish Mike finds peace in his heart. We are focused on goal oriented tasks to help educate and provide unfettered alternative account resources. An eWallet launch is our gift to all. We encourage other groups to create your eWallets as well, start your own crypto currentcy. The Banks are not our friends. Moving foward, we are on this mission in unity, all is perfectly done, expanding Love to All! Warm Regards, ACH Admin Ramona Campbell

  38. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    Update 8.29.17 7:17 PM PDT

    Heather is Seeing the TN skies!!!!! headed to her safe, comfy, place now for the next steps of ALL


  39. Miranda says : Reply

    So, if that Mike guy is saying people are filling the UCC gov docs, and shouldn’t be? What do we file? Just the FT?

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